Pieces of the Puzzle - Meet the new Hokie FB Assistants

HokieSports putting out an introduction to our new assistant Football coaches. Gets me hyped, what about others?

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I'm very optimistic about this group, especially TNT. How can you argue against that much NFL experience between them? Not to mention Tapp is a diehard lunch pail Hokie and you know he'll go that extra mile for the program.

Great intro. These guys seem like a great fit and a great staff. Really gives me confidence that they will put an amazing product on the field and that LPD is back.


TNT is hard to argue against. One has over 10 years of playing time in the NFL and the other coming from being one of the top DL coaches in the NFL. How can you argue against "We've been there. We know what it takes to get there and to be successful" from them?

Excited for the defense in the next few years.

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If TNT can show some success on the field this year, it's going to pay dividends immediately. I am rooting for them big time. Their Twitter game is already on point!

Lets get more of this kind of stuff please

VT '10 #AllMaroonEverything

Go get some croots.

Just dont @ them.

Love this, thanks for sharing!

That was really well put together. I'm expecting some hiccups under a new DC, but am cautiously optimistic overall.

Claeys and TNT have a lot of experience. Smith has some nice experience too for an up amd comer. Tapp has a lot of playing experience and has been part of an SEC staff and gets to learn from TNT. For the money spent this staff has a lot of potential.

P.S. Let me put it a different way, the VT defense coaching staff has two former players, 17 years of DC experience, 12 years of NFL dline coaching from the #2 NFL defense this past season, A Virginia native, multiple years experience in the Big Ten including our recruiting rival PSU. And SEC expierence. People who know VA, know the south and have been in big name conferences.


I'm a long time lurker with a new account... I wont post much. It's not my thing. But I created an account just to say that this is disgusting and deserves to be punished by moderators. It looked to me like someone got permanently deleted from this site for a much less vile post just last week. My husband is a user here who let his TKPC membership lapse over the last year because the quality of engagement has deteriorated so much and we wont be paying again if stuff like this persists, but especially if "justice" is meted out at random by moderators.

I mean it's a Pulp Fiction reference

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As I recall the standard Joe set was any condescending posts would be cracked down on. I could be mistaken but you can use movie quotes in a condescending way. I dont remember exactly but I think the account that was banned last week only asked Joe if he was living up to his own standard after Joe called some one a dick or said their comment was dickish or something along those lines.

Now I get that if you make the site you make the rules but my point remains. If you want users to take you seriously you cant delete one account and not all the others who are condescending assholes just because they use movie references.

Wait who got banned? I'm outta the loop, I ain't been TKPing hard enough.

Apparently the user in question earned no turkey legs, and may god have mercy on their soul.

I dont remember what the account name was. I think it was in the thread about Iezzi's podcast.

You're really upset

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

I'm not upset. I'm doing this because my husband and his buddies who are active users joked about making an account to call out the ridiculous moderation here without jeopardizing their accounts like the one that got kicked last week. I told them I'd do it, they loved it and here we are. I'll probably never comment again after tonight.

That's cool, is your husband jsumm?

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Only, it's a movie reference that I am fairly certain was used in jest and not to be condescending.

You, your husband, and his friends may have a valid argument. But I think you aimed it at the wrong comment.

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No condescending is when I play Mario golf and some one misses a put and I make my character say "Nice Shot!"

On making people mad about a game it's about a 9 on a scale of 1 to Risk.

I wouldn't say the above movie quote is condescending. It's a crass way of making his point and whether you find it disgusting is more subjective to individuals.

Whether I agree with Joe hitting jsumm, on the Iezzi post, with the -100 downvote or not I can see the difference between that comment and this one. I don't think he was completely banned. I could be wrong.

The difference here is that 7layers is making a point with a joke, crass as it may be, whereas jsumm was attacking the moderator for telling people to stop the mean comments toward each other. Again not saying I personally agree but there is a clear difference between that comment and this one.

Regarding the joke above if you find it displeasing or disgusting then give it a downvote, and explain why if you'd like. That's what the community should be doing. Self policing with politeness. However, given the state of the program and people's love of the program we have gotten somewhat political where there are two entrenched camps constantly fighting about the same points, calling each other names and making "dickish" comments to each other about the opposing point of view, and then a handful of moderates in the middle.

