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Week 3 is here, and after Saturday night many teams will already be a quarter way through their season. This isn't 'Monster Saturday' on paper, but I am hoping it will be a redemption week for the ACC and compelling for viewers. The slight letdown in national games, coupled with the egg VT has laid to start the season has left me a bit unmotivated. I am not going to lie, I struggled to write this. Monday morning, I felt as if Bud Foster had chewed my ass out for 15 minutes but when Tuesday rolled around it's like he picked me up, told me it was going to be alright and guided me with a steady hand. You, the readers will get my best effort. I am pumped for the weekend, so let's get to the games!

From my holed up man cave, the games this week...

Thursday, September 16th

'Nati +1.5 at North Carolina State 7:30 pm ESPN

Introducing the bell cow for the ACC last week, your NC State Wolfpack. Yeah, the State win over Central Florida was easily the best thing going for the conference last weekend. At this point the rest of the ACC, even the dapper fellows in Chapel Hill, are wishing for a State win over Cincinnati who are now just a mid level Big East team. The loser's conference plummets directly to the basement of pundits' unofficial BCS conference power rankings with media and non-AQ scorn to follow. The winner's gains back a tiny amount of respectability and credibility. Luckily, for State this isn't the same Bearcats team as the past three years. This Butch Jones coached version is more a 'Nati Light, so a win is possible.

What to Look for: With five short days to prepare and both teams having a look ahead game on the horizon this very well come down to who doesn't eff it up the most wins. That's some deep analysis.

Pick: A Pick 'Em, but until State beats a decent team not named UNC, gotta go with the Bearcats to win outright.

Saturday, September 18th

Ar-Kansas +2.5 at ugga noon ESPN / ESPN2

You know how other fans like to give us a shit about the Hokie Bird, right? Well, here's one school that better shut their damn mouths.

Carpetbagger Bobby Petrino has the Razorbacks offense humming along. It really is a joy to watch Ryan Mallett dissect a secondary, that is until the camera pans to the sideline and zooms in on asshat Petrino. In order to win the $EC Arkansas is going to have to get some production from their defense. Ar-Kansas isn't going to waltz into $EC games and just outscore other teams. Above all else, defense rules in the Southeastern Conference. Until their defense is brought up to par, the best Pig Sooie can hope to finish is second behind Alabama.

What to Look for: Scoring. If Ugga will be much improved on offense this week, since they are facing an inferior defense, but without A.J. Green it is going to be hard for the Richt's team to keep pace. Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray only managed 192 yards and no touchdowns against USC last week. One week after facing the conferences 2nd best running attack the dawgs' undersized 3-4 gets to face the conference's best passing attack.

Pick: Ar-Kansas to win outright.

EZU +19.5 at VT 1:30 pm ESPN3

Diving head first into hyperbole, the Hokies' game versus ECU will be season changing and potentially program altering. A loss puts them at 0-3 heading into ACC play with a real chance to finish the season at 6-6 or worse. If the Hokies' season implodes, heads will roll, our friends around the region will gain a lot of recruiting traction and the fan base will splinter. And how about this for a bad omen, Sunday September 19th is Talk like a Pirate Day Play. That does not please me.

What to Look for: Looking past the X's, O's and fundamentals (which I will get to on Friday) the Hokies need to bring some passion on the field right from the opening whistle. Play like you care and hit any mutha wearing purple and gold. ECU's Air Raid passing attack will get yards on the Hokie defense, but will they get points?

Pick: I like the Pirates getting the points. ECU will have their moments, but I think the Hokies right the ship and win in the end.

Nebraska -3.5 at Udub 3:30 pm ABC / ESPN2

Husky Stadium is as beautiful place to watch a game as any across the country. Good thing for that, since Udub's product on the field has been anything but for quite a while now. Coach Steve Sarkisian is in the process of rebuilding this once proud program and overachieved (5-7) in his first season. The Huskies have a tough draw this week as No. 8 Nebraska steamrolls into Seattle. The Husker defense is still finding itself, showing weakness up the middle, but the offense is sizzling under red shirt freshman QB T-Magic (Taylor Martinez). After their first two games, against inferior opponents, the Cornhusker's rushing attack is averaging 324 yards per game (3rd nationally). T-Magic has rushed for 284 of those yards.

What to Look for: Udub's passing attack and all world QB Jake Locker potentially getting squeezed by Pelini's very good back seven and heavy pass rush. Nebraska's ground game will be effective enough to control the clock, put up points and pressure the Huskies to keep pace.

Pick: Scripted in a way that would give Frank Beamer a woody, Nebraska choke holds Udub into submission defensively and ground-n-pounds them covering the spread.

Clemson at Auburn -7 7:00 pm ESPN

If you think the ACC brass is hoping and praying for a State win this week, if Clemson wins at Auburn, John Swofford will be partying like it's 1999.

Auburn isn't perfect and likely only a fringe top 25 team, but damn, the conference needs a win like this. So far Clemson has proven they can beat the shit out of the football incompetent, now it's big boy football. Clemson's defense is susceptible to the run, which is not a good sign when a Gus Malzahn offense is on your schedule. They will need a breakthrough performance from their defense or face getting run off with their tails tucked between their legs... like the rest of the ACC.

