ZOMG Disaster Thread

Let's pretend Bud leaves for Pitt or some other head coaching position, Ryan Williams and Darren Evans both bolt for the NFL and Logan Thomas can't fill Tyrod's shoes...

What are we going to do?

(hypothetical, but serious...)

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This would suck

But could definitely happen.

We still probably win 10 games in that scenario thanks to our 4th grade schedule.

I'd move Oglesby back to tailback and rely (I know it's hard) on a veteran offensive line to make holes for Wilson and Josh. Go back to run, run, play action, punt and hope that the salty defense does it thing. The senior receiving corps probably gets screwed out of this move.

The likelihood of the defense being ABLE to do its thing is good considering we have relative plug-ins depth-wise (no real upgrades):

- Carmichael out - Fuller in (slight loss given Fuller's apparent instincts)
- Morgan out - Exum in (if we play him at rover - I'd say this is about even if X plays the way he did in the first half of the season)
- Friday out - Gayle/Collins in (very slight loss, since Friday's breakout season came out of nowhere and the young DEs look great).
- Graves out - Battle/little Hopkins in - (relative loss - John's value is drawing double teams and generally disrupting the play)

I still think that Ryan comes back, though the Washington Post comments seem to imply otherwise. He's a 1st round guy that may not get picked there this year. I'm not sure of whether or not the difference between 1st and 2nd round money is enough to keep him at VT, but he has the perfect situation next year: 4/5 of the best and deepest line we've had in a while back, kick-ass blocking receivers, and a new QB who the coaches aren't going to throw into the fire too quick. Ryan is looking at 20 carries a game I think there, with David getting his turn and maybe doing more of the Percy Harvin thing (slot/WR stuff, not smoking weed).


If Williams goes later in the draft, it's to a better team that can help in transition and not necessarily have to rely on him right away. Could be incentive to go, knowing you will have a career versus up front money (see Drunkonmiller.)
Just thinking out loud...

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It is difficult to know

What will happen next year? There are some playmakers that were injured that will be back. Dyrell Roberts for one. Not sure how good Tony Gregory can be. Had some defensive injuries for the Orange bowl. Remember Lyndell Gibson? I think his loss hurt us against Stanford. Barq Rivers will also be back. Will also have other redshirts and freshman that may step up.

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As of right now Gregory is too lean to be anything more than a change of pace back. He's got great speed though, it would be nice to see him get some touches from different spots on the field, but with out offense that's not going to happen.

The offensive line really needs to come together for us to be successful next season.

I think we will be successful

The definition of success is what matters.

Will we be an elite team? Maybe or probably not, but we will be good. We have solid talent. The players and coaches all work hard. If a chance at winning the ACC is considered successful then we are there. I would rather be there than winning only 6 or 7 games a year.

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Based on our talent, and the weakness of the ACC I consider a successful season one where we win at least ten games and play for the ACC Championship. To take that next step we're going to have beat elite teams and be in the mix for the BCS Championship.