Dumbest thing you've ever been pulled over for?

Got a ticket today for not wearing a seat belt in a golf cart while in a neighborhood near the beach.

What's the dumbest/most innocent thing you've ever been pulled over for?

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That tops any BS I've been pulled for, which includes getting an underage possession charge for having a .03 BAC

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I'm a cop magnet. Last year my brother and I got tailed for several miles by cop at night on the way to get a wawa sandwhich. Pulled us over to ask where we going. No reason given. Dick.

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Had a fog light out. It had been hit by something and totally smashed the lens and the lamp.
edit since everyone else has a story:
I'd played a gig in Clifton Forge and was on my way home in mid afternoon. It had rained somewhere between Roanoke and Blacksburg and I had turned my lights on. I never turned them off. So, I get off the interstate and there's a town cop sitting where a burger king used to be. I wasn't speeding and didn't think anything of it. He pulls out and falls in behind me. Tells me why he pulled me over and I point blank said, "Are you serious?". He says yes and that he can't give me a warning, that their chief isn't allowing them to do that. He did allow me to get it fixed, send him a photo, and he dropped the ticket.
I have friends who are cops. They tell me this type of stop usually leads to other arrests. And the law does say if you have fog lights, they're supposed to function.
I don't really blame the cop. I blame the ridiculous law.

Same law applies to the "third" brake light in the back window. It's not REQUIRED to be present but if it's there, it HAS to work! I had my car inspected once and they said it had to be working or they would have to fail me. Then they said "or if you want we can take it out and put it on the back seat and then we can pass you." Again a ridiculous law-you have other brake lights-this is just an additional OPTIONAL piece of equipment that is not hurting anyone if it doesn't work vs. not being there at all. The former is illegal, the latter is perfectly fine.

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I got pulled over in 2013 because I drove a 97 Lincoln Town Car in college, and thought it needed a pair of fuzzy dice. They said the dice were "an obstruction of my view", but they were low enough they they only slightly impaired me from seeing my inspection sticker, and certainly not the road at all.

When I was pulled over it was mid day and it was one of the very few times I was actually going a little bit under the speed limit in the right lane instead of 5-10 over in the left lane on 460. I didn't get a ticket but the whole experience was really dumb.

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I had something similar happen to me. I was driving down 15 and got pulled over for having a blown tail light. I had a lei and graduation tassel hanging from my mirror. Neither were obstructing my view, but the officer told me that I had to take them down. Lucky my, I didn't get a ticket for the blown tail light.

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I got pulled over last winter because my license plate light was out, which was kinda nice because I wouldn't have known otherwise. However, I was also told to take down my GMU parking tag from my mirror because "it distracted other drivers"

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I was pulled over after turning out from a side street onto a road with a 25 mph speed limit. The officer (who was only ~100 feet away) said that I did not stop at the stop sign. I politely explained to him that there was no stop sign; he stated "oh," and I was on my way.

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I got pulled over one morning on my way to a swim meet for running a stop sign, they put it up that morning and it was on a road that dead ended into another dead end road so basically it was a curve in the road I was on. I still don't understand why they put a stop sign there. Office was just letting people know that the stop sign was new and we needed to stop at it.

Another time I came back from a concert in pittsburgh, it was 2 am or so and I ran a stop light, my friend told me i ran it and i told him there wasnt a stop light there, it was put up that morning, entire stop light 1 day. No cops saw me.

It was likely to stop people from speeding around the curve in the road. Probably asked for by residents to make the street safer.

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

No one lives on the road. It was weird because one way was divided and the other wasn't.

I got a ticket for going 36 mph in a 35 mph transition zone and had my cars contents thrown over a parking lot. $5 fine, $60ish in court fees.

I got pulled over for expired tags while going North on Main St. through downtown. I saw the cop car stopped on my right at Jackson & Main and thought I didn't have anything to worry about because I was well under 25 mph. I pulled straight into one of the two parking spaces at the end of Old Main St. to go to Chipotle and was out of my car before I even realized I was being pulled over. Imagine my surprise when I closed my car door and turned to see a cruiser boxing me in with the lights on.

I guess I'm lucky all he did was get out and point at my tags and tell me they're expired, but I had no idea he was even there until I got out.

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Going 25 mph in a 15 mph zone. This was at 6am, going around the Drill Field back in '06

Legs for ALL! I have been pulled several times and was guilty as hell each time!

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Nothing. Every time I've been pulled over I broke a law.

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I'm gonna hope that most of the time you just violated an ordinance.

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About 4:15 AM driving a motorcycle through the Hispanic neighborhood in east San Diego going the speed limit.

Cop pulled me over just to see what the heck a guy like me was doing driving a bike around that time of morning, in that neighborhood.

I was on my way home after just being relieved off the mid-watch.
After confirming my identity and examining my military ID he let me go but followed me and stopped and watch me park and walk into my apartment building.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Where I grew up there was a large Italian heritage festival. They close down the streets to downtown so no one runs over to drunks. I was in high school, and was going to the YMCA to work out during the festival (during the day). I avoided downtown but got to what was the only street that led to the Y (built on old coal mine and other road collasped). So the cop was directing traffic for all the event goers and got pissed at me for not using a turn signal (I was going straight). He was directly in front of me and I had to point multiple times that I was going straight. I guess he couldn't fathom some one want to exercise with all the great food a couple blocks over.

Hauling materials to build snow pack measuring stations for the federal government...

It was a rental Ford F 250 flatbed with staked sides, so no Gov plates and the equipment was unusual looking. I was on I 84 in Oregon east of The Dalles.

I think the cop was just bored/curious. No violation, no ticket. Just, "so what is all that stuff?"

File this under dumbest, I got pulled over driving in the wrong lane on Clara Barton parkway. The road had a median and I stayed to the left after the split. Cop approaches from in front of me. Turns on his lights and I pull over. He proceeds to chew me out asking if I was trying to get someone killed. Luckily he got a call his walkie and told me to turn my dumb ass around. I have no idea what possessed me to get into that lane, I was just completely out of it when I was driving that day.

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I got pulled over for having a dent on my car. He asked if I knew there was damage to my left rear, I said yes, and then he said drive safe and drove off.

so this is a little unrelated, but this thread just reminded me of an incident. Not really dumb but I thought it was pretty funny. A few years ago when Pokemon Go first came out, my friends and I were hooked and we walked to Golden Gate park in San Francisco around midnight to try to catch some rare pokemon, a cop car pulled up by us, and I thought we were going to get in trouble for tresspassing or something. One of the cops asked if we were "playing pokemon" to which we replied yes, and then he said"ok, be safe" and drove away. Mind you, we're grown ass men and there were hundreds of people in the park our age doing the same thing lol.

One time this Taxi with blue flashes lights pulled me over. Cabbie had the nerve to ask me if I was drunk. Probably because I spilled my beer on him.

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So from the other side I can tell you the traffic stops for broken or not working headlights, taillights, license plate lights etc are pretextual stops. They are doing it for these reasons: to run the cars tags, run the license of the driver looking for stolen cars or wants warrants on the driver or anyone else in the car, making the blue light present to other drivers especially at night, looking for cars to search.

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My uncle was a cop for many many years, he said that routine traffic stops for stupid things like broken tail lights, etc was the number one way they busted people with warrants. He never intended to give any one a ticket, just to make sure that they knew something was wrong with the car and they should get it fixed. Most went on their way, but a good number went to jail.

I know a cop that once wanted to write a ticket for the silliest reason one night, so he waited for a tag light that was out.

Well, he found one, and hit the mother load on that traffic stop. Wanted, drugs, probably suspended and/or DUI. Although I think he regretted doing it so close to the end of his shift.

When I was at Tech I was pulled over once around midnight and was with friends driving on probably at least 10 occasions when they got pulled over after dark. Never once did anybody actually get a ticket. On one occasion my friend (who was an RA at the time) asked the officer about it. He gave us a crazy statistic that like over 40% of students they pulled over on weekends after a certain hour were over the legal limit. Basically they would pull you over if they had any legal reason to (ie. going 2 over or kind of rolling a stop sign) but that they would never give tickets unless you were doing something egregious. They were just looking for DUIs.

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I still think this is why I got pulled over while DDing in Radford with Tech window stickers all over the car. A chapter of our fraternity was celebrating a milestone event and myself and some others offered to DD for the night. I had a small SUV and had 4 drunk girls in the car (one per seatbelt, we had learned some things over the years) and got stopped by Radford PD. After some short questioning and me telling him I was the DD, cop told me he would let me off with a warning for a burnt out license plate light. I thanked him for informing me and asked him if he would mind if I got out and took a quick look, and the prick was lucky, the car had two little bulbs and the left was out, but the right still had enough oompf to illuminate the plate. Complete BS stop assuming a Tech student in Radford trying to head home drunk.

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Don't get me start on the Radford PD...I remember I got pulled over and they searched my car because they said the vehicle "fit the description"...i aint fit no description, matter of fact i had to be the only person in Radford and Blacksburg that had a "High Yella" volvo stationwagon

In high school a bunch of us went to BW3s, back when they were good, or we were to young to know better. This was a couple towns over, 25 minute drive or so. We are driving back to my friends house and get pulled over as we are parking. The cop had pulled us over for fitting the description, now not a high yella volvo, the only other person in town with a car like my friend's had just replaced it as his parents bought him a car for graduation. So no we did not fit the description. The officer thought we were throwing eggs, asked us what's in the bags, chicken wings, officer, you know like we told you.

The officer thought we were throwing eggs, asked us what's in the bags, chicken wings, officer, you know like we told you.

VCU cop pulled me over for running a yellow light and demanded to see what was inside all of the boxes in my truck. By boxes, I mean tackle boxes, for fishing. I had six. Told him, again, after showing him the first two that all of them were full of fishing lures. He demanded to know why. Uhhhhh, I'm a fishing guide? Showed him each one, full of lures, fur and feathers... Guy was a complete dick about it, I guess he thought I was selling pills or drugs.

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Does it count as being "pulled over" when you're parked? Asking for a HS kid and his GF late night at Pandapas Pond.

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Not sure that counts as a dumb thing much less being pulled over.

His sole concern was that she wasn't there against her will. Can't even be mad at that.

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Oh no, not dumb on his part, but being a teenage in a car with a girl by a lake (pond) isnt a dumb thing for a teenager to do.

Oh, I agree with you. I wasn't so much responding to your comment as I was expanding on the story.

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This isn't a car story, nor was it a dumb reason for the police to get me in trouble, but it was pretty dumb on my part.

Marshall's basketball arena is connected to the swimming and diving team pool. For some reason they always leave at least one door to that building unlocked, so my friends and I would often go to the pool after a night of partying.

We did this like five times my sophomore year, so we figured we'd never get caught. Last December when I was a junior, my friend who was graduating the next day wanted to do it one last time.

So there's like 10 of us in the pool, jumping off the diving boards, etc. Then my friend who was graduating points at the door and says "oh shit, there's a cop." I noticed it was campus police, so I said that I wasn't a student and figured they wouldn't be able to do anything (not good logic). The cop says that he was just going to let the Huntington Police know and they'd deal with me. I told him okay just let me find my phone real quick (I had it in my pocket) and began slowly walking away acting like I was looking for it. The cop yells "where are you going?" and then I just took off. I get out to the hallway, and there's another cop out there. I legit juked her and kept sprinting and running through doors till I was outside. Then I ran some more till my roommate came to get me and take me home.

My friend who was graduating called me shortly after. He was pretty distraught. He has never gotten in trouble in his life by anyone let alone the police which was pretty common for me in middle and high school. He told me the cops said they would deal with this after Christmas break and go easier on them if they told the cops my name, so they did. I never got in trouble though for some reason. I'm not sure if it got forgotten in the 4 weeks of Christmas break right after or what, but I'm not complaining.

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Got pulled over on a lake (Deep Creek Lake, MD) while riding my Seadoo because I was supposedly too close to a boat in front of me. The law say you can't be trailing someone closer than 100 feet, but no way I that close.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Tinted windows. Nothing else. Not secondary to speeding. Literally wasted my time on tinted windows. I was almost late to my brother's wedding because of it

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The last time this happened to me, I was fed up. I went to the corner with my key, picked at the tint, and ripped the thing off. I then asked him to re-measure. Still failed. I shrugged and said "Look, this is factory tint. I don't know what more you want me to do about it." He let me off.

It was a small rear window on a coupe. Looked like shit aftwards. 2/7 wouldn't do again.

The window tinting is one thing I love about texas. Got 30% in front and 5% in the back.

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My wife got pulled over for no discernable reason on 460 in Giles Co. other than there was a trainee with the older cop and we think it was just an easy practice run on a nice looking middle aged woman. The trainee then said he was going to write her a ticket for not having a license plate light...on the front plate. Wife pointed out that they didn't make cars with front license plate lights, but the trainee got snotty and dug his heels in, promising to ticket her next time he saw her car without the light. She told him to just go on and write the ticket because she had no intention of doing a damned thing about it. Older cop just stood by and smirked a little, wife suggested he do some teaching as she drove off.
I was stopped on my way to Radford for a guide trip, by a local cop. I wasn't speeding, all lights working on my trailer (small miracle right there), so I was perplexed. Copper then explained that he was a big fisherman and just wanted a good look at my raft. I told him I'd be glad to talk about it later, had clients to meet and all, and gave him my card and promised him a discount if he wanted a trip. Never saw or heard from him again.

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Got pulled over last week. I knew I was going under the speed limit. He came up to the car and said "oh you're good. I thought your inspection sticker said a 4" and walked off

Got pulled over 3 miles from my home in WV for suspected drunk driving. I was completely sober, but was apparently swerving somewhat. I had broken the only pair of glasses I had after a Foxridge house party freshman year. I had to drive from Blacksburg through the mountain back roads of WV to get my backup pair from home. I had a VT Jazz Band show the next morning and couldn't read sheet music without them. Some time that week a fuse had blown on my shitty Ranger pickup, and all the dashboard lights went out. That meant no speedometer after it got dark.

After my last class Friday afternoon (chem lab?) I set out for home. It was dark before I got there. The switchbacks on Bolt Mountain in WV were scary as hell since I couldn't see how fast I was going, or much at all in front of me. Had almost gotten home when I veered over the line a bit and somebody called the one cop in my tiny hometown, convinced I must have been drunk. The cop was waiting for me when I got there. Pulled me over and looked at my eyes, which were bloodshot from squinting for 3 straight hours. Had my truck searched, plus had to take a sobriety test.

Didn't get arrested/ticketed, though it delayed me getting back to Blacksburg until 2am. Didn't get up in time to get to the show the next morning. I repeated the story to the band director that week, but lied and said I'd spent the night in jail. I'm pretty sure he didn't buy it, but he was entertained enough to let me off anyway.

Not cop or pulled over related - A friend called me one afternoon, dying laughing. He could barely speak he was laughing so hard. He finally composed himself enough to ask me what the craziest thing I had ever seen anyone eating while driving. I couldn't really think of anything besides a burger. He said he had just passed a lady who was eating a full plate of spaghetti. One edge of the plate resting on the steering wheel and the other edge resting on her stomach.

Don't have a story of my own, but my oldest son has two.
1. Got pulled over by a Charlottesville cop when he was still living at home, and after getting a rejection sticker on his car (Rejected, I might add, due to a marker bulb being burned out. It's one of the little lights on the rear side of the car. Garage wanted $55 to replace a $0.99 bulb.). Cop told him he only had 15 days to make the repair & get it re-inspected, and let him go.
2. Was driving home after a party with his wife and a friend, was pulled over. His wife and their friend had a margherita each, my son had nothing to drink. Apparently the cop was in training, and was certain she was going to get her first DUI bust. She asked him if he had been drinking, (no), made him count backwards from 20, touch his nose with his finger, etc. She finally gave him the breathalyzer, and he said she looked totally shocked when it read 0.0. Told him to drive safely and sent them on their way.

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A few years back I was in Charlottesville walking to my cousin's house for a pregame party with her sorority sisters. I carried with me one, unopened Budweiser can while walking down a side street. Suddenly a cop car pulls up next to me, flashes the lights and says "Hey! We see you drinking that open beer! Do not move or drop it."

I turn to the officers in the car and say "Sorry officer, I don't know what you're talking about, it isn't illegal to carry an unopened can of beer." I flipped it upside down to show them. "And yes, I'm 29 years old and legally allowed to own this beer."

The cop in the the passenger seat looks at the driver and says "Shit! We almost had him! Thought it was going to be an underage possession and drunk in public." Off the lights went and they sped off. I immediately shotgunned said beer right in the middle of the side walk and then walked to the party.

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I bought a car in NC on a Saturday. Drove to work on Monday and was pulled by a county and given a ticket for an NC inspection sticker. I had all NC paperwork and signature of the state police there where it had just gotten inspected. Needless to say I went to court and wore shorts. That way the officer had to wait through about 20-30 cases so I could be seen last because I hadn't dressed the part. The judge threw it out immediately and the cop in turn stalked me for a few months after that riding my bumper most mornings on my way to work. I got a camera and recorded him doing it and turned it in to the chief but, also gave a copy to the higher ups. He never bothered me again.

Another time in high school I was pulled over for having my graduation tassel hanging from my rear view and given a ticket. Small towns man, gotta love 'em.

I got pulled over for doing a (technically illegal) k-turn in front of Pritchard. It was pretty late on a weekday evening and there weren't any cars or any people in sight (other than the girl I was picking up). Luckily I was let off with a warning, but was certainly pretty peeved given the circumstances.

Not sure if this qualifies or not, because in the end it wasn't a "dumb" reason, but I just think of it as a funny story.

It was just before classes started one year and a bunch of my wife's friends (all classmates in vet school with her) were heading to TOTS. We spent a few hours there, I split a few pitchers with some of the guys, and everyone was having a good time. Everyone had walked downtown, so when it got late and a few people got a little too drunk, we started walking home in groups. I was walking with my wife and one of her friends, up Main St. and over to her friend's apartment off of Progress. We got off Main St. and were flagged down by two bicycle cops from Blacksburg PD who said they had "gotten a call about a girl stumbling on Main St." Of course, the officers were probably concerned about a guy walking two drunk girls home. We explained who we were, showed ID (all of us were of age), and as soon as we said that two of us were married and just looking to get a friend home (and our names/addresses confirmed it), the officers kind of smiled and said "OK, just make sure she's safe tonight." I guess they appreciated that we were walking (and I was definitely not drunk after a couple beers over a few hours).

We still laugh about the overall absurdity of the situation and the hazards of drinking in Blacksburg in the summer. The cops must get a little bored, but they were genuinely nice and professional. That whole situation probably never would have moved the needle during the semester.

This past year after the game I came up for I decided to drive around Blacksburg since I didn't know when I would get back. Saw a girl stumble off the sidewalk and into the street. I called non emergency and followed her about three blocks until a University Officer pulled down the block. He started to ask if she was ok and she took off running into someone's back yard.

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Petersburg police pulled me over for driving in the snow.

It was snowing and 3 inches had fallen (total storm dropped 4). The roads were scraped and salted enough to see the white lines. The speed limit goes from 65 to 55 down a hill and I came up on several cars going 30 in the right lane. I passed at 35mph and was promptly pulled over. I stated my case and that I had new snow tires, was going 35, well in control, 4x4 enabled and the cop said it was reckless by passing them. I was given a misdemeanor (potential one year in jail and $2500) which was changed to "improper driving" ($165 after court fees) after discussing with the judge.

460 cops in VA are the worst - never had trouble with police outside that stretch of road. Those towns seem to use that road as a revenue boost instead of properly funding their police

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460 cops in VA are the worst - never had trouble with police outside that stretch of road. Those towns seem to use that road as a revenue boost instead of properly funding their police

can attest. got pulled over at 11:30 pm on 460 in middle of nowhere because the speed limit goes from 55 to 45 to 55, except you can see that the entirety of the 45 zone stretches about a quarter mile total centered on a traffic light. It's late, I can see clearly that there's no other cars around, the light is green, i cruise on through. Cop was hiding in a bank parking lot and got me.

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They're bad, but I don't think it gets any worse than Hopewell cops along 295.


Driving my Dad's 1991 "Arrest me red" mint condition Corvette through a fence at 80 mph a quarter mile from my parents' house on Thanksgiving break, freshman year of college in 2003. Let's just say when the cop showed up, I was already pulled over. He was one of the few police officers I haven't had be a jerk when I've been pulled over other times.

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First month in Blacksburg, I was biking from the vt bookstore to blue ridge outdoors (book holders now) and decided to cut through Jackson street. I grew up in the country and had never ridden a bike on a real road or anything. Figured I'd bring my old bike to tech because I was living in Thomas and didn't want to spend half my life walking back and forth across campus. Anyway, there was a UPS truck on one side and a Budweiser truck on the other so no cars could drive through, but I had room. I get to Main Street and go to park my bike and a biker cop says "good afternoon." I tell him "hi" and continue to chain up my bike. He gets a little pissy like I'm ignoring him and he asks for my id. I'm really confused and give him my Hokie passport. "No, your driver's license." Now i'm really confused considering half my bike ride there was on grass/sidewalks. He takes my license and informs me that I just went the wrong way on a one way street. "You're kidding, right?" Asshole gives me a $90 ticket and I lose a Saturday to driving school because I didn't get off my bike and walk it a block.

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I was patiently waiting for a story worthy of this response, and I've found it.

Fuck that asshole...

I got pulled over once because the cop couldnt see my license plate sticker clearly behind the license plate clear cover unless she was dead on center. No ticket but WHAT A WASTE OF time for us on a Sunday morning.

And I got pulled over another time for blaring my horn at a guy impeding 2 lanes of traffic who was trying to go straight on a right turn only lane. Cop said I rode my horn too long and the officer was mad AF. Didn't care that 10 other cars behind me were held up because of that MF and traffic violation to boot. Cop yelled at me and didn't care that the other driver was causing a jam on a right turn only. He let me off and tailgated my ass for 4 miles. Sad because I was polite to the officer in front of my 2 year old and my wife.

I did write the police chief and asked for an apology, at a minimum, to my wife and kid. That went nowhere. Funny thing is months later, they made the signage more visible and had a traffic cop a few times at that intersection after my complaint. All I wanted was an apology for the tone in front of my wife and kid. I knew what I did..that's fine and I'm ok with that. But it was him yelling "I DON'T CARE!!" to my reasoning which with that tone required an apology to my wife and child.

With that, I still teach my kids to be respectful of the police, the law, and societal norms. But I do also teach then to do what's right (in their heart of hearts) even if it means bucking the trend.

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Wasn't nearly a ticketable offense... or even an offense.

Got pulled over in my apartment complex in Baltimore because there apparently had been a shooting in the neighborhood, and the suspect was driving a silver sedan.
My car was gold.

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No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Not really any dumb reasons in my car. Speeding ticket. Pulled over in the same week of the speeding ticket for having burned out tag lights. Dumbest thing ever being pulled over for was my DARE officer in elementary school pulled me over on my bike and rewarded me a sticker for wearing a helmet.

I almost forgot about this story! Happened in Blacksburg. I got pulled over by a bicycle cop!! So embarrassing! I'm on Main street heading south just in front of Sharkey's. I'm on the phone with my gf (now wife) and I glance over and notice the cop on his bike on the sidewalk to my right chatting with some civilian. Anyway I get to the traffic light on.... I wanna say Jefferson?.... Well, the light is red so I stop. Next thing I know someone is knocking on my driver's side window!! It's the bike cop! Asks me to pull over at the bank on the right. I swear talking on the phone is legal in Virginia (was at the time.. 2010, I think) but I curse and tell my gf I gotta go. I throw the phone down and park. The cop parks his bicycle behind my truck. Just in case, I suppose. He asks for license and registration and goes back to his bike. At this point I'm thoroughly confused. For the life of me I can't think of anything I was doing wrong. He comes back to me a bit perplexed. He explains that my two year registration is valid but that I only have one year stickers on my tags. I knew that I had 2 year registration but I just didn't notice that the stickers were wrong when I got them. I told the cop that I went to the dmv in Charlottesville (which is true, actually) thinking I could defer incompetence to them. We both laughed about it. He gave me his card and told me to get it sorted out at the dmv asap and send him a photo of my new stickers.

In the end it all worked out. But I'll bet I'm the only sucker on here to get pulled over by a bicycle cop!

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I got pulled over by a bicycle cop too! I was at the stop light on college ave in....2003 or 2004 i think. Bicycle cop comes up next to me looks in my car and knocks on my window to tell me to pull over ahead. I had a radar detector, off, unplugged, with the cord in my glove compartment, sitting on my dash. He told me it was illegal to have it. I informed him that it was off with the cord tucked away. He said "How do I know that you didn't just unplug it?". In either case, he confiscated the radar detector and gave me a fine. I was pretty upset about that one

It sucks but it is 100% illegal to possess a radar detector in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Technically if you are carrying one in your hand while you walk down the street you can be cited, fined and have it confiscated.

yeah, tough lesson to learn when you're from another state...figured if I didn't have it on and the cord tucked away all was good. Feel like that could have easily been a warning. I would have packed it up in my room or something

Only a bicycle? Try a horse mounted officer in Richmond for speeding. Left Benedictine to go to the express way to get to 64 to go out to football practice. I'm going 35 down the city street when I notice a mounted officer with his horse between cars running radar. Well I pull up to the stop sign at the end of the block and another mounted officer points me to pull over where at least 5 others cars are getting speeding tickets. In total they got 25 of just Benedictine kids plus numerous others driving down that road. How many people can say they got a speeding ticket from a horse cop?

