Poll: Should the lunchpail be retired along with Bud?

What say you, TKP?

Edit: I had a good bit of text explaining my thoughts on the question, but decided that I shouldn't be stating my position at the beginning of the poll.

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Hell no.

It belongs to VT now. Consider it part of Bud's legacy.

I think we should keep it to honor him and keep his legacy.


I prefer it to be traveling with the team and collecting soil samples of the vanquished, but if the new D.C. chooses not to do that, it should be in a glass case on campus as a religious artifact.

This hurts to even think about

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someone asked this on twitter yesterday and this was my response:

"I think the LP has to stay, if it does go I really hope they use the hard hats we have been using as a reward in the spring, to be the lunch pail signifies the hard work and work ethic it takes to be a hokie and the workmans like mentality of the hokies (although its used for defense it really is a team mentality when we are successful) If they replaced it with some flashy BS like a bike, chain, shoulder pads with spikes and some of the other dumb stuff ive seen I will be extremely disappointed."

and those are my thoughts on it.

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Whats with the hard hats?

rewarded to the guys in the off season.

The "HARD HAT" player is Competitive, Disciplined, Team First, Strong, and Tough

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I'll be honest...kinda hate that lol. Overplays the "working man" to an almost caricature level.


...hes not leaving...
hes going to come out on the mic vs wake forest:

"IM NOT LEAVING!!!!"....and we will all rejoice


100% yes. The lunchpail is his, as far as I'm concerned. Bud gets the lunchpail and all the grass in it. He can to take it home and display it wherever he wants.

This is the same Bud that didn't want to take over senior day That's why he is being recognized against Wake Forest in the first place. I think Bud would want us to keep the lunch pail

and all the grass

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Someone got lost on their way to the Ole Miss board.

If his replacement comes from within his "coaching tree", then hell no, they played a part in making it what it is. If it's someone else, I could support either decision, as keeping it would be a symbol of the history of great Virginia Tech defenses, but at the same time I could understand a new DC wanting to start his own traditions, not one tied inextricably to his predecessor.

No. LPD will live on just as Beamerball has. It may slowly fade away, but I hope not. I think Bud will leave it in the player's hands and it will be passed down each year.

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Huh, that's actually a fair point, giving it to Bud to keep it.

In that case, what about finding a new lunchpail for the new DC to start putting grass in?

Nope. It is iconic VT as much as it is iconic Bud Foster. It is something for the future players to look up to, to strive to honor, to continue as vaunted tradition. I hope we keep it until it falls to dust in a hundred years.

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No way, the LP is about how VT plays defense, the bring it every day blue collar toughness. Don't want the pail or the attitude that goes with it going anywhere but on the football field.

Silly question.

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I knew when I posted that it was only a matter of time.... surprised there hasn't been a gif posted of an actual bear taking a shit in a toilet yet.

Just the creepy Charmin bears

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I am kinda torn on this. Some are concerned about the new DC being announced prior to Buds last game, but yet we are going to pass the LP down to a guy who may/may not even be from the VT/bud tree? If its someone from the Bud tree...it stays, if it's someone from outside I think it needs to be made a trophy in the tunnel or along the Hokie Walk.

Someone posted a video on here of the teams of the past and how "extra" those defenses were after a big play, sack etc. CJF has already been on record in press conferences that hes not for the "extra". I think once bud leaves the LPD mentality, the Corey Moore Defenses....go with him, unfortunately. We have already seen the defense and Bud evolve, meaning there's not many if any players on the defense that know the Bud running down the sideline play sheet in tow jumping and chest bumping with the players on the field, headset getting thrown off in joy or pissed. If the next DC comes in and we keep it and bombs its going to become more of a joke and lose what it has meant to the team and so many fans.

No! Someone paint "Luv you Bud!" on it or something like that.

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to strive to honor, to continue as vaunted tradition

Fish said it, I'm just emphasizing it.
It stays at VT

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There have been many lunch pails, I'm pretty sure that Darryl Tapp took it with him when he left. I would love for the team to give this current one to Bud at the end of the year.

As to whether we keep it I am torn. Bud Foster created the lunch pail defense. On one hand that's like the steel curtain, that's gone it's over it's done. The black shirts of Nebraska are gone.

However, we have the 25 jersey. So we are remember the past in a way to honor the ones than built this program. So I can see keeping the lunchpail.

Put it in a case at the beginning of the tunnel and make the players salute it when entering. I also like the hard hat idea some further up had

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Best idea yet.

Put it in a case?

Hopefully not the empty national championship trophy case *ducks*

Things that should remain a part of VT football:
Lunch Pail
Stick it in
Hokie Pokie
#25 Jersey tradition
Turkey Gobble
Keys on third down

And whatever I missed.

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"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

I laughed a lot harder at this than I probably should have. Well done!

