87-rated 3* IN LB Aycen Stevens commits to the Hokies


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this kid's film is solid. he hits people with bad intentions

This pleases me greatly



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This could be the beginning of some serious recruiting momentum for CBP

Fun fact: his brother is Tommy Stevens who played QB at Penn State and then Sr. Year at Mississippi State and who is now with the Calgary Stampeders.


Interested to see French weigh in on his best position. Currently listed at 6-4 210, that gives him a very interesting size profile to build from that could fit in multiple spots. I haven't watched his film yet, but like Copeland I think there is a lot of reason to trust Pry's ability to identify LB's who fit his system.

Probably Mike, maybe Will backer. Hudl has him at 220 fwiw.

6'4 210lbs coming out of high school before he hits the Pry training regiment to fine tune him into a collegiate LB....

And he played QB in high school, with his tape showing he has wheels.

Phew, he could be real good down the line

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Dominate the trenches, win the game.

High 3* LBs playing in a Pry defense will go a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way in getting us back to where we want to be.

Between him and Copeland, its been a very good week for the future of the Hokie defense.

This is my school
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And it also looks like we have a Pry Signal to watch out for in the future

This is my school
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there are 8 hokies targets committing in the span of a week, Copeland and Stevens make it two-for-two so far

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

And this might be the first time I've used this gif in a positive way on TKP

This is my school
This is home

6'4" LBs. And getting multiple commits in the same week at that size. We are going to have huge LBs. Hopefully no more getting run over in the hole by ball carriers.

Let the carnage begin. The sooner the better.

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Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

Love that he had Enter Sandman in the announcement tweet.

Not a bad couple of days! Go Hokies!

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literally the Aycen the hole

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Braxton Burmeister, Ryan Willis, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

Yeah we are Aycen our LB recruiting this week!

Helping us level the playing field by getting us back to even stevens

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87 is the average for a recruit right? Seems like every target and commit lately has been 87 rated

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

An 87 is a on the upper end of 3* recruits. If we average 87-88 then we would be a top 25ish class most years (22-30)

The 87-89s are the workhorses of VT. I
the past few years that would include Mook, Trevor Hill, Tremaine, Mclease, Deablo, Floyd, Farley, Keene, Tisdale, Mitchell, Artis, Chatman

The 87-89s are the workhorses of VT. In the past few years that would include Mook, Trevor Hill, Tremaine, Mclease, Deablo, Floyd, Farley, Keene, Tisdale, Mitchell, Artis,

That is quite a list of contributors to the meager success that we did have in the recent past. Let's hope that the changes in scheme make these guys into stars in the Hokie galaxy.

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I feel like the upper 3* are often the guys that either play out of position or not in the right scheme or don't play against the best competition or need a nutrition and weight program. Lots of them excel and most come in not looking to start.

Ford (step to slow) and Phillips were both in this region and they are the best recievers we have had

That's actually a very difficult question to answer right now.

I can answer that question for FBS signees, pre-Covid and previous transfer rules:

P5 - the average signee rating was historically about an 86.
G5 - the average was about 81.
FBS - right around 84.

What is it now?

In 2022 the average RATED signee score across the FBS has climbed up to just over 86.

There are two huge reasons for this inflation:

1. The pandemic prevented a whole lot of kids from getting properly evaluated, so the number of unranked signees has been WAY up. Going forward, this will trend back towards every FBS signee getting a rating- this should cause the average to drop off a little bit.

2. Transfer Portal activity is way up as well, and while activity might simmer out in a few seasons, it's never going to go back to the old normal.

With more transfers being signed, less kids are getting signed out of high school, so less of the lower ranked recruits are being signed by teams now.

FBS classes had been a very consistent 23 players a class, almost every year since the scholarship reduction from 95 to 85 in 1992.

In 2022, the average class size was down to less than 16 non-transfer signees. This number is NOT the new normal- (Again, the higher number of transfers play into this, as well as the queueing caused by all of the free eligibility for players in the 2020 season).

This number should rebound to somewhere closer to 20. That's about when a new "average" recruiting score will be evident.

TL;DR- Higher than it was, but currently unknown. My guess; ~85.

For #1 - wouldn't unranked players bring the average down? Or is it a case of most guys who were ranked were towards the higher end (and even then, seems like you'd have to exclude unranked from averages or it would bring the average way down). I'd appreciate some more explanation - thanks!

The anecdote that probably brings both this and the effect of Transfers together is JMU's 2022 class- their first class in the FBS.

They have 4 signees in the class and 5 transfers. None of the High School signees are ranked; all of the Transfers are.

Transfers do not affect team scores in the 247 Composite (the ON3 Consensus rankings don't even count JUCO players- they literally don't evaluate anybody with limited eligibility).

So JMU has neither a team score nor an average recruiting grade for their first season in the FBS.

Unranked players are simply omitted from the "average" calculation altogether. Much like you'd expect, the blue chip players are still getting evaluated- it's the thousands of kids in the middle and lower ranks who are less likely to have some scout come watch them play.

This graph isn't great- but you can see how omitting, or "Not Ranking" two of the lower ranked players (Red Dots) from a team with 12 signees will cause the team average to rise (from the blue dot line to the red dot line).

Taking transfers has the same exact effect. Instead of signing "unranked" recruits, this time the team will not even be able to sign the same number of recruits, so they will only keep the top signees. They won't sign all of the lower players that they would have previously. One could simply change the legend on the graph to show this same exact effect.

Makes sense - thanks for the explanation! And that's crazy about JMU's first class.

A nice high 3-star to kick off a hopefully great weekend recruiting wise! LET'S GO!!!!

Now THAT is the offer list I like to see.

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I like LBs who arrive in the hole with malicious intent

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Most important part of Bud's system is the D hitting the hole hard time after time.

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Let's go get some more heavy hitters

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Athletic guy. Redirects nicely. He will have to learn to play a little closer to the line of scrimmage rather than sitting back and reading the play. Good length. He is more physical as a runner than as a tackler- that can come with more development.

They need to find a WILL, especially if Gosnell stays at TE. I think both Copeland and Stevens are attempts to fill that spot, and if they get a better talent down the road, Copeland may be a SAM and Stevens can slide to MIKE or DE like Jesse Lukata did for PSU.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Find a WILL, you say?

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