Jalen Hurts expected to transfer

Jalen Hurts just put his name in the NCAA transfer portal... any chance we go after him while we give QP an extra year to develop? 26-2 as a starter and former SEC Offensive POTY

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Haven't heard anything linking us to him at all. That said, he would be a phenomenal fit in our offense. He would return the run threat, and is a better runner than Jerod. His passing numbers aren't actually bad at all, and by all accounts he has progressed greatly under QB Coach Dan Enos.

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He wouldn't be linked to any schools since he just put his name out there. With our receiver depth he could be dangerous

he's a coup for anyone who gets him.

He'll also be a good recruiting selling point for that school.

You know Locksley is all over him.

If we are pursuing Jalen Hurts, we missed on both Hooker and Patterson.

Probably true about Hooker, not necessarily true about Patterson. If Patterson is ready to rumble I'm all in on us playing Patterson this year. If he needs another year to progress, then this move actually makes a ton of sense.

Agreed. Hurts only has one year left of eligibility so it's not anything against Patterson but definitely would say a lot about how the staff feels about Hooker.

I don't get how bringing in the former SEC Player of the Year would mean we missed on 2 other guys? A guy of that caliber would be the top quarterback in the room for maybe 90% of teams in the country. Hooker getting beat by a guy that led a team to back to back CFPs wouldn't be a knock on Hooker. With that said... no way this happens.

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To me, Hooker is likely to transfer anyhow when if/when QP passes him on the depth chart. I'd love Hurts to come in and act as the bridge for QP, but not sure Fuente would do that to either JJ or RW.

You do know he was the SEC POY at Bama right? Unless you are bringing those rbs and wrs along with him, there is no guarantee he will perform at that level....

And that brick wall they call an offensive line.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

He was the first quarterback under Saban to win POY and he did it as a freshman in the best conference in college football. I'll stick to what I said on this one.

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News Flash!!!

Not every true freshman QB who doesn't start as a t-FR is a miss. Tom Brady didn't start until he was a RS-JR. I guess he's a miss and worthless too.

He was completely mis-managed at UM because of some guy named Henson that was supposed to lead them to a Natty.

That said, I agree with your point.

"How the fuck is this MY fault?"

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Agree- point is that Jalen Hurts is Meh.. especially Meh without Bama's offensive line. He lost his job to a True Freshman. If Patterson after a year in the program is not close to that, he may not be a "miss", but isn't forecasting to be the savior either, IMO.

How do you draw that conclusion?

Upvoted you because an opinion isn't worth downvoting.

Just curious as to what you saw out of QP at 18 years old that makes you say that.

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Maybe you misunderstood? dcwilson is just saying if QP isn't better after a year in our system than Hurts, then he's just not as good as the hype surrounding him.

This is clearly nonsense? Unless you just mean the hype from the board here, which was always crazy. QP was a low 4* (.904 composite) coming out of high school, Jalen Hurts was a mid 4* (.923 composite). You would expect a senior with two years of starting experience to have an advantage over someone who hasn't started at all, and Hurts was higher ranked coming out of high school.

Tua is a different monster. He was the number 1 dual threat QB in the country when he signed (.984 composite). There is nothing to say that Hurts is a bust, he got passed by a different level of talent. There is nothing to say that if Hurts is better than QP at that moment that QP is a bust. They evaluated similarly, and Hurts has played a couple years against tough competition.

QB stats in isolation are silly. You think JJ with the Alabama OL and RBs wouldn't be wildly more successful? Likewise, Hurts behind our OL would look a lot more human.

See: Willis 0-12 at Kansas. Not 0-12 at VT.

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He said isn't forecasting to be a savior.

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He lost his job to a True Freshman.

He lost his job to a player that is probably the best QB Alabama has ever had. Tua set the single season efficiency record this year (in college football history, not just Alabama history). I hope this was mostly a sarcastic response.

