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247 just updated their rankings and with it VT's two QB commits got bumps. Orji is just outside 4* territory at .8847 and Farrell is up in the .86 range. Orji is in the top 500 nationally and both are listed as top 15 Dual Threat QBs.

i was enjoying reading through the article (think you Alex)... but probably like most, frustrated to hear of the always present depth issues, and tired of references to last year's challenges related to covid, though i've made peace with "it's just coach speak".
Then i read the Masters line, and had a true WTF moment.... after a minute, i thought maybe that's just CJF letting out a little happiness at a return to normal, trying to be personable and relate to the fans.... still came back to WTF though.

you make really good points and have fair and valid reasoning.

However, everything comes down to money. Money is generated by fans (through ticket sales, merchandise, and television contracts). Fans make the whole thing work. If a coach wants to be successful he has to be willing and able to engage the fans and keep them (and their dollars) interested. Yes, Fuente's on-field results leave a lot to be desired but he's really shooting himself in the foot by pushing the money away. Throw the fans a bone. Do something to engage them. Don't spit in their face and act blatantly like you don't give a flying f*** what the fans think. That's not going to win over the fans, who ultimately spend their money to keep you employed.

I think Fuente is generally a good guy (by all accounts) and I'm sure he truly wants to protect his players and is trying to do right by them. That is admirable. But he's completely misunderstanding how a P5 college football program is run and that is going to be his ultimate undoing. He just doesn't get it. That much is clear. The fans have started to turn on him and that is not going to bode well for him. Narratives exist for a reason. Just like clichés. They're tired and exaggerated but they carry some truth as well.

Fuente may have really good, admirable reasons for closing the fans out of practice and shutting everything down to the media. But it's the wrong decision when fan apathy is trending up and you badly need fan support. If he was winning 10+ games and ACC championships the fans wouldn't need extra access to stay engaged. Everyone can get excited about a team that figures to win 10+ games and compete for titles. But when you're losing a lot, the fans aren't going to be as interested. And if your closing your doors to the very select few fans who still want to be engaged, you're just stamping out the coals. Fuente better win a lot of ball games in 2021. Otherwise, he's going to lose even more fan support than he already has. And the dollars will follow. And things will become even more difficult for him than they already are.

my post was TIC. I'm not complaining about it. I'm happy that he is interested in the Hokies. I'm not sold on his ability to throw but he's obviously an athlete that can help us. I'll be more excited when he signs on the dotted line. I don't put much stock in "commitments" until the paperwork is signed. People decommit all. the. time.

The 2nd team isn't up to par because recruiting has been pretty poor for depth and we have seen 3 transfers of potential starters for this years squad. Who wants to work for a boss who makes you work constantly with no time for family or personal time? The staff spending this weekend locked in Merryman isn't going to change who is playing on that 2nd team.

Yea this is a shitpost... Top 300 on ESPN, if he signs he will be the highest rated signee since doug nester, just shy of four stars on 247 the spring after his junior season, Top 10 rated dual QB nationally. Take your bullshit elsewhere that's a DV from me.

He was highly rated by ESPN, which will probably raise his 247 composite score into the 4* territory whenever they do their next update. But yeah, we should stop going after Top 300 guys on ESPN, it's bad for the team and site morale.

I tend to agree, the sole purpose of sport is entertainment, and that should be the priority. In that vein though, secrecy, conspiracy, and malintent are all far more entertaining than what is probably reality. Perhaps that is why these narratives persist.

None of this access stuff really matters though. Consider the situation where we have the same W-L record, but the program is wide open, full televised practices and scrimmages. Sure the 2% of us who spend an irrational amount of time consuming football news would be a little happier, but it wouldn't change how hot Fuente's seat is. No one would say "I hate the product on the field and the direction of the program, but I like the access to practice, let's give him another 5 years." And that ultimately is the reason Fuente doesn't give a shit what we think about his access policies.

can we not bitch about a recruit's ranking in their commitment post/thread?

these are high school kids reaching a big mile stone and people are complaining because the magic internet points associated with the 16 year old aren't high enough

From the Laughs and Groans app:
I didn't want to believe that my dad was stealing from the highway maintenance job where he was working, but when I got home all the signs were there.

I want to add something else here too..

the messaging is completely wrong for this reason. When you say openly that you're spending your time outside of practice relaxing and watching the Masters, even though you know there is critical work that needs to be done, that tells the kids that they should also be relaxing in their off time. A coach leads by example whether they like it or not. The players are going to, in general, naturally follow that lead. If the coaches are spending their time out of practice working on "their" time to get better the players would be more motivated to do so.

Now we don't know what the internal message is to the kids. Maybe the coach is telling them to relax in their time off. That's noble, I suppose, but given what he just said about the big difference between the ones and twos that is a questionable decision, at best. But if he's telling the kids they need to spend "their" time working to get better and then turns around and says the coaches are going to be relaxing how do you think the players are going to respond to that?

It is a whole lot easier to spend "my" time working hard for someone when I know they are also spending "their" time working hard themselves. But if my boss tells me that I need to spend my weekend finalizing a project as he's headed out of the office at 1 PM on Friday with his golf bag in tow I'm going to be a lot less motivated to work on the project. I'm going to resent him and the work isn't going to be my best effort.

There are many aspects to leadership. Leading by example is one of them. "Do as I say, not as I do" just doesn't fly when you're in a position like a head football coach. The coaches should be working a lot harder than the players. The players should pick up on the fact that the coaches are working their tails off. That is motivation. When the coaches ask the players to work hard, the players know that the coaches, who work hard themselves, have the players' best interests in mind. When coaches ask the players to work hard from the couch, it rings much more hollow.

This is a big problem. Our team isn't ready. The message to the team is: "aww shucks, let's relax and enjoy the best time of the year." That just screams that Justin knows the fall isn't enjoyable. It's not enjoyable because he doesn't win. He doesn't win because he cares more about watching golf in the spring.

The Master's comment isn't awful in a vacuum. But it looks really really bad right on the tail end of saying that your football team isn't ready for the season. Sure, the players have limitations on the practices they can have but the coaches don't have the same limitations. They can be spending the time working together to figure out a way to get their players up to speed in the time they have to work with them.

This is kind of how it sounds:

"yeah, our second team just isn't up to speed yet, and that's a job the players and coaches need to focus on to get better. But the players are going to be off for a few days this spring so the coaches are just gonna relax and watch the Masters"

Like, dude, no! If your coaches can't get the second team ready to play (on offense, in YEAR 6) in the time allotted the COACHES need to burn the midnight oil figuring out where they can improve and find efficiencies in their system so they don't have this problem EVERY F***ING YEAR. I don't hear any other coaches around the country complaining about how their second team isn't ready, but oh shucks, we're out of time so let's go watch golf.

That ain't why people upset, its because it is the coaches job to be able to transfer knowledge of their system to the players in an efficient manner so that they get the most out of each practice. We are almost done with Spring practice and Fuente still believes that 2s aren't ready to play ball. That is a problem. Maybe working on a better way of communicating so the players grasp the system easier than watching golf on TV would do a lot more to get the 2s ready to play.

Let's be honest if it was just on the Defense he would have a reason. This is the first spring of the new defensive staff and playbook. However offense doesn't have that reason. Year 6 and your offense should be good to go at this point. The only new people learning that system is your freshman and transfers. Doesn't seem to be the case here according to Fuente.