2017 ACC Tournament Preview

Summaries, predictions, and haikus. A look at each team in the ACC Tournament, and who can make a run.

It's ACC Tournament time, otherwise known as NCAA Tournament scouting time.

I know most of you don't get to watch much college basketball outside of Virginia Tech. So as you start to compile mental notes as to who you like in your brackets next week, I've written this rundown to catch you up on every team in the conference.

I summarized each squad with four categories: what went right for them this year, what went wrong, their ability to make noise in Brooklyn this week, and their season reviewed in a haiku.

What's a haiku? It's a short poem broken into three lines. Five syllables/seven syllables/five syllables.

Why a haiku? Because it's the shortest possible way to encapsulate a school's entire year. And they're dope.

In fact I wanted to write this entire thing as 15 haikus and send it to Joe. But it felt disingenuous to promise an ACC Tournament preview, and turn in 139 words.

Maybe next year.

15. Boston College (9-22, 2-16 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:
Another slog fest.
But, doubled their conference wins.
Please, let's laugh at 'Cuse.

What's gone right? The Eagles have already doubled their ACC win total from last season. Sure, they didn't win any conference games in 2016, but progress is progress. (At least says Jim Christian's agent, probably.)

What's gone wrong? Where do we start? Losing to Nicholls and Hartford in the non-conference? Dropping 14 straight to end the year after beginning 2-2 in the ACC? No, let's take it further back.

Things went to shit when the BC administration fired Al Skinner—the coach who went to the most NCAA Tournaments in school history—after one season below .500.

Skinner wasn't just let go, he was eviscerated on the way out. The knives came out from every conceivable corner. Just read Boston Globe' columnist Bob Ryan on the former coach's departure:

Al is Al is Al. I had to smile when I saw that St. John's was interviewing Al. Doesn't St. John's understand that Al is the least-hard-working guy in show business, that in the world of Division 1 college basketball, there is absolutely no one like him? In a world of 24/7/365 basketball zealots, Al is Mr. Casual.

Those aren't just the words of a reporter with a source. They're ones from an athletic department with an agenda. The Eagles won't win, because karma won't allow it.

Or maybe it's not karma. It could be that they're just not very good at hiring coaches.

Can they make some noise? Hahahahahahahahahaha.


14. Pittsburgh (15-16, 4-14 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

This is what you get,
when first round exits aren't enough.
Jamie Dixon laughs.

What's gone right? Nothing. At the very least, BC can show progress (no matter how minimal it is). The Panthers returned six of the top eight players from an NCAA Tournament team, yet hit close to rock bottom.

What's gone wrong? Pitt watched Dixon walk out the door to coach TCU, a team which had won eight Big 12 games in their first four years in the conference. Then they hired Vanderbilt's Kevin Stallings, who the Commodores weren't exactly devastated to see leave. I imagine the Stallings situation in Nashville was like a man telling his wife he wanted a divorce. Except when he tells her, she just laughs and says "okay bye."

Can they make some noise? Stallings benched seniors Michael Young and Jamel Artis for the first ten minutes of their final game against UVA. When the two checked in, Pitt had scored two points. Again, that was mid way through the first half. And Pitt had scored two points.

Just a guess, but moral may not be high for the Panthers right now.

13. NC State (15-16, 4-14 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

Gott got got by Debbie Yow.
At least there's Dennis.

What's gone right?

Man, I forgot State beat Duke! Good times in Raleigh! Right? Anyone alive down there?

What's gone wrong?

I almost put this tweet in 'what went right'. Could you imagine Anya fighting some scrub from the Wake student section? That kid may think he could outrun him, but big Beejay has the look of someone who only needs one punch to get the job done.

Can they make some noise? The Pack come into Brooklyn as the third worst team in the league, with a coach who's already been fired, to play a Clemson team they just lost to. In other words, no.

(Speaking of which, why fire Gott so early and let him keep coaching? If you're a good athletic director, you have a short list of coaches you want to move on regardless of if you fired the current guy or not. You won't make a postseason run. Most candidates won't listen to job offers until after the NCAA Tournament anyway. What's the point?)