What to Look for: Clemson comes in averaging 7 yards per carry, but this opponent isn't the Blind Boys of Alabama, Auburn's D against better competition is giving up 2.4 yards per carry. The toothless Tigers will need to force Auburn's QB Cam Newton, who so far has been a beast (322 yards 5 TDs passing, 241 yards 2 TDs rushing), to turnover the ball.

Pick: Auburn will own both sides of the line of scrimmage, win and cover.

Iowa -1.5 at 'Zona 10:30 pm ESPN

Last week's 'Monster Week', dubbed by the World Wide Creator disappointed. Only Michigan versus Notre Dame (not even on their network) lived up to the hype. While not getting the pub, this is an under the radar but potentially an awesome game. Both teams have been destroying their over matched foes, offensively and defensively. Now each faces a true test, in this week's game of the week. Don't overindulge too early, you will not want to miss staying up past midnight for this game. A classic speed vs brawn matchup, a huge boost to the winner before they head into conference play.

What to Look for: Iowa will want to run to set up the pass while Arizona will want to speed the game up and spread it out through the air. Whoever can force tempo has a great edge in this game.

Pick: Iowa wins by more than a touchdown.

Season to Date

Last week: 2-3-1
Season: 6-3-2

Marathon session beer of the weekend: Duck Rabbit Porter

Duck Rabbit is a very small, but well thought of brewery in eastern North Carolina, their Porter is outstanding.

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picks to date

right here.



"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

My Picks

NC State

Beer of the week: Samuel Adams Octoberfest

I'm a badass

first place so far.. whats up old men!

give me


I will be taking in Dark Star Orchestra on Sat. night in DC @ the 930 club.. (if any of you are Grateful Dead fans)


Easy U (cover,not win)
Bo's boys
the 'burn

will have the DVR workin' OT this weekend; camping w/the scouts in BFE all day/night Saturday and most of the day on Sunday. Gonna be fishin' and textin' the BCO for score updates. Got some Sierra Nevada Tumbler to down while packin' the truck Friday night. Totally been eatin' crow all the big one.....but part of the holidays I guess...oh well. Been spoiled too much the last few yrs.


will da thrill

my boy taking beer with him on a boy scout trip.



"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky


Cincy (don't trust a QB named Glennon)
Fighting Clintons (Ar-kansas)
ECU (to cover, but the Hokies win)
Huskers shuck U-Dubya
Iowa (as long as Stanzi stays healthy)

Beer of the week: Homebrew!

Seattle Hokie Picks

Cincy - Venus Flytrap and Dr Fever will lead this team to a Victory!

Woooooo Dogggg Sooooie - Yes, Ugga. I lived in Arkansas from when I was 6 to 16. I am still a Arkansas fan (not my favorite though) but I learned to love college football while living there. All my teams are losing this year so I think the Hogs will lose b/c everyone things they may win the SEC West.

Hokies - I am going to pick them to win every game until they win one.

Huskers - I am about 4 miles south of where this action will be happening. I want UDub to kill them so that means they will win.

Clemson - Everybody else chose Auburn so I am going with Clemson.

Iowa - Why not?

Beer of the week again is Rogers Pilsner for me, that is all I drink at the bar.

Picks, week 3

Arkansas, outright win
ECU covers 19.5. Nothing more to say.
Nebraska covers the 3.5.
Clemson covers the 7, but loses a close one to War Eagle.
Iowa BIG over Zona.

As a freebie, the Twerps cover the 10 against the 'Eers this weekend, with the over on number of couches burned at both locales (17.5)

Beer of the week...finishing off the Skinny Dip from New Belgium.

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

my picks

The Natis Own
I pick them Matt Jones boys
Ecu (gag)

Beer of the weekend

though if we lose to ECU it will turn into

"I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of them.' So I'm going with God. I'm going with Virginia Tech." Lee Corso Aug 23, 2000

ohhh....good lawdy. damn

ohhh....good lawdy.


NC State - A real barnburner here
Pig Suey
ECU to cover, Hokies to win
Nebraska in a blowout
Auburn - to show that the ACC is completely incompetent
Arizona with the upset, as guys from Iowa have never seen women as hot as the ones on Arizona's campus

Beer of the week:
Will be at a wedding all day Saturday(in ECU country), therefore whatever is free

someone needs to invoke a no saturday weddings between labor day and new years rule


It is the most inconsiderate thing you can do to your friends.


However, the guy getting married is a Hokie and the wedding is at 10 am, therefore I at least give him kudos for the wedding to be over by the time the game comes on.


I totally agree with you! I have a friend getting married on 10/2....and wished I could have missed that BSU monstrosity! Now I'll just miss the NC State game....

week 3



NC State Arkansas ECU to

NC State
ECU to cover

hopefully the week VT posts a better record than my picks

1.) NCST
2.) Arkansas
3.) ECU (to cover)
4.) Nebraska
5.) Clemson
6.) Iowa

Take'em to the bank


Alcohol for my weekend:
On the rocks

state pick

will not count, since you got in AFTER the game.

lucky, i am only giving you 1 loss, after calling us CHokies!


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky