OT: Stranger Things Season 4 discussion thread (feat. Spoilers)

Post any comments and thoughts following Season 4 of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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How about that friendly orderly, huh?

Also, there is a "Stranger Things 4 Ending explained" vid on YouTube and in the comments one person opined that the orderly / 001 was possibly 011's father, which is an intriguing theory and would explain 011 having telekinetic power too. But if he was brought in as a kid it would seem unlikely he would have been allowed to have any "extra curricular" activity. Also it would have the appearance of copying the Luke / Darth Vader arc, and as innovative as the entire series has been I would think the Duffler Bros would avoid that.

My other question would be how did Hopper get around so well, with no sign of a limp after his chain gang buddy shattered his foot/leg with a sledge hammer? I understand how there was some hyperbole (Murray's black belt fighting skills, for example) but Hopper's ability to get around after the first breakout seemed too easy.

I have discussed this ad nauseas with my wife and she's tired of me talking about it. Didn't understand how breaking his ankle/foot helped get the chains off if it was days later because swelling would commence and also didn't understand how he was running so well with said injuries.

During the last episode, when 001 was talking to 011, I thought he said that Papa tried to make more of him (or something like that). I took that to mean Papa created 002-011 in the lab somehow using 001 as the template. I could be wrong though.

Just watched the episode and it has me hooked again with that ST feeling.

I'm glad they are going darker and more mature each season, and the gore level has kicked up. I like the new long haired kid (Eddie?) quite a bit.

Seeing comments further down that start out sounding like folks have completed it so I'm stopping here after just finishing the first episode. Holy shit that was an aggressive first episode across the board. Not waiting on setting the tone character wise nor in the horror/gore aspect. The ending was...shocking. And yes, Eddie! Looked at my wife and said "I don't think Eddie's necessarily a good guy, but definitely not a bad guy."

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You were warned.

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I tiptoed lol

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

Loved the whole season. I didn't have any dull episode or scene. Everything was well paced and phenomenally acted. At this point, I shouldn't be surprised when they get a foreigner to play an American (Eddie, Billy) and kill it.

Of course Max's favorite song is by Kate Bush.

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I love that Kate Bush is topping the US and Spotify charts right now too. A whole new generation hearing that tune. That song is an all timer, and that moment...for that character...was a highlight of the season for me. Sometimes things just come together so perfectly and that was one of those times.

I think they are spot on with all the songs they choose and the time they choose them. I got tingles when they went into Pyscho Killer. That song is a favorite of mine and it couldn't have hit at a better time.

Love the tone of this season. Very 80's horror feel with the Nightmare on Elm Street vibes (and guess which actor played Victor!)

My only gripe is I was hoping to see more El badassery in the real world and get her powers back quicker. But it's all setting up for Vol.2, so I'm sure that will deliver.

I love the tickle of Dickel in my belly

I definitely love the new stoner character Argyle.

I thought he was going to annoy me, and turned out to be a great addition. If Stranger Thing does one thing right (and it does a lot more than one thing right), its introducing new characters without them feeling pointless or filler, that ultimately mesh well with the existing gang. Max, Robin, Murray, Eddie, Argyle, and let us never forget the king Bob Newby.

oh yes, RIP to the great Bob Newby

Did 001 say he was Victor's son? If so, I'm confused since the events in Victor's house took place ~30 years before. He would/should look much older.

Very very very entertaining season thus far. I love how they could give to shits about the length of each episode. Some are 1 hr, some 1:20 and the last episode a full 1:40 (which by the way, didn't feel that long to me).

It did show that he was his son, I think in episode 7. Remember that at lot of the scenes in the Hawkins lab were years prior to the current events (I think when they "show" the younger El she looks to be about 7 or 8) so it is plausible that at that time frame then 001 could have been late 20's or early 30's.

Good point. I did tell my wife I thought he was 001 around episode 2 or 3. The reveal that he was Victor's son was a total surprise, though, and will set up a bad ass battle between 011 and Vecna/001 for volume 2.

Murders happened in '59. Flashback scenes with 001 were either '76 or '78, I think. That timeline makes sense for the current year to be '86.


Henry Creel was born in '47, becoming 001 in '59, and Vecna in '79.

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Fair enough. My comment was very much a gut reaction that the actor seemed too young but the timeline makes sense.

So is 011 an invitro daughter of 001/Vecna? That would be a great climax for volume 2!