12. Clemson (16-14, 6-12 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

Brownell should watch out.
Six straight seasons, no dancing.
Will Wade's an alum.

What's gone right? The Tigers are a ton better than their record implies. They've lost eight ACC games by five points or less, and have one of the best forwards in the conference in Jaron Blossomgame. If just two of those close ones had broken their way, we'd be talking about the Tigers as a 10-seed in the NCAA Tournament.

What's gone wrong? But, when enough games come down to the last few possessions, losing can start to become a habit. And often, that habit is blamed on the head coach. Brad Brownell is 123-101 in seven years there, but only went to the tournament once. Clemson's a tough job, but they may think it's time for a change.

Can they make some noise? The Tigers just beat NC State, their first round opponent, and nearly won against Duke in Cameron. Joe Lunardi has Clemson in his "next four out," and so if the Tigers come out and play for their tournament lives, would a win over the Blue Devils in the quarterfinals be that shocking?

11. Georgia Tech (17-14, 8-10 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

GT, bubble team.
Wait, is Pastner a good coach?
Nah, smoke and mirrors.

What's gone right? Georgia Tech's had a weird year. They beat UNC, and later Florida State and Notre Dame back-to-back. Great, right?

What's gone wrong? Yes, but all of their big wins came with bad losses. The game after beating the Tar Heels? The Jackets lost to Duke by 53. The wins over the Seminoles and Irish came sandwiched between losses to Virginia Tech, UVA, Clemson, and Wake Forest. They beat Syracuse, then lost to NC State.

Are they good? It's hard to tell. Kenpom has them at 80, which is third worst in the conference. Yet, a win or two could put the Jackets back on the bubble.

Can they make some noise? My guess is no. The deviation in their results is way too big for me to think they can make a run.

10. Wake Forest (18-12, 9-9 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

A risen phoenix,
from Jeff Bzdelik's ashes.
Wake's a good team, y'all.

What's gone right? Sophomore John Collins has entered wildebeest mode. The forward averages a double-double (well, technically 19 points and 9.8 rebounds), and has only gotten better as the season's rolled along. The Deacs have all the makings of a young team on the rise. They've won three straight, including over tournament teams Louisville and Virginia Tech, and look like they'll sneak into the dance for the first time since 2010.

What's gone wrong? Despite their hot streak, Wake's still on the bubble. The rough part of being a young team on the rise, is that they had to move up from somewhere. Danny Manning's club started 1-4 in ACC play and have had to chip away at the deficit since.

Can they make some noise? Yes. They're the team playing in the first round that's most likely to make it to Thursday. Collins is a legitimate matchup problem for anyone outside of North Carolina and Florida State, and Bryant Crawford is the type of guard who can take over a game.

9. Miami (20-10, 10-8 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

How's Miami good?
Like Larranaga's tilde,
it's a mystery.

What's gone right? The Hurricanes lost four senior contributors from last year's Sweet 16 team, but still found success. Davon Reed shoots over 40% from three, and drives the bus offensively. But their real success is on the other end. Kenpom ranks Miami as the 19th best defense in the country, 4th best in the ACC. It lead to them winning six out of seven in February, which included victories over UNC, UVA, and Duke.

What's gone wrong? The only thing that's gone poorly is the wide range of results they've seen, particularly in losses. In a way, they remind me of UVA. Sometimes their offense doesn't make it to the arena, they score less than 60 points, and are blown out. But on the flip side, that formula is exactly how they beat both the Blue Devils and Wahoos (in that heinous game where both sides raced to 50.)

Can they make some noise? It's hard to see the Canes breaking through their ceiling, in which they beat Syracuse and then lose to UNC. In fact come tournament time, Miami seems destined for the 8/9 game that looks good on paper, but ends 56-48 on truTV.

8. Syracuse (18-13, 10-8 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

'Cuse on the bubble?
I thought they lost to BC?
Nice to have Boeheim.

What's gone right? After a terrible (and I mean terrible) start to their season, Jim Boeheim figured out what to do. And that was to drastically pare down his rotation. He originally started by playing seven guys, but more recently narrowed it down even further, gluing guard Frank Howard to the bench over the last month.