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All we need is a TKPer that has been pulled over by a cop on segway and I think we'll have all bases covered.

Wait...now that I think about it, the movie Dragnet comes to mind. If anyone has been pulled over midair by a cop in a T-38 Talon, that's going to be a tough one to top.

If you play it, they will win.

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One night in 2009-2010, i got pulled over in NJ and threatened with a $500 dollar "illegal dumping" arrest and fine for "flicking a cigarette butt out the window". I'm like 19-20 at the time, baby faced, and just looked at the officer and said "Officer, I don't smoke." And I actually don't smoke. He asked if he could smell the inside of my car, so I said yes and he did and of course didn't smell any cigarettes, since, you know, i don't smoke and all that.

he makes some excuse that it must have been another car coming the other way, but there wasn't any car. Tells me to "be safe and watch out for the bad guys". He pulled out behind me and started following me. At first i didnt think anything of it because we were on a county road that is a common thoroughfare in that area, but then at one point, I went through a traffic light, he put his lights on (again) and then turned right. I thought I was in the clear at that point, but he evidently turned right, immediately U-turned, then turned off his lights and pulled back out behind me. I set my cruise control to the speed limit and just continued driving home. He followed me for another 15-20 minutes on local roads, going three towns out of his jurisdiction before he turned around.

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You should have offered the cop the following:

"illegal dumping" anagrams to "dialing gel plum"

Let's Go


I should have farted before he smelled the inside of the car... "sorry officer, did you say illegal dumping????"

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Sounds like an experience I had when still a teenager. The town had recently employed a female officer who liked to hassle young men. Getting off work at 1 am, I was a cook at a restaurant that contained a bar as well. I was headed to my car when I noticed her sitting in a police car nearby. Thinking nothing of it, I got in my car and started home. She pulled out and started tailgating me very closely. I went the speed limit or just under the entire way home. She followed me 8 miles while tailgating right up until I turned into my driveway.

I went in the house called the police and reported her for tailgating.

I went in the house called the police and reported her for tailgating.

How well did that work?

You should've brake-checked her, and then after she rearended you, say there was a squirrel in the road.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

When you are 17 years old, I wasn't that brave.

Actually the police took the report pretty well and said there had been other complaints about her actions. They had already opened a file in her jacket. I think she only worked there another couple months before she was let go.

Rolling down I-64, going the same speed as everyone else, which, admittedly was a few mph over. Damn trunk pops open and the girl in it starts waving frantically, before I could her back in and closed up, police pulled me over. Let me go with a warning

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.


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didn't think the /s was necessary, lol

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Damn, I was hoping for a story, though I figured the /s was obvious.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

I'd forgotten this one from the early 70s. There was this large VPI cop who just didn't like me. Feeling was mutual. We'd had a couple of run ins around campus, my hair was long and he resented my attitude, I guess. Culminated one day in a shouting match as I crossed the street from the library to the drill field. There were some girls in the cross walk coming my way and I moved to about two feet outside the walk to pass by them, and the cop pulled up to within a couple of inches of me and blared his horn, rolled down his window and proceeded to berate me for not being in the crosswalk. I'd had enough of his shit at that point, gave him the finger and walked on. He screamed for me to stop and flashed a ticket book through window. I doubled up on the fingers and strolled on. He and I then spent the next 15 minutes in a test of wills as he went round and round the drill field trying to catch me and I just kept reversing my direction. He was too out of shape to physically catch me and too lazy to get out of his car. I never sped up, just kept walking around on the drill field until he gave up. I was in school for three more years, but don't remember interacting with him again, so he must have left the job he shouldn't have had in the first place.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

I got pulled over on campus for having a brake light out. However, upon checking once at home, there was no brake light out. The light that was out, was a light that was a part of the trunk light fixture that wasn't tied to the brake system at all (it was always the same intensity regardless of braking).

Nice to know it was out, but the cop made it sound like it was hard to tell I was braking because the light was out, especially in court. I took pictures of the lights with/without brakes pressed to show the judge. The light had been replaced, the judge tossed it and I didn't have to pay any fees.

I got pulled over for a rolling stop (paused) at Derring Hall at 2 am one morning. I honestly had no idea why I was pulled over until he explained it. There was nobody on the road, but he probably wanted an excuse for a sobriety check. As I was DD in the car, I had no problem with it. No ticket and was released after only a couple of minutes.

That's actually the only time I have ever been pulled over.

It was 1:30am-ish and I was driving on the Boulevard (where I was living) in Richmond looking for a parking spot.
I was driving north and as I was approaching a red light at Cary Street, I saw a spot on the other side of Boulevard. Cary Street is one way with cars driving from my left to my right. So, when my light was green, I did a U-Turn at Cary to go south on Boulevard.
Almost immediately, I was pulled over.
After asking where I was going and pointing to my apartment building and saying I was looking for a parking spot, the conversation went something like this.
"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
"There is a No Left Turn sign at the Cary St light back there. When you did that U-Turn, what way did you turn?"

I have since seen signs that say both No Left and No-U Turns when in fact no U-Turns are allowed. The street was one way, which was the purpose of the No Left sign.

I didn't get any ticket, and he warned me not to park in the spot I saw up ahead because it was a fire hydrant. I think he was also wanting to see if I were drunk, based on the time of day.

One night I was driving down some residential roads, minding my own business and legit going under the speed limit when I turned this corner and a cop was right there. the dickhead pulled me over straight away for reckless driving.

I did have 8 teens stuffed into a small 4 door sedan with one girl sitting on the window legs in torso out and two more guys sitting in my opened trunk throwing stolen Halloween pumpkins out of said trunk. one pumpkin sadistically kept rolling past me as I pulled over to stop brazenly a few feet in front of the cop car as if to mock his authority.

let me off with a warning. But really, what a dickhead right?

Not a "pulled over" situation, but my friend and I were going to watch VT play at Lane Stadium north and parked in the medical building parking deck. As we usually do, we pulled out chairs and a cooler and my tailgating radio and were having a great time pre-gaming and listening to enter Sandman and Tech Triumph at normal(not extremely loud) volume and enjoying adult beverages. (I should mention we were staying within the parking space-not blocking any traffic at all). My friend was sitting in a camping chair facing the car with the cooler at his feet and I was standing beside the driver's door of my car. I happened to look up and saw a female officer pulling up behind us in her patrol car, so I casually reached through the open driver's window and slipped my beer into the cupholder in the driver's door. My friend saw this and looked puzzled. The officer got out and asked us how we were doing and if we were going to the game. We said yes and she said "We've gotten some complaints about noise from people going to visit folks in the hospital." (turns out the football parking was in the OTHER deck not this one-but in our defense the signage was horrible and we were not the only ones who had parked there for the game-just the only ones partying). Then she said "also you're not allowed to have alcohol or open flames in the parking deck". My slightly inebriated brain caused me to casually reply "well, we don't have any open flames". A smile came to her face and she said "are y'all almost ready to leave for the game?", we said yes, and she said "alright-I'll be swinging back through here in 45 minutes-don't be here." We thanked her, packed up and left in about ten minutes to watch the scrimmage-ooops the game....oops the win against the Wahoos. And that's proof that not EVERYONE associated with UVA is an obnoxious jerk.

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

"California Stop" on base at Little Creek, fucker followed me off base to give me a warning. His patrol petty officer was laughing the whole time, found out it was the E-3 who pulled me over's first day on the job and he was highly motivated.

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
“I served in the United States Navy"


My brother in-law was coming home from a basketball game in high school. It was dark and he saw a bunch of flashing lights and stopped cars up ahead and figured there was an accident so he turned off into a neighborhood he knew came out on the other side of the incident. Halfway through the neighborhood, a cop comes flying up behind him and pulls him over. Gets him out of the car, does a sobriety test, and searches the whole vehicle without giving a reason. Finally he lets him go and tells him next time he sees a checkpoint ahead to wait in line like everyone else.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I would have had to ask politely how was I supposed to know it was a checkpoint and not an accident? Especially if they didn't have signs up.

Got pulled over in bum ass no where north dakota by the counties only sherriff for backing into a road illegally, he cited its a double yellow so you cant back into that even though we were in the middle of freaking no where with nobody on the roads at all. I was parked diagonally on the main street how everyone parked there but when I backed out to head out he was sitting there waiting.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

bum ass no where north dakota

A lotta redundancy in that line, I bet...

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

It wouldnt have bothered me one bit had it not been the one freaking officer in the whole county in a town of 20 something but it had to be me of all people.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

I've got two.

#1. In high school on my way to football practice. Got pulled over and the cop tells me to get out of the car. He leads me around to the front, looks down at my front bumper and says, "oh, I didn't see your front license plate." Then gets in his car and speeds off.

#2. Driving back from a party at 1 or 2AM at a stop light in the middle of nowhere. I waited for at least 2 full songs to play and not a single other car on the road in any direction. I figure the light isn't working and proceed to go through. A cop comes out of nowhere to pull me over. I told him that I waited forever and the light must have a broken sensor. He says, "yeah, possibly" and gives me a ticket for running the light.

One thing reading through these stories - never ever ever ever let the police search your car without a warrant.

Except probable cause is fairly strait forward.

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Yeah, making shit up is completely straight forward. I know a couple of people that have never even smoked pot have the ol' "I smell marijuana" shit pulled.

If you play it, they will win.

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Sometimes, but you should NEVER let anyone search your car without a warrant. Make them take the time to get one.

Officers don't have to get a warrant to search a car. Courts have upheld this for a long time. Probable Cause is all they need.

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Some cops shouldn't be cops at all. My lawyer once told me that you never give a policeman permission to search your car. You just say no. If they then want to force their way in, or call a drug dog, or get a warrant, then the ball is in their court to prove said probable cause. The old "If you're doing nothing wrong, why would you object?" line is bullshit and you open yourself up to the myriad possibilities of malfeasance by unscrupulous coppers, and don't try to tell me they don't exist...I've met a few in my time.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Just because it's legal doesn't make it right. All they have to do is go to the tried and true "I smell marijuana" lie.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

Everyone should watch this when they have 45 minutes to kill

EDIT - I am not anti-police, I just think everyone should know and exercise their rights and understand the perils of cooperation.

Probable cause does not equal search without a warrant.

My girlfriend (now wife) and I were out visiting family in Texas a couple years ago, driving the speed limit (maybe +5, but close enough), and a local sheriff's deputy is sitting in the median. I pass him, he pulls out, and sits on my back quarter for probably two miles. After two miles, where I'm getting slightly nervous, he pulls behind me and flares his lights. I pull over, he asks my what we're doing there (VA plates, middle of nowhere north Texas), where we've been, where we're going, all that good stuff. He says he pulled me over for tailgating the guy in front of me (which I definitely was not.) He asks me to get out of the car, and sit with him while he runs my license, and keeps asking me about where we've been, why we're there. After that, he sends me to the edge of a service road, and talks to my gf for a while. Then he comes back, says our stories (that we had visited my mom, and were going to see her grandmother in Oklahoma) don't line up, and can he search the car. I say no, he says ok, and then goes and gets the drug dog. Drug dog circles the car, doesn't seem to do anything, but he comes back and says the dog smelled something, and he now has PC to search the car. He spends twenty minutes digging through every bag in the car, under every seat etc. until a state trooper pulls up, they chat for a minutes, and all of a sudden we're free to go.

Point is, if they want to, they're going to search your car. I wasn't breaking any laws, didn't allow him to search, and had no drugs in the car for a dog to smell, and somehow we ended up there. And also fuck that guy.

Drug dogs are such bullshit. There are countless videos of cops CLEARLY directing the dog to "smell" something in order to search a car. And people wonder why cops aren't trusted.

Properly trained and certified dogs are amazing tools. Like any tool it can be abused. The ones that use it fore interstate enforcement teams are not as good.

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Was headed to Blacksburg late at night and doing 75 on I-81 in a 65 zone. No vehicles around me for at least a half mile in front and behind and I was in the right lane. Got a ticket from a cop that was hiding in the shadow of a bridge.

This isn't a pulled over story, but a bullshit ticket nonetheless.

On the way to the Duke game in 2006, my family and I were leaving Houston Street to walk through the woods to the stadium. I had a roadie in a solo cup, which I had finished at some point as we were winding through the apartment complex. As we approached the path, we saw ABC officers standing guard. I didn't think anything of it - I had barely drank anything because it was a noon game, I was 21, and I was with my parents.

Well on the way in, my buddy, who was not 21, gets pulled aside for an "open container" violation. We wait for him as they stated they were writing a ticket, and he'd be on his way. As we were waiting, I noticed my shoe was untied. I set my cup on the ground, and took a knee to tie my shoe., and stood back up. After I stood up, I realized I had left my cup on the ground about 18" from where I was standing. As I turned around to reach for it, an ABC Officer rips me away, practically dragging me to the back of an SUV. As I start dropping a bunch of "what the fuck's" he states I am being ticketed for littering. LITTERING.

This was by far the most embarrassed I have been - my mom and dad both came over to plead their case that we/I had not done anything wrong.

I got 50 hours of community service and a $200 fine as a result of this bullshit, even after pleading my case to the judge.

Full circle, I asked the judge to allow my community service to be completed with Special Olympics, as I had a semester long service project with Special Olympics (I did not tell him that fact). He granted that request, and because of how much I interacted with SO that semester, it led to my still active volunteering for that organization. A true blessing in disguise.

At VT orientation with my son, staying At the inn.
It was raining when we were leaving the hotel so I asked him to get the car in the hotel lot and drive it around to the front entrance. When he pulled up to the entrance there was a VT cop behind him with his lights on. Said he was speeding in the parking lot. He did let him off with a warning since the whole family was there waiting to get in the car and people were backing up behind them.

In Fuente we trust

About 10 years ago, my wife (then girlfriend) got a ticket while I was in the car because she decided not to mow down a bunch of pedestrians (What an Idiot!!). We were sitting at a red light with a line of cars behind us waiting to turn left while a free concert was going on downtown. Our light turned green, she pulled out into the intersection and waited for an endless swarm of pedestrians to cross the street. The light then turned yellow and red while pedestrians continued to cross. At this point she was blocking traffic (the cars going in the other direction could not go anywhere due to all the traffic anyway) and could obviously not go backwards so she turned after the last person had crossed. There was a cop on a motorcycle somewhere in the probably 10+ cars behind us who pulled us over and gave her a ticket. My wife has never been remotely close to getting a ticket so she cried the whole way home.

The real loser in all of this was me, who had been just a delight to be around all night long (usually the case) and had some pretty great ideas for the rest of the evening that obviously never happened. Who knows what I missed out on that one night.

People that do this absolutely deserve a ticket. Don't pull out into an intersection if you can't make it through to the other side. It's dangerous and usually causes a traffic jam.

Edit: The person who downvoted me is the reason my commute is so much longer every day.

"For those who have passed, for those to come, reach for excellence."

I get why you do not like it when people do this, but what would you do in this situation? Our choices were to go straight and be forced onto the interstate in the opposite direction adding around 10 minutes of extra time to get back to where we needed to be, slowly drive through pedestrians possibly injuring a few, or don't pull into the intersection and sit at the light and watch pedestrians cross for what would have likely been a couple of hours.

Also, why does this deserve a ticket? I don't know of any law that makes this an illegal maneuver. Maybe there is one that I don't know of, but she got a ticket for running a red light. It's not like she pulled into the intersection after the light turned yellow.

It doesn't deserve a ticket, because, correct me if I am wrong, after you enter the intersection under a green light, the intersection and right-of-way are yours once the light turns red. Just like a "left turn, yield on green." When you are making a left on green and must yield to oncoming traffic, you enter the intersection and proceed with your turn once it is safe to do so. If the light changes while you are in the intersection waiting to turn, that bitch is yours and no one is supposed to move until you complete your turn and vacate the intersection.

If you play it, they will win.

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Nope that's a "everyone knows is true" but isn't true. If you can't complete your way through an intersection you can't enter an intersection. That means if traffic is backed up don't enter the intersection, if you need to make a turn on a yellow don't enter the intersection until you can complete the turn.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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or, if you live in NJ like I do, you just enter the intersection and make the left when you get a chance (even if it's red) so you don't run the risk of someone throwing a brick at your rear windshield because you sat at a light for infinite cycles because there's always a stream of cars coming straight through the other way.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

VA law does not address whether they should or shouldn't. It does say it isn't illegal. But ONLY the first vehicle turning left should cross the stop bar and enter the intersection. If they don't, at some intersections, no one would EVER get through.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

It is accounted for in traffic engineering in light timing by giving every cycle "2 sneakers" in the left turn lane when there is the permissive left turn (flashing yellow or solid)

Can't spell DBU without Bud

No operator of a vehicle shall enter an intersection or a marked crosswalk unless there is sufficient space beyond such intersection or crosswalk in the direction in which such vehicle is proceeding to accommodate the vehicle without obstructing the passage of other vehicles or pedestrians, notwithstanding any traffic-control signal indication to proceed.

