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he violated a team rule

looking pretty rough in the open field but stood up in the red zone.

My guess is it might be his groin acting up again...

Chris Hill is going to have to step up, the coaches really liked what they saw from him during camp.

booked flight to Dallas for Rangers ALDS games 3 & 4.
bought tix to games 3 & 4.
bought two 12's of Rolling Rock to drink while i watch VT smash.
have the Dark Star Orchestra concert at the 930 club in DC tonight

can anyone beat that?

Joe, great post.

I'm so pumped to get on the road to Blacksburg tonight... I guess I have the same "curse" you do... hope! I think that's why I was the last Glennon supporter I knew of and why I am still thinking of ways we could get back into the top 10 this year. And I even think we'll make it into the NCAA tournament this year in basketball. Do I have a problem?

Is it 5:00 yet?

we lost to fucking jmu

im predicting a loss for us in every game here on out

doesnt mean i wont cheer like hell though. h o k i e s, hokies

I totally agree with you! I have a friend getting married on 10/2....and wished I could have missed that BSU monstrosity! Now I'll just miss the NC State game....

will not count, since you got in AFTER the game.

lucky, i am only giving you 1 loss, after calling us CHokies!


Alcohol for my weekend:
On the rocks

my little girl is 6 months old. She has a hokie bird plush and a blanket but that is all so far. My nephews have tons of hokie gear and I will post pictures when I get some (my sister doesn't follow college so I get pictures of them in Steelers gear which I want to file in the recycling bin)

Are these two yours?

I want to by the Enter Sandman lullaby now, that way if they are no longer selling it by the time I have kids I'll have it on hand.

If you and yours hasn't started your 5 month old daughter on Hokie time, it is time

Get your Enter Sandman Lullaby here to start getting them pumped every time they hear it. Cause right now

these kids are the most awesome ever

brings a tear to my eye.

On another note, I get pissed when I don't get a Go Hokies back. I want to remove the shirt/hat/sticker/whatever from the person I say it to.

Its time to nut up or shut up

Lets go!

However, the guy getting married is a Hokie and the wedding is at 10 am, therefore I at least give him kudos for the wedding to be over by the time the game comes on.

get pressure.

lots and lots of short passes, means there better be lots and lots of sure tackling. ruh-roh.

then boom ... going deep.

gimmicky but fun to watch.

1.) NCST
2.) Arkansas
3.) ECU (to cover)
4.) Nebraska
5.) Clemson
6.) Iowa

first place! (these are my sportsbook bets too so doing well there as well)