The result? Top-ten wins over Florida State, Duke, and Virginia, and a five game surge that rocketed them back into tournament contention.

What's gone wrong? They lost to a bad UConn team, a middling Georgetown squad, and were blown out by both St. Johns (who's 13-18), and BC (please see the top of this column). Even since the turnaround, it's never great to play your guys as much as Boeheim has. Andrew White III averages 37 minutes a game. Tyler Lydon averages 35.7.

That's a hell of a lot of wear and tear for someone who isn't being paid.

Can they make some noise? If Clemson is the face of unlucky breaks, how is Syracuse not the face of lucky ones? Already on the bubble, the Orange beat NC State in overtime, Duke at the buzzer, and UVA, Clemson, and Wake all by five or fewer. Their RPI is 77, with some of the worst losses of anyone in the conversation.

But you know what this sounds like? Last season, when the same exact program snuck into a 10 seed.

And then found their way to the Final Four.

Sometimes life isn't fair.

7. Virginia Tech (21-9, 10-8 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

Blackshear out. Clarke out.
A freshman who doesn't play.
Yet, still improving.

What's gone right? What's gone wrong? Nothing. And everything. All at the same time. The Hokies weren't deep in the front court to begin the year, and then announced forward Kerry Blackshear Jr. would redshirt. And then lost center Johnny Hamilton after three games. And then lost do everything forward Chris Clarke to an ACL tear.

But for once, it's not a sob story. This Tech squad is not defined by the bad things they've experienced, but by how they've overcome. How they won three down-to-the-wire games in 10 days. How divine intervention stopped London Perrantes' floater on the back of the rim.

It hasn't been the easiest season for a Tech fan's health, but it's certainly been one to remember.

Can they make some noise? If Ty Outlaw, Justin Bibbs, and Seth Allen get hot, there's a possibility they end up in the semi-finals. But Wake and Florida State are such bad matchups, it's tough to see it happening.

6. Virginia (21-9, 11-7 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

They're at it again.
The Hoos playing great defense,
and throwing up bricks.

What's gone right? The Cavaliers have kept on course despite not having an NBA player to keep them afloat on offense. There's no Malcolm Brogdon, Justin Anderson, or Joe Harris. Perrantes is the closest thing to it, but he's not a pro level guy.

This year has been the strongest appraisal of the Tony Bennett system to date. The Hoos are in a bit of a transition. Kyle Guy, Ty Jerome, and Mamadi Diakite are the future, but can't carry things every night. Perrantes, Isaiah Wilkins, and Devon Hall are the guys for today, but aren't enough to lead an impactful campaign. Yet somehow, Bennett's made it work (for the most part), and they'll head into another NCAA Tournament as a high seed.

What's gone wrong? It's hard not to see them and think of the four game losing streak at the end of the year. UVA dropped to Tech, Duke, UNC, and Miami, and outside of their trip to Blacksburg, didn't look good in any of them.

Sure, they'll say everything's fine now, and beating UNC at home gave them some juice. But can we buy it? Haven't we seen this same squad unable to muster points when it matters most?

Can they make some noise? They've got a pretty damn nice bracket, between the winner of GT/Pitt and then Notre Dame. And with guys like Jack Salt and Jarred Reuter, they have the size to compete with Florida State. It wouldn't shock me at all to see UVA in the championship game on Saturday.

5. Duke (23-8, 11-7 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

Capel's coaching dreams,
fallen as if they were tripped.
Coach K forever?

What's gone right? They have one of the most talented seven man rotations in basketball. The group of Luke Kennard, Grayson Allen, Frank Jackson, and Matt Jones in the back court is dynamic and offers a variety of scoring options. The front court of Amile Jefferson, Jayson Tatum, and Harry Giles gives the Blue Devils versatility and matchup advantages (particularly against Tatum).

Sure, they've lost a few. They also have 10 wins in the RPI top-50, the same number as UNC and Villanova, and one more than Kansas. No matter what you may want to think, they're good.