This version of the law is what I cited people under. If they were real assholes about it I wrote them up for running the ref light too.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Serious question and not trolling - do you also cite pedestrians for continuing to cross against the light thus forcing cars into the situation the original poster described?

Hanover county didn't have a big pedestrian problem.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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In the situation described, if the pedestrians were following the rules, there wouldn't have been a problem.

what if there's sufficient space when you enter but not immediately after you enter

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Then there wasn't space. Either you can get all the way through an intersection or you can't.

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what if you can but then you have to stop because people decide to walk in front of you

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I assume you mean turning left or right? The pedestrians have the right of way. I know it's not how many act but you can't assume they will stop for you to turn.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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So just to make sure I understand based on my original situation... We were first in the line of cars. We pulled out to turn left when it turned green, but people started to cross. We didn't block the crosswalk behind us, but because we are in the intersection after the light changed back to red, you are saying that we are blocking the traffic perpendicular to us (which was at a complete standstill) which is illegal. Is that right?

Yep. Being in an intersection blocking traffic is a traffic offense. Either one for failure to clear the intersection or running a red light. Here is why I have that ticket. Responding emergency vehicles like Fire Trucks and Ambulances can't get to their destination in a Timely manner if everyone pulled into the intersection and waited.

Many large urban areas have been taken to painting the intersection with crossed lines and don't block the box signage.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Follow-up question. Seeing as this was a downtown street w/ no designated turn lanes, can you get a ticket for sitting at the light for say 30 minutes with your blinker on and causing traffic to pile up behind you?

Seems like that would be worse for emergency vehicles.

Yeah, it is a pain. But I sit at the line with cars honking behind me if I there isn't room on the other side of the intersection for my truck.

...what if it was RichRod turning at the intersection?

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As long as that intersection isn't in Blacksburg it's all good.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Wait...that's not the correct response.... where's the lookwhostalkingnowangry.gif ??

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Didn't meet the criteria.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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IANAL, but Don't Block the Box is not really applicable to the situation described. The ticketed driver was not obstructing traffic by blocking the box, they were claiming the intersection on the green to execute a turn into a clear lane when the signal change stops parallel/oncoming traffic (includes vehicles and pedestrians). This happens 1,000's of times daily all over the Commonwealth of Virginia, and millions of times across the country. It frequently happens on right turns in cities, in addition to the common left turn situation. The unique element in this case are the jaywalking pedestrians who continued crossing the side street despite having a Do Not Walk signal. Those that entered the crosswalk on the DNW are the ones who should have been ticketed as they were doing the equivalent of running a red light as well as obstructing traffic on the side street.

Now if the driver was proceeding straight, and the lane ahead, across the intersection, was full of stopped traffic and there wasn't physically room for the driver to proceed through the intersection, and they end up stuck in the intersection on a red, where they just sat still and blocked the cross traffic they would be in violation and be worthy of a ticket.

But they weren't doing that. I'll paraphrase what VTMaroonOrange described above to minimize scrolling back and forth...

  • The Driver was intending to turn left from Main street onto Side Street , into a clear lane. The oncoming traffic on Main St could not proceed due to standstill traffic in that direction, but Pedestrians were using the crosswalk to cross Side Street on the Walk signal, so the Driver stopped mid-intersection and waited for them.
  • While the Driver is waiting to have a clear path to complete their turn, the light cycles to Red for Main St and Green for Side St, but there are Pedestrians continuing to cross Side Street despite the Do Not Walk signal.
  • At this point oncoming traffic on Side Street is not obstructed by the Driver, they are obstructed by the standstill traffic on Main Street and the Jaywalking Pedestrians crossing Side Street. The Driver then proceeded to complete their turn and continue on their way as soon as it was safe to do so.

Had the Pedestrians stopped entering the crosswalk when they recieved a Do Not Walk signal, the Driver would have been able to complete their left turn before Side Street traffic recieved a green light, as the Flashing Do Not Walk for pedestrians typically triggers earlier than even the Yellow for vehicle traffic.

It is important to note that it is technically jaywalking to enter a crosswalk on a Flashing Do Not Walk, so even if no Pedestrians actually entered the crosswalk on the Solid Do Not Walk, those last few Pedestrians holding up traffic while they crossed Side Street were still technically jaywalking and they are the offending/obstructing party in this situation - not the Driver.

Again, if the Driver not been present in the intersection, the Side Street traffic - even emergency vehicles - would still not have been able to proceed immediately on their green light, as they would still had to wait on the Jaywalking Pedestrians.

Ultimately there should have been no ticket in this situation, but if the Officer really wanted to issue one, he should have ticketed a pedestrian for crossing the side street on a do not walk signal.

So first point, there is no such thing as claiming a lane. Just because it's something we all do doesn't make it legal, I speed pretty much everywhere i drive, I know I could get a ticket for it, most people speed doesn't it make it legal.

Second the motorcycle officer in this case couldn't have seen the pedestrians crossing " 10 plus cars back in turn lane" per the OP. Again while it's understandable why the driver did what they did it doesn't make it legal. Personally outside a venue I wouldn't ticket for something like that. But everyday driving when people pull into an intersection and don't turn until traffic gets a red then they go would.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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He's absolutely correct though that this happens every day, especially in urban areas, and at many intersections traffic would not move for hours if a ticketable action was not taken. The real issue is that these situations even exist because pedestrian crossing signals and traffic lights are not appropriately configured.

Doesn't it make a hell of a lot more sense to fix the root problem instead of having situations that ensure illegal offenses have to be committed and dismissing it with "just because it's something we all do doesn't make it legal"?

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Anybody else get fascinated by some of the side conversations that come up on this board?

That's what makes this place worth the time.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Interestingly enough under VA law at stop signs and lights you don't have right of way until it is yielded to you, so if the pedestrians keep walking in your way then you never technically have right of way no matter what the light says. Now the pedestrians should have yielded right of way, and should get ticketed for not doing so. But in the case that the pedestrians jaywalk the car never legally is able to enter the intersection.

Sounds to me like it may have been a permissive left condition versus a protected one.

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Yep, that's what exactly what it is.

Can't spell DBU without Bud

I got caught in a situation like this. I was in left lane to turn in a very large intersection and pulled into the intersection behind two cars and cars filled in behind me. immediately several fire engines jumped out of on-coming lane down the road from me into the side of road I was turning out of. Basically speeding directly at me. The car in front of me sees them and stops not knowing what to do. The light is now switching from green left turn to red arrow and then green to allow the on coming traffic now through, fire engines still barreling towards me and the car in front of me still frozen, me blaring the horn for them to get the fuck out of the way. Just as the light changes the car in front of me speeds off just before the far two lanes of on-coming traffic start entering in intersection, they clearly have not seen the fire engines... Yet. Now i am blocked from speeding through left turn and stuck right dead center of the intersection. I have a choice to make: a) go left and get mixed up in the traffic that had entered the intersection thus blocking the entire intersection, Said cars now coming to stop as they see the fire engines and know they are coming from behind them, or b) just stay where I am because at least the lead engine sees me and there's a gap.

I choose option b.

What happens next is the closest to death I have ever been in a car. The first engine has clearly seen me and his passenger is clearly on the radio. I can see the driver mouth "mother fucker" as he banks right to avoid me. As his tail clears me I see the second on-coming fire engine. They are also clearly on the radio because the passenger is pointing at me also with a "fuck you", but it banks right and clears the gap. Its tail clears and right behind him in his wake is an ambulance.

I can see the driver clearly. Still can remembering it. A 40 year old man, curly dark hair, thick stubble beard, dark blue shirt.... We lock eyes. They are clearly NOT on the same radio as the fire engines. I shit you not, in unison, we both yell "oh fuck!". I see him clearly mouth the words. He slams the wheel to the right. I throw it in reverse and do as tight a turn as i can backwards right trying to avoid the car behind me, but preferring a rear collision than the head-on death about to happen. I miss the car behind me who also I believe had reversed as much as possible.

The ambulance clears me by less than an inch. I can see the bumpers miss. The ambulance corrects and makes it through. I immediately throw it into drive and speed through the intersection as quickly as possible.

Death by ambulance. High irony.

What happens next is the closest to death I have ever been in a car.

So now I have to ask, what is the closest you've come to death, not in a car?

Story Time with Fernley® is a must read that never fails to disappoint.

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Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

i don't always tell stories, but when i do

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

well, technically what I would say is really the closest isn't all that interesting.

