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Don't know about you guys... but I would much rather be a competitive SEC team and play UGA, TENN and UF in Lane Stadium at night then have to deal with playing the Duke's of the ACC at noon. If you have ever been to an SEC football game you would agree. Every SEC game has the same feel as the ACC championship. The tailgating is great, fans are great, rivalry is great and the games are always meaningful.

I saw some Boise State comparisons above... I feel like if we stay in the ACC then we become a "Boise State. " Winning a bunch of games that no one cares about and playing one game a year that means anything at all. If that's what you want.. then you can have the ACC (once dissolved). I would much rather be 2-3 loss SEC team and win some really exciting games than be 1 loss ACC team... either way we wouldn't make the 4 team play off... but coming from the SEC would play in an exciting bowl game.

As for academics... since when has being the smartest guy in the classroom been a bad thing?? Better than having the UNC and UVA douchers claim that they are our "academic superiors" as they leaving the stadium early because we are winning 38-0.

VT in the SEC would stop Saban himself from stealing some of the elite 757 recruits, not just a middle-of-the-pack SEC team.

It's going to piss everyone off when who some are calling the top #1-2 recuits nationwide leave the Commonwealth.

In terms of athletic budget, academic/athletic balance (both in rankings and our admissions department's refusal to take OL jucos with nine transferable credits after two years), existing academic partnerships with peer institutions, location of the school, geography of the student draw and geography of the alumni base, the ACC is light years ahead of any other conference as a fit for Virginia Tech.

In the SEC, we would be bottom-half in revenue and budget, jockeying with A&M for #3 in academics (and, as such, continuing to refuse to take players who can't read), holding zero existing partnerships to the south, averaging 10 hours away from our conference mates, and with a main alumni base four and a half hours farther northeast than that. Enjoy those huge Hokie crowds you see at our current conference road games? They won't happen when every single road game is at least eight and a half hours or a $400 plane ticket from Northern Virginia.

We may have to leave anyway because of the money of the nascent playoff system. But it will be a damned tragedy to have to leave the conference we spent fifty years trying to get into. As everyone but one snotty UNC professor finally admitted in 2003-04, we belonged there all along.

Talking about how we compete in the ACC right now is irrelevant...this move is about money and recruits. The SEC wants money that our TV market could bring, and VT needs the money that SEC TV contracts bring in order to stay relevant nationally. This is about VT being able to get the money and recruits to eventually fill that national championship trophy case. All of the news right now is about how there is a Big 4 and the ACC and Big East are getting left out...if you're a recruit and have an offer for VT or a middle-of-the-pack SEC school right now, what has more appeal? The ACC is very unappealing and if FSU left would be more so.

The ACC Championships have been nice, but to get a championship we need recruits and money and we're better off as a decent SEC team in that respect than a champion ACC team. I can't imagine Beamer and his staff aren't having recruiting difficulties at the moment...surely they would want this move.

comparing vt in the sec or vt in the b1g to boise in the big east? apples and oranges. the acc is geographically our best fit for sure .. but our hand may be forced in this. vt would prefer to be in the b1g ... but they probably can't afford to wait terribly long if clemson and fsu bolt.

we'd probably be in a "pod" with the 3 of the 4 of : nc team taken in the sec, kentucky, vandy, tennessee if i had to guess ... part of the sec east which will include usc-e, florida, georgia

and an earlier comment that vt has the luxury of waiting it out a bit and not jumping the gun is correct. they're making calls .. would look for us to be ready to jump if we feel we need to .. and uva won't stop us. i'm sure we'd try to help them but it is what it is.

that has no pull in the new playoff system that is coming then how are you supposed to play for a national championship? I think when all the details emerge about the new playoff system and exactly how it will be decided who gets in then the dominoes begin to fall. So I think no matter how you shake it, it really is going to matter what conference you are in.

Who would be the closest opponent? Would you be able/willing to attend any away games? It is similar to Boise in the Big East. Why should we be an afterthought in the SEC? The leaders of the SEC and BIGs are just looking to consolidate a bigger TV audience to enrich themselves at the expense of every other conference. In the end we are still competing with individual teams and not conferences. We don't improve our situation.

Is VT one of the main reasons why the ACC is considered not as good as other conferences in football? How many times have we won the ACC since we joined? Yet we are still not the face of ACC football. The Florida schools have not done much recently but everyone jumps on the "they are back" bandwagon every year. We should be a leader in the conference but are not. Probably because we don't have much weight to throw around. The weight we would need is a highly engaged and supportive ($$$$) alumni base and a enthusiastic national following (TV audience). The only way we get to be a leader is to earn it. Winning a NC would be a big step. The conference will not matter.

didnt they just pay an exorbitant amount to get out of doing so? Now the Noles come calling to the XII, eers are like shit! We cant get away!

If FSU, VT, Miami, and Clemson left do you think there could be a merger between Big East and ACC?

Getting into the SEC championship game is a HUGE accomplishment. Not being the ACC championship game is a HUGE disappointment. Hell, the last National Champion didn't even play in the SEC championship. Bottom line, if you don't get into the SEC championship, you can still do big things in the playoff or bowl season. If you don't get into the ACC championship, enjoy the Belk Bowl.

currently has a WV island and may get two more islands in FL and SC. None of the east coast schools would be linked, unless GT went as well.

