By the (Advanced) Numbers: Maryland

Matchup Overview

We almost, almost, worked ourselves into having an offensive advantage over a team. Sadly, it didn't happen. Maryland enjoys a slight advantage when they're on defense, and UVa's defense is the only thing stopping Mike London from handing out speeding tickets in the 757 again.

What the Computers Think

After the last three weeks, I'm not sure whether I want the computers to like our chance or not, but since they are generally right and football is an incredibly fluky game. (Nothing fluky at all against Miami, right? I mean, punters force fumbles all the time...and sometimes they catch the snap with a knee on the ground...)

So here goes:

This is as comfortable as a margin as we've had in a while, and I hope we fulfill these expectations. No, I hope we destroy them and win by 30 or more.

Situational Comparison

This is how things look on offense:

Not great, but not too bad! We even have a small advantage when rushing...things are actually pretty even here so look for an average offensive output (for VT at the moment, "average" means "Baylor-esque") and maybe even some more rushing success. Break out the good bourbon!

On defense:

(Wipes drool from keyboard...) Well Maryland's offense should be good at nothing. Their bright spots on offense (two stud WR's) are both out for the season, and the numbers they put up before that made this offense look better. So the computers, which think our defense will dominate them, for the most part think these two still play. FEI has the predicted final score at 30-2.


With the Hokies on offense:

Nothing really sticks out there...just balance all around. So who would the VT offense and Maryland defense compare to?

Virginia Tech Offense BFF's:

  1. Eastern Michigan
  2. Washington State (who ever thought a VT offense would be compared to a Mike Leach one?)
  3. Central Michigan

Maryland Defense BFF's:

  1. Arizona
  2. Central Florida
  3. Oklahoma

So what about the Hokies on defense?

Maryland Offense BFF's:

  1. Tennessee
  2. Colorado
  3. Tulsa

Virginia Tech Defense BFF's:

  1. Pain, destruction, humiliation
  2. Clemson (I feel dirty now)
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Baylor


Virginia Tech Defense BFF's:

Pain, destruction, humiliation

Just leave it at that.


To my knowledge we are the only defense that has #manbearpig advantages during a #ragematch

Perfect! VT DEFENSE = Pain, destruction, humiliation - Enuff said!!! Go Hokies!!!


Can we see a comparison of pre-game stats vs. post-game stats?

get some dum-dums!

MD has had all but one of their home games scheduled after 3PM this year.
VT has had 1 home game scheduled after 3PM this year.

MD has won the pre-game stats for the 2013 season vs VT,


The Dude Abides

You mean like how much ratings moved up or down due to a game? I've been planning this for a while. For example, our offensive rating obviously increased following Miami.

I love look at these numbers each week. I'm a numbers guy. Thanks for this, as always!

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

Yes, numbers guy here too! Also a boobs guy. Ya know, if you can find a way or something...


"Yeah, it do." - Mike Vick

Since the blog has some great ladies that participate I am opting to not show such a graph here. Even if I did just make it and it's awesome.

Why? The ladies here have boobs too.
In fact, I bet at one time or another all the guys here have been called boobs by their women.
I'll watch GT vs Clemson on the boob tube tonight.



Do yourself a favor and stick to the original with KUBoobs. The VT version gets few submissions. If that's what you're into that is.

Let's give the Turtles a send-off that they won't soon forget. Enjoy the Big Fourteen Ten, Maryland!

Look forward to these stats each week..looking forward to the defense having it's best statistical outing of this season followed buy a better one two weeks later ;)

Thanks for putting this column together each week!

Touchdown Tech - Bill Roth

These are awesome every week, thanks! And the Pass-Run Advantage for Maryland on Offense...I just see our D line licking their chops.