Ed Wang to Redskins?

After hearing about the Redskins picking up McNabb and other recent acquisitions, the only thing they really need is a good Offensive Line....What do you think about the Skins drafting Ed Wang? He could make an immediate impact if he penalty problems is overlooked....

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In my Opinion Wang is a Project

He might slip into the bottom of first round, but he's not nearly polished enough for the Redskins to select him with the fourth overall pick. According to the guys at Mocking the Draft he's not even on their board in the first three rounds.

However, if the 'Skins are smart, and there are suitors available they may try to turn their first round pick into a a couple of picks. Realistically they could select a couple of linemen, one of which may end up being Wang.

I knew he'd be a project, but when he's good he can be real good...