Seems incredibly unlikely. The show has gone out of its way to show us full scenes with Eleven's birth mother in an earlier season, and make a point of her mom coming to try and get her at Hawkins Lab being a key memory for her power.

Not saying it can't be a twist, but the Duffer brothers don't seem to write that way. The 001/Creel/Vecna twist was all laid out right in front of our faces, which is why it was soooo good. 11 being "made in a lab" would feel like cheap writing to me.

Had a feeling that 001 could be behind some of what was going on. Very enjoyable season. Definitely more of a horror vibe than any of the others. I'd been enjoying the longer episode lengths and them being as long as they need to do what they want with each episode, rather than everything being the same length. Very excited to see how they finish things up this summer. Only real confusion is how Hopper runs so well with broken feet lol.

I think it's less that his feet/ankles are so badly broken that he can slip through the shackles and more that the shackles are damaged enough to allow space to slip through. Either way, bit of a plot hole but not important in the grand scheme of things.

I love the tickle of Dickel in my belly

Yeah I wasn't really bothered by it, just thought it was interesting. Also not sure how he doesn't get frostbite after running on snow that long! Again, no big deal. Loved the season.

Ok, hear me out. Maybe walking around barefoot in the cold snow numbed the pain of the broken/sprained ankle. Maybe he does have frostbite but keeps running on adrenaline because... you know, monsters that want to kill him.
Maybe volume 2 we will see Hopper spending time at the doctor and physical therapy trying to heal his ankle (think 011 spending the majority of volume 1 finding her powers) only to rejoin the crew towards the finale to save day.

I've put some super duper serious thought into this.

Or maybe it's just a small plot hole. 😂

Lol the adrenaline thought is a good one but I think he's just back to normal for volume 2. I'm interested though to see if that Russia crew comes back and reunites with everyone else before the very end.

Fantastic season culminating in one of the best episodes yet for episode 7. I had inklings he wasnt just a caretaker but I didn't make the vecna connection. That was really well told and now they've set it all up for the finale. Can't say a show has hit this well in a long time that was this original.

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I have enjoyed season 4 immensely, and can not wait for Volume 2.

Between this and Better Call Saul wrapping up it's going to be a great month of TV

Forgetting someone?

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I said great TV...

I forgot all about Billy. How did he die?

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. 🎣

He died himself.

That would be dyed.

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. 🎣

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The Meat Monster/Flayer speared Billy at the end of Season 3 when he tried to save 011 from the meat monster. He gone....

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this might be the most disturbing gif I've seen this year

Onward and upward

The Max episode might be one of the best episodes of television in a very long time. The ending itself, and all of the buildup to it were sublime, but there was a lot of other stuff that went on in it as well. Just an excellent hour of viewing, and arguably is the best episode of the entire show this far.

2 episodes left and a hell of a lot of loose ends to tie up. Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Had a feeling the orderly was more than made to be, that actor reminded me a lot of Bill Skarsgard and his take on Pennywise. Just creepy to a fault from the start.

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They posted some new photos from volume 2 out there today. Looks like Nancy survives the upside down (as if that was really in question)

I think we are going to lose at least 1 major character in Volume 2, but Nancy would not be the one I would expect. Although the Volume 1 finale leaves that in question, I think the episodes have already set up that the gang will be able to help her get free. Her new friendship with Robin has been a big plot point so far, and they've gone so far as to show Robin in her room going through her cassette tapes and looking at her favorite songs.

They are in Eddie's trailer, so maybe he uses his guitar to play the song himself or something. This show doesn't have a whole lot of wasted details.

Eddie will Tenacious D 001 to death. Calling it now.

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NSFW video prediction

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Max looking real ominous in the back of that first capture.

(add if applicable) /s

Finally caught up on this one.

It really is amazing to me how much better this show is than pretty much everything on TV at the moment. Very little wasted space, very little filler, really great process from start to finish.

Only downside is that it makes everything else less by comparison. Makes little miscues from other shows seem more glaring.

Mild disagree here.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed most of this season and think it's clearly better than seasons 2 and 3, but plot lines like Hopper/Joyce could've been resolved in the span of 2-3 episodes of the show but it got dragged out for the entire stretch. And we saw *how many* scenes with Eleven that could've been slimmed down as well.

Valid. Maybe its just because i'm watching Kenobi at the moment and it feels so disjointed and half thought out.

I personally have wished more shows would take the GoT approach and slow things down. GoT basically ruined everything for me since bc I feel like this aggressive rush to reach the action and conflict, leaving no room for character development and growth. Disclaimer: I thought the last 3ish seasons of GoT were trash and they abandoned everything that made it wonderful in this regard.