What's gone wrong? There are three parts to Duke's season. In the non-conference, they went 13-1. In the first part of the ACC, they went 5-4. And in the latter part of the ACC slate, they went 6-3. Can you guess which part Jeff Capel was the coach for?

It's unfair to pin everything on him. Capel took over in the middle of the Allen trip storm, and guided the group through turmoil. But it's hard not to wonder if those three losses in four games will tarnish his name whenever Duke has to look for a Krzyzewski successor.

Can they make some noise? If by noise, you mean go to another Final Four, then yes. As far as the ACC goes, it wouldn't be surprising at all to see a Tar Heel/Blue Devil rubber match in the semi-finals on Friday.

4. Louisville (24-7, 12-6 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

Donovan Mitchell,
makes Cardinals 'crootin visits
seem slow and boring.

What's gone right? Mitchell continues Louisville's history of undersized shooting guards who dominate the ball. And it's a role he's really damn good at.

Rick Pitino's group is also deep, and can throw a bunch of different looks at their opponents.

What's gone wrong? They have a less-than-stellar slate of conference wins. The Cards were swept by UVA, lost to UNC and FSU in their only matchups, and beat Duke before the Blue Devils got rolling. It's not necessarily a knock, but potential games against the Blue Devils and Tar Heels back-to-back could be telling.

Can they make some noise? They're the third best team in the RPI, eighth best in Kenpom. I think it'd be silly to say they're anything other than a real threat to win the conference.

3. Notre Dame (23-8, 12-6 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

Watch Bonzie Colson.
Bonzie Colson, Bonzie Col-
-son. Bonzie Colson.

What's gone right? It starts and ends with Bonzie, who's a goddamn national treasure. He's a six-foot-five-inch burlap sack of wrought iron and elbows, who somehow averages a double-double despite being shorter than most shooting guards.

The Irish have ridden Colson, V.J. Beachem, tenth-year-senior Steve Vasturia, and a point guard who's inexplicably decent (Matt Farrell) to a nice year. Are they the third best team in the ACC? Probably not. But you can't take it away from them.

What's gone wrong? It's not really what's gone wrong, but more like how perfectly their schedule broke. If you'd notice, Notre Dame doesn't have a ton of great wins. They beat Louisville and Florida State, but outside of that, there's not much. They dropped their lone matchups against Duke, UNC, and UVA, which means their next best W is over Wake or Miami.

Are we sure they're good?

Can they make some noise? I stand by what I said. I'm not sure I buy the Irish. But since I also can't morally bet against Bonzie, I'll give them this: if they get hot, they could go on a run. In both the ACC and NCAA Tournament.

But again, that's a big if.

2. Florida State (24-7, 12-6 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

Like Jurassic Park,
they have giants all around.
Dwayne Bacon helps, too.

What's gone right? Should we start with Leonard Hamilton signing Dwayne Bacon and Jonathan Isaac in consecutive recruiting classes? The Seminoles have two NBA players in their starting lineup and surround them with a veteran point guard, a seven footer, and four more guys between 6'6" and 6'9".

What's gone wrong? Despite all that length, they can't always hit shots. The worst case being their loss to Georgia Tech, where they hit just 28% of their field goals. When they fell to Duke, the Noles barely cracked 40%. Plus, Isaac tends to drift, and doesn't always give the offense the punch it needs.

Can they make some noise? Their combination of size, length, and athleticism make them a tough matchup for anyone. If Bacon or Xavier Rathan-Mayes can get buckets, they could win the league.

1. North Carolina (26-6, 14-4 ACC)

Their season in a haiku:

Okay we get it.
Carolina's good again.
Do they have enough?

What's gone right? Carolina's been the best team in the ACC all year, and it hasn't really been close. In as deep and chaotic as the league has been, the Tar Heels have slapped together multiple win streaks. They won seven in a row through most of January, and then four straight in mid-February.

Justin Jackson is the conference player of the year. Joel Berry II is a fantastic second scorer. Kennedy Meeks can handle himself inside. Outside of a few early slip ups, the Heels have been brilliant.

