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Went with a buddy yesterday to soak chunks of crab for bull reds at Ponce Inlet. 20-30 mph winds. Tides were totally screwed up. Got rained on going back to the ramp. Not even a sniff at the bait. My head is in a Dramamine fog this a.m.

But it was a very worthwhile trip. Got to spend a day with a great friend talking fishing, family, and life; sadly a rarity these days.

And for French or anyone looking for a handicap accessible pier with a chance for a big fish, the one at Smyrna Dunes Park might fit the bill during the fall least it looked that way from the water.!1s0x88e7299dd031d91f%3A0x9cf3e3ad2dbf...

Dave Delorean tells recruits he coaches for the top school in North Carolina. "No, not Duke. UNC? Come on, man. App State? OK, now you're just being mean."

Dave Doeren pulls into the parking space right in front of you as you are about to pull through to leave even though there are empty spaces on either side of it.

Dave Doeren has never once considered checking behind him before backing out of a parking space.

Dave Delorean thinks that wolfpack is singular. He tells his guys, "Go be the best bunch of wolfpacks you can be out on the field today. Everybody bring it in. GOOOOOO WOLFPACKS!!!"

I can't tell the difference between having a conversation with David Doeren and a cardboard cutout of David Doeren.

I used to have an Access Loredo Tonneau On my Tacoma. that I liked I a lot. It's low profile and had pretty easy one handed operation. It wasn't fully watertight but I never got a ton of water in it during the 3 years I had it, mainly around the tailgate.

Dave Doreen uses raisins in his potato salad recipe and doesn't use seasonings properly.

Dave Doeren tries to connect to recruits by saying he knows Drake because he went to Drake University.