I have a feeling you didn't actually watch a lot of Jalen Hurts the last two seasons. He was never trying to be an all around great NFL-style QB, but he operated their offense efficiently and effectively. He was also pretty clutch. He led them to a comeback against Miss State last year, and the last time he was on the field in the 2016 National Championship he was running into the endzone to take a lead. I don't think he's an elite QB, but he is an effective QB that can be a playmaker and would likely elevate our offense next season.

actually the last time he was on the field he was leading a come back in the 2018 SEC championship against UGA.

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Forgot to add that to the clutch performance list.

Actually the last time he was on the field he was pulling mop-up duty in the worst Saban Era loss in Bama history

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Joe Willy Nameth and Ken Stabler might have an issue with that.

Uh, no.

what a wasted year for hurts. unless he is now a grad transfer.

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From all available accounts Jalen doesn't feel that way. He got a ton of attention from QB Coach Dan Enos and believes it has greatly increased his ability as a passer. He has plenty of film already and lots of snaps under his belt. He doesn't need two more years of grad transfer to audition for the NFL.

He graduated in December. His choice not to redshirt was simply a choice between two years of grad transfer eligibility and one year.

because he wouldn't have gotten more attention from a QB coach as a starter somewhere else? none of his film says i can be an NFL QB. it says i could be an NFL RB at a max, and even at that isn't a guarantee.

but since he graduated all that is irrelevant since he doesn't have to sit out a year. so leg for you sir.

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He is a grad transfer and thus is immediately available.

I think we should atleast talk to him, I think he would be a good addition, especially if it means giving QP3 another year to develop. But wherever he goes, I could see him having a Russel Wilson at Wisconsin type impact

Honestly, wherever he goes, I hope he gets the chance to knock Alabama out of the playoffs next year.

I didn't realize I wanted this until now...

That would be awesome. My final straw for Saban's petulant act was when he got whiny when asked a totally legit question about what he had learned about his QB situation after a blowout win earlier this year.

This is what entitlement looks like

He had the nerve to ask why the media kept trying to get him to say something to disrespect one of his QBs. Dude, you pulled your two-year starter at halftime of the national championship! YOU disrespected your quarterback, you dumb ass!

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

In Saban's defense, the media had been incessantly asking him about the situation and it was the only thing ESPN talked about for awhile. It's not entitled to say he isn't going to badmouth either guy and that he wishes they would stop asking him about it.

I also don't think he disrespected Hurts by benching him. Tua is clearly a huge talent and is a better QB than Hurts. If Tua had lost the Natty last year you might could say it was disrespectful, but Saban went with the QB he thought could win the game.

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I wish him well wherever he ends up.

That said, I would rather we not get him...

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

You would rather not have at best a QB better than anyone we have, at worst depth and keeping him from going somewhere we play against?

Recruit Prosim

He's not a good passer at all. I would rather not have a smaller Jerod Evans under center.

To your point about just getting him for depth or keeping him from going somewhere else (as a worst-case scenario), that's too New York Yankees for my tastes and a waste of a scholarship. And also a disservice to Hurts.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Lol anyone that gets the comparison to Jerod Evans has to be better than what we had the last two years imo

Maybe, but we've often derided Evans here as a QB who never did learn how to make reads while "under" center. Now we've finally progressed in a direction where the QB doesn't lock on to one receiver the entire play (I'm talking about JJ here; RW kinda did and kinda didn't), and I don't really like the idea of going back to a guy who doesn't make reads or throw that accurately.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Preface - this is completely uninformed and just me looking down ESPN's draft board....

Looking at QB breakdown for the upcoming NFL draft there are a few interesting options to head to teams that will (likely) be losing solid starting QBs to the draft:
- Ohio St. (Haskins)
- Duke (Jones)
- WVU (Grier is graduating although this is an unlikely destination in my mind with the coaching shakeup)
- Missouri (Lock)
- NCST (Finley)
- Auburn (Stidham)
- Oklahoma (Murray)
- Wash St. (Minshew)
- Penn St (McSorley)
- Northwestern (Thorson)

If I had to take a completely uninformed guess I would say Ohio St. (offensive system) and Oklahoma (coaching stability) are the top destinations, with Oklahoma getting the edge. It would be fantastic fan watching to see him transfer to Auburn though...

