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If it's going to be 2 conferences and everyone else, SEC and BIG kick out bottom feeders and invite in the remaining top programs to make 20 team conferences. With 10 game conference schedules, each team meets every other year. Every game will be a marquee matchup worth watching.

Create an 8 team playoff by have 2 conference championship games in each conference. Have the 4 winners seed the current playoff. For bowl games, the remaining elite bowls will match SEC vs BIG.

For non power conference teams, the goal is to become strong enough to eventually take a spot from a then bottom feeder.

This article is focused on "How attractive is the Head Coaching job at Virginia Tech?" NOT "How attractive is Virginia Tech to a CFB super conference?" The Big 10/SEC DGAF about stability or our current path to the post season.

VT football is more prestigious than half the SEC and half the B10. But those schools already have a spot in any potential super-conference.

The questions are:

  • Will VT bring enough additional value to a super conference?
  • Is VT a cultural fit in the new conference?
  • Is a move to a new conference financially beneficial to VT (accounting for the ACC grant of rights, travel costs, etc)?

TL;DR - this piece is largely irrelevant to our current quandary.

As those above have said the British GP was one of the most exciting races in a while.

Absolutely pumped for Sainz to get his first GP win, but Ferrari went full Ferrari and bungled strategy. Could have been a 1-3, possibly a 1-2, even with the front wing endplate damage to LeClerc.

Mega recovery drive from Checo and RB, with one of the most fortuitous SC timings for him. Verstappen's damaged floor and he still put it in the points even with an extra stop.

Merc looks to have actually taken a step forward. HAM actually had the best race pace and took fastest lap.

Lando outperforming that car as per usual. RIC just looks dead in the water.

ABSOLUTE CHAOS with everyone else. From the lap one insanity and scary crashes, Haas getting double points, Yuki taking out both AT's and then the debris possibly being the catalyst to the Verstappen floor damage, SO many great wheel to wheel battles...just a fantastic race.

For those out of the loop on the most recent TD, the French GP will be fascinating once the new testing for floor/plank flexibility starts getting enforced. Word is RB, Ferrari, and a few others have been getting around some rules due to insufficient testing that may be giving them a 0.5-1 sec advantage (if the Merc engineers are to be believed, take with a grain of salt there).

entitled to extra compensation just because their job is time consuming.

Overtime is a thing for good reason, but I get what you're driving at. I always thought it was bullshit a player couldn't get even a part-time job at a Burger King.

I'm Q3 for my Steam Deck pre-order release. I could get an email any week now telling me to purchase it.

According to the algorithm thingy on Reddit, I'm only 1.75% on my way there among all preorders out there. Based on when I pre-ordered, and which model I chose.

I mean I agree with you, but from a recruits perspective it's unknown and untapped

Just to take stock for a moment: currently sitting at 31st overall on 247 composite score (average score of 86.13), though there are 5 schools ahead of us with a lower average rating for players and many others with half a point.

If you add Thomas Williams and Durell Robinson we move up to 25th nationally with an average score of 86.22. That would still be behind last year's average of 86.60 - but there is still a long way to signing day, and a good portion of 2023 commits currently have a lower composite score than their 247 score.

More than anything though, it feels like we have real momentum with only 60 days left until the season opener. Let's go!!!

It's not even the fact that being a D1 athlete is a full time job - I would never suggest that someone is entitled to extra compensation just because their job is time consuming.

I just don't understand why student athletes should be subjected to additional restrictions just because they are both students and athletes, instead of just students.

so, first of all, ESPN2 often counts as a tier 2 right, because the broadcast will vary based on your location.

Again, I don't think location or market matters much there, because if you look at the list of RSNs carrying the ACC games, it's basically one RSN in each market (unless there's a significant conflict).

To be honest, I don't understand how RSN viewership corresponds to conference revenue.

However, conference networks are where TV markets REALLY matter. It doesn't really matter where the game can be watched; it matters how many households have that channel. The ACC makes money based on how many household subscribe to the network, regardless of how many people watch it. Most cable providers in California do NOT provide the ACCN. If we had a California school in the ACC, then there would be pressure for cable providers in California to carry the ACCN. Millions more subscribers (even if it's only 1000 more viewers per game) means millions of more dollars for the ACC.

Anyways, to answer your question:

As for RSNs, do any other P5 conferences other than the ACC have RSN deals?

B12 has RSNs involved in Tier 2 rights, and the individual schools each are responsible for for their respective tier 3 rights. The P12 'network' basically consists on 3 RSNs that the conference owns (this model has failed drastically - shocker). The B10 uses RSNs (source - see piece titled 'Where else can I access Big 10 Network streaming?'). I cannot find any evidence suggesting that the SEC broadcasts on RSNs, but anecdotally, I believe I've watched SEC games on Fox Sports South.

It has been awhile since we had this type of wave in recruiting. Hopefully he chooses the good guys and we can see it through signing day.

Looking good for Thomas Williams today based on CB's (currently at 3)....if we get him we get 5 out of 7 weekend recruit targets.

and nobody was going to get all three of their most hated rivals.

Why not? Seems like that would be an excellent format. Give everyone whichever team they love to hate the most.

Now that I say it out loud, Pitt does qualify by that criterion, and we're lucky we didn't get Syracuse. But Miami fits under almost any criterion I can think of.