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Savannah. Combination of the weather, people and cost of living. River Street....walk it all. It's crazy on St Pat's but a good place regardless. Eating has so many options. Parm bowl is an experience. Circa 1875 steaks. Shrimp and grits at Repeal. Mrs Wlkes Dining Room. The Pirate House.

Go on a dusk ghost tour of the local cemeteries. Hit Tybee Island for the beach. Water goes way out at low tide. Take a day to go down to St Simon's Island to explore that as well. Good pier and shops plus beaches.

What's the favorite place you've lived other than your current location, why?

What's one thing I should eat, see, and do if I ever visit?

I lived with a few preferred walk-ons during my time at tech. I tried with no luck to get one to participate, sorry man.

USA tops the group with 3 shutout victories. Won't know their first knockout opponent until all groups have finished. Also, two key players will be joining for the knockouts after finishing their club seasons. Kevin Paredes from Wolfsburg should start on the right wing and will be really dangerous and Rokas Pukstas from Hajduk Split should slot right into the midfield. A lot will depend on the draw but this team is looking really good and could make a nice run.

If I hadn't gone the path I did another option would have been to become a Lego designer. I am still learning how to use their design software but once I am comfortable may start putting out some large scale builds.

I enjoy freshwater aquariums. The filter noise and the fish swimming help with stress.

I collect both physical and digital sportscards. Digital is mainly Topps Skate app. Physical I tend to focus on Hokies signatures and then the Washington teams up in this thread.

Once healthy I hope to get back to playing goalie in indoor soccer.

I coach an Odyssey of the Mind team for my kids school. It's a cross of engineering, problem solving and drama for grades 2-5.

So here's a thought... And, to clarify, I have no idea of the legalities and timelines and those sorts of things, but...

What if the Magnificent 7/8 simply broke away and said, "Damned the GOR!" They negotiate a TV deal (again, can they do this?), preferably with FOX over ESECPN and get to work as a smaller conference sharing revenue with each school getting a larger piece of the pie (I know this has been discussed above) than they currently receive being in the ACC.

Let the GOR thing hit the courts... It will take years to sort out, during which time the Magnificent 7/8 are bringing in more revenue than they had been while in the ACC. Negotiate the number down (again, is this possible?) and work towards a 10 year payoff or something like that.

I've been saying it for over a year now, but the ACC is dead. Nothing can save it. Just get out as quickly as possible.

Played the River course for the first time today since McConnell took over. The conditioning was noticeably improved. On the other hand there was no one out there. Curious to see what they do to make that property a positive cash flow operation.
Shot 84 without hitting a single good drive. I can hit 10 perfect drives on the range and then go to the first tee and spray it all over the course.

His ability to know exactly where he was and take the least motion required to dunk is a clinic that all big men should try to emulate. Not sure how the Spurs do it but they are about to get the third franchise changing big in Wemby. Duncan and Robinson. Just incredibly convenient that he fell to them. Really wish the NBA would broadcast the draft lottery.

Pretty accurate comparison from the video clips I have seen.

Oh and actually met Gary when he and his band did a USO visit in Kuwait a long time ago. He has always been a staunch supporter of our military.

It could work but the annual payouts would need to be in the ballpark of the SEC and B1G for it to make sense. Maybe not on par but probably double what the ACC is currently getting at least. We get in that $50-$60 mil per team range with the opportunity for teams in the postseason to keep their bowl/playoff revenue and we might be on to something.

Question is 1) could the top 7-9 teams in the ACC plus ND generate enough through a new tv contract? And 2) would it keep Clemson and FSU happy enough to stay onboard? It would be great if somehow through ND this new league got an NBC package which could certainly drive up some value. Maybe some prime time night games at ACC schools since the Big Ten thinks it's too cold.

Notre Dame has made clear over the last few media cycles they prefer playoff access to money. If they wanted to be in the Big Ten or they wanted to chase money, they'd already be in.

What's changing? The ACC offers them an easier path to the playoff, and the opportunity to earn autobids and first round byes. It's also known that their donors and university higher ups like playing ACC teams, that's why they joined the league. The one concern would be money but now 1) They can pocket whatever money they make from the playoff/postseason and 2) Maybe we can offer them a Mtn West Boise type deal where they can join the league and get locked into the GoR but can sell a percentage of their rights to NBC or whoever to make some extra side money.

I'm not saying it happens, but I am saying the chance is >0% we have a pretty good pitch that works in both party's best interest

Edit, this should be in response to bar. The top 9 plus ND would be a very interesting proposition.

It was one of the best shows I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of shows over multiple genres. I didn't really hear people singing over top of him at all

wish I could have seen Charlie Moir

Got to do this as student from 1983-88

Didn't see Dell or Bimbo play at Tech.

Fortunate to see both play! Dell was amazing-shot from outside with opponents draped all over him (Steph got that from him); Always wondered- Dell had 2400+ points at VT all in the "pre-three-pointer-era"; how many would he have had if the shots that were three point range (especially the ludicrous 17'9" three point line they had for a bit) counted as three points? I'm guessing at least 3000 and likely more as the coaches would likely have him shooting even more from long range if they were 3's. (At the time Dell retired he was the (then) 10th all-time NBA three point shooter).

Bimbo- I thought of him and Wally Lancaster as the "Steph-Klay" of their day; Bimbo-like Steph- was the better shooter for contested shots; Wally-like Klay- was more the "straight up catch and shoot jump shooter" (but not as good at defene as Klay is/was)

I have (hazy, vague) memory of being at a bar, then going outside and climbing inti the back of a pickup truck with a camper shell on it; turns out it WAS the right one thank God or who knows where I'd have ended up. Also remember lifting the window and getting sick out the back on the road- didn't have any tailgaters that day lol !

Ah, Robinson. Got to see him play nearly 10 times in his time at the Naval Academy. They used to throw donuts holes up in the stands when he would dunk later in his career. They'd run out by halftime.

My friend and I were at that game I think- I KNOW we were at the hurricane Matthew game at UNC! Not as cold but definitely wet! Best part were the three NC State fans who came in in the second half after watching their own home game against Notre Dame JUST to watch UNC lose LOL !!

Play in a Wednesday night team play (when work allows it)...this past Wednesday I went -2 on 9 for the first time ever (and took home a wad of cash, c'mon). Ramping up at the right time (hopefully) as that course's invitational is next weekend. Lfg.