Justin Fields, Former Georgia top QB recruit looks to be headed to Ohio State

I did say it was uninformed :-)

I do recall seeing that though... Does that make Oklahoma a/the top destination if Murray leaves?

Makes the most sense.

Recruit Prosim

looks to be headed

That's an understatement, since he's already enrolled.

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Ohio State just got Justin Fields...they won't be worrying about Hurts

you talking about the same team that had Braxton miller, JT Barret, and Cardele Jones at the same time or nah?

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If he goes to Duke he can play against Bama in the opener.

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Along with Ohio State getting Justin Fields as others said, Mizzou picked up Kelly Bryant from and Northwestern picked up Hunter Johnson, both formerly of Klempson.

Thing is though, Fields has to get a waiver to play next year. According to this article though, it seems likely to be granted:


(TL;DR version - the racial slurs directed at him by a UGA baseball player might be the thing that allows him to play immediately for OSU)

But yeah, if Murray is gone, I'd put Oklahoma as the odds-on favorite to land Hurts. Although the narrative of Hurts at Auburn is almost too good to pass up...

Don't rule out Ole Miss, their bag man has some of the best intangibles in the SEC...he's a real "first guy in, last guy out" kind of team asset

To be a good bag man, you kinda have to be.

I know everyone is going to say that we can never have enough good quarterbacks, but damn I don't know why we would need 5 decent quarterbacks on this team.

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What are the chances of us having a depth chart collapse similar to what Maryland went through a few years back? Quite small, I would imagine....

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Justin Fields as of now hasn't gotten a waiver to play next year. So in theory OSU can have Hurts next season and Fields for the 3 after....

Well, there are currently two proven quarterbacks on the roster, and both have substantial flaws to their games. I actually think it's a mistake Tech didn't sign a quarterback this cycle (although there is time left to remedy that).

I know none of our current QBs have proven to be big time winners, but it's not like Jalen Hurts doesn't have substantial flaws to his game.

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Why? Why do you think its a mistake to not have signed a quarterback?

I hate rude behavior in a man. Won't tolerate it.

We've essentially pushed all in on Quincy Patterson for the 2020-2021 seasons. If QP doesn't turn work out, I would be very surprised if Cornelsen remained OC and it's possible it would even cost Fuente his job.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Both Josh Jackson and Hendon Hooker can be around then. We haven't gone all in on QP.

Always choose joy.

if josh Jackson is our starter in 20-121 then fuente is not the head coach still. id be willing to bet the house on that. jury is still out on HH. but we have gone all in on 1 of those 2 QP or HH. if neither of those are starters in 3 years our program is in a world of hurt.

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Because a decent qb isn't going to win the ACC

Recruit Prosim

Well to be fair, any QB would have to beat one of the most NFL-ready QB's of all time after he already won the Natty.

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I hope he has great success, wherever he ends up, unless he ends up on one of our opponents rosters, then I hope he has at least 1 loss

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

He is going to UMD with his Offensive Coordinator. You can book that.


If I'm wrong he could possibly go to Houston with Holgerson, since he grew up in Houston.


If he wants to play sure, it he wants to show the NFL he can QB I think there would be better places for him.

He's an RB in the league. He's not a QB at that level.


Doesn't have to be a QB at that level. Just needs to get drafted as one high enough.

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I'm probably in the minority here but if Fuente were to convince him to transfer to Tech I think we could make a legitimate run next year. Lite schedule and some young players who have experience and a year of conditioning.

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster

A legitimate run? Maybe at the coastal title. Did you not watch our defense this year?

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This is delusional. Our D is the same next year, perhaps marginally better from experience.

delusional maybe... too much of a homer. But with some Juco transfers, an offseason of getting healthy, stronger, gaining depth and possible contributing true freshman we probably will be much improved on D next season. Offense has some weapons and I feel that Hurts would fit good into Fuente's system.

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster

Woah...wow it seems people have really suppressed this season from memory already lol.

Simply put, if he's going to be the best QB on your roster you make him an offer.

We put the K in Kwality

There is no ACC moment that would be too big for JH. Think about how that could help the development of our younger players.

