Bowl game?

What bowl game are we likely headed to? And who is our most likely opponent?

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It's called a toilet.

Belk. Anything else, I'll be watching from bed.

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It makes me sad there is not baby yoda meme here

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Belk against Auburn wouldn't be too bad...

Up until we got smoked in the game by Auburn. Fu needs a bowl win.

From this post it seems the possibilities are:

4.) Camping World Bowl
5.) Tier 1 (equal selection) - Belk, Sun, Pinstripe, and Music City Bowls

Orange might still be in play, depending on how badly UVA gets beat next week and what the Orange Bowl's priorities are (butts in seats and TV ratings, or not pissing off UVA's fanbase). At this point it's pretty much down to the two of us.

With Wake losing if UVA gets blasted hard enough to go back to being unranked or Perkins gets hurt and they go unranked it's going to get really interesting.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I'm assuming that a Clemson blowout means UVA will drop back out, since they're likely to only be ~#24 or so anyway, but if they keep it close-ish they might hang on in the top 25.

East coast bowl that i can attend would be the only savior of today

Danny is always open

Any chance the Orange bowl tells UVA to fuck off after Clemson beats the doors off of them?

Yes, as long as no one is ranked then Orange bowl can select anyone from the ACC. If the Orange bowl executives notice that UVA didnt have a huge crowd then could happen.

They still can't select Notre Dame can they?

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The ACC is guaranteed a spot in the Orange Bowl. That is the only bowl game in the ACC's lineup that ND cannot steal. However, ND could be the ACC's opponent, depending on how the final CFP rankings shake out, but that seems highly unlikely (they'd have to be ranked higher than the 2nd highest non-playoff team from both the SEC and B1G).

Also highly unlikely due to the possibility of the game being a rematch from a regular season game (i.e. Virginia vs. Notre Dame on 9/28/19 and VT vs. Notre Dame on 11/2/19.)

Does the Orange Bowl have the leeway to choose? I thought it was simply the highest-ranked team left over between the B1G, SEC, and Notre Dame after the Playoffs, Sugar Bowl, and Rose Bowl were filled, and changing it only if it would force a rematch, but I thought they could change either one in that case, and I'm sure they'd rather give up VT or UVA for, for example, Wake, than give up ND and all they eyeballs and ticket sales they're guaranteed to bring.

I suppose if they really really wanted Notre Dame it's possible they could put Wake in the OB over VT and LOLUVA to avoid the rematch.....

But, again, only if ND is already the highest-ranked eligible opponent for the ACC. Which they almost certainly won't be.

It's probably one of those rules that they won't fully figure it out until it becomes a thing.

What makes it interesting this year is that there is only 1 at-large spot and I believe part of the rematch rule guarantees the team that gets bumped from the Orange Bowl would still get a NY6 spot. But again, we'll see how that rule is enforced if it ever is.

Obviously, if the ACC and related entities cared about figuring out all of the little details beforehand, we wouldn't have outdated tiebreaking methods, nor would we be getting last minute clarifications about a team's bowl record that played 2 FCS games.

Unfortunately I dont think them telling UVA to f off and our getting the bid are one in the same. I have a feeling the Orange Bowl assuming Clemson makes the Playoffs, will select Notre Dame, with its BS agreement with the conference when it comes to football.

This likely pushes us further down the Bowl Tie in structure.

Contractually impossible.

He means they get the other spot and we won't get in due to it being a rematch.

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Not when he takes a swipe at ND's "BS agreement with the conference when it comes to football."

And Notre Dame is too far down in the rankings to get in the other side of the Orange Bowl. There would have to be a lot of upsets in the Big Ten and SEC for ND to jump up.

It's not a BS agreement.... it's total one-sided horse shit. The "mystique" of ND was supposed to net us better bowls and TV money- it did neither. So they get the best Olympic sports conference and we get "an average of 5 games with ND a year" - to their liking of course. They could schedule 4 one year, 6 the next and they can schedule Wake 3x more than Clemson. It's a horse shit deal. Said it at the time.

Like many of your posts here on this site, you make a few valid points while practically invalidating them with categorically false statements. Yes, we're kind of getting screwed on some things, but you could make the argument that without ND we wouldn't even have the bowl spread we have now. Hard to argue for multiple quality bowl tie-ins when we're almost guaranteed to have only one team in the top 25 heading into bowl season, meaning we're sending an unranked team to the Orange Bowl of all places. And yes, they have some flexibility with how many ACC games in a given year, hence they play 4 ACC teams in 2014, 2022, and 2024 and 6 ACC teams in 2015 and 2023 (for a total of exactly one fewer game than 5 per season over 24 years), but "they can schedule Wake 3x more than Clemson" is absolutely false. 119 games divided by 14 ACC programs means 8.5 games per program, and they play each team between 7 and 9 times during that span:

Georgia Tech

NC State
North Carolina
Virginia Tech

Boston College
Florida State
Wake Forest

tl;dr: cut the bullshit. It really hurts an otherwise strong point.

Can ND change this? Yes. Can they adjust this to schedule Bama at a Neutral site? yes.

NDs future "non-traditional"/non-ACC home and home opponents:

2020-2021: Wisconsin
2022-2023: Ohio St.
2024-2025: Texas A&M
2026-2027: Michigan State
2028-2029: Alabama

They just finished a home and home with UGA and Michigan.

Again with the bullshit. There has been exactly one of their ACC matchups that has been moved, and I can't find any evidence of nefarious intent in doing so.

Based on the original scheduling announcements, the only game that has been moved around was GT from 2019 to 2020. It seems as though it may have been moved at GT's request (source). Also, 2014 was the first year of the arrangement, and ND couldn't get out of enough scheduling agreements to get a 5th ACC game in that season, so they moved one game to the following season. Every other game scheduled between 2014 and 2019 has been played as expected, and all other future games from both the original ND scheduling announcement and the announcement of the extension to 2037 are still on the schedule as-announced.

Oh, and by the way, neither the 2019 game against GT nor the 2020 rescheduling of it were included on the page I drew the schedules from initially, so that actually increases the number of games to 120 over 24 years, or exactly an average of 5 per season, and brings GT up to 8, in line with almost half the conference. They will play as balanced of a schedule as possible over the course of the agreement.

Cool, now debunk the better bowl lineup and TV money lie. Thanks

A) It would be nearly impossible to know what the bowl lineup and TV contract would look like without ND in the mix to compare to what we actually have, so that's pretty much just speculation on your part.

B) I did say that you generally make some valid points, but then turn around and say easily-researched lies that discredit everything else you were trying to say. Almost everyone on here would agree with you about the likelihood of both of those points being true.

We literally had the same level bowl structure before ND was associated with the ACC. No difference other than an additional lower tier bowl and rotation into the citrus is a million stars align- it is literally no better at all in terms of quality. And the TV deal? LOL. It's a joke, it couldn't be more of a joke in terms of comparison to the other leagues before after or during the ND era. Swofford pitched this "arrangement" as a huge win for the ACC - largely because of television money and bowl cache- and Wake and Duke selling out their stadiums every few years with ND fans. I said at the time it was a horsehit deal for the ACC, and I'll say it again. The benefit ratio is about 80/20 in ND's favor. The B1G was not going to give them this deal, so their hoops team would be in the bastardized Big East right now if not for this deal. 80/20 in ND's favor.

I literally just told you that you made some good points, and yet you're still trying to argue with me.

I'm out. Have fun.

I didn't think it worked this way?

Orange Bowl CANNOT take ND to take the ACC's spot. Can only be a possible opponent of the ACC. Likely teams are UVA and Wake, assuming Clemson wins next week and heads to the playoff.

So if I read that article right, the Orange Bowl would be Clemson because its part of the Playoff structure this season. What other bowl gets figured in if thats the case?

ACC Bowl Ties, Affiliations
Notre Dame is eligible for any ACC bowl tie-in as long as it's within one game of the team eligible for the slot.

Again, normally the top available ACC team goes to the Orange Bowl, but there's no direct tie-in this year since it's a College Football Playoff semifinal.

1. College Football Playoff Semifinal: If Selected
2. Capital One Orange Bowl vs. New Year's Six

First Tier

โ€“ Camping World Bowl vs. Big 12
โ€“ Citrus Bowl (if top possible team is higher-ranked than SEC or Big Ten team) vs. SEC or Big Ten
โ€“ Belk Bowl vs. SEC
โ€“ Hyundai Sun Bowl vs. Pac-12
โ€“ New Era Pinstripe Bowl vs. Big Ten
โ€“ Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl vs. SEC
OR TaxSlayer Bowl vs. SEC

โ€“ ACC and Big Ten combine in the Music City and TaxSlayer, with each getting three appearances in six years. The ACC played in the Music City in 2015 and the TaxSlayer in 2016, 2017 & 2018. It's almost certainly going to be in the Music City, but can still play in the TaxSlayer.