NOW... I'm not saying ST is GoT however I do appreciate the fact that these episodes are much longer and we're moving slower to permit us as the audience to develop with the characters.

I'm not saying ST is GoT

My mind went straight to sex scenes reading this comment. Episode 7 is the closest we ever get to a sex scene in ST.

I love the wholesomeness of this show, that is the teenagers growing up together. The Duffer brothers didn't need to use sex to add to the story or make it more palatable to the adults watching. Seasons 1 & 2 are very tween friendly. As the kids watching grow up, the show matures with the kids in the show.

So many of those young viewers' parents grew up in the 80s, or as myself, the 90s with a ton of 80s influence. The nostalgia just adds to the wholesomeness, and really hits an emotional nerve.

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I.... agree with this.

After finishing the first part, I needed to take a break from new shows for a week just to detox a bit. Sure, the story might have dragged a bit in some areas, but overall its very solid. And I still say Ep 4 was close to perfect.

We just started watching Ms Marvel yesterday and haven't even picked up The Boys Season 3, yet. Needed to give some time between shows because ST4 was pretty intense.

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Hey remember when we were in Season 1 and everyone was swirling theories about what the hell was going on?

The actor who plays Dustin had one at the time. And check this shit out

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I'm gonna be sitting at the beach house in Delaware with my mom and brothers streaming this before the 4th. Can't wait.

I think there is going to be a major character death.


There's a lot of speculation that the scene which looks super emotional in this is actually Will coming out as gay to his brother, so who knows.

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It's been hinted there may be more than one.

Steve seems to be a popular choice for that. Which is an amazing example of writing a character that seemed like prototypical D bag and I would be genuinely sad if he dies now.

Also as Alum said above, Will coming out as gay is a popular theory.

I'm thinking Eddie and El die.

Will comes out. So does Nancy.

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Eddie? I could see it, but it would just be another character who joins for 1 season only to die at the end (Bob, Billy). I suspect a bait and switch there where we think he will, but he makes it out.

El? The more I think about it, no. They already pulled that bait and switch at the end of the first season, and I doubt they want to spend Season 5 trying to get her back. And given there will be a Season 5.... Nah

If I had to go in on someone who is out... Mike or Joyce. Mike seems to have almost already been completely written out, and with the actor taking on more roles outside of the show, I could see there being mutual interest to have parted ways. Joyce for the absolute gut punch ending to the way the last couple seasons have gone, but would allow Hopper to step in as the main father figure for everyone once they are all back together. I actually think that will probably happen by the end of Season 5, even if it doesn't happen now.

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Billy was in Season 2 & 3. Bob is really the only character that fits the one and done (other than obvious tertiary characters).

Nancy coming out would actually be an incredible development. Would add a whole new layer to her growing friendship with Robin, and I would find it to just be good storytelling. And if Steve survives this season would offer an amazing dynamic for them in season 5.

It just seems like the scene where the group split up and Robin and Nancy were alone in the same shot it just looked like it worked.

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I thought this was the final season. Is there talks of more seasons after this?

Season 5 is the planned final season. The Duffer brothers have also noted there will be a time jump to season 5, because they pretty much have to with how fast the kids are ageing, so it is likely that season 5 might jump 3 or 4 years in the future, closer to 1990.

Season 5 has been confirmed, and it will be the final season according to the Duffer brothers

I thought volume 1 was excellent, and I can't remember the last time I've been this excited waiting for the remaining episodes to come out. Episode 7 explained more about the origins of 11 and the upside down more than the previous 3 and a half seasons combined.

I thought season 3 was good, but was concerned it was bordering on the edge of being too cheesy. This season, I love the darker turn and I feel like the nostalgia has been properly woven into the story rather than in your face like season 3.

In the remaining episodes, I would love to see how 1 has survived in the upside down with all the other monsters. Definitely could see a main character either being killed off or somehow banished permenantly to the upside down

Reading some interesting fan theories, but this one popped out, when Robin finds the article:

The latter headline is real, detailing Dwight D. Eisenhower's golf and quail-hunting vacation in the February 3, 1959, issue of the Los Angeles Mirror. That date is known for a very different reason: It's when a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa, killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, as well as pilot Roger Peterson. The date is now widely known by another name, thanks to lyrics from Don McLean's "American Pie": The Day the Music Died.

