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And I'll go the other way: Just because some random message board poster says that you're selfish and unintelligent doesn't make it so.

I thought your description of the environment and spacing between personnel was a compelling argument not to have to wear a mask, but I don't get to make policy.

Is that why you post Willie? Because you feel that gif of Anne is NSFW? Your message wasn't quite clear on that.

Is this your way of telling me that I shouldn't post this gif?

Just a thought...

You don't know everybody's situation. If you are shaming people for not wearing a mask who are otherwise practicing responsible social distancing as prescribed by the experts, you are actually exhibiting the attitude that you imagine they have that you detest.

Yes, using your brain is better than not using your brain. Yes, there are specific circumstances where masks are not necessary or proper, and we're all extremely aware here of your specific circumstance.

In general, wear a damn mask in public.

Limited tape, just a couple highlights on hudl and some clips on Twitter like this one:

The DE:

Interesting indeed, but still doesn't explain why we're dumping 1 trillion per month overboard on this. Click on the age breakout. My point still stands. Protect the elderly and we're not at almost 40 million unemployed today.

I'm a broken record by now, though. I'm not going to convince you that the annihilation of the US economy was not necessary this quarter any more than you're going to convince me that it was.

We're all Hokies, and we'll always have that.

In that case, she is a danger wearing that mask.
Much more so than I am at work, not wearing a mask but she is being held up as a paragon of concern and care and I am being informed I'm selfish and unintelligent.

I agree with all of this -- with regards to your last point, i happen to think there there will be a huge amount of commitment shuffling later on as things open back up and players actually start to take visits. the shape our class is definitely very concerning at this point, but i don't think we'll see a total flop like last year's class

I'd like comment on your statement.

1) Wear an effective mask. My training is that ineffective safety devices are worse than not wearing/using safety devices at all. They lead to false security and present their own hazards.

Let me present an example. If an individual is not wearing a mask and someone is concerned, they can add some distance or other means to mitigate the concern. If a person is wearing an ineffective mask, a concerned individual may not have the opportunity to sufficiently examine the mask to determine its effectiveness before the safety was breached.

There are fakes out there. I am in the medical industry and was made aware of a friend's practice that had counterfeit N95 masks delivered to their office.

2) Public here is poorly defined. Outside, not in a crowd, on a warm sunny day is a great prescription for going without a mask.
Inside a crowded club, you won't catch me there.

The people I see jogging everyday wearing a mask? That's an accident waiting to happen.
I know its anecdotal but it agrees with my knowledge, training/understanding; my internist friend is expecting a large uptick in people with upper and lower respiratory disorders because so may people are wearing masks constantly and not getting outside into fresh air.
The masks are keeping warm/humid air in the respiratory system and some of the waste excreted through respiration is not being fully expelled. Other viral and bacteriological particles are being reintroduced to the lungs because they get trapped by these masks and not expelled away.

How often are these crocheted masks getting washed properly.

The point of the masks has changed from protecting from transmission to the point being the wearing of a mask.

One person's virtue-signalling does not change the reason for wearing a mask, TBH.

it's about as useful as a crocheted mask

This. Right. here.

People lose sight of the fact that the point is to stop transmission of the virus.
Alyssa Milano was virtue signalling with a crocheted mask over the weekend.

I see them in grocery stores.
The point of the masks has changed from protecting from transmission to the point being the wearing of a mask.

a stadium 1/3 the size, never a legit chance to play for a National Championship, and the Sun Belt over the ACC

Or, those things just don't matter to some kids.

Maybe I'm not being clear.
If you live in a house with another person, you have a better chance of moving a virus from one person to another than I do at work. If you are ever in a car with another person, you have a better chance of moving a virus from one person to the next.

I'm going to break it down. The half life of an aerosolized virus in my environment on a brew day is incredibly small. Very hot, very humid environment. That particle would have to travel over 40 ft and drop an altitude of about 15 feet and go from one mouth directly into another.

Me, wearing a mask at work, would be virtue signalling only.

I really hope you are right, but my gut tells me there isn't much of a path for this to be a top 35 class. Recent 247 crystal balls are for guys in the 900-1000 range, so you have to trust that the staff is going with good evals on these guys that are supposedly at the top of their board.

The only way a 22-28 class can happen is if the staff starts pulling random top 400 talent out of nowhere. They've shown that they can do that, on a limited basis, with past classes...but in the time of COVID, where travel and official visits are all going to be jacked up, and these hypothetical recruits don't get to be one-on-one with coaches or see the plans for the new facility...I just don't think it's likely.

And I understand that every other program is dealing with COVID, but Fuente really picked a bad time to shank the previous class. It especially is frustrating because one of many, many reasons that the 2020 class was so poor was that the staff allegedly had already begun sinking time into 2021. So far, there don't seem to be a lot of fruits of that labor. Fuente himself hyped up the potential of the 2021 class and it's going to be a long shot for him to deliver.

Malik Newton, 3 star RB out of Lake Taylor High in Norfolk commits to Pitt. Don't think he was a target for VT. He had offers from Virginia, West Virginia, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Penn State, Maryland, and several other schools.