Second Tier

โ€“ Walk-On's Independence Bowl vs. SEC
โ€“ Military Bowl vs. American Athletic
โ€“ Quick Lane Bowl vs. Big Ten
โ€“ Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl
Conditional if American Athletic or Conference USA can't fill the spot.
โ€“ Birmingham Bowl
Conditional if American Athletic or SEC can't fill the spot

That article was written wrong because they forgot to edit the text from last year when the Orange Bowl was the semi-final.

They also were not clear about Notre Dame's ACC bowl tie ins, but as we've gone over many, many, many times here on TKP, Notre Dame cannot take the ACC's spot in the Orange Bowl.

Orange Bowl is not a semifinal this year. It was last year. This year it's the Fiesta and Peach.

The Orange Bowl contractually must take the ACC champ, or the next highest ranked ACC team if the champ is unavailable due to the playoff versus the best available SEC team (after the Sugar chooses), Big Ten team (after the Rose chooses), or Notre Dame. Notre Dame cannot take the ACC spot in this game. The only way ND makes it to the NY6 is by their own merit. Their spot in the ACC bowl lineup is only as an opponent of the ACC In the Orange or any of the other non-NY6 bowls.


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There is still a very outside chance to get the Orange, although I feel that would require UVA losing by ~84 next weekend

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We lost by one touchdown to Clemson in 2016 and FSU went to the orange. Bowl committees have short memories and like money.

We just lost to UVA with the Coastal on the line. We aren't going to the Orange.

I can't believe it's basically the off-season already This year was an intense roller coaster ride.

I've moved into the acceptance phase.

I'd leave that decision to the bowl committee.

Hoping for the pinstripe, an excuse to go to NYC

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F that. Go to New York Shitty if you like, but screw going to that shit hole for a bowl game.

And I'm not being sarcastic. I loathe that place.

It's cheap to get to from any other major city, it's easy to get around, has an abundance of hotels and places to stay, and has a bar on every corner. What's not to like?

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Freezing, bowl in a ghetto baseball stadium that is not safe to walk around the area, easy to get around is not true unless you like long annoying taxi rides or their unbearable subway. It's cool to visit, but not for a cold bowl game in a baseball stadium in the hood.

Uh dude, it's not 1988 anymore. Yankee Stadium is pretty new and one of the nicer ones in MLB, and that area of the bronx is not in any way the least bit unsafe. You have a point on cold weather as I realize many like warm-weather bowl games (I personally prefer cold weather football), but it's not fair to trash a place just because it doesn't suit your tastes.

LOL. that area of the 2019 is as dangerous as it has ever been. Yes the stadium is new.

The South Bronx crime rate is 4% lower than the national average.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Walk back to your hotel from the pinstripe bowl and report back. thanks

I was born and raised in the city of Richmond in the 80's and 90's, murder capital of the US. NYC is the safest large city in the US, I think I would be fine.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Boy howdy do I love popping in to see what's new just to catch the two of you bitching at each other.

That's not an insult to either of you, just an observation.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.


I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Or I'm just not prejudiced because big scary cities have diversity that DC just can't handle. He isn't afraid of crime, because actual crime rates show it's not an issue, he is afraid because he doesn't like how the area looks. It's pretty easy to understand.

Now the DC brigade can start downvoting all they like.

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Oh I agree with you, just making light of your comment haha.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

LOL, hilarious. I live 20 miles south of Baltimore- and 25 miles north of DC. I frequent the two often- but yeah I'm affraid of the big city because I'm prejudiced.. Ohhh Kay... I live in the most diverse neighborhood in Howard County. My sister lives in Flushing. so, have I gone to Baltimore recently at night and managed to not be shot? Yep. Is Baltimore safe? Nope. Desirable to walk around at night? Nope. Do smart people walk around there alone at night? Nope. Has the bronx crime rate declined? yep. Is it still the second highest crime rate in NY today? Yep. does it have an much higher violent crime rate than annapolis or charlotte or literally every other bowl option for VT? Yep. any other projections you want to make?

Fun fact, Charlotte has A higher violent and property crime rate than NYC.

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Link? Source? thanks - I'm dying to see how this is parced.

Would you two just get a room already.

