Week 7 BlogPoll Ballot

My full ballot is after the jump. Here's a quick justification of the movers, shakers and frozen.

  • Nate Costa didn't skip a bit a beat replacing injured quarterback Darron Thomas. The Ducks let Wazzu hang around too long for my liking, but they won by 20 and it's hard to knock a conference win on the road. The margin between Oregon and Ohio State is thin, and had Miami not looked completely lifeless against FSU I would have put the Buckeyes first, but I still like Oregon's win over Stanford better than any on Ohio State's resume, for now.
  • Oklahoma: Even if you don't want to give them huge props for their win over Texas, which in the context of that rivalry is huge, you have to respect their wins over FSU and now Air Force.
  • Nebraska: MARTINEZ!
  • LSU passes every test but the eye test. Maybe we all just need to accept that chaos and balls are as good a philosophy as any to win football games.
  • Should Arizona be lower, Oregon State higher?
  • Utah: Some course correction because their overtime win against Pitt isn't very impressive.

This ballot is a mess, I know it, you know it, so please help me.

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My wholly unqualified opinions

I'm mostly down with your top 10. I think Bama deserves to be a little higher, and Sakerlina should be a little lower.
Florida State seems too high for me, I'd put them more in the 15-17 range. No specific reason, their win against Miami was impressive but they got some help from Miami's self-implosion, and other than that game, they haven't blown my mind. AND YES I am a FSU hater (who isn't?). I'll give them more credit if/when they roll BC and NC State in the next 2 weeks.
I like where you have Stanford and Arkansas, but I'll admit I'd probably have Stanford a little higher because I'm riding that bandwagon. In related news: suck it, Kiffykins.
Don't like NC State on there, I'd sub Miami in for them. OK thats a lie, I'd sub the Hokies in for them even though I don't think we deserve to be ranked (yet). It makes my eye twitch to give Miami credit over VT especially with Princess Jacory throwing the ball with reckless abandon.
Other than that, its a crapshoot. As evidenced by the shuffling in the AP and Coaches Polls, and even moreso by this new story saying Boise State would be #1 if the BCS came out today, no one knows wtf is going on anymore... not even the computers that are specifically designed to know wtf is going on.

**It should be noted that I missed most games before 8pm this week because I was responsible for a 7 month old, and he isn't cool enough to watch football all day yet (I'm working on it). So when I say my opinions are unqualified, I REALLY mean it.


not bad

but man 20-25 sure is a bunch of crap ass teams.


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  1. I dropped FSU down to 18. HokiESQ you're right I'm crediting them too much for the Miami win.
  2. I moved Boise State up to four. Their wins over VT and Oregon State are more impressive than what Nebraska has done thus far.
  3. I want to rank us too, but I need to wait to see beat another good team and that won't be until we play Georgia Tech. But, we play better off the radar so there's that.
  4. I moved Stanford back to 12, they should have beaten Kiffykins more thoroughly in my opinion.
  5. I only dropped Utah to 14.