What's gone wrong? But, those slip ups make them feel mortal. Duke beat them once and played them well the second time. Miami worked them in Coral Gables, and UVA put the clamps on last week. Although UNC is great, they're not a lock to win in Brooklyn.

Will they win the ACC? Let's jump to predictions.

ACC Tournament Predictions (hey, you made it this far)

First Round:
(12) Clemson over (13) NC State
(10) Wake Forest over (15) Boston College
(14) Pittsburgh over (11) Georgia Tech

Second Round:
(9) Miami over (8) Syracuse
(5)Duke over (12) Clemson
(10) Wake Forest over (7) Virginia Tech
(6) Virginia over (14) Pittsburgh

(1)North Carolina over (9) Miami
(5) Duke over (4) Louisville
(2) Florida State over (10) Wake Forest
(6) Virginia over (3) Notre Dame

(1) North Carolina over (5) Duke
(6) Virginia over (2) Florida State

(1) North Carolina over (6) Virginia

(I know, I'm boring.)


Thanks for spending so much time putting this together. Enjoyed the haiku's but believe that besides maybe playing notre dame that we caught the best draw we could. Wake Forest is beatable just have to play our game and now have crappy officiating and FSU is tough but alot more beatable than UNC, Louisville and Duke at this stage in the year!

including over tournament teams Louisville and Virginia Tech,

This makes me so glad.

(10) Wake Forest over (7) Virginia Tech

This doesn't make me happy.

I suck at Haikus.

I have to think neutral court and hopefully neutral ref's the Hokies win the re-match against the Deacons.

Great write-up except:

(10) Wake Forest over (7) Virginia Tech

For that:

Excellent work, Brian...thank you!

I honestly think Wake wipes the court with us in a rematch. That game tilted heavily in their favor the second Collins got going in Cassell, and we were extremely fortunate to get him tagged with 3 quick fouls early in the game, which kept him on the bench and scoreless until the 14 minute mark of the second half.

And even with that, he continued his streak of games with 20 points scored.

If he's able to get going early tomorrow, he might put up 50.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

Bright side: VT will be the fresher team.

You also have to look at the flip side of the foul situation. Late in the 2nd half Sat, the Hokies had Outlaw, LeDay, and Allen all in foul trouble. They played tentative defense the rest of the way, and Wake got to the basket easily.

Hopefully the refs in the rematch won't call a game where there is almost a 100% disparity in free throws attempted between the teams.

I'd predict the Hokies with a chip on their shoulder, to lock down the middle and win against a team that is comparable in talent and will be playing on 29 hours rest.

Even if Wake gets the win, I don't see a wiping of the court with anyone.,

Leonard. Duh.

Actually we broke Collins' streak. He only put up 13 in the second half and we completely shut him down in the first.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

It's just about tourney season, which means it's just about time for our IT network folks to start blocking outbound traffic to 'espn.com/mens-college-basketball'.

Lucky for me they don't block the alternative path of 'espn.com/ncb'!

Let me just say if you are in New York get your ass to that arena. Days 1 and 2 of the ACC tourney are the most fun days of basketball you will ever experience (if you are there). When it was in greensboro it was perfect for going for a day and then meeting a nice elderly couple whose team just lost so they hand you their tickets for the rest of the tourney. Hell even going to the verizon center to watch games was fun (even tho they refused to keep the metro open).

I swear to drunk, I'm not God

even tho they refused to keep the metro open

What the hell is with that? They pulled that same crap after the Boise game as well, leading to a near stampede to get back to the terminal in time. Why do they insist on closing the metro at like 11pm when they have major events that go later than that with thousands of people who will need to get from points A to B, where the metro is the easiest (and most of the time safest) path in doing so?

I can't recall another city I've been to that has limitations like that.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

Because they hate people. Plain and simple

I swear to drunk, I'm not God

They wouldn't even budget on Nationals playoff games, so they weren't going to run them longer because of an ACC tournament. I think I remember their reasoning is determining the case-by-case basis of what constitutes a "major event." Anytime you appear to favor ANYTHING in Washington it causes a shit storm.


Statehood could solve that that...

