Questions For Media Availability: Pt 2, Electric Boogaloo

I'm back for another week of media availability.

This week, I'm being told it will be "Coach Fuente, quarterbacks, selected assistants, and other" that will be available.

With that in mind, are there any questions that you would want to be asked tomorrow afternoon?

I'll try and pick out a couple good ones and get them answered.

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Is QP still going to be in the same package that we saw last year or will he be the straight up QB2? Or, will it be either he or Hooker as backup and QB3 will be a wildcat like last year?

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Willis: "What pass route did you feel a bit less confident in last year that you think you've improved on this offseason?"


What ultimately brought HH out of the portal to stick with the Hokies?

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To Coach Fuente:
Coach, it has been said by almost everyone that the chemistry and attitude of this year's team has dramatically improved. It's obvious that those changes aren't by accident or by luck, but by design.

As the leader of your team, What are the two or three things that you purposely implemented to help facilitate this new change in culture?

I asked a similar question last week. His answer can be found in my writeup of his presser

Coach Fuente- "Would you welcome an HBO All- Access type show to cover VT during training camps".

We can't even get the Spring Game streamed. You trying to get Henry kicked out of the presser?

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As a joke:
Coach, is there any concern that your punter now has larger guns then most of the coaching staff?

What position group have you seen the most improvement from since last season?

Over or under: 9 wins

To Willis:
After you ran him over to stop the pick 6 just before half of the UVA game last year, did you go talk to that official? What was the conversation like?

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Coach Fuente,

Everyone seems to like seeing the more personal side of retired Coach Beamer (walking with his wingman Hank, getting a pedicure after going to Cookout, ignoring his granddaughter's crying to enjoy Hokie Hoops, etc.).

Have you considered bringing a pet with you in public to become more endearing?

If yes, what type?

If a dog, what type?

1. This could be more divisive that Cake vs Pie.
2. Please don't say ferret.
3. Please get a Gobbler like the one that used to go to football games on a leash.

Leg for the photoshop. Now this needs to be a twitter account.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

In reference to Joe's hedgehog post: what is the core identity of this team/program under your tutelage? What specific thing do you want VT to be the best in the country doing?

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

If you could only eat at one place in blacksburg for the rest of your life, what would it be? If his answer isn't PKs, ask him if he wants to retract that answer and try again.

Gobble Till You Wobble

How important was it for your family and other coaches families today that you made sure every staff member was able to be there to take their kids to school for their first day.

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Living in B'burg, I see lots of parental involvement out of our football coaches.

Every one that I see appears to have a genuine desire to be a great, & supportive parent; I am continually impressed by this effort and have a better appreciation of the things these coaches give up in their lives during the fall.

How are Holston, McClease, and the run game progressing?

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Fuente: How do you feel about Four Loko entering the Hard Seltzer game? Is 14% alc/vol too much, or just right?

Is 14% alc/vol too much, or just right?

The correct answer, which is not listed, is not enough.

The logical conclusion of this arms race is carbonated hard liquor.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Why don't we pass to our H-backs/tight ends more often? Dalton Keene saw a lot of action in his first spring game. The distribution to H-backs/tight ends since has been... underwhelming. And No, Bucky doesn't count.

Update status on how Cole Beck is doing....

Collar bone injury. Out for the foreseeable future.

Did he mention how the surgery went? Been waiting for this to come out.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Are there any of the walk-one that are making a case to be competing for playing time?

When can we expect to see your "before/after #BodyByHilgart gains" pic on twitter?

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In year two of new red shirt rule, do you expect to alter strategy for playing time of those planning to red shirt?

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I am a WSU fan also and I was listening to a Mike Leach interview yesterday. A reporter asked if you could take one trait from each of the QBs in competition that they excell at and could have the other QBs learn from what would it be.

He mentioned one of the QBs has a quick release and that the other is good at making plays when things break down.

Might be a good way to learn something about the competition without directly asking.

I think that SI article just opened up a whole slew of new questions

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Said he hasn't read it. Stated he wants to answer questions about this season

(add if applicable) /s

Anyone got a link to the live stream? They used to stream them on the FB page but I haven't see that this year.