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Are we about to get an 80s hair metal version of La Bamba?

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Seriously worrying that Steve might be killed off in the final two episodes. I hope not, but we will have a lot to talk about in this thread next week either way.

The question is, how much George R.R. Martin is in the Duffer Brothers?

Because there's gonna be some goddamned chaos in the streets if they off Steve.

If you play it, they will win.

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Crazy that he was not even supposed to make it out of Season 1 and the Duffer brothers expanded the character since he ended up being a fan favorite.

I feel like a main character is going to die but who knows. There are going to be some deaths for sure.

I am still thinking Joyce and Mike. Those two would have the most impact on the core characters of the show.

Granted, the way Maya Hawke has been giving zero shits about proper PR right now, wouldn't completely be surprised if its Robin.

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What has Maya Hawke done?

I don't know if it's any evidence of what's going to happen to her character, I think it has more to do with the fact that she's Ethan hawke's daughter.

If I recall he used to be absolutely dreadful when it came to PR efforts

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Ok, I didn't see that ending coming.

Argyle is my favorite character.

The Duffer Brothers deserve all the awards.

Poor Max.

The connection between Billy and Eleven, if you didn't catch it, 🤯

Might have to watch Season 2 again. There were quite a few references to that season.

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Hot take- the Duffer Bros are a bit chicken shit for their unwillingness to kill off main characters. The stakes during the entire show are watered down and don't seem serious when nothing ever actually happens. Max being brought back from the dead was the lamest thing to happen to this show. Still an absolutely incredible show but I was hoping for even more out of those last two episodes.

100% agree

Mostly agree. But there were recent comments from MBB saying the same and Duffers commenting back that Stranger Things isn't Game of Thrones. Seems staged, like they are foreshadowing something coming.

But is Max back from the dead? Eleven can't find her. So far, her body is simply just living on.

Creel/One/Vecna first observed his powers by turning back the hands on the grandfather clock.

Could El's final form be that she is able to literally turn back time? They are going 3 years into the future for season 5, if I'm not mistaken? That would put us in 1989. July 1, 1989 saw the release of "If I could turn back time" by Cher. I know the song was used (beautifully) in Deadpool 2, but it also fits here. Everybody comes back. Sucks for Hopper, but everybody else returns, maybe for the better, maybe for the worse.

Also, Will is Borys. IYKYK

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Agree. I was pretty disappointed in these last two episodes. Cinematically they were great, but ultimately it feels like nothing happened this season. Outside of Papa, only new characters died off. I feel like El saving Max was just really cheap. Either have her die or explicitly show that she's a vessel for Vecna to tease us for the next season. We basically got one informational episode on One being Vecna and outside of that, little story advancement.

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People keep saying that El saved Max. Are we sure about that? I mean sure, her physical body is still breathing and her heart is beating, but that last scene showed that nobody was home mentally, and the Duffers confirmed that she ended the season brain dead with all of her limbs snapped like a twig.

I wouldn't exactly say that's a cheap cop out. Even if she is able to be back in Season 5, it will not be the same Max we knew from the past 3 seasons.

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True, I think I misworded with it being cheap. I think it should have been a bit more definitive. El "saved" Max in the fact they said she was dead and now she's stable, but I just feel like there's too many options. She could die, she could be some sort of evil vessel, or she just comes back all fine and dandy like nothing happened.

This really is just my own personal gripe and I'm venting. Feels like a lot of shows recently have seemed great and then the season ends and then I reflect and feel totally dissatisfied with how things are left off.

If you can't handle my shit posts, you don't deserve my memes

Gut feeling, mainly because this seems right in the Duffer's wheelhouse, Season 5 will see them show us what the phrase "there are some fates worse than death" means when it comes to Max.

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Could absolutely see her in a similar fate to El's mom. Alive, sure, but not truly living.

Eddie doing Master of Puppets is the best 5 minutes of this entire damn show

I would've loved for them to bring Eddie back next season. He was a great character. Wish the show runners would've had the stones to kill off a big name instead of their usual shtick of bringing in a new character just to kill them off.

Those movies could have been episodes. I hated the format. Was pretty disappointed in it overall.

(add if applicable) /s

Aside from having to recover from staring at a neon blue bug light for an hour I can finally see again and gotta say the rumor that this was the final episodes was a big blue balls by Netflix.