I swear to drunk, I'm not God

Almost political...

yea i was doing my best to sidestep it

I swear to drunk, I'm not God

Or you could just have it running til 1 or 2am like all other cities of the civilized world. But maybe thats just me.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

Those of us actually living in the DMV could enter into a world of Community Guidelines violations if you really want to talk about Metro.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree.


Speaking of the Verizon Center....why is the Big Ten tournament being played in D.C. this year? Seems like the Big Ten tournament is made for Chicago or Indianapolis.

It is, I was really surprised when I saw ads for it in Metro a couple of weeks ago, but I guess there are plenty of B1G alums here too.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Expanding their market presence and footprint. B1G now has east coast schools is UMD and Rutgers, trying to tap into that market. Same reason the ACC is (stupidly) having our tournament in Brooklyn. Trying to increase our presence in the northeast where a ton of the fan/alumni base for ND, BC, Syracuse, Duke, and to an extent Miami, are located.

ACC Tourney should always be in Greensboro, period.

ACC Tourney should always be in Greensboro, period

No. Moving it around gives fans around the league a chance to see the games, gives fans a look at other cities and then there is the whole NC laws thing.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

Agreed, I'm an ACC traditionalist but I like it moving around now that I'm used to it. In particular, I like Brooklyn as a location.

I wish Charleston had viable venues for basketball and football.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

If you build it, they will come.

Just please not in a flood plain.

Just please not in a flood plain.

So...not in Charleston then.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

No chance UVA is in the ACC finals..

I'm taking senior-laden ND over UNC/Louisville.

I like ND in tournaments as well, under Brey they seem to play fundamental basketball.

I thought Farrell was going to be awful, but he really creates for them. Beacham has been a bit of a bust this year, he was supposed to step up with the loss of Jackson last year. If he can get hot in the tournament, they will be tough.

But UVA's defense has been so good since the UNC debacle. That will be a good game.

Have not watched a lick of Notre Dame this year, and I hate Notre Dame, but damn if Bonzie Colson doesn't sound like my spirit animal. Hopefully we can pull out a win over Wake, I'm not sure we're a lock if we lose right away.

Great Analysis, thanks for putting this together. Really hoping we can make some noise and get some momentum heading into the dance. Also, I love TKP's obsession with Haiku's... try to get this out of your head today.

“I turned down 12 other opportunities. You know what I mean?” - Fuente

Is it bad that I just now realized that ceelo green song is a haiku?

He said give to me Roscoe

Its only bad if you are ceelo green

I swear to drunk, I'm not God

I'm hoping for a GT run to the quarterfinals. And a VT run to the finals. Realistically, I'm ok with one win in the ACC tourney.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I'm hoping to beat Wake Forest so we don't close out the season with consecutive losses and get snubbed from the tourney. Too familiar of a feeling. I do not like where we sit. I do not like the NCAA selection committee.

Same here. That can be the bad thing about a bye or two. Committee "oh Tech lost in their first game in the tourney, guess they really aren't that good." I would almost rather beat on a bad team again and have some momentum in the tourney.

No, we really don't want BC to upset Wake because losing to them would be much much worse than losing to WF again. We are still pretty comfortably in, losing in the first round just drops us down to a 10-11 seed instead of a 8-9 seed. Losing to BC would likely drop us into the Dayton play-in game.

With a win over Wake, we could move up to a 7 seed in the Tournament, and with a loss, I could see us dropping to a 9 or 10 seed.

Its worth noting that, despite to Wake, ESPN's Bubble Watch moved us from 'Should be in' to 'Lock', and their Bracketology briefly dropped us to a 9 seed, only to bump us back up to an 8 yesterday.

We are not in danger of missing the Tournament this year. We are playing for seed from here on out.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

We are not in danger of missing the Tournament this year. We are playing for seed from here on out.

Boy I hope you are right, but I will believe it when I see it.

I'm not the only one saying it

This site has been historically pretty much on point in determining At Large bids over the past (I think 95% correct over the past 3 years, only getting 9 wrong) and they currently have us at 100% odds to make the tournament. ESPN also lists us as a 100% Lock to make it.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

Nice write-up, but if BC doubled their conference wins from last year wouldn't they have 0 this year?