Oh FFS let it go. DC is sorry he insulted the Bronx by insinuating it was dangerous. Fireman is sorry he called DC a racist for insinuating the Brox was dangerous. Let's all move on from this and enjoy the last tech football opportunity of the season in peace and harmony.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

Can we just agree both are equally terrible for different reasons?!?
Violent Crimes at 9.85 per 1,000 residents in the Bronx
Overall is a 17 (100 is best)
Violent Crimes at 3.38 per 1,000 residents in Charlotte
Overall is an 8 (100 is best)

Neither is a winner!

Violent Crimes at 11.88 per 1,000 residents in Richmond
Overall is a 1 (100 is best)

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@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

I grew up there the same time period.

It's funny how the worst spots of Richmond I was told to never go near are now considered the "places to be" now.

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I left VA in 2008, my friends will talk about going somewhere in the city. I'll ask "Isn't that where the strip club was" yes but now it's "brewery or some other place to go".

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Sounds like Detroit. ;)

"New York Shitty"???

C'mon, man.

Leonard. Duh.

You sir, are correct. That place is smelly dump.

Andreas Adrian

A better one than last year!

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Most important part of the bowl picture and keeping the bowl streak alive is the additional practice time. That will be very helpful for all the youngsters.


Honestly, I don't want the Belk Bowl. I'd like to go to Nashville or NYC

Hellyes, Nashnasty!


You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

I'm going to be in the DC area on the 27th, so I'd like to play the Military Bowl @ Annapolis against Memphis.

I'm hoping for Camping World, since I live here in Orlando ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. It won't be Orange (loluva) or Military (we were there last year). ND will get Citrus if it's an ACC team (Big Ten in Orange) so hopefully that leaves us for Camping World. Rooting against Wake tomorrow.

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Would love a shot at a middle pack big 10 like Penn State or a wiscy with a less mobile qb send bud out with a nice win if it was possible a revenge shot at Notre Dame would be the best pick.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

This loss possibly knocked us down a few pegs in the pecking order

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And now this.

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Yup, #goacc.

Could that mean that one of the Orlando bowls is interested in VT?

We could jump a 9-3 Wake (win today) or even 9-3 ND (lose today).

And Wake Forest lost and they are 8-4. This makes things very interesting.

Sigh. I hate UVA.

And any bowl who has a choice between VT and WF, and cares about attendance (read: all bowls), is going to choose VT 8 days a week.

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๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ

Ugh, it's honestly hard to care about bowls now. Hopefully that changes when we get closer to it, but these smaller bowls arent very exciting. Especially when we were so close to something so much bigger.

Were we actually close to something that much bigger? If we beat UVA we were probably going to get blown out in Miami. We'll still go to a decent bowl game (Camping World/Belk/Music City) which will be a better game for sure. If we can finish the season 9-4 we can still finish with a top 25 ranking.

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Uh yes? You telling me winning the division, playing in an ACCCG again, and playing in a NY6 bowl is not much bigger than whatever meaningless bowl we are going to play in now? Come on, that's some grade A denial my friend.

No denial here - Playing in the ACCCG would've been huge, and IMO more important than going to an NY6 bowl.

I was just thinking about the bowl game in a vacuum. Is there much of a difference between getting blown out in an NY6 bowl (by Bama/UGA) vs potentially winning the Camping World or Music City bowl? I get that I'm making some rather negative assumptions about the team's performance, but I don't think that we'd remember the season much differently either way (again, b/c the ACCCG is more important than the bowl appearance to me).

I'm kind of doing a bad job of articulating my thoughts here... I'll come back and edit if I get any clarity.

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Yes. We are at a point of such bowl saturation that the only ones that matter at all are the NY6/Playoffs. None of the others ones matter at all, I agree there. Even losing a NY6 is better. But even just being there and getting chance to win one is worth the risk of getting blown out.

If Hooker needs shoulder surgery do you go ahead with that so he has another month to recover? Let QP work with the 1s for 3+ weeks and see how he executes a bigger playbook?

Since Fuente and Co. have probably curried enough favor with the Whit to not canned I get Hooker healthy, hopefully in time for spring ball.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I hope this is hypothetical...

Yes - get the surgery out of the way and an extra month to rehab. QP showed enough that, at a minimum, he is a serviceable backup. Let him take the reps and show-off what he can do.

Yeah I don't know anything. Just a hypothetical based on the rumor we've heard since beginning of the season.