Don't see why they couldn't have legit had him killed there and gotta wonder what they will do in season 5 that's any different from 4

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Finished S4 and all in all was pretty stoked by the season in general. I'm not thrilled with the last 2 episodes being so long, especially where there were sections where they faded to black for a solid few seconds. That said, the way the three different plot lines were able to come together was dope. That's the one thing that I've enjoyed about Stranger Things is how much stuff gets thrown out there in the first few episodes and then it all gets woven back together.

I guess we'll just have to wait 3 years for the next season...

Can we talk about how Hopper practically had his ankle smashed to pieces yet he was able to run all over that prison and around Russia. And then Dustin fell about 8 feet and is hobbling around.

One this about the ending that gets me is the Duffer Brothers have already stated that season 5 there will need to be some kind of time jump since the kids are all so much older now. Not sure how they do that with what is happening in Hawkins at the moment.

My theory is that this is loosely based on the Chernobyl meltdown that happened in 1986 and that Hawkins is Pripyat and should be completely abandoned by the start of next season.

Also, Jason's death was wonderful, but so easy to miss with everything going on.

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Oh yeah, almost forgot. Hopper using the fucking Conan sword against the Demogorgon. EPIC!!!

EDIT: LINK to a story about the sword. It was the actual Atlantean sword from the movies.


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Real question how did the sword end up there randomly?

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Pretty sure it was still left over from the fight that the prisoners had. One of them had picked up a sword as their weapon.

Enjoyed the season overall. Probably one of my favorite ST seasons, if not the favorite. Love how they tied all of the different storylines together. Interested to see how they do some sort of time jump for the next season with the state that things were left. I think I'd enjoy weekly releases for the final season rather than everything being released all at once. The theorizing and waiting between episodes this time around was neat and I think it could be a good move on their part to release weekly. Anybody else feel similarly? Differently?

Yes I very much agree with this, and I've liked the way Disney releases episodes weekly for their shows. One of the great things about the way TV was before was all the "water cooler" talk about the weekly episode when you go the the office the next day (and now of course TKP is our water cooler).

Not to mention you wait 3 years for a new season then are done with it in a weekend. It makes the wait that much longer.

Agreed. I think the cultural climate surrounding television now has swung back toward weekly releases rather than binges. It seems like Netflix is one of the only mediums to still release things all at once.

Yeah, I would prefer a slower rollout. I can't binge watch stuff now that I've got young kids. And since I can't do that, I basically have to stay off social media and threads like these to avoid spoilers. That kind of sucks. I have to wait to engage in those things until I'm sure I'm caught up with where everyone else is.

Kenobi, Mandalorian, etc let me feel like I can watch and discuss at a normal pace and not have anything spoiled since it's easy to hide out from discussion online for a day or two until I can find time to watch.

Especially hard to binge when every episode is more than an hour long too. I wouldn't be surprised if next season has even longer episodes. And yeah the internet makes it tough if you don't watch the episode(s) right away.

would like to see a middle ground of 2 or 3 releases at same time. I have seen that with some other series and it was really enjoyable. once a week is too slow for me.

Yeah, that would be fine, too. I just want more of a staged rollout so I have a chance to keep up. It would be cool if they could write the episodes such that every 2-3 came to a good stopping point, telling a small part of the story while still developing the overall arc. Then it would be really convenient to watch.

should have ended it with 4.

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. 🎣

Along those lines, I (who know nothing about D&D) saw a video on TikTok explaining that in D&D lore, Vecna is killed by a character called Kas who at some point is a vampire. So it's possible that Eddie has a character arc similar to Kas and wasn't killed by the demi-bats but rather might be some kind of vampire or just not dead.

However, this guy seems pretty sure that 11 is Kas. But I'm hopeful it doesn't have to be a 1 for 1 and maybe there's a way to tie both in.

The guy who plays Eddie didn't have his contract renewed for Season 5, apparently, and knew about that going into filming this year, sooooooo.....

Yeah.... RIP my epic shreddin bro

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Yeah it'd be cool to bring Eddie back but I think I'd agree with the OP's thoughts of El as Kas. Seems like there are too many parallels. Eddie almost definitely bled out from all of those bites. Having Eddie back in some capacity would definitely be a cool twist though.

If this is actually just the vecna story arc from D&D, Lydia, who hides in the light, ie plain sight, and is linked to Vecna and instrumental in defeating him, has to be 8

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I'd be pretty surprised to see them bring back 8 in any major way

That being said, there is also another way that this story arc can be put into stranger things.

I'm sure we all remember our favorite Lydia from 1988 who also has a bit of a connection with lights in the series

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