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I just seen someone on a message board say they heard Harris was going to have to prep for a year to qualify at VT. That's the first I have heard of that, anyone else caught wind of this situation?

Ive heard that JJ is taking a look at Mark Byington from CofC. He's listed as a top assistant in the country. They've also shared an offense when they coached together there. I don't know much other than what i've heard but they've all been pretty positive.

Thankfully 1) we are not WVU and 2) Pat White still sucks

Until I see Montrezl come and say he is solidly here, I am not betting anything. His twitter handle still says he's a VT commit though

I hadnt heard JJ talk about the offense being the same as SG's, thats a little scary.

As far as Harrell goes, he never actually requested a release from his LOI did he? So we're good with him right?

Interesting point about JJ being the players' favorite. That could go either way. When RichRod left wvu Stewart was the players' favorite as well. Supposedly Pat White went to the AD and told him the team wanted Stewart. Look how that worked out. Then again if the team really loves JJ they'll play hard for him and believe in his system as long as it's working.

#3. Shit.

Just for once, I'd like to see us win some big games by decent margins. I've seen way too many close games that are won or lost at the last minute. The culture of the offense really needs to change.

Our old offense of "run up the middle, run outside with no blocking, pass" and "pass, pass, qb run" didn't work out so well all the time (probably the reason we had so many negative plays). Real reason is because we have what college football would classify as a veteran qb with a lot of skill. When you have a player like that running the team you can venture out and try to add new pieces here and there. Logan will be able to help out the line although with any new offense there will be blown assignments. Dyrell and Logan have been there forever so I'm sure their chemistry should make the motion work.

Guess I can suffer through it. Does VT get a lot of kids from Hampton? I don't remember too many Crabbers that became Hokies.

He just seemed to be more of a natural on D. He is definitely a playmaker. Although with so many DBs in this class, I can see him moving to WR.


The kid is shifty and appears to tackle pretty well. He will do well on special teams, either returning or defending, but he will stay on the defensive side. He appears to have issues carrying the ball and has David Wilson syndrome of not wanting to go down when he should. Still, a solid pickup and the fact that UVA offered him too is a double win.

Many years ago we played Uva every year. Varsity teams are not allowed to play club teams anymore. I started one year and played in Scott Stadium. We got the full treatment with starting line-ups announced over the PA system. Then they proceeded to destroy us. Big difference between club level and scholarship athletes.

The club lacrosse organization nationwide has grown tremendously. Way better than when I played. VT has always finished near the top of the SELC and has played for the championship numerous times. This is the second conference win. Tech has competed in the Nationals many times either as the conference champ or an at-large.

Awesome news. Both in terms of Wood and the comments from Green. I really hope we can hang on to "trez". That dude has All-ACC potential. If JJ can get DFS playing at a high level consistently, then a team of Brown, DFS, Harrell, Wood, Barksdale, Raines, Green, Rankin, Eddie etc would be a pretty awesome roster for a first year coach to work with.

I actually liked it that once in a while they dig up some random stats to prove the hype of pretty much any player they want. Not sure if there's a data mining algorithms there in ESPN or they just o that manually.