I haven't been on the boards as much recently because of how busy I am but I'm going to try to point out differences and calm things down when and if I can. And offer explanations like this one. Maybe it will help ease the burden on Joe and save jsumm and others from the banhammer. Not that I am a moderator or anything but I'll give it a go.

I hope you, your husband and his friends get back to the community. You all can help lead the way bringing the rhetoric back down to mild bickering, or just continue lurking which is also cool.

Hope that helps.

Quite a bit more eloquent than I put it. But yes, all of this.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

Fwiw jsumm88's account page leads to the page not found Frank fail thumbs down gif redirect for 5 days now. Same as hokiemacgruber and sharkbait hokie and others who have been banned

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ah, good to know. Also the account I replied to above seems to be gone as well.

Maybe it's just my fucked up sense of humor, but that fact and the fact that the subthread Cranl008 is referencing has several Pulp Fiction GIFs in response particularly tickles me.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

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I missed it! Can we get a re-post of the original inflammatory content?

He said "KingJames is the nicest, best looking, smartest guy on this site. Men want to be him, women want to be his wife."

Obvisouly everyone was upset by the truth.

I know nobody wants to say it, but it looks like to me that Fuente and JHam did some good work here.

People have been singing the praises of the new assistant coaches. Not everybody is out to get you or Fuente at all times man.

I haven't heard all that much praise for Fuente on this site for having replaced Bud with what looks like a credible staff.

I get it - the jury is still out. But we've sure heard a lot about him having a chat with Baylor, and for letting Wiles leave with Bud.

For me, the replacement of the staff on the defensive side of the ball is critically important. I think it's worth recognizing that we seem to have made some good hires. That's all I'm saying. We won't really know until we see what happens on the field next year, and how recruiting goes.

I think it's a great staff that covers a lot of different areas. Since we went with the young and upcoming approach at DC versus a flashy known commodity, it's a bit of high risk/high reward. On paper it certainly checks a lot of boxes with a mix of youth and experience. I'm very intrigued to see what schematic changes we see in year 1. To have the season VT fans hope we can this year, we're going to need a very strong effort from this new staff.

Well, they do have some youth, AND some experience, so I would think that means effort.

They'll be needing to be effective immediately. We've needed some adjustments for years.

I mean heck I'll say it but you said it better than I could so I'll use your words

Fuente and JHam did some good work here

A new, promising, staff is all well and good but I'm still a little concerned that we lost Jerry Kill. I think the assumption or implication is that he had a lot to do with the team's turnaround last season. Hopefully they can keep the train rolling without him.

I think Kill's importance is overstated. Consultants' value in organizations is their ability to reframe problems given their 'fresh' view point. If you hang around forever, you lose that fresh view point.

Twitter me

I have said it before and it bears repeating, especially after talking with my son-in-law yesterday.

What Fuente did with the addition to the staff is make a long-term commitment to being the Head Whistle with the youth movement on the staff. The staff have two defensive coaches who has been in the NFL, know what it's like to compete in the big league, and Tapp still has a pull in the 757. J. Ham, by all accounts, is football-smart and that was how Beamer described Foster, as someone who understood the game, and Ham had the ringing endorsement of Foster as his successor. The new defensive back coach made JMU's secondary hawkish, and if he can get the same production in Blacksburg, I hope the glory days of feasting on picks return. Claeys provides experience as well as sounding board for the younger but hungry coaches.

Agreed on playing the long game with these hires, but all of this hinges upon next season being very successful. If we struggle, with a decreasing buyout I don't know how much time this gets to play out before donors want a change. Also the personnel next year are setting up to be the culmination of Fuente's first recruiting classes. Bottom line, we need a big year in 2020. If next season is a success, I think you see a major fundraising campaign following it to ride momentum. If not, there may be push to hit the reset button before committing to more resources.

Pretty cool. I'd like to see one of these done on JHam.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Video got me psyched up! Go Hokies!

After watching that, how could someone not want to play for them??

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.