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Most of you will be quick to point out that Virginia would have to accompany VT to the SEC because in 2003 then Governor Mark Warner forced UVa to support the Hokies membership to the ACC. I disagree. VT/UVa will not have to be a package deal, because Virginia Tech won't feel political pressure to include them. Why? Because it's obvious life would continue on normally for UVa in a post apocalypse ACC, a conference they helped found. The Hoos ultimate goal of winning championships in all sports (read those that don't matter) and competing for a Directors' Cup will remain intact and unchanged. They also value their history with the Tobacco Road schools. Furthermore, against weaker competition, they may actually win a couple of more football games a year. Bonus.

This is from 2010 (, but I still believe this will hold unless the conference totally falls apart (more than FSU, Clemson/Miami, and VT leave).

ODU jumped into FBS now because they were afraid they wouldn't get an invite to a FBS conference in the future. They are not perpared financially or otherwise for the jump up in football competition. It is all about fear and an arms race to get the most money. College sports are supposed to be about student athletes and not money. The big schools have more alumni, greater TV following and are using that to continue to enrich themselves and control how the game is played. They don't want anyone else to get a piece of their pie. That just hurts everyone else trying to keep up. This gross imbalance is not good for the sport or the athletes. I think there should be a top level NCAA football championship division for those schools that want out of this nonsense. Make one major non-NCAA national conference with no rules or limits for all the "big boys". Oh, we already have that. It's called the BCS.

If FSU and Clemson leave there is just no way we can stay. The only reason why we would stay is because of UVA, but that love can only go so far, and I really think we can keep one rivalry game in place if we leave. UM vs VT is over if we leave. I really think we will go to the SEC, unless they asked us last year and we pissed they off by saying no. Virginia Tech's football team mission is to win a national championship. They can't really do this if they stay in a depleted ACC. Many would argue that we can win out in the SEC. This is true, but I think today we are .600 to .700 team in the SEC, and we will instantly start getting better recruits. Overall it could be a lot worse, at least we are one of the hotter girls of the group.

your comment made me feel a little better. I've been through enough corporate re-orgs, and this reminds me of that. Unless you have an absolute competitive advantage (i.e. Notre Dame), which VT doesn't as lots of other schools play football also and play it well, if you are positioned/perceived as a top performer you will emerge victorious when the dust settles. You don't have to be THE top performer, just 80th percentile or so.

If you are not 80th percentile, there is a chance that HR greets you with a box and an escort out of the building. So I do agree, we'll get our invite, and even if takes some time, we have some matchups in the next few years (Bama, OSU, Wis) to weather the storm in a diluted ACC.

let's not exaggerate UVA's power in all of this .. They are not tied to the hip, so to speak .. Was there political pressure to get VT into the ACC ?? Yes -- but VT's Board and the powers that be won't force VT to go down with the ship. Hate to say it, but everyone in the ACC needs to start their due diligence, decide what long-term direction that university wants to go in, and start making calls and plans to GTFO ... I had my doubts a few weeks ago, but it looks like the FSU-Clemson rumors have some teeth .. If they leave, there is no way that Notre Dame comes to the ACC and it doesn't really matter anyway. ACC football will be in the same league as the Big East and MWC.

VT will end up in the B1G or SEC when all is said and done.

This emerging four-conference system was created by the relentless media drumbeat for a playoff to pull in $Texas in TV money and make college football exactly the same as every other American spectator sport: people watch it on television and absolutely no one gives a crap about the people in the stands.

The modern bowl system is corrupt as hell, but it could be fixed. The playoff push is what's forcing massive realignment and nuking the historic foundations of college football.

Our Board of Visitors seems professional (as opposed to FSU's), so they've kept their mouths shut. But when several members of UVa's BoV started throwing fits around Casteen shepherding us into the ACC in '03, Gov. Warner reminded them quickly and publicly who they work for. Safe to say any action of the VT BoV that would screw UVa would garner a similar reaction from Gov. McDonnell.

The way I read it, our only path into the SEC or B12 is through UVa either getting a Big Ten invite (they wouldn't even consider the academic associations of the other two) or deciding to de-emphasize football. There's no indication of either of those two happening.

The College bowl arm$ race. It is enough to make me not want to watch. These kinds of agreements start to cross the line of fair play, collusion, anti-trust laws, and a host of other bad things. I think it is a bluff. B$G 12 and $EC trying to apply leverage to guarantee their place in any playoff system. The rest of us need to stand up against it rather than try to take the side of the bullys.

SEC Champ vs Big 12 Champ Bowl seems null and void. SEC and Big 12 champs not being in the final four is almost impossible unless they somehow end up with a minimum 3 losses. Still have not heard if that means the 2nd or 3rd teams in line would play in this bowl. They need to figure that out before anyone will pay big money to broadcast, sponsor, or host this game. Biggest obstacle for VT joining another conference will be the ability to cut the cord with UVA since they were our ticket into the ACC.

All we ever hear is the school's stance, but other schools' boards have been pushing agendas onto the AD. I don't ever remember the BOV ever involving itself with athletics. Has anyone ever ask Rector George Nolen (had to look it up) his opinion?

then there are 16 spots left in the Mega conference alignments: 2 for the SEC, 4 for the PAC-12 and B1G, and 6 for the Big-12. Unless Weaver is drunk dumb, VT will surely land into one of these conferences. Which conference is best for VT is debatable, but VT has to be more attractive than any Big East school and 9 of the ACC schools.

Schools more attractive than VT:
ND, FSU, and Clemson (last 2 debatable, but probably true)

knee jerk reactions aside, the fact that we are losing and not doing it makes me want to jump more. I don't want to spend another 50 years trying to get into another conference because we lack credibility, the Big East days where we had to listen to our "who have they played" criticims were horrible.

Honestly, I would rather everything just stay the same. We are currently positioned to be in control of our destiny year in and year out. But if any of the ACC has-beens bolt, we should get out while the getting is good because that won't be the case anymore.

"We're excited because it creates a matchup of the two most successful conferences in the post-season,"

We aint exactly helping the ACC in that department. Think about it, we're 2-4 last six bowl games that aint our conference affiliation's fault. I just think the fanbases of the football schools of the ACC who feel like life would be so much better in another conference need to look in the mirror and realize if they had been more successful on the field the last decade the perception (which translates to income) would be much better.

Anyways, we fought for 50 years to get into the ACC should we leave a few years into it because were chasing money? Start winning some big games VT, FSU, Miami, and Clemson and our position will improve. Think about the PAC-10 of the 90s, pretty weak. USC gets itself back on track, Stanford and Oregon improve because they're competing with the best every year. Now they've got a lucrative contract, nationally recognized programs and several up and comers.

Maybe I just think the rest of college football needs to join arms and stand against the $EC. Of course that opinion would change if we did make the jump. . . and I would be pumped.

Weaver will schedule Pitt for Labor Day at 8:00.
Then, to get it out of the way, and to feel out the new ACC Friday night football, schedule Pitt for Friday at 7:30 the same week.

Think he won't?

Was named Fly Williams.
The chant went:
"The Fly is open, let's go, Peay!"

1 30 is better than a noon start, now i can wake up at 8 to start tailgating and not 7

I always thought it was pronounce "Pee" and not "Pay". Whenever I say Austin (Pee) Peay, People always say Austin (Pay) Peay! Thank you sir.

The Show is the only sports game worth the money anymore.

Watching that made me want to go to the bathroom