Hokie Nation: temper your expectations

With the news that Beamer met with Pep Hamilton yesterday, I feel like everyone is getting their hopes up for something that may or not happen.

While I think Pep would be a wonderful addition to the staff, I just feel like there isn't a great shot of it happening. So don't let your hopes & dreams crushed if we don't get him.

Joe mentioned this in another thread: the takeaway here is that Frank is serious about making changes. So even if we don't get Hamilton, I do feel a little more comfortable in saying that changes will be made for the good.

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Well said

Rip his freaking head off!

Agreed. I'm wondering what are the chances that the meeting was just a discussion of how to revamp the offense rather than a discussion about him potentially coming to VT. Either way, it is showing that Beamer wants to try to make a change to the offense.

No way it was just a study session

I think we established this year that teaching old dogs new tricks is a recipe for disaster.

The Frankinator means business and I love it.


Although I think we can all agree some coaches needed to go before this season I also believe that it says a lot to potential candidates that Frank is loyal to his staff. If it is true that he is giving any potental outgoing coaches the chance to find new positions that helps in selling his program to potential candidates also. The fact is he didn't build this program with luck. It has taken years of hard work and dedication and i can't believe he will let all that go and his reputation be damaged. How would you feel about being the Defensive Coordinator for Paul Johnson after Groh's midseason firing? A little bit of pressure is good but that would turn me off to being on his staff. I trust Frank is going to lead this program into the right direction as long as he is still in charge.


Consider this:

The good:
1) Pep is from Charlotte
2) Played ball at Howard
3) Has admitted to loving the DC area
4) Recruits well
5) Has a like-minded approach to offense
6) Spent 7 years in the NFL
7) Can be offered more money to come 'back home' to Blacksburg
The bad:
1) Changes jobs alot
2) What's to say he's still here 3 years from now?
3) Ideal candidate for a head coaching job sometime soon
4) Leaving Palo Alto for the Burg, from a climate standpoint, is a hard sell
5) Will probably be counter-offered by Stanford to keep him around

That being said, I know we all want an answer "pronto", but if the meeting just took place yesterday, it could still be another week before we have any indication from him what his intentions are. Either way, change is inevitable.

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

I'm curious to see how this Pep thing resolves itself

..because he's got a lot of irons in the fire...potential NFL OC gigs, returning to Stanford, etc.

if VT isn't really high on his list, I could see him saying he needs to say no just to make sure he can consider his best options.

Or, he says yes because this is an opportunity that does not hinder any future opportunities...and he could be in line to succeed Frank.

More good...no more Bay Area commuting, San Andreas fault,



Been tempering expectations for a long time!

We should have coaches beating down the doors and working for free if our program was so great.

#Let's Go - Hokies

Expectations? I expect


I expect dominance. I don't turn on the TV or drive to an ACC town every weekend when I could be fishing to finish in second place.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I won't

A program like Virginia Tech needs to prove it can win a national title, because we haven't had national respect since Michael Vick left. The knock on our team is that we can't get it done when it matters most.

I expect a staff that can lead this ridiculously talented team to an ACC title and a BCS win, not more mediocrity or just another 10 win season.

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That's why I believe a win against Alabama could be the biggest win ever for the program. It's easily the biggest game since the national championship.

Nailed It

UVA tempers their expectations. They accpet mediocrity. We don't do that here. We demand excellence, year in and year out.

I've been listening to the radio all day and all I hear out of Bama players, fans, and coaches is how they are expecting nothing less than another title next year.

We need that mentality (maybe not expecting national titles) but at least ACC titles. Year in and year out. I want to be the dominant force in this conference and I expect somebody to want to coach here. If a coach wants to go to another program other than here then I am more worried about this program than I thought I was.


We are not UVA.

I have to deal with UVA-like mediocrity and expectations every year with Richmond: "We almost made the playoffs.", "Our loss to UVA never counts. They're Division I, so we're supposed to lose.", and settling for secondhand recruits and transfers. It sucks.

This atrocious year cannot become a point of comparison. We need a high standard to strive for, not just to be better than this year. That's UVA's problem. All they wanted when they fired Groh was to be better than the last year. That's the difference between us and them. We want a national title, not to simply improve our record from last year.

If HokieNation believes that we will be successful next year and that we will BEAT BAMA, then you better believe the team will start believing it. And believing is half the battle, because then you want it and then you work for it.

So I will continue to keep my expectations high. Let's do this! GO HOKIES! BEAT BAMA!

Point of clarification

I'm saying folks need to temper their expectations of hiring Pep Hamilton.

If we don't get him, that doesn't mean the world is going to come to an end.

tempering expectations

is for pussys. beat bama then watch the hokie bird put in strokes on aj mccarrons girl #beatbama

clarifying that we aren't pussys cause we are at least attempting not to settle.