Yes, but wait until we get our bowl

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I think so. I've started to believe come to terms with the fact that all non-playoff bowl games are just exhibitions. That's not at all a bad thing, but there's no need to risk HH's health for a game that (1) won't contribute much to his growth as a player (I don't think he really needs the extra snaps right now, but I'm quite open to having my mind changed), (2) won't help us win the division/conference, and (3) won't have a huge impact on our national standing.

Bowl games should be an opportunity for players to have fun; it shouldn't be a 'put your body on the line' type of game' IMHO.


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Everyone who is automatically assuming the Orange Bowl is going to be a destruction of UVa needs to take a closer look to how those teams have done in the past when they've been on the outside cut of the playoff or title game. Expect a lot of players to be sitting out the bowl game to prepare for the draft and the rest of the team going through the motions after the disappointment to end the year. It's a game ripe for an upset.

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I think more of those cases of players sitting out where for teams who didn't make NY6 bowls. I've looked back at the history of the NY6 bowls, and in most cases, they're fairly competitive or at least not unexpected outcomes.

In 2014, TCU won big in their bowl game while Baylor only lost by a point.

In 2016, Michigan only lost the Orange Bowl by one point.

In 2017, after Wisconsin missed out on the CFP by losing to Ohio State in the Big Ten title game, they beat Miami in the Orange Bowl by 10.

Last year, Ohio State won the Rose Bowl for Urban's last game after missing the CFP.

But last time Alabama didn't go to the CFP was the 2013 Sugar Bowl where they lost by 2 TDs to Oklahoma.

But last time Alabama didn't go to the CFP was the 2013 Sugar Bowl where they lost by 2 TDs to Oklahoma.

Sorry for nitpicking, but that was the year of the last BCS Championship. Bama was the #3 team in the country with a single loss. Undefeated FSU and one loss Auburn (who beat Bama, keeping them out of the SECCG).

Twitter me

Point still stands that 2013 was the last time they weren't selected for the CFP. The fact that the CFP didn't yet exist is irrelevant.

Bama is no longer just outside the playoffs cut, and as liable to come out pissed off after the way they lost to Auburn.

Or, like my man said up above, they could just not care and end up repeating 2013 Oklahoma or 2009 Utah.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Went to the 2013 Sugar Bowl between Louisville and Florida and the Florida fans reallyyy hung their hats on the "they're not in the natty, they don't care" thing.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

I mean we dealt with a similar situation in 2007 when we looked like we could not care less to be in the Orange Bowl against Kansas

"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

In most cases the teams were good match ups. UVA is team that i barely top 25 worthy, and has a poor mans Vick running the O. Its pretty ripe for a blow out. 2*s still playing against 4+*s

I also am hoping we go to the Belk Bowl, because dcwilson oversold his Fuente angst and said he would stop criticizing him anymore if we played in Charlotte, which he later confirmed would also apply to the Belk Bowl alongside the ACC CG.


"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

Yeah- go back and read... the #1 condition was "win out"... which we didn't do. thanks


"I have a PLAN. You just need to have a little goddamn faith, Whit. I just need. more. MONEY." - Justin van der Linde

on tech talk live they said it's most likely Belk or music city

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I still believe that every point Clemson scores inches us closer to the Orange bowl bid.

I think it's embarrassing UVA couldn't even sell out their home field for their biggest game in 20ish years.

I hope it's an early blowout (28 by halftime) while the majority of the viewers are still turned in. I feel like more eyes will be on the game the first 2 quarters then tune out, unless UVA somehow plays them close. No one wants to watch UVA get blown out two marquee games in a row...

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This is a pipe dream and isn't happening.

We all hate it, but uva earned that bid by beating us. None of us would be predicting this situation if rolls were reversed.

Not that I'm wishing injury, but pretend Perkins goes down somehow. I would have to think the committee would see that and think twice.

But as long as there's no # next to their name after Saturday's game, I will keep my fingers crossed.

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A) I know you didn't mean it this way but nobody is rooting for that.

B) If this did happen, the amount of shit we'd get from uva about it would make the payoff not remotely worth it. Especially considering we'd likely be a lamb to the slaughter for a pissed of UGA or Bama.

C) It's still complete BS when they beat us straight up and would undermine the integrity of an already pretty beat up, reputation-wise, conference.

agree here. No chance UVA gets snubbed, and they shouldn't. VT has a great rep, but we aren't Ohio state, etc. UVA will likely sell out their allotment to their first BCS game in forever anyway. Zero chance VT gets picked over them.