After being in China and Asia for so long I have gotten a spidey sense for food poisoning. Typically I'll know within the hour even if it doesn't hit me for another day or so. But one time I got sick while my daughter was about 1 and half years old. It did not feel like food poisoning. It felt like a flu. So I elected to stay out of the house for a night or two so as to not give it to the baby. 2 days later I was still functional but my neck was crazy sore, temp through the roof and a variety of other ailments. But still no signs of food poisoning. It wasn't until the night of the 4th day that I finally went to hospital for a flu that wouldn't go away only to find out I had the mother of food poisoning brewing in my system that just decided to park and make camp in my intestinal tract. Ten days later I barely made it out of there after having continuous drugs and antibacterials pumped through me on an IV.

That was the closest.

A more humorous adventure though involved me inadvertently spending a night with cartel members back in 2000. I was living in Tucson at the time and a group of architects and designers from UofA grad program decided to go on a trip to San Diego. I was friends with some of the students and the professor so they invited me along. For the most part, it was a great trip. And there was a very cute girl that I immediately started chatting up. But on the night before the last day the guy who was my closest friend in the group says after dinner: hey you want to go have some fun? "ok sure! let's go" I say.

So we go outside and his friend is pulled up at the house we were staying at. He says: Alright! Let's go to Tijuana!

I'll leave out most of the night activities but it was quite the adventure on it's own up to being at one particularly seedy strip club. At this time of night on a Tuesday there were not a lot of people there, but my new best friend Chale says he knows the owner and he'll make some arrangements. We sit down and get some beers. There's not a lot going on. Chale and my friend tell me to stay while they go into the back, as they both speak fluent Spanish to go see the owner. Well as it happens there was another reason why the place was so empty that night. Because it happened to be the night that the cartel was there meeting with Chale's owner friend about cartel shenanigans, and they DID NOT like that Chale and my friend walked into their meeting.

All the sudden while I am drinking a beer and watching a fairly poor show out bursts 6 or 7 cartel members with Chale and my friend restrained and guns. Lots of guns. The place gets shutdown. We aren't leaving. These guys are not pleased at all. A lot of Spanish is being spoke. Girls and the maybe three other patrons there have all disappeared and now I have a guy with his hand at my throat and a pistol waving in my general direction. More Spanish. Way too fast for me to follow along. Finally my friend says: "Wait here. We need to go get cash. I can use my card at the atm." Before I can protest they are racing out the door... Now, if anyone here has been to TJ circa '99 you would remember that atm's seemingly fucking disappeared at nighttime. These fuckers are gone for 30 or 40 minutes at least. There are no mobile phones to call. No texting. No email. I'm just sitting there in silencio waiting for the 2 guys assigned to kill me if my "friends" don't come back to just get tired of waiting. I'm writing this, so of course, they finally did. 500 dollars later and we are on our way dead sober back to San Diego.

Next day we are on the bus back to Tucson and everyone asking what we got up to last night. I'm not saying anything and finally my friend, I guess to break the tension, says: "Ah I didn't do much but this guy (pointing to me) was going crazy with the strippers. lap dances all night long. Girls rubbing all over him. Had to pull him out of there to get back in time." Which was not only not true but it killed my chances with the girl I had been chatting up all trip and was planning to ask out once we got back. fucker.

Please write an autobiography once you retire, I'd pay good money to hear more of this stuff.


If you play it, they will win.

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thanks! that's a great compliment. I'm not sure that I could fill a book but I definitely have some good bar stories. Plus I forget lots of them. This came up because I had just spoken to a old friend in Tucson on email then saw the question and it made me remember it.

And this is why I refuse to go to Tijuana every time I go to San Diego and I tell my wife that she can go if she wants, but if she doesn't come back, I'm not going to come find her.

You always have the best stories. But the spidey sense for food poisoning has to be a good thing to have, no matter where you live or eat.

Speaking of harsh comments.

TJ has a lot of good things in it too but those are usually found during the day and with locals that know where they are going.


Why has this story not gone plaid yet??!????!

Let's Go


It's a summer Friday afternoon. Not enough eyes have read it yet. Just wait.

TBH, I've scrolled over it I don't know how many times. Just didn't read it because it was so long. Finally, the hype got the best of me...and I was NOT disappointed.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

As stories go this is probably a 5 or a 6 out of 10 in terms of absurd situations I've been in. It was dramatic at the time but looking back it was 90% likely just scare tactics to get some money as this was before the days of beheadings and likely wouldn't have resulted in more than a beat down, but then again who knows. haha

Heading home to NY up I-81 in the late 80's. Speed limit was 55 the whole way. Started snowing just north of Roanoke, and by the time I got just north of the I-64 exit there was enough snow on the road to cover the markings. Most of the traffic was in the right lane going about 25 mph. I have over 500 miles to go, so I pull into the left lane doing about 45 mph. After years of driving in the snow at home, the road doesn't seem that bad. Drive past a cop who is on the right shoulder at one point, thinking nothing of it.

A few miles later he comes tearing after me with his lights on. Pulls me over and says I was going to fast, and that I ignored his motion with his flashlight to pull over. I argued that I wasn't going that fast - I was used to that kind of driving. I also told him I was concentrating on driving in the snow in the left lane, so how could I see a flashlight motion on the right shoulder. He made me get out of my car, trudge through the slush and snow to sit in his backseat while he wrote me up for reckless driving.

I ended up getting it reduced to simple speeding in court after showing the judge my NY drivers license, and telling him that I drive the rest of the 500 miles home in the snow without incident. He told me I probably did know a thing about driving in the snow.

Still aggravates me that I got a ticket and had to go to court for normal driving in the snow, especially since I got about 10 other ones on I-81 doing about 70 - which would hardly get a second look today.

Man, Reckless Driving tickets in Virginia are no joke either - there is a judge in Campbell County? I think - maybe it's Botetourt - but anyway, there is a judge that has given people jail time over wreckless driving tickets in the greater Roanoke area.

Turned left from Perry Street onto Stanger Street leaving Surge. I know it's right turn only, but it was night time and there were literally no cars on the road. A cop was parked on Barger Street, hidden, and saw me do it. The only reason why I turned left there was because I had to pick up a buddy because we were late for something.

I am the heartbeat of Blacksburg. A fortress built out of stone but made with champions.

Driving through Mexico with the local cars loaded up like this, I get pulled over in a rental for not wearing a seat belt. Had to bribe the motorcycle police officer to get back to the beach.



Been pulled over for one of my license plate lights being out, and for some reason three squad cars were deemed necessary. Also, my license plate light wasn't out.

Nothing came of it, but it's just annoying because you know it's not about the light.

After reading a lot of these stories, I wonder how these cops would feel if their wives, daughters, or sons received the same treatment? Probably never crossed their minds as you'd have to be one hell of a narcissist to think the majority of these actions are acceptable.

I stopped at a red light while going up a hill in a 4 cylinder stick shift on a 90 degree day. Another car pulled up pretty close behind me, so I hit the gas slightly before releasing the clutch to make sure I did not drift back into them. The wheels screeched a little, and a cop immediately pulled me over for "hot rodding". Not sure if that is an offense or not, but I never got over 20 MPH. He let me off with a lecture.

The second one was on I-81, driving at sunset. Cop pulled me over for not having my headlights on after dark. I pointed to the sun still peaking between the mountains. He said it was not visible from where he first saw me, and was only visible now because of the valley to the west, and wrote the ticket.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

If that was today, you get out of the car take a photo with your car, the cop car, and the sunset in it to present at court when fighting the ticket.

Sadly it was from before cell phones, and not near where I lived. I just mailed in the ticket rather than get up at 4:30 AM and lose a day fighting it in court.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

I'm from a hicktown so I got pulled over so he could ask me what modifications I had done to my truck

This happened to my first supervisor when I was active duty. MP pulled him over because he had the same truck at home and wanted to see how he had mounted his CB radio

None of my pull over stories are very interesting, but in my pizza delivery days someone called VT police on me because they thought I had backed into a jeep parked on Drillfield Dr and then bolted. I didn't hit the damn jeep, which was confirmed several hours later by the owner of the jeep when he took a look at the front of his car. Which means a complete stranger thought they saw something and almost got me fired for something I didn't do.

Some people are just pricks.

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Not me but a friend during his first weekend at VT. He was walking back to the dorm late from a party after just getting off the bus. He was walking by mccomas when two cops drove onto the curb and surrounded him. He later found out that they were looking for a suspect involved in a robbery. The description they were given was a six foot male wearing an orange shirt.

I have a similar story from my sophomore year...