Not excited by NC State, but who else would we want the SEC to take? Miami would be my #1 choice, but probably isn't the SEC's #1. Oh well, at least it isn't WF or Duke.

Hoping this isn't a situation where we are wishing for something that is bad for us. I think I speak for all VT football fans when I say that the SEC is in all of our dreams at night and we would do DW backflips if we were to make the move. While recruiting would grow, I think we wouldn't like the change in expectations. Every team in the SEC at some point moves to average during stretches. I love going to the ACC championship pretty much every year and like having something to care about in the winter. At the end of the day though, I would love to see this come to life.

Frankly there is no need to get in a hurry to act. I know people are scared we will get left behind but it simply isn't going to happen. FSU and Clemson aren't going to the SEC because of USC and UF that leaves the SEC with slim pickings for a good expansion team, GT will probably be blocked by UGA, same goes for Louisville and Kentucky. That leaves VT as a geographic natural fit and a perfect fit with a solid history and rabid fan base. There is no need to panic, if the dominoes start to fall the SEC will most likely come calling and even if we arent the number one choice they will need to add two teams eventually. We are in a much better position than almost any other school not currently in the big four, and that gives us the liberty of waiting to see how this shakes out.

I won't rehash why, we all know why. I think that NC State by default is the 2nd just to complete the map; can't have Virginia as a peninsula off of Kentucky.

Do you prevent VT from leaving and harm both programs or do you at least ensure the viability of 1 of your instate programs? In other words, do you cut off your nose to spite your face?

You have to let VT take care of itself if it has that opportunity then, use your politics to try and get UVA into the BigG

But he's lying if he ever tells you he and/or VT didn't have them with the SEC last year. The SEC knows where we stand. We stay put as long as the current situation doesn't change. A soon as the current situation changes, it's time to talk. Weaver in his comments last year pretty much said, we're staying in the ACC as long as it stays viable. He didn't define viable but an ACC without Clemson and FSU, from a financial standpoint is no longer viable. That 17 million a year, already less than the big-4 conferences shrinks to probable 10-12 million a year. As a football program, you can't compete with the Big-4 when you're making at least 10 million a year less then they are.

If he's correct, it is Virginia Tech 1st that the SEC wants, worry about the 2nd team later. If the SEC's interest is this high in VT, and I do think it is, There is no way Weaver doesn't know this. In fact, I'm quite sure The SEC sent out feelers to VT last year when they were adding A&M. Weaver knows all of this. At the end of the day however, we're not going to leave the current situation unless the current situation changes.

What's the truth to this jibber jabber I hear about the impact of VT leaving the ACC on UVa and how that could prevent VT from going? How would that even work? Is someone going to pressure VT from making a move unless there's a nice soft landing for UVa somewhere?

If FSU & Clemson leave, then I feel like it's everyone for themselves... let's GTFO to greener pastures.

put the "ACC is a good fit for VT" sound byte to rest? Yes, I think we finally can.

Weaver might have said that he hadn't discussed "conference" options with anyone, but he sure as $hit has discussed VT options with people....

nothing has changed in weaver's home office, the bed, tv and remote are where they have always been.

i kid, jim, i kid. don't go interwebs witching hunting me.

i actually think he is on top of this and their is an AD movement to bounce if fsu and clemson bolt.

...I don't see how Tech remains a member of the ACC. The Hokies will be either a member of the SEC or the BIG XII (I would like to think that the school would garner consideration for an invite to the B1G, but I'm uncertain about how the school fits academically and culturally).

Regardless, these next few weeks may well be a moratorium on college football as we have known it.

Everybody is getting in position to plausibly deny any communications slash get ready to leave the conference if FSU and Clemson leave.

There is literally too much going on to even begin to comment on...super conferences, playoffs, Big 12/SEC bowl contract, SEC's network in 2014, Notre Dame still being off in the corner, and, of course, how the ACC will fair if half of this happens.

I guess the other elephant in the corner of the room is when/how the Big East will fall apart.

Any guesses on when this bubble will burst? I think the FSU decision will either pump the brakes or open NOS valve, but when will that even happen?

That's ESPN SEC Blogger Chris Low from Finebaum's radio show earlier today.

Most of you will be quick to point out that Virginia would have to accompany VT to the SEC because in 2003 then Governor Mark Warner forced UVa to support the Hokies membership to the ACC. I disagree. VT/UVa will not have to be a package deal, because Virginia Tech won't feel political pressure to include them. Why? Because it's obvious life would continue on normally for UVa in a post apocalypse ACC, a conference they helped found. The Hoos ultimate goal of winning championships in all sports (read those that don't matter) and competing for a Directors' Cup will remain intact and unchanged. They also value their history with the Tobacco Road schools. Furthermore, against weaker competition, they may actually win a couple of more football games a year. Bonus.

This is from 2010 (, but I still believe this will hold unless the conference totally falls apart (more than FSU, Clemson/Miami, and VT leave).