Do everything you can to bring him on to give us a run at Clemson in the ACCCG next year for a shot at the playoffs and mentor this young team, particularly QP. Move Hooker to H-Back. Hooker would be a beast at that position and surely FuCorn could come up with some insane play calls featuring Hooker and Rambo.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

I like Jalen but if Bama's backs, tight ends and OL couldn't give them a chance against Clemson how would that be different with us. I think our receivers are probably as good but I don't think we are as strong at the other positions. I mean, maybe our OC is better than Locksley but I don't see any P5 teams trying to hire him (Cornelsen).

If Jalen goes anywhere he's going to want a shot at the CFP again. I would take the schools who could use or need a QB and stack rank them vs their chances of making the CFP and you'll have an idea of where Jalen would go.

It seems that we don't stand a chance against Clemson, but then again, two years ago we pushed them to the brink in the ACCCG and that team won the NC. (I would concede that they are probably even better now.) That VT team had receivers and a QB who could run and that was about it, well and Sam Rogers. I think it would be great if Fuente made a huge push for him. I do think even with an O'line not as good as Bamas, Jalen could still run our read option system pretty well. Plus he could bring experience that no one in our entire Athletic Department has.

Do I actually think he would come to VT... no.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Clemson was probably better overall this season, but they are also losing at least 7 starters from their defense including all 4 DL and at least 2/3 LB's. That's if nobody else declares. They have recruited very well, but so do lots of other top teams, that doesn't guarantee there won't be a drop off. Alabama's defense was significantly worse (still great) this season than their 15-17 teams. An even better example would be Ohio State who has as much or more raw talent than Clemson and had a pretty lackluster season defensively given their talent. Of course, they could reload and still have an elite defense, but there is certainly potential for a drop off, or at least an adjustment period, given the experience and number starters they are losing. They've had 3/4 of that DL playing together for 3 years and 4/4 played together the last two.

They are losing people but Dabo does a good job of getting younger players rotated in even in critical games. It's one of the things he got criticized for in the past as some Clemson fans feel like they could have "won bigger" or even avoided losses.

This has paid off and I'm not expecting a huge drop off from Clemson next season. I really think Dabo's success is built on a strong foundation and that Clemson is the team to beat in the ACC for the foreseeable future.

Clemson put the beat down on Bama without one of their starters. Don't get me wrong, I think Venables deserves a lot of credit. He identified Tua's weakness and made him look average. He tried the same thing against Evans and Evans dropped on over the top to Hodges.

Do I think Jalen is a good football player and that he did an admirable job as a backup by being a true team player? Absolutely. I just don't think we go after him because bringing him on doesn't change the profile of our program. It may give us a few extra wins but at the end of the day it won't change who we are with recruits which is one of the really big things we need to up our profile. It may give us a better idea of whether our success with Evans was a combination of Evans and our offensive brilliance or whether it was just a matter of other teams not having film of us.

The bottom line is that I don't we offer each other enough to make this work.

But believe me, I wouldn't be unhappy to see Jalen in orange and maroon.

I don't think Clemson is going anywhere as top dog of the ACC, I was just suggesting it is possible for them to take a step back defensively which could open the door a little bit for a challenge or fluke loss.

They have been good for fluke losses over the years.

I say Fuente should do everything in his power to try and land him. Fuente is in kind of a win now season this upcoming year. Hurts knows how to win. He knows how big programs practice and it what it takes. He's been on the stage before. #bringhurtstoblacksburg

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I say Fuente should do everything in his power to try and land him. Fuente is in kind of a win now season this upcoming year. Hurts knows how to win. He knows how big programs practice and it what it takes. He's been on the stage before. #bringhurtstoblacksburg

There are wolves and there are sheep, I am the sheep dog

Echo echo.

I would love to have someone of that caliber on the roster especially at the most important position on the team but I am sure he will want to go to a contender which we definitely will not be next year

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Lol the juxtaposition of this post and that of Jander75 is hilarious

It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

Ah yes, the old "don't go to a contender but still make our lives hell" tranfer to Miami routine.