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, and hetzers gonna hetz

We're not gonna have to worry about getting beat again by NCSU. They got bounced by Klempson 75-61

We put the K in Kwality

Wake isn't really doing much to inspire confidence. Holding a 4 point lead at 7:30 to go in the first.

Re WF:

Can they make some noise? Yes. They're the team playing in the first round that's most likely to make it to Thursday.

Re VT:

Can they make some noise? it's tough to see it happening.


Can they make some noise? It wouldn't shock me at all to see UVA in the championship game on Saturday.

Predicted Outcomes:

Second Round:
(10) Wake Forest over (7) Virginia Tech
(6) Virginia over (14) Pittsburgh

(6) Virginia over (3) Notre Dame

(6) Virginia over (2) Florida State

Which blog am I on again?

🦃 🦃 🦃

Wake Forest gets the gift of Ky Bowman probably missing the rest of the game after scoring 7 early for BC. Didnt look good for his knee how he landed.

Yet, only recently, have they started pulling away.

At least BC is making Wake work for it...I think our only chance against Wake tomorrow is if they're tired..

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

And if we can get Collins in foul trouble early again, and hit the threes again

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

We can't beat Wake regardless if they are tired or not. We just can't shoot 30% from 3 again and Hill has to show up.

I think it's likely we shoot better and Hill shows up as well, but Collins likely won't be in as much foul trouble either. Should be another close one.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

We have gotten "revenge" on both teams which we played twice that beat us the first time around this season. Granted we lost on the road and won at home. Don't underestimate the chip on the shoulder of this team.

BC is beating up Wake a whole lot in the paint. They're doing about the most we could ask of them by keeping it competitive throughout.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

A good tiring game for Wake. May their hotel be plagued with fire alarms tonight.

Now Tech needs to get the revenge game win.

It's we-match Wednesday! It seems like we played this game less than a week ago (same for LOLUVa).

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Impressive coaching job by Danny Manning at Wake this year.

As many of you may remember, he had two nice seasons at Tulsa. The 2nd season, he won the conference regular season and tournament and got Tulsa to a 13 seed in the NCAA's.

His first recruiting season, he brought in Wilibiken and held on to Motuglou.

His first year at Wake was the same as Buzz's first year at VT. They weren't good, but with Devin Thomas, they had a star to anchor their first couple of seasons. They ended up 13-19 and got upset by 15 seed VT in the first round of the ACC tourney (when Hudson went all Tyrone).

His second recruiting class, he brought in Woods as a redshirting transfer from Charlotte, got 4* Crawford, 3* Collins and the hefty 3* center Moore.

The 2nd year at Wake, Manning had them on the verge with a 9-3 record in OOC. Wins over Indiana, UCLA, Arkansas and LSU were solid and it looked like Wake could finish in the middle of the pack in the ACC. But they lost at VT by 2 in the 4th ACC game to push them to 1-3 and they bottomed out after that. They finished 2-16 and lost to NCSU as the 2nd to last seed in the ACC Tourney (13 seed, but Louisville didn't participate last year because of their penchant for hookers).

His third recruiting class, after finally losing 8th year seniors Thomas and McIntyre-Miller, he brought in 3* guard Childress (his dad is an Asst Coach) as well as other 3*'s Washington, Japhet-Mathias and Mitchell. He also brought in grad transfer Arians (from Milwaukee) and got Woods eligible after sitting out a year. Woods, Arians and Childress have been significant contributors down the stretch.

They played a nice OOC schedule, not just because of the "good loses" like Nova and Xavier (as well as a loss to surprise NCAA team Northwestern), but note their four good top-100 OOC wins (Charleston, Bucknell, Richmond, UNC Greensboro). They have three >200RPI wins but none higher than 241 UTEP (VT has 5 higher than that + High Point (239)).