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Halftime kettle corn.

Enter Sandman


"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Agreed. However, when I heard those first few notes of Sandman, the first thing I thought of was Bud Foster's LPD. In fact, I liked to imagine James Hetfield was actually Bud just pacing around the room and singing angrily. Without Bud, when I hear the song I'm just going to think of Fuente chewing gum ferociously with his arms crossed.

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How about my old Virginia Tech Stadium Horn that they won't allow anymore?

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This one time at band camp...

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Nah. Give him a cast gold trophy shaped like the lunch pail, but leave the pail itself for future defenses to live up to

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I don't even think we should keep it to honor Bud. We need to keep it because it is what the community is built on. Hardworking people that bust their ass

We should definitely give him the lunch pail, take down the Hokie stone in the tunnel, make Beamer take down the indoor practice facility, and intentionally turn the ball over on fourth down from now on. It was a good run, but it's time to retire our identity because our defensive coordinator is leaving.

You wot! Of course we don't stop using the lunch pail, this is akin to just stopping playing defense in my mind.

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If we still have that glass case that was 'reserved for a national championship trophy' then we should scrap the sign and put the lunchpail in it.

The lunchpail is a culture. And it is to be strived for by anyone walking through the doors. It is an ideal, and it represents the best of us. It should be earned year in and year out. It cannot be a staple of the program, it is Bud Foster through and through. His identity created it, and our culture was aligned with it. We can't just give it out every year, it has to be earned every year.

So, I'd say, yes. It should be retired with Bud Foster. It is his, and he should own it. When #BudFoster4HallOfFame happens, it'll be archived for posterity with his bust.

Keep it and call it the Bud Foster Lunch Pail

Let's worry about it when we know who his successor is. Until then, let's focus on What's Important Now.

No. It's what this defense is built around. Bud is retiring but this entire defense save for maybe a player or two are going to be back next year. It's not the bud-pail or anything with his name on it. I would think any new DC would be proud and encouraged to continue to build upon the LPD. The LPD is more than Bud. Plus it's not something silly or gimmicky like these other schools try to come up with. It's minimalist, embodies an attitude that this defense is supposed to have. It's not flashy, it's subtle. It stays.

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Leave it up to the new DC. If it's someone from his tree and they want to keep it fine. If the new DC wants to build a new brand fine. If the new DC wants to have a turnover chain(backpack) fire them.

(add if applicable) /s

It might depend on who we hire as the new DC. He might have his own traditions he wants to implement. I love tradition, I love the lunchpail, it will ALWAYS be a part of tech but if the new DC doesn't fully embrace it then it might appear as an afterthought which wouldn't honor it the way it should.

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If the next DC is from the Bud tree whether it's a player or coach, it should stay. If not let it go and let whoever it is build their own brand.

Based on on the field performance I am pretty sure it was retired 5 years ago...

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This comment didn't age well.

No. The Lunch Pail is the ethos of Virginia Tech defense. It's our culture - coal miners and blue-collar workers, Appalachia, the mentality of hard work leading to success and prosperity. Nothing given, everything earned.

If the new DC wants to institute a new tradition, it should be in the same vein, but the Lunch Pail should always be revered. It's who we are as a team and as a community.

I deeply agree with this post, but I also agree that if the next DC is from the same tree.... pass it down, and continue that legacy that he worked to build

In the cycle of time, Virginia Tech has been playing football for many decades, and the LPD is currently somewhat generational. Yet it represents and connects many of the core aspects our our community. It embodies what many people feel that VT represents...

...yet, if the new DC wants a new path, then the choice is clear, and the item should belong to Bud, since there is no one else (outside of Frank) that truly embodies that legacy in a way that he forged it

Could one of you old folks explain how the lunch pail came about? One day did Bud just roll up with it and be like "alright boys, this defense needs to be tough like a coal miner, heres a lunch box to remind you of that"? What's the story?

Removing features to get people to sign up for your service is something EA would would do.

If it does go I hope it isn't replaced with some asinine miami crap like the turnover chain, or sack sak, or interception contraceptive.

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The lunchpail says "VT" on the side, not "BF". I read awhile back that they had a stockpile of the lunch pails and bring out a new one every season or so. So set 2019's aside in a display case honoring Bud somewhere in the nice Lane Stadium catacombs that recruits visit and us mortals rarely see, but keep this tradition active. And have a quote on it from one of the alumni D player's memories: "Make the other team no longer want to win!"

The lunch pail is an identity. It may have started with Bud, but it's the same as Beamerball. It's bigger than a guy, it's what the team prides itself on, a hard nosed, blue collar mentality. And you don't put it into a case, you keep it out with the guys in the rain, and sun, and snow. It can take a hit. It's not pretty. But it's reliable and gets the job done. That's the whole point.