I had been to a movie with 3 friends and when it was over we came back to campus, parked on Drillfield Dr. and went to walk to DX for a late night snack. As we were passing the end of Slusher Wing we noticed a patrol car just kind of chilling in the middle of the path. When we went to pass it the officer immediately jumped out of the patrol car and stopped us. He told two of my buddies and me that we need to step off to the side with him (our fourth was a female). He then asked, "so you guys heard about the sexual assaults that happened up here in front of DX last night right?" We all nodded (basically some guys had been drunkenly groping women standing in line). He said, "well it happened again tonight, and it was three males, all wearing dark clothing (as he swept his finger across us three acknowledging our dark clothing), and one of them was wearing a beanie just like yours (as he fixed his gaze on my buddy)."

Basically we all scrambled into alibi mode explaining where we had been, pulling out our movie tickets, and grabbing our fourth friend to vouch for us. Honestly if it weren't for her I'm not sure he would have believed us. Heck we even offered to take him to our car to show him it was still warm. I probably kept that movie ticket in my wallet for a good six months in case I needed to prove my alibi later, lol.

Using /s is for cowards.

For me, it was a ticket for doing 55 in a 54.

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

Using /s is for cowards.

I'd like to know where this 54 mph speed limit is.

Maybe he was driving a '54 Chevy or '54 Ford 55mph in a 35mph zone?

"Sooner or later, if man is ever to be worthy of his destiny, we must fill our heart with tolerance."
-Stan Lee

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing."
-Ron Swanson

"11-0, bro"
-Hunter Carpenter (probably)

Me thinks he was slightly "lysdexic"

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

Jay Z - 99 Problems reference

Can't spell DBU without Bud

I was driving down Main St in Blacksburg. I was at a light and just about to step on the gas when a bike cop knocks on my window and signals for me to turn down the side street rather than go forward. I followed his directions and found out my registration was out of date. The look on my face must've been bad because the Bud Light delivery driver who was unloading his truck gave me a free case after the cop pulled away.

Ya win some, ya lose some. Easy come, easy go.

Friend of mine got a ticket outside TOTS. He was the DD and stopped to pick up a group of people, myself included. Cop pulled him and said he was impeding traffic. He made it clear he was the DD and the cop said "ok well I won't give you a ticket for impeding traffic. But you rolled the stop sign coming out of the parking lot (Squires)".

"Erotic Driving"!

In H.S. My date had an old Triump TR7 with rack-n-pinion steering. She let me drive her car on our date and I was all over the road getting used to the tightness of the steering wheel.... she had her head on my shoulder and a cop pulled us over....

He came up to the car and said "son, you seem to be driving very erotically"!!! We tried to explain and he just laughed and told us to find someplace to park first!! Then he let us go laughing all the way back to his car!

That's when you look at your date and give her the "well, he's not wrong about that parking spot."

Not really a pulled over story...

Just now, after a great downtown (Blacksburg) dinner with my wife, her brother, and his wife, we thought it would be fun to go get a free Slurpee at 7-11. Well apparently the free Slurpee deal ended at 7 pm. We did nothing except ask why it didn't end at 11 instead of 7. The idiot working the counter went off the deep end. Cussed us like dogs. Threatened to call the cops. So we left.

What made it worse, for me, was what he did next. Several VT upcoming freshman here for orientation walked in with the same idea we had. They walk to the Slurpee machine and the guy turns and says the deal ended at 7. They reply with the same question we had, why doesn't it end at 11? The guy cussed them as well, saying "IT ENDED AT FUCKING 7!!"

No one involved was disrespectful or excessively intoxicated. So if you see Gary at the downtown 7-11, let him know he's an asshole...

Sounds like a story you should be sharing with Gary's manager, not just TKP

I almost made a new thread for this, but we need to talk about this guy that was pulled over in Oklahoma for expired tags with a rattlesnake, whiskey, gun, and oh yeah... uranium.

As the officers continued to search the vehicle, they spotted an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey near a firearm, the sergeant said. Then they discovered a container of "yellowish powder" that was labeled "Uranium."

Jennings, of Logan County, told officers that he had the uranium because he recently purchased a Geiger counter to test metals, and the chemical element came with the purchase. He joked with officers that he was trying to create a "super snake," Gibbs added.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

So to summarize:
No George or Westbrook
Paul ain't staying
Adams will be gone as well
Guns, booze, rattlesnakes and uranium....

Jesus, do I love living in Oklahoma!

Ok. So this is not a being pulled over story, but a "the cops were called" story.

So I used to teach at the school in my neighborhood. Every morning I stood outside my classroom greeting the students, as teachers do. One morning, I doing my normal morning thing and the kid who lived next door to us was walking down the hall past my classroom (for the record, this kid had lived next door for over a year at this point. we had a neighborly relationship--speaking when we saw them outside, we had helped the kid's older sister with homework, my dad and I rode with the kid's dad to a football game. So it wasn't like the kid had no idea who I was... This is important info). So the kid is walking down the hall and I speak. After saying hello, I politely mentioned to the kid that I noticed that the family was gone over the weekend and asked if they had gone to visit their family. Kid said yes, I asked if they had fun, yes again, awesome have a great day. The whole conversation was less than 30 seconds--again very typical of a conversation that a teacher would have with a student and also typical of a conversation with somebody you know. Fast forward a week or so. I am sitting at home and the doorbell rings. I look out and see 2 officers on the doorstep. I open the door and they ask my name and if I am a teacher. I reply yes and say that I teach around the corner. The officers very politely explained that my neighbor had called because I was bothering her kid at school. I told them about the conversation that I had with the kid and explained that we had had a neighborly relationship. The officers stayed for a few minutes then left. I had no clue if I was getting charges pressed against me or what. I ended up calling the officer back to ask. He came back and told me that I was fine and the neighbor was crazy and to avoid contact if at all possible. So when I went back to school, my principal called me in his office. I immediately knew what was going on. I asked "Is this about [kid/parent]?" He was like yeah, how did you know. I told him that she had the police at my house the previous day.

It gets even better!!! So the day the world was supposed to end in 2011 (like 2 years after having the police called on me), I was pregnant and bringing in groceries. The woman stops me outside my house and says "I just wanted to apologize if I caused you and your family any harm." I seriously think she believed the world was going to end and was trying to make good before it happened.

Same neighbor also called the cops on another neighbor because she thought this neighbor let her dog poop in her yard. Other neighbor politely tried to talk to her and then she called the cops. Kicker on that? Neighbor with the dog is married to a state trooper!

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

For peeing in the woods! Check this one out... It was about 10 years ago in Chesterfield County, VA that I wasn't pulled over... I actually was already stopped and parked about 20 feet up a side dirt road off of Rt. 60 near Rt. 288 in a completely wooded area. Nearest house, probably a 1/2 mile away. It was about 1am... I had worked on my farm in Cumberland County all morning... driven my daily commute of 63 miles to my work @ the NBC TV station in Richmond, and worked a particularly stressful 8 hours of 6 different newscasts (I'm a Director/TD)... gone to a local establishment with 2 co-workers immediately after the 11pm news and had exactly one frosty ale. I then proceeded to hit the highway and got about 2 miles out of Midlothian when the urge to relieve myself became unbearable, so I pulled into the little side road in the middle of nowhere (@ the time). Not a car or soul in sight (It was a Tuesday night, I believe). Walked about 15 yards into the woods and proceeded to drain the lizard. Came back out and not one, but TWO Chesterfield Police cars were flat-out PARKED in the right lane of Rt. 60. The first officer got out, approached me and asked to see my driver's license and registration. I complied he then asked if I had been drinking. I said that, yes, I had one beer that I stretched out over an hour and a half time period. He then was joined by the other officer, that one joked about me peeing in the woods and asked if I would take a sobriety test. I said, sure, no problem. First they made me walk the line, which went well... then they asked if I would do a breathalyzer test... I said "yes", knowing full well that if I refused (@ least in Virginia) that my car would be automatically towed and I'd spend the night in jail. They then gave me the breathalyzer, and I blew a .002. The officer looked at it, shook it and said "that can't be right!". He then asked if I'd take it again. Being slightly annoyed, but knowing full well that I wasn't drunk, and not sure if refusing the 2nd time would land me a night in the "big house" I agreed. 2nd test, same result. The two police officers looked at each other incredulously and the one who administered the test told me "well I just can't believe that this could be the result, because I think that you're impaired (remember I wasn't actually driving, I was parked before they pulled up a few minutes later) and please go get yourself a cup of coffee at the Sheetz in Powhatan!" I thanked both of them, got back in the car and drove off with both following me the last mile and a half to the Powhatan line. Got a cup @ Sheetz, headed on home otherwise uneventfully, and hit the sack. Good times.... and unbelieveable.

Long live Rasche Hall