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9 game conference schedules.

Play the 3 in your pod, all of a second pod, and a dedicated crossover opponent in each other pod.

Remaining 3 games can be: 1 vs other in state schools in a P4 conference (FSU/UF, UGA/GT, Clemson/SoCar, OU/OkSt, UT and TAMU/TT and Baylor, UL/UK, Kansas/KSU) or marquee P4 opponent, 1 vs G5 in state state schools, 1 vs FCS or G5 out of state school

Witfong, Watkins, and Sis all have CBs to PSU.

The odds are against him deciding on VT, but it wouldn't be the first time they've all been wrong.

You do realize Wake is a founding member of the ACC. I don't know if the other schools would be so quick to turn their backs on Wake. At least not before they are guaranteed to have at least one of the big fish on board (ND, PSU).

One of my Clemson friends texted me asking what's going on with all this, and after explaining it to him his response was "Take me back to 2007," and I think most of us (VT fans) would be happy with that plan as well haha.

Hard to know how all of this will shake out, but it definitely feels like we are on the precipice of unprecedented change.

What the fans want has no bearing on things. The NFL is less fun than CFB, but it makes a bajillion dollars.

Yeah I think the best arrangement would be Kansas, KState, IowaSt, and Mizzou going to the Big 10 to make 18 and OU, OkSt, Texas going to the SEC to make 16. Not saying the conferences would do that, especially the Big 10, but geographically it makes the most sense and would maintain all the big rivalries in the same conferences (since Iowa/IowaSt matters and Mizzou/Illinois was a thing).

Ultimately the Big 10 should drop Rutgers to D2 and WVU/MD should join/rejoin the ACC, though I don't want to have anything to do with either of them. If that happened on top of the rest it'd be 16 teams everywhere.

The intent is everyone joins the SEC and breaks off from the NCAA. The SEC will be the grand gate keeper.

I think the B1G taking Kansas is a given (for basketball). They'll need one more so maybe Ok St (Iowa won't want Iowa St). For the ACC, ND is option 1, if they say yes, Navy is an option (ND rival, located in MD, national brand). If ND says no, WVU and Cincy are the best options. Stays within our footprint and opens up Ohio for TV eyeballs.

Well that should benefit us, as we are 17th in all-time wins in the NCAA (Div 1, FBS only).
Our alumni base represents 3 of the top 56 television markets in the US, including #7.
We are in the top 42 of athletic department revenue.
Our worst year since George HW Bush was President was one win away from a bowl game, and we were damn close in accepting a bid anyway.
We just had two players taken in the first round of the NFL Draft for the second time in four years.
We have the 28th largest stadium in the country.

As much as we might like to pout that we don't belong, and that we'll just be left out due to some other shinier new toy, I'll just leave this here.

How the hell did the US men not qualify for 3 on 3 street basketball? Where are the and1 teams!!

Athletes are allowed to hire agents to represent them to brands but not to the NFL. If you've represented a player for an NFL contract negotiation, you cannot represent a collegiate athlete.

Coastal Carolina vs BYU was the best game of the season last year. UCF vs. USF was amazing a few years ago. VT vs OSU in 2014, Iowa State vs. OSU in 2011, etc - these games don't happen any more if the blue bloods form their own league. I think theses are the games that make CFB better than NFL. I don't want CFB to be watered down NFL.

People don't want to watch P5 vs G5 or FCS games anymore. They literally have no eyeball appeal for TV, and that's what this is all about. The more constant big games, the more money for all involved. Sure, you may not go 15-0, but you are competing at the highest level of college football.

College football is meant to be consumed like a whole hog; snout to tail. I don't know if you can take the top 20-30 teams and still be successful. I could go on and on about this, but I just hope it fails.

I think this ends up being one big 32 team super league or two 20-24 team super leagues that break away from the NCAA and form the new highest tier of college football, taking full advantage of NIL and the massive tv deals. I think the concept is a 30-40 team league like the NFL with all the biggest college football powers.