It looked like a repeat of last year for Manning when they lost a close game to Duke at home on 1/28. They stood 12-9, 3-6 with 9 games left. A 3-6 finish was probably expected, which would have yielded a 15-15, 6-12 season, a slight improvement over the previous year. But they finished with a flourish, wins over Pitt and Louisville at home and VT on the road (and BC in ACCT) have them safely in the NCAA's right now.

Wake's got a talented team but lack depth. They also play with a 7 man rotation: Collins, Crawford, Woods, Mitoglou, Arians, Wilbekin, Childress and they try to steal a few mins with Moore and/or McClinton when necessary.

Collins gets a lot of attention, but I'll be watching Crawford vs. Hill. Both #13's, similarly skilled players (Crawford gets to the rim much better than Hill). Hill scored >14 ppg in 11 of his first 15 games, he has only eclipsed that mark once since Jan 7. Reports are that he's gaining more faith in his shot. If he can outscore Crawford, we win by 7+ points.

Crawford really stepped up to fill the void left by collins' scoring against us last week. Then against BC he actually led the team (albeit 20 pts against Collins' 19, but still). We absolutely have to shut down Collins, but we can't let Crawford take up the slack again.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I don't think we saw Woods at his best last week either. He can be just as good as Seth Allen.

I remember Manning was a name being thrown around for the VT opening during the same offseason. Looks like both schools may have worked out well with their hirings.

At least we didn't pick Donnie Tyndall!

And with guys like Jack Salt and Jarred Reuter, they have the size to compete with Florida State.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Here's hoping Miami keeps in front of Cuse in these last 2 minutes. We don't need them adding anything to their resume.

Boeheim said there's "No value" in having the ACCT in Greensboro.

I'll be happy when the ACC is shed of him.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.


The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.


21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

SHOTS FIRED!! BOOM. Seriously, I can't stand Syracuse. Come into the league a couple of years and think we should be playing in MSG every year to suit your needs. I was there in Greensboro for their first tournament after joining the ACC, and it was joyous seeing all the 'cuse fans head out of town after a one and done appearance.

More from grumpy Jim Boeheim's angry rant after they lost to Miami today:

You get in the media centers and recruiting centers. How many players do they have in Greensboro? I mean, New York, Washington, Atlanta, that's where the media centers are. Madison Square Garden made the Big East Conference. There were a couple of other factors, but it made the Big East Conference.

Who cares, Jim. The old Big East is long gone, and you're not a member anymore. Football drives the bus, and that's why the Big East no longer exists today as it once was.

I'm saying all these things and I don't give a shit," he said. "I'm just saying what's right. That's what's right.

Happy retirement, Jim! Good riddance.

"It's a miracle in Blacksburg, TYROD DID IT MIKEY, TYROD DID IT!"

(Peaks head out from around a corner) Greensboro doesn't make any sense for the ACC in 2017.

It really does't make sense for the ACC anytime soon. Charlotte maybe... but the ACC has outgrown Greensboro. Its a sad fact of life.

Washington I can totally live with. Charlotte I could also live with. Atlanta is the SEC's championship city. Under no circumstances should the tournament be in NYC. A small, private school in upstate New York with a grumpy old man yearning for the good old days of the Big East doesn't justify moving it there. BC, another northeastern school, also has a small fanbase and is really bad at basketball. A lot of Duke alumni hail from the northeast - true - but the vast majority of Duke fans, who will actually go to tournament games, are in NC. If Greensboro is too small for the conference these days, give me DC or Charlotte. But there is absolutely nothing about NYC that screams ACC basketball.

Media media media and a place for fans to visit.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I'm sure your die-hards will travel, but I'm willing to bet attendance in DC would be far better this year than Brooklyn.

Atlanta is the SEC's championship city.

The SEC tournament is in Nashville.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Ah, I see that now. I remember it was typically in Atlanta along with the football championship. Didn't realize it was moved to Nashville.

I just take issue with Boeheim pontificating about anything.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I have no issue with tourney being in NYC, DC, ATL, Orlando, Columbia/'Charleston if big enough facilities can be found, Richmond if Coliseum gets upgraded/new, and Charlotte if NC gets their act together. All great places to host a showcase tourney.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I would definitely be down for a consistent rotation among all of these cities.