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It should be. It ain't gonna be though.

Bud Foster deserves to have something named after him, like the practice facility or one of the stands in Lane. He is as integral to the rise of this program as Beamer, in my opinion.

I agree with that. And a statue, dammit.

No. Dont you take away that lunchpail!

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Fuck no

Bud should trim the goat and out of in the Mail at the end of the season.

Previously LowBrau.

Potential DC hires should be asked about the LP. If they want to change it they should be immediately disqualified. I think this thread should be retired.

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^^exactly what I was thinking about a new DC. Couldn't agree more. Bud loves VT. He would want it to stay.

Not unless it is keeping Fu or the new DC from implementing or growing their culture. New coaches deserve that. If the new DC has his own thing, then retire the pail.

If a former player is our #1 DC target, I think Bud should approach them and ask them to take over the LPD and hand them the lunch pail.... Who says no?

Should VT retire the Lunch pail with Bud? Should VT have retired the use of 25 with CFB? Or did they make it into something greater by honoring the legacy?


Keep it and put "BUD" on the side of it. Becomes a Legacy thing.

Last thing I want is one of these turnover chain things...so dumb

What about a backpack?

I think we should update it.

Create a large gold and diamond lunchpail to hang from a ridiculously thick gold chain.

Do I need the s/?

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If a Bud disciple gets the job, I say the Lunchpail needs to stay. If our new DC is not from the Beamer/Foster coaching tree, I think continued use of the pail will feel contrived, and I'd rather see it retired.

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People keep talking about the new DC but I think Bud should give it to the defensive captains. Let it be the players to carry and pass down, not the coaches

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That's an idea with some merit, but it should be the new defensive coordinator's decision, not Bud's.

When you leave, you don't get to keep making the decisions. We need to trust the new DC. Bud created the lunchpail defense legacy, so he's in there no matter what happens.

Use it, don't use it, on the field, or in a glass case as a revered piece of history, you can't take the history of the VT lunchpail away. That belongs to VT and to Bud no matter what.

It's such a cool thing and unique that I think it stays on as part of the VT defensive culture. But it's the new DC's decision to make.

The lunch pail has more meaning than the Commonwealth Cup. Lunch pail stays, F*%k LOLuVa, Pat Narduzzi is a douche....all these are constants.


I hope not...then where will we keep all of our sack lunches?

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My vote is no. It came in with has been championed by Bud but has been adopted as a representation of the attitude and work ethic that all Hokies bring to the table, in my opinion.

It's funny because it actually came from Rod Sharpless. He left and Bud made it famous.

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Lunch Pail started with Phil Elmassian. So no, it does not go away with Bud's change in employment.

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Every article I have ever read said Rod Sharpless and Bud.

From vt.edu:

In 1995, the original lunch pail was acquired by the mother-in-law of co-defensive coordinator Rod Sharpless. The pail once belonged to a coal miner, and after the record-setting defensive season, the lunch pail became an iconic element of the Hokie football lore.

I had originally said yes to the question but after seeing the history of the pail and the comments here, I'm changing course. I think it is part of VT now, even if Bud is best known to be associated with it

Though there is substantial precedent for a person being associated with a mantra, like Schiano's 'keep choppin wood' and Fleck's 'row the boat'.

I could still go either way with this but I'm leaning towards keeping it.

I think I agree with you here on why the LPD is different than, say, "Row the boat". Fleck has taken that with him to multiple schools. Western Michigan did not continue with that mantra once he left. If Bud left and took the LPD to another school, we probably wouldn't be so endeared to it.

But he didn't. He started with it here and ended with it here, which allows it to be adopted by the school as a whole in the time A.B.

LPD belongs to Bud and VT. Ask potential DCs about the lunch pail. If it's not their thing, then they're not VTs thing. VT should trademark LPD if they haven't already so that it can't be taken with a DC or coach. Bud will want VT to keep the lunchpail. Culture? What the hell kind of DC WOULDNT want that brand? These other programs with the turnover chains and such are just mad because they didn't think of LPD first. Not to mention; sometimes tradition is a bit more important than a coach's culture. Try to take "Roll Tide" away from Bama. They'd chase Saban away if he tried to get rid of that

Defensive player of the week should get to run it out onto the field, like wearing the 25 jersey.

This is like asking if houndstooth should be retired from Alabama

Not going to happen. LPD is a staple of the Virginia Tech football culture. It was honored, and rightfully so, on Bud's banner, but it should always be on the sideline every year, and we should continue the tradition from here on out.

If anything, I would love to see the holder of the lunch pail to be honored with a jersey patch or helmet sticker going forward.

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I like this. Though i could see it getting out of hand if it were a helmet sticker a la the buckeye stickers.

Except houndstooth is fucking hideous.

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