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That is not optimal

Lets just compare stats real quick of a quarterback who cant throw...

Player A:
QBR: 83.4 Rating: 150.7 TD: 17 INT: 1 CMP%: 60.6% YPA: 8.19

Player B:
QBR: 60.3 Rating: 135.2 TD: 20 INT: 9 CMP%: 59.6% YPA: 7.55

Player C:
QBR: 74.9 Rating: 138 TD: 24 INT: 9 CMP%: 58.5% YPA: 7.46

Let me just say, I dont think we go after him, I think we have a talented QB room. But theres a clear false narrative that Jalen Hurts is not a good passer.

It's because people watched him struggle against Clemson in 2016 as a true freshman with his trusted OC being fired 8 days before the National Championship. Either way, the last snap he took in that national championship was a 30 yard scramble TD to take the lead.

They also watched him struggle against Georgia in the first half of the national championship in 2017 season.

Alabama needed someone who could lead the team in the National Championship because that is their goal or bust every season. Tua, who despite Monday is still one of the best college QB's I've ever watched, gives them a better chance to win a game against a similarly matched opponent. If Jalen is limited in that he likely isn't going to win us a national championship, that's not really a concern for us right now because it feels like we are a million light years from worrying about that issue at all.

That said, I don't think Jalen is even considering us afaik, but I agree with your assessment.

Thats got to be rough to have the 7th best QBR one year to losing your starting job the next to a kid that is an absolute monster. Outside of his last two games, which I feel like his ankle probably had more to do with it, he was insane.

Yeah, I've seen some really knee-jerk hot takes in the days after the NCG. Auburn was probably the only game the last half of the season where Tua was close to 100% (and it showed). He was damn near perfect against Oklahoma and really didn't play that bad against Clemson. Both picks were definitely bad, but he was moving the offense up and down the field pretty much at will, they just bogged down in the RZ, and that had a lot to do with them not being able to run when Clemson was backed up to the goal line and the field shrank. The kid literally broke the single season efficiency record.

We'll see. Tua is now on film going up against a Brent Venables coached defense. I bet people are going to study that film intently and Tua may end up looking more human next season because of it. I can't help but think of how Delaware, probably totally by accident, showed that simply sitting in the middle of the field could neutralize our offense.

Venables got in Saban's head. I can't imagine what running the wildcat in lieu of a play with your Heisman candidate QB must do for morale. Then there was a lame fake field goal and losing a timeout on a challenge. What a mess. He lost his composure and the team went with him.

Cool, now put those numbers next to some advanced offensive stats beyond QB #s. Context matters.

You dont really need context when every number is better...

but if you find something that would show Jalen Hurts isnt a very good quarterback please share.

Again, I actually very much like our Quarterback room and not knocking our quarterback stats. Its just, statistically, Jalen Hurts is a very good quarterback, who just happened to be on a team with an even better quarterback.

Its not the 2 championship games. Its most games against quality teams. Any team Bama couldn't smash mouth and JH had to throw he struggled. Of course the QB of Bama is gonna put up decent stats but JH isn't much better than KBryant and I don't remember anyone crying for him....JH is ok but if he comes to VT his numbers would be about the same as RW......

I would take him in a heartbeat if for nothing else to force JJ, Willis, etc to up their game in competition.

Personally, I don't think it fits either party. He is looking to find a spot that has a QB issue that he can solve. I don't think we have a QB issue. Evans coming in was a very different situation. We have experienced QBs now and youth in the pipeline. Willis and Jackson both have their flaws but many are fixable. Hurts had his flaws but he also had a much better supporting cast at Bama than he will here. (OL, RBs,) Bringing him in would hurt the QB room more than help it IMO.

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Now let's see what Dre Bly can do

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OSU QB Tate Martell is in transferportal

Would be surprised if he came here, but he would be great in our offense as well. He's not some scrub, the kid won three straight high school national championships for a team that flies around and plays the best High School football teams in the country and never lost a game in high school. He only lost his 5th star because he never got any taller.

I would be over the moon elated if he came here.

