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Veterans still learn during spring

As we’ve seen in past years, BSU’s coaching staff isn’t afraid to give young players chances when they deserve them. That continues to reverberate in each player’s mind, no matter how safe they think their position may be.

These reasons, along with many others, are why even the most experienced Broncos must continue to get better every spring and show the coaches how much work they’ve put in during the off-season.

“Everyday I’m going out there like I’m a freshman,” junior safety, George Iloka, said. “Coach (Marcel) Yates is on me more now because I’m older. He expects more things from me now, and I like that. He wants me to improve everyday.”

Sr Safety Jason Robinson charged w/ felony aggravated battery

When Boise State University officials suspended senior safety Jason Robinson earlier this month for a violation of team rules, they didn’t say what that violation was.


Ada County court records say Robinson broke another man's jaw when he struck that man in the head or face on or about Feb. 12.

Tight Ends Coach Scott Huff

Watch the video here. His bio is here.

Cornerback is Boise's Thinnest Position

"Jerrell Gavins and Jamar Taylor, I think, have the toughest jobs because they're replacing a guy who was a four-year starter, basically," defensive backs coach Marcel Yates said.

Yates said the main goal for this spring is that "I want the 1s to take it to another level."

Yates wants first-teamers at 'another level'

Boise State spring scrimmage recap

Players of the scrimmage

First-team defense

The display from the first-teamers was breathtaking. They looked to be in midseason form in holding Kellen Moore's first-team offense to three consecutive three-and-outs. And the offense wasn't even close to getting a first down. If I could put those three series in a bottle and save them until Virginia Tech, I totally would.

Capable tailback returning from ACL tear

That's how long Harper's season lasted, a season ended prematurely by a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

It was a devastating blow, but one Harper is determined won't derail his career. He has impressed doctors and coaches with his approach to rehab, beating expectations by participating in some individual, non-contact drills this spring.

"We're expecting him to pick up where he left off," said coach Chris Petersen, whose team scattered for spring break Friday and returns to practice April 5. "The only reason I say that is because of how far along he is in his rehab and how he looks right now."

Is Boise State Butler?

Boise State’s allotment of 7,500 tickets to the Labor Day opener against Virginia Tech will go on sale May 1. I’ve been asked how many Bronco fans I think will be at FedEx Field in Washington. I look at the holiday weekend (even though the game’s at the very end), the chance for many to tour the Nation’s Capitol, and the national magnitude of this matchup, and I’m thinking 10,000. Just like at the two Fiesta Bowls, a lot of fans will obtain their tickets through other means.

And prepare to have hear Boise State compared to Butler many times over from now until the game (and possibly beyond if the win).

This pattern is already obnoxious.

Super Obnoxious

I respect Boise State, but if we don't beat them the ESPN hype machine is going to go totally overboard. Who knows how far it goes, "the WAC isn't a power conference, but it's better than we all credit it for." Yeah, I can see some talking head definitely saying that. My gut says that now ESPN has the BCS they are going to do everything possible to subtly jab its shortcomings in order to push for a +1 because they realize how much money, for everyone, is involved.

Many Updates

I've been slacking on posting updates. So now I guess it is time to overwhelm you.

2009 BSU Highlights, Let's Time Travel Back to the 80s!

Boise State will play Ole Miss in 2011. Much respect to Nutt and the Rebels for scheduling the Broncos.

Dennis Dodd has BSU 2nd in his Post-Spring Top 25 (VT is 11th).

Meanwhile The SportingNews ranks the Broncos 3rd.

Optimist, pragmatist, or traditionalist: How will you view Boise State's 2010 success?

Money vs. exposure: How a new TV contract may affect Boise State football

If offered (which is looking likely) Boise would probably leave the WAC for the MWC.

Will Boise State play in a bigger, better league?

A nice read detailing how BSU improved the football program after the MWC passed them over in favor of TCU in Janurary 2004.

Boise State joins MWC

Boise State accepted an invitation to join the Mountain West Conference today, as first reported by ESPN's Joe Schad and since confirmed by Boise State and the Mountain West. What caused the deal to go down just five days after the waiting game began? Are Bronco fans happy despite this week's non-invite? Keep checking back on this post for updates. Leave your thoughts about the long-awaited move to the MWC.

Peterson > Hawkins

Hawkins got the ball rolling at Boise, but Peterson has taken them to another level. I also think Peterson has proven to be the better on the field coach. I don't think either team will win with a blowout and it should be a relatively high scoring game. I'm thinking 35-31 or something like that.

I was reading on

And a fan there was questioning our defensive ranking, touting that Boise St played 8 of the top 40 offenses and we played poor offenses in the ACC. It got me thinking that the WAC must have some poor defenses. I was prepared to be dissappointed and let my hunch go, but after seeing this on paper I can't help but feel that there literally is NO defense there, except for Bose St, which helps to explain their dominance. In fact things are so lopsided I strongly suspect that the Boise St offense is way overhyped and hopefully over-confident as well. These stats are so unbalanced that they remind me of childhood backyard games where we scored every possession...five of the WAC schools are in the top 15 offenses, while 7 are in the bottom 25 in defense:

Opponent OppOffRank OppDefRank BoiseStOff BoiseStAllowed
TCU 7 1 317 308
Oregon 33 35 361 152
Louisiana Tech* 64 60 507 250
Miami (OH) 84 70 441 194
Tulsa 35 85 380 295
Bowling Green 43 87 529 282
Hawaii* 14 93 472 307
Nevada* 2 96 427 383
Fresno St.* 17 98 480 507
New Mexico St.* 120 103 544 191
Idaho* 9 107 514 514
San Jose St.* 115 109 430 223
Utah St.* 12 113 572 363
Average 42.7 81.3 459.5 305.3

*WAC school


As someone who loves statistics, this is some great work! They clearly pile on their lesser WAC competition and come back to Earth against ranked BCS opponents. However, they still won those games so and moved the ball so in my opinion it is a little harsh to call them over hyped. One thing I remember while watching them play against Oregon was how physical they were upfront pushing the Duck defensive line off the ball.

PS - I formatted the data as a table for you.

I wish the season would just get here already...these fans/bloggers remind me of my teenage self when I thought I knew everything, right before I got my ass kicked by the real world a few times.

Dr. Saturday on VT-Boise State

These are the games: Boise State's big Labor Day audition

If it beats Virginia Tech, yes, Boise State is good enough to play for a championship. Whatever happens from there, it will happen with the Broncos in the driver's seat.

My question is does the good Doctor feel the converse is true? In other words, if VT beats Boise then VT is good enough to play for a championship.

I've got to believe that if we beat Boise St and even scratch one in the pocket during conference play, we are still in the discussion until the season ends and there are indeed 2 unbeatens. Last year we were always the #1 of 1-loss, 2-loss, and even 3-loss teams.

If we run the table I feel this is a no brainer for us to be in the top 3 of everyone's list.

But, Boise St is no Alabama...if we lose and then run the table, we need there to be only 1 unbeaten.


We can't lose to Boise State because the chances are very good that they'll end up running the table and we won't be able to jump them nor will the nation want to see a rematch.