UVA is having to offer $25 virginia athletics vouchers to sell tickets for their first ever ACC championship game soooo i don't know about that.

Gobble Till You Wobble

If that's true, the Orange Bowl is absolutely going to factor that into their decision. If UVA can't even sell tickets for their first-ever appearance to the ACC Championship Game in Charlotte, how in the world are they going to sell tickets to a game all the way down in Miami?

I guarantee you the Orange Bowl cares more about money than about optics, and besides, the positive optics of having the Virginia Tech name over UVA to attract more viewers in the first place would probably mean more to them than the negative optics of snubbing the "more deserving" team. Really, nobody outside of the ACC is going to care which unranked team makes it to the Orange Bowl to be sacrificed to the 3rd or 4th best SEC team, and even in the conference the vast majority of the people who might care are the fans of the two schools in the running.

UVA can't even sell tickets for their first-ever appearance to the ACC Championship Game

You shouldn't blame the fans, though. Up until a week ago no one believed UVA would ever go to the ACCCG. they have to make these arrangements on extremely short notice.

Really, nobody outside of the ACC is going to care which unranked team makes it to the Orange Bowl

If you need evidence for this, watch our bowl game and count the number of times the analysts call us "Virginia."

"Our job as coaches is to influence young people's lives for the better in terms of fundamental skills, work ethic, and doing the right thing. Every now and again, a player actually has that effect on the coaching staff." Justin Fuente on Sam Rogers

They have known the entire month of November that if they won they would go... That's not short notice IMO

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If they won

Well they've known for 15 years that they can't beat us so that's a pretty big qualifier.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

They've had a weeks notice and I don't know about everyone else but I don't have any free weekends between now and Christmas. It's a tough thing to schedule for and all uva bashing aside, you probably shouldn't hold this against them. They also probably know what they're in for.

We'd all like to go to the Orange Bowl. But I'd rather go after earning it. We didn't earn it this year. I think you're building yourself up for disappointment here and you're building it around an assumption that VT would outdraw uva significantly. I'm not sure that's such a slam dunk.

We've outdrawn many more-prestigious programs for bowl attendance over the years, and have routinely played in bowl games we may not have deserved to play in. It's a major part of why Beamer retired with a losing record in bowls. And besides, I'm not saying it's a slam dunk, but I think the Orange Bowl committee would seriously consider selecting us over UVA if the CFP committee gives them a choice by dropping UVA from the top 25 after a loss next week.

How badly do you think UVA needs to get beaten for this outcome to happen? Legitimately curious.

35 and I think OB Committee begins research about earning money over doing what's right.

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I think they can lose by 50 and it won't matter. I guess we'll see.

It's hard to say I'd be disappointed making the Orange Bowl but I don't think I'd want to deal with the shit we'd get from all of college football for making a NY6 bowl while not even winning the ACC Coastal. I think the Orange Bowl will see it that way too. I hear your money argument, but I just disagree that the difference between us and uva this year would be that great.

A lot would deal with advertising and such as well. So many revenue streams go into those games. If they're afraid one team won't draw viewers it could get interesting.

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Auburn made the Sugar Bowl a few years ago as an 8-win team. I would much rather be in a bigger bowl with better exposure if there is an opportunity. The rest of the country can be mad if they want. These bowls are all about making money anyway and not about fairness.

That Auburn team had the following losses (rankings are end of season rankings not time of game):

Clemson (1) : 13-19
Texas A&M : 16-29
@ UGA : 7-13
@ Bama (2): 12-30

They had a win over LSU (13). They had the best conference record outside of Florida and Alabama. Florida had a case for the Sugar Bowl bid but the final CFP rankings had Auburn higher up. UF also lost their last regular season game against FSU and then lost the next week to Bama in the SEC CG. Auburn's losses to Clemson and aTm were very early in the seaon (weeks 1 & 3).

Our losses are to BC, Duke, ND, and UVA.

It's not the worse comparison in the world because UF had a legitimate claim but the quality of the losses is very very different for that Auburn team.

It depends on where the CFP committee puts them tonight, as well as what else happens near the bottom of the top 25 next weekend, but if they happen to drop out then I'm certain the Orange Bowl will consider both options carefully.

I understand the odds are very low, so I'm fully prepared not to go. But I think I'd find it humorous if they picked against UVA due to their lack of interest after all these so called "fans" have emerged like locusts after 16 years of hibernation.

