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I noticed on Hokiesports that DT Lemar Law is 6'5" 320lbs, that is Dexter Lawrence size right there and I want to know how Lakeem Rudolph is developing at DE. Those are 2 players from Green Run in Va Beach and that school has put out some talent in recent years. We missed out on a WR or CB from there that was a 4 star and chose UNC but I have high hopes for Law and Rudolph.

See I'm thinking this about Dax. Maybe Tisdale will move over to Mike (as Pry alluded to) because Dax is too slow.

Either way I'm very curious about this defense because it sounds like they're still behind the offense, but it's really hard to believe they'll be outside the top 50 this year

Until I see Tisdale walk out there instead, I'm convinced Keller is going to start at LB over him at ODU. Way too much smoke blown about him at this point for it to just be lip service.

Wright was such a steal of a recruit for the last staff, I bet he turns some heads this fall.

No lie, 20mins ago I was thinking how I could hoodwink the wife into a hiking trip out there with football ending the trip. Annnnd here we are.

Fun interview. This had me smiling most of the time - except for the Fuente insights. I know living in the past is what hamstrung this program, but you have to feel good about someone like Billy Hite giving Pry his seal of approval.

Grove Park Inn is an awesome spot to have a drink on the patio as the sun sets. Inside, they also have two of the biggest stone/boulder fireplaces you'll ever see which are a great spot in the winter.

It does really suck, but at least Jalen Holston should be a good substitute. Between Holston and King I think opponents will still have to respect our run game.

Not being in Blacksburg I never realized Fuente wasn't just at every event like Beamers staff. I mean how can you complain about money for football if you're not out there begging for it.

Restaurante Tio Pepe is an institution and a special outing kind of place for me and my family growing up. Haven't been there for 25 years but can't imagine much has changed. Quite enjoyed gambas al ajillo, suckling pig and the chiperones (off menu and worth asking if they have them the day you are there)

Grew up in Ellicott City, went to Wilde Lake right by the mall and Merriweather. Cannot leg this enough, blows my mind anytime I drive around there!

Don't worry, I'm sure we have a hotly anticipated road contest at Richmond or W&M queued up. /s.

At least give me at VMI. Could pregame at the house.

Yeah I really like the dynamic of Bowen, Glenn, and Rudolph and the offensive synergies there. Glenn mentioned today at the presser that he envisioned he would be on the field instead of the box. Having the QB coach on the field right in the QBs ear to talk to them with the OC in the booth I think is a huge advantage and good setup.

I think Brad Glenn is a huge help there too. Bowen has a handful of games of calling plays, so he's not brand new to it, but having a guy like Glenn is big to me to help plan and even mentor on game day

Bowen is a protege of Joe Moorhead and was his OL coach at Fordham and eventually the OC there prior to coming to Penn St Also getting hired by Urban for an NFL job is a great vote of confidence. Pry said he and Franklin really viewed him as a rising star.