Oglesby to Fullback

Josh Oglesby is moving to fullback, per HokieSports. Good move for him since he wouldn't have had many carries this year at tailback. Glad to see he's willing to do whatever to help the team and I hope he succeeds.

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Some Thoughts

Initially I didn't like the move. Josh O is a beast and a tough runner, but that doesn't necessarily make him a fullback. Can anyone enlighten me to whether or not he's taken reps at fullback before? Because of that, the uncertain status of Darren Evans (hey we all hope he's healthy but who knows) and Oglesby's contributions at crucial times last year (Duke game comes to mind) I would have been happier hearing he's going to take reps at both positions. However, that maybe, and probably implies Darren is doing phenomenal and the coaches think Josh O will have a high chance to succeed at fullback. One huge positive is we'll have another playmaker on the field.

Other Notes from Beamer's Teleconference include:

  • Bruce Taylor is at Mike.
  • Cris Hill is backing up Carmichael at the boundary corner.
  • Freshman Jerrodd Williams is backing up Hosley at the field corner.
  • Kwamaine Battle is the first string defensive tackle opposite John Graves.
  • Jake Johnson will practice at defensive end.

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The spring prospectus has Hopkins as the other No. 1 DT. Beamer must have had a change of heart after that depth chart was decided. Hopefully this just means that Battle has stepped his game up and we now have three legit defensive tackle options.

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

That would definitely be amazing, because I, much like everyone else, am worried out of mind about our depth across the defensive line.

I'm a fan of the move. Like you said, it's nice to have another playmaker on the field. Oglesby's a big kid. He probably needs to pack on some more muscle, but it shouldn't be too hard over summer. Once that happens, I think he'll make a nice fullback.

Of course, that all depends on Evans.