Maybe they would take that as a wake up call: "Oh the country sees us this way and not just VT Fans"

Maybe they might start supporting their team outside of when it's convenient and maybe actually salvage some part of this "rivalry".

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Go Hokies!

I'm just here for the locust references.

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I mean other than VT ACC championship years, the secondhand ticket market for the Charlotte ACC championship game has been super cheap recently. Like chipotle burrito is more expensive cheap.

Dang, they selling family valu paks with a hot dog and soda to the championship game! Must be a wine fest in C'ville this weekend...

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I agree UVA earned the OB bid and we shouldn't be selected for it. But, if it did happen, I can't say I wouldn't be chilling like Mike Young with a bag of popcorn watching the ensuing Hoo meltdown.

That would be a hell of a grab for us. I certainly hope (and am pretty sure) UVAh gets its doors blown off no matter what. However, I can tell you that mike burnop and jon laaser never mentioned the words orange bowl.

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Then it's a good thing they aren't on the Orange Bowl committee.

Biggest game in 11 years (2008 USC, which is still their most recent sellout), but your point stands.

Biggest game with a chance to actually win then?

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I don't think the score matters. UVA is going to the Orange Bowl.

They're #23 in the current CFP rankings. Navy (9-2) and Ok State (8-4) are behind them. A loss will put them at 9-4. Even with a blowout, the committee has historically not punished championship game losers.

As I've pointed out before, if someone drops out of the top 25, someone else has to move in. There's no unranked P5 teams playing, so none of them will be able to jump into the rankings by staying idle. There's a few G5 teams playing in championship games that might have a close record, but if they were worthy of being in the top 25, the committee would already put them there. Those teams aren't even getting AP votes.

With a loss they'll drop to 25th, regardless of score just to ensure all the NY6 games involve ranked teams, which would also lock them into the Orange.

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That's the other point I was forgetting.

The ACC already has enough issues with perception in bowls, especially the big ones. Having an unranked team in a New Year's Six bowl would not be a good look for the ACC, the Orange Bowl, or the committee in general.

Agreed. They will drop no lower than 24. The only team below them that could jump based on record would be Navy with only two losses and the fact they can finish no worse than 9-3 after the Army-Navy game. Everyone else is in the clubhouse at this point, and I don't see anyone who can jump into the top 25 to replace UVA. So Clemson will boat race them and they will happily head down to the Orange Bowl. Now had we managed to hang on and beat ND, this may be a totally different story...Regardless, we had our opportunities and didn't win when it mattered most. On to the bowl game and next year.

Edit: Looking at the rankings one more time, there is one tiny possibility I could see: Kansas State. Did not realize they finished 8-4 with a win last week over Iowa State that knocked them out of the rankings. KSU also owns a win over Oklahoma. The committee is definitely trying to set up the possibility of Oklahoma beating Baylor and jumping into the playoff with their sudden adjustment of Baylor last week. If UVA is blown out by Clemson, they could drop out of KSU sneaks in at 25. Assuming Oklahoma beats Baylor, they could claim wins over Baylor (twice), Ok St, and a close loss to KSU as their only blemish, all who finished in the top 25. That would likely be enough to get them in the playoff over Utah. If UVA is blown out, I could see KSU finishing ranked over them having a win over a potential playoff team on their resume. Slim chance but possible I think.

Compare these two resumes if you're the committee next weekend. Let's assume Oklahoma beats Baylor and Clemson beats UVA (I'll be charitable and say by 30 since I think that's close to the current spread). Notable wins for each first followed by losses. Ranking when they played not bracketed and projected final ranking in brackets. Fairly clear which team to me should be ranked if UVA is coming off a blowout next weekend.

KSU (8-4)
# 5(4)Oklahoma (12-1)
# 23 Iowa State (7-5)

(25) Oklahoma State (8-4) by 13
(10) Baylor (11-2) by 19
Texas (7-5) by 3
WVU (5-7) by 4

UVA (9-4)
#24 VT (8-4)

3(3) Clemson (13-0) by 30
10(14) ND (10-2) by 15
Miami (6-6) by 8
Louisville (7-5) by 7

I feel like if the committee thought K-State was a viable option as a top 25 team, they would have put them in there. Their loss to Ok State is probably what's keeping them out.

And also, uva already has 9 wins, which is something K-State won't be able to say until after their bowl game.

