Welcome Aboard Corey Marshall

Corey Marshall made it official moments ago on Washington Post Live, announcing he's committing to the Hokies. He chose us over Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia and Michigan. Marshall joins his Dinwiddie teammate Chris Hall who committed to Tech yesterday.

Do not resist the inevitable quarterbacks, for your soul is his. via http://dinwiddiefootball.com

The 6'2" 239 pound defensive end is one of the top players in Virginia. He's listed on the Rivals.com Top 250 and was named 1st Team All Combine at the U.S. Army National Junior Combine. There isn't any free film out there (that I could find), but in April he talked with Washington Post Live's Ivan Carter. He seems like a levelheaded, articulate kid, which in my opinion is as important as any "star ranking".

This is what he had to say about VT on the selection show.

"I just think they had the best ability, they had, you know, the best chance for me to be successful. The pedigree they had of putting players in the league is just astounding. I think when it comes down to it, you know, me being set the next 4-5 years in a solid place, in a solid foundation is what it's all about. I'll go to a great team. I'll be under good leadership. I think I'll keep going from here and the sky's the limit."

*He did say the girls at UVa were the prettiest of the five schools. I'll disagree with that.

Update: Here's the video.

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Marshall commits VT

You know what is most interesting about Marshall's commitment? Kris Harley. Harley specifically named Marshall as the person he most wanted to commit along with him. Obviously they are both big time D line recruits, but it says something when perhaps our biggest recruit of the year names someone specifically that they already click with and want to play together. I personally think Marshall is best served coming off the end. Harley will be devastating in the middle and you know who else is in the middle? Nick Acree. These guys will be monsters on the line with tremedous size and unnatural athletic ability. I cannot wait to see them play as a unit.

I'm Giddy Too

And don't forget about Derrick Hopkins. Foster was very high on him. If we can get the rest of the guys we're targeting this year and everyone lives up to their potential the defense in 3-4 years may be the best to come through Blacksburg.