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What if everytime we worry we donate to the Hokieclub, then our worrying may literally chane some things and Visio is what I've used. can be used collaboratively.

Is the ACC really the worst P5 conference? What has PAC done? Or BIG 12 as a conference that elevates them over ACC?

Paint still works fine.

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I know less about it than you do. That said, one of my nephews set up a series of computers to "mine" it; this was years ago when it first became something. The computers would run round the clock and create tiny fractions of Bitcoin. I have no idea how that turned out for him.

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Did you really just imply that the ACC is better than the B1G?

A lot of it was heart related

So easy it was like cheating

Dabo $winney i$ and ha$ alway$ been a $uper great recruiter but nobody'$ cracked the code yet and figured out how he doe$ it

I'm not sure most VT fans appreciate how good Willis was last year. From

Finished third in the ACC with a 2.67 TD-to-INT ratio, fourth in passing yards per game (226.3 ypg), fourth in pass efficiency (138.0) and fifth in total offense (244.8 ypg) ... His 2,716 passing yards ranks eighth all-time in a single season at Virginia Tech ... Was Tech's third-leading rusher with 354 yards and four TDs

If he duplicates 2018, he'll be a top-5 all-time VT QB from a production standpoint. If he improves, and the defense is substantially better than the historically bad 2018 unit, we should compete for the Coastal.

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The class is really small, so we knew the ranking was going to be low. The bigger concern is the average ranking of the few recruits we have space for, and whether or not the recruits we get address positions of need.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's son. Although it's no comfort I know my words mean little but I hope that being surrounded by family that loved him helps them all.

In true life-is-cyclical nature, I welcomed my daughter (second child) into the world yesterday afternoon. This Father's Day will be tough to top. My wife joked that I've lost all of my special days (first was born 3 days after my birthday). I wouldn't want it any other way, though. That's what I've recognized from thinking back to what I saw from my dad - part and parcel with fatherhood is making a small sacrifice for the greater benefit of your family.

Worrying won't change a thing. I'd recommend postponing the worrying for now and enjoy the summer.

Willis comes in after JJ gets hurt last season and has a statistically decent year. But the team was mediocre at best. There were stories about how the team did not support him, as I recall. I was at the spring game this year. Willis was far and away the best QB in my eyes. It appears as if he has done everything you could ask of as a player and a leader. I think he has worked his way into a shoot at a monster year. I love that he earned what he will get. Not that he needs my support, but I am rooting for him.

When Armani was a Jr. in HS he had a cryptic tweet before Devon Hunter committed. My trust is in Mr. Chatman.

So are we not supposed to be worried post spring game, post recruit bbq, that this class is currently ranked 80th on 247?

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Threads like these really make this community shine. Thanks to all for sharing their personal stories. Turkey legs all around.

I experienced something similar. When I graduated high school, I was hanging out with my aunt on our porch the night before the ceremony. We were talking about life, the universe, and everything, as we often did. I don't remember how it came up, but I told her "if I become half the man my father is, I will consider myself a success." At that time, unbeknownst to me, my dad was struggling with some pretty bad depression, an outgrowth of the anxiety and pressure he faced at work. I had no idea. He was an intensely private man and kept his struggles hidden from my sister and I. Only my mom and a few other family members knew. Because of this (again, I didn't catch the real meaning), my aunt said to me, "maybe you should tell him that." I didn't think much of it.

Fast-forward twelve years. My dad was diagnosed with cancer and we knew he didn't have much time left. For Christmas that year, I gave him a picture frame with a couple of my favorite pictures of he and I - one from my sister's wedding where we're laughing hysterically at something and one from the day I got my Ph.D. The inscription on the frame was what I had said to my aunt many years before. That was his last Christmas, but at least I got to tell him. We lost my aunt a few months before. Fuck cancer.

A few weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our son. I celebrated my first Father's Day this past weekend. It's been a bumpy ride so far (complications for both my wife and son after delivery, but thankfully everyone is on the mend and should be fine, but I am not without a substantially greater number of gray hairs). I often think of my dad and wonder what he would do at each step. I will try to be the kind of father for my son that my dad was for me.