True, but if you compare both teams' schedules, a win over ODU or Liberty is the only difference between UVA at 9 and KSU at 8. KSU also has a 9 game conference schedule. I sort of feel like their total body of work at season's end next weekend should justify them jumping into the top 25 if UVA loses horrifically. We have no way of knowing, but I would be willing to bet KSU is #26 right now on the committee's list.

Here's probably the simplest reason why this isn't a thing -- time.

The championship games will be wrapping up between 11 pm and midnight on Saturday. The final rankings are revealed at noon on Sunday. Instead of three days of deliberations, the committee only has 12 hours (probably closer to 6-8 max if you factor in sleep time).

Dropping uva out of the rankings hurts the Orange Bowl, which is one of the bowls that the committee actually has to deal with. It also causes a domino effect that trickles down to all of the ACC bowls, because it changes their options.

At this point, adding K-State to the rankings does nothing for the NY6, K-State, Big 12, or any of the Big 12 bowls.

Therefore, having a debate on teams 23-25 is pointless. The committee can just drop uva down a spot or two, move Navy and Oklahoma State up a spot, and then move on to debating who should be #4.

Give me Music City. If we're going to play in a non-NY6 bowl, give me the most fun location possible. The stadium is a short walk from the bars on Broadway.

I'd actually like a Music City Bowl appearance. That's one I'd definitely get to

Let's also remember what happened the season after we went to the Music Bowl...

I'm 100% behind this idea

All these discussions about where we might end up and various wishful thinking.

We lost to a bad BC team that just fired their coach, got our doors blown off at home by an awful Duke team, choked up at Notre Dame by running prevent, and had our defense forget how to play for 2 out of 4 quarters against our rival.

We arnt going to the Orange Bowl, and it's going to be an uphill climb to beat whatever team we face in a meaningless bowl. That is the current state of VT football, let's not make fools of ourselves talking about pipe dreams like the Orange Bowl.

Agreed. I can't honestly say that, objectively, we earned the right to go to the orange bowl....

Latest CBS projection has us in the Belk Bowl against Texas A&M.

A. That would be great for our current TX2VT recruiting push if we could win.

B. They take our basketball couch coach, we end their football season.

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I always hated that basketball never went with the drapes...

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That couch was the glue that held the team together.

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you couldn't google a couch that was more buzz-worthy? Maybe some garish colors to match his sweaters or something?

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

You're right. That couch is more up Rick Pitino's alley.

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I would love to beat aTm at anything because of Buzz. However, their football season ends regardless of a win or loss. It's not like the winner of the Belk Bowl gets a secret entry into the Playoff

"A loss to us is the last thing that occurs in their 2019 football season"

That better for you?

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That's . . . actually not a bad projection from CBS.

Just talked with a Tennessee "official" at the Hilton Knoxville where they are having some event. He said that outside of two change ups-Tennessee is making plans to play Virginia Tech in the belk bowl.

Please no. I don't hate UT like many here. I earned my MBA there in 1999. But, my mom lives in Knoxville and married a VFL (Vol for Life). We all went to the Battle of Bristol and it was just too much for me (the family drama). I'd just rather not have to face all that again.

If we do....then at least UT's best player by far (WR Jennings) was just suspended by the SEC for the first half of their bowl game. So, that will help our chances.

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New rumor is App St in the Belk Bowl

The winner of the Sun Belt championship goes to the New Orleans Bowl. Unless Louisiana upsets App State, we won't see them in the Belk, and even then I would be surprised to see a non-contract bowl (such as the Belk Bowl) jump past 4 contract bowls and take one of the most marketable teams in the conference.

Edit: Now that I see that the Belk paid $4.5M last year vs. less than $1M from the NOLA Bowl I can better understand why this might happen.

Even if I think we could beat App State, I'd still rather play a mid-tier P5 team in a bowl instead of a really good G5.

I don't want to play them because they have cry baby fans. All they've done on r/CFB is bitch about not being ranked higher. All I can think is "you guys lost at home to Georgia Southern, no you don't belong in the top 15 sorry"

I feel like it's a lose-lose. We beat them; we're supposed to. We lose to them; see other G5 losses.

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Except they have a number by their name. Nobody makes fun of teams that lose to UCF or Boise or similar, because they know they're good teams, and this wouldn't be much different.

Should be Wake and App State. Give Wake a chance to beat the best team in North Carolina to go along with their sweep