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I dropped some weight, but it took open heart surgery to do it. I'd suggest you go ahead and increase your daily activity-just move all the time. Moderate your food and drink. Get 8 hours sleep and a good breakfast. Don't wait for the surgeon.

Hooker probably threw it to the 2nd receiver in his reads one time for a 17yd gain and Corn probably blew a gasket he didn't throw a swing pass to Blumrick whatever second string tight end played with Hooker for a 6" gain

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think our athletic fees help with upkeep of intramural fields, intramurals themselves, War/McComas Hall, etc

No, VT isn't reasonable, its LESS EGREGIOUS. $300 for students to contribute to sports, who's athletes receive scholarship money is ridiculous. Now, athletes are permitted to make money from sources outside the university. GET RID OF THE ATHLETIC FEES...period.

Oh I get that completely. I was for signing him last year and as much as he wants out now I kind of gotta say I dont like the way he seems to want nothing to do with the club now. Cant see anyone coming for him at this point so for me he needs to get over it and as you said sleep in the bed you made but hes CR7 and who knows how hes taking all this.

I also enjoy the banter on here to have a little fun as well and I appreciate it. Twitter is where I follow most of the sports news but it is a cespool and the fan base on there is one of the more vile things in this world. Its no surprise to learn that the most abused players on social media are all united players. I like twitter for the transfer market stuff but the shit that so many of these "fan" accounts is repulsive enough to make me wish the app was deleted sometimes.

It has Mike Leach and the possibility of throwing for 500 yards a game. Never hand the ball off. Just chuck it around. Of course he would want to go there.

And yet the crystal balls all say MSU. Know that Starkville has? Ant hills. Humidity. Heat. Did I mention ant hills?

I did have some decent local beer. So, there's that.