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Bruno and Joe bossed it, great finishes by Schar and Wilson. I am very excited for this season, especially if we get another attacker in.

I think you're right on the first guess. IIRC Jackson State went pretty hard for this guy. He may be chasing those $$$ to go play for coach Dion for a year.

Lol, you guys need to chill 😂
All I'm saying is it's sucks to care about a team and invest your time and repeatedly see the people running the club don't give a 💩

I think in a recent interview he said he was playing at low 170s last year. I think he said he put on roughly 5-7 pounds but that he could feel the difference when getting tackled and not immediately going down. Seems odd of a statement when pounds gained seems fairly small. Maybe the weight gained was more lower body strength and that helps with staying up when people are trying to tackle you

Lawson weight updated, only 212 lbs. A little light for a LB, might be able to get on the field in the SAM spot, but still that's a light weight for a safety.

Weight updated on Hokie Sports, King listed at 180, Dax at 250. King must have been 160 last year, he is visually stronger than last season.

I know there's a lot of time left for 2023 recruiting classes to solidify, but seeing our '23 class currently ranked higher than the past three Fuente classes makes me smile.

if any of y'all watch/listen to the the pivot podcast, Khalil Herbert got a mention in the Patrick Surtain/Patrick Surtain II episode, guess he played with Patrick Surtain II in high school, and the head coach was Patrick Surtain, on a team with like 6 future NFL players lol. Imagine playing a team that stacked in HS......

UNC historically recruits better than us regardless of whether they've ever had serious football success. They were hyped last year, but even then the same people hyping them were saying it was a year earlier than expected. We'll see if they can ever develop anybody, but talent wise, yes they are on the verge of being great.

I really wonder what their recruiting pitch is. I mean they aren't on the verge of being great. They've been mediocre to decent and still struggle against us. I suppose we didn't have much to offer with Fu either. Hopefully things start to turn around with Pry.