Order Has Been Restored to the Galaxy

Lane Stadium is once again home to the Fighting Gobblers.

The letters were taken down during the west side expansion of the stadium with no plans to put them back up. Some alumni with swang were embarrassed by the phrase.

Cheers to whomever got them put back up and sucks to the haters because they kick all sorts of ass.

H/T to @vtgorilla and @spitzertailgate for the picture. That's some fantastic work gentlemen.

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Since you can't really tell from the picture...this is above the store under the west stands. This is the far left of the store. Over the middle has the "Lane Stadium" letters. The right side has maroon letters that say "Hokies"

Makes Sense

That definitely puts it into perspective. I'm glad it is back up, it really pissed me off when they ripped it down. You can't buy tradition like that. Thanks for getting the picture!

Love it

glad it's back.


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