Chris you are more proving the point of those that don't want him. Do you know what HS teams are the fly around playing great competition: stacked.....I don't know anything about his HS team but how many of his teammates play(ed) in the SEC/ACC/BIG10/BIG12?.....You know what Ronald Curry did for 4yrs at Hampton High: win championships.....you know who didn't: Mike Vick.....whose the better player?.....and trust me if you saw both in HS and weren't biased, it was clear.....

Maybe you are right, but Tate looks good on film and he was playing against the best HS's in the country so it's not like he was just lighting up local teams with an all star team. The team around him was good, but so were the high schools they played against. He is specifically very good at zone read, which would be a great fit in our offense given our struggles to utilize that effectively with proper reads this season. He is a superior athlete to Willis or JJ as well. He was #2 dual threat QB in his HS class behind Tua.

I would be surprised if any major transfer comes here. Doesn't seem like we are particularly involved with anyone you have ever heard of.

I think the coaches pissed him off with recruiting Fields. He was also the one who said he would beat out any transfer that comes to their team because he has the experience in the system so there is that too.

His comments can be read in this linky

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Based on everyone on reddit always trashing Martell, he seems like a bit of a locker room cancer

People think he's a douche because of the show QB1: Hit the Lights, but I've never heard anything to suggest he actually causes any division within the locker room. He worked hard behind senior JT Barrett and Dwayne Haskins and waited his turn and they brought in Justin Fields. He was also probably a better fit for Urban's run first scheme and Day is looking to throw the ball more

He has three years of eligibility left and will most likely have to sit out next year. He can be a long term solution for an offense. I'd bet he returns to the west coast.

Miami seems to be in the hunt for him

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #YNWA

Reading about Jalen Hurts and the transfer portal, I picture him in a field somewhere hanging on to an old tin can trying to get to the Quidditch World Cup.

Leonard. Duh.

The U just hired Bama's QB coach. Certainly, some smoke that he might end up in Miami.


Just heard Miami.

'95 @UVA, '95 Sugar Bowl, '96 @Miami, '99 flip, '03 v Miami, '05 Bourbon St., '09 Coale, '14 @OSU


VT fans: "our QB room is completely stacked!"

Also VT fans: "Let's chase after every transfer QB that hits the market!"

Those may be two different sets of fans.

Here is my formal opinion:
- we have a divisive QB battle ahead of us this spring between two mediocre QBs
- we have a great talent behind them but he's raw as hell and by the time he's likely to be a functional P5 QB (2020?) anything could happen (like injury, coaching change, etc).
- there is a reasonable, nay, probable chance that the loser of that spring qb battle transfers before August,
- I don't feel all that confident in the future of the position.

This is an area where we have actually over-recruited. The predicted attrition indicates that. Our QB's are young (with exception of Willis which was a good take as he was older, walked on initially etc), were all highly-rated HS recruits and need some time to improve or get passed over.

I believe the future of the position is solid to very good depending upon development, but yes the spring will potentially unveil some of the future.

Enos is OC at Miami. Enos believes in Hurts. Hurts will be at Miami. VT gets to play against Hurts in 2019. Interesting...

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Don't underestimate Locksley. I think you are probably right, but he is the X factor.

Here lies It's a Stroman Jersey I Swear, surpassed in life by no one because he intercepted it.

Wherever he goes... he gets another shot!

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Hurts visiting Oklahoma today Tweet

Latest transfer portal update.....we have quite a few names on it compared to other schools...Portal

A bit deceiving since Goode and Hill are listed on there and I wouldn't count them as traditional transfers.

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In typical ESPN quality control, the link on Cameron Goodes name goes to a different players profile.

Tate Martell to Miami, anyone know if he has to sit out?

Jalen Hurts to Oklahoma

But now it's also time for me to start a new chapter in my story.

I've decided to take my talents to the University of Oklahoma, where I will continue my development as both a quarterback and as a student.

I'm very fortunate to have this opportunity, and I'm excited for the journey ahead.

This is clearly Shane Beamer's doing.

Hurts to Oklahoma just came across ESPN

Spent too long reading comments without refreshing the thread

On the bright side, at least you didn't reply to the tweet without reading the article first: