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Shoot, Hughes will just go take it himself.

I've been wondering if he has been slowly rolling out schemes and testing different stuff. At the beginning of the year, it was a lot of passing. Then Logan running, now spreading out and balance. This was a team win in my eyes. There are offensive weapons out there, this game proves it.

If AJ Hughes doesn't get special teams POW from the ACC, HCFB will send Sam Rodgers after them.

That won't end well. Are you listening ACC?

The most complete game all season when the stakes were the highest. Running, passing, controlling the clock. Making stops on third down. First win against a top-15 opponent since 2009 vs. Miami. Long. Time. Coming.

I've said this before, but after tonight I feel pretty confident in saying we need Gibson to remain the starter. I love Benedict, but there's a difference in the run game with Gibson out there and tonight proved it.

Not sure he was slow playing it, but we haven't been that dominant on the edges in years. Most of our success was off tackle. I think the Miami ends might be overrated like Dwight Freeney. Great pass rushers, shitting in their own hands when you run right at them.

Logan appears to have two settings- 1st round pick, and worst QB on the planet. He was the former for the entirety of the game tonight.

So next week they lose 43-34 to Duke? Is that what you're saying?

That was fun.

The Cincy win was actually 8 months before the Miami 2009 game.

Random sighting: did anyone else notice that both of Miami's loses are palindromes? I like numbers and it makes me happy.

Remember 2010 VT vs Miami? Tyrod Taylor gets hit real hard and has to be taken out, 3rd and 17 they bring in r-Fr Logan Thomas, he makes an awesome play for a first down. Well anyone notice tonight against Miami, Logan Thomas gets his helmet ripped off, 3rd and 11, they could put Leal in, but they take a timeout so they can make sure Logan is in for the next play. This showed me something. Everyone wanted Logan's head last week, and the coaches said he gives us our best opportunity to win, and they showed that they meant it tonight. Seems like they had more confidence in Logan as a R-Fr than they have in Leal as a R-Jr. Really has me thinking whether he will really have that QB spot locked down next year.

For some reason I feel pretty good about this game plan...

Is it at all possible that Loeffler was withholding his run game because he was preparing to bust that sucker out when shit got real? It sure does feel like it, based on the way the team ran tonight.

all season long I was curious to understand how our guys could be better than average in pass protection and not be talented enough for us to line up in the I and jam it down other teams throats.

If he can get our gutsy but not great group to play like they did tonight, I am nearly pooping myself to see what some born and bred offensive lineman can do.

I have no idea. But that win really just helped the perception of our program. After those losses to Duke and BC, we needed a signature win that says, "Yeah, we can hang with and beat the big boys."

I meant for my civilian self.

Could have been more too if the refs didn't screw us on that last Coleman run.

perhaps. Nikita Whitlock (sp) is a beast and if you watched that FSU wake game you'll know that special teams buried them, rather than lack of general talent.

Very possible. Duke bumbled through NC state. There were multiple pick sixes by Duke, so score is misleading. Miami will be pissed too.

Eddie scored 17 of his 18 in the first half then went ice cold and missed a free throw that would have tied the game late. Cadarian did nothing in the first half then scored 17 in the second. Adam Smith made some shots, but wasn't nearly as lethal as could be. This was a tough one and having two starters not even play probably hurt. Rankin will hopefully be back soon, I believe he had some family troubles (this kid can not catch a break) and Barksdale will be back for VMI game. Games Tuesday and Friday so hopefully we can put some numbers in the win column.

Also, Women's Basketball won 84-32. Howard isn't that great, but this was still a complete route from start to finish and the Lady Hokies will be fun to watch this year. Watch the Women, then watch the Men and you'll see what having a true point guard can actually do for an offense.

Now we need Miami to beat duke and we need to hold onto the football the next two weeks. Big goals are still in sight.

Coleman did too.

It's the plays that help him succeed as well. Not as many Logan carry the team calls.

We scored more against Miami than FSU did.... On the road... Yeah, that happened.