Report: Scholarship and coaching staff limits to be eliminated by the NCAA

As Mandel says, if this passes, only the rich will get richer and everyone else will suffer. Collegiate athletics are rapidly approaching a model where greed will be its complete undoing. Its going to make a lot of money for a small portion of schools over the short term, but the long term health of the entire enterprise is probably receiving a fatal diagnosis right now.

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This is the death of college athletics. I think the Olympic sports will still be able to retain some form of parity, but for the revenue sports, this will quickly and without question create a "Superleague" for those large institutions that can afford it and everyone else. With this the NCAA will have completely abdicated their responsibility and are basically throwing their hands up and yelling for Jesus to take the wheel.

We're in the end game now

Completely open transfer portal, NIL that is operating as a pay for play model with players being actively recruited to transfer and play for another school to cash in, and the NCAA is set to eliminate roster limits and coaching staff limitations?

Its over. Its over for everyone who isn't already one of the financial elites, and the gap is going to become enormous overnight, far moreso than it is now.

And make no mistake, this is the killing shot to VT football. Hell, based on our pathetic tv deal this is probably the killing shot to everyone in the ACC. We cannot compete in this model. We can't even afford to try.

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Unfortunately, I agree with this take. Sad

Yep.. Saban with no scholarship limits? LMAO. He could literally sign every 5 star- instead of just most of them. It's ridiculous. Calipari given 20 scholarships? a fucking joke.

I don't know. You'd think that some of them would want some early playing time. They won't get that in a "Saban signs them all" model.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Simple. Bama fields multiple teams. Make sure they never play on the same day and you'll make your boosters ecstatic (Thursday night game AND a Saturday game?)

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Bama A and Bama B? But then they only get 6 home games each, unless the 7th home game is Bama versus Bama.

Lol. This is going to end up like WCW where everyone joined the bloated nWo so they made an nWo B-team.

Eh, they sign high 4/ 5 star QBs every single cycle now. These kids don't think anyone is better and want to compete against the best.

The best athletes ate heavily incentivized to concentrate together. And not just financially. It's clichΓ© but iron sharpens iron. It also protects them from getting thrown into play when they're injured or otherwise not ready. And when they do play it's harder to scheme away from them when their entire team is guys bound for the nfl.

Early playing time isn't really a motivator for these guys.

Early playing time isn't really a motivator for these guys.

I don't think it's necessary that early playing time isn't a motivator - I think the motivator has always been get to the NFL with the best skills possible, and as fast as possible.

Those two skills used to be at odds (because to get the best coaching, you'd have to wait 4-5 years) but now that college players are going to the NFL after 3 years, it makes more sense to go someplace where you can (1) get the best coaching and (2) get a chance to show off your talent within 3 years.

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The game for at least the Saban era has been to get to the nfl and maximize draft status (ie the paycheck contract). Not to get there as quickly as possible.

Wow. I don't see how this doesn't signal the move towards a super league or NFL Minor League and all the "have-nots" will create their own league and crown a champion. What else is left?

welp...full steam ahead behind them softball and baseball programs eh

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Apparently not the whole story.

This is a hit to Mandel's credibility, in my opinion. Journalists gotta check this stuff before throwing it out there for clicks and riling up the masses in the comments section.

We just saw how somebody made a fake NLI story and legit journalists ran with it without checking...well, anything.

He had credibility before?

With us being on the rise in non-football related sports, does that mean we're among those who have the potential to be the rich getting richer?

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

It means more Hokie Club donation requests

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Yeah some clarification here would be great...these are two very different narratives.

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Nicole Auerbach's article linked up top does mention a waiver of "initial counter limits" to football, aka removing the 25 offer limit per year to allow teams to offer as many scholarships as necessary to get back to the 85 scholarship limit no matter how many kids transfer out / graduate / enter the draft.

So, fingers crossed, I hope Chad Willis is correct in his interpretation.

Yeah I thought this scholarship removal was more for the sports that have to give out partial scholarships and it would be up to the conferences to provide limits. Teams will still be required to meet title ix so it isn't exactly the end game...yet.

Rich get richer of course, but there really is no parity now. Bama and OSU are in the playoffs most every year, leaving 2 other spots. Typically SEC runner up, Clemson, ND or blue blood. There is no parity anyway.

Agreed. There is no parity right now, and everything that the NCAA has done over the last 36 months seems to be hell bent on ensuring we move as far away as possible from any hope of parity ever existing in as short a time period as they can.

Its looking like the powers are setting themselves up for a quick cash grab before the whole house of cards collapses.

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I already said everything in the Wong thread.

In case you missed it, in short, I hate everything!!!

If you play it, they will win.

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The interesting thing with no scholarship limits is the Title IX implications of fair dollars spent women's athletics.

I can see anOSU versus Bama Women's tiddlywinks championship series. Because every other women's sport is going to be funded to the gills.

Given the current climate, I am not sure Title IX holds up if challenged, and part of me thinks those in power would love to see it (T9 challenged) happen.

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I have trouble believing the unlimited scholarship thing (for football at least) because I don't see it as a net positive for anyone (at least any of the decision makers). I feel like everyone universally agrees that CFB was better when there was a scholarship limit.

I just haven't heard anyone asking/lobbying for this. The only thing I can think of is that NCAA wants to avoid getting sued, and they feel that they are vulnerable here.

Yea, I recognize that the top 15 schools could take advantage of this, but do they really need to? It just makes no sense to me.

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Here is my question, it says scholarship limit, but there's nothing to indicate that the roster limitations are going to be lifted. I know roster sizes are somewhat fluid at the college level, but I guess the question becomes are these elite level schools really going to want to spend a full scholarship for the 100th guy on the roster? Or the 125th?

I'm sure some will, but I don't know if making scholarships unlimited will mean that Alabama will all of a sudden double the number of 5*s they are getting. They get those guys they want already.

Mandel buried the lede/has no reading comprehension/lied here. The article states that they'd waive the 25 per year limit for 2 years and the 85 limit would stay.

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I don't believe this is factual