6 Pick % thru week 8

I readily admit to transposing the Auburn/LSU line incorrectly and was ready to give everyone a W for it. Well due to the fact only 3 of 20 took LSU and that the margin made inconsequential, I am leaving it as is. I would imagine a few of you got a free W, but as a whole this week was terrible picking by most, especiall nerf (I wasn't much better at 1-5.)

proppers to Jawo and Box for going 5-1.

joe 60% 2-4
VTColtTXRanger 58% 3-3
hokie8807 56% 3-3
Seattle Hokie 51% 4-2
jmichons 50% 2-4
bco 49% 1-5
vt1coop 49% 2-4
ewechtal 47%
hokieguru 47% 4-2
VTJawo 47% 5-1
polish 46% 2-4
zames150 44% 2-4
will 44%
box 41% 5-1
vtnerf 40% 0-6
MadHatterMustGo 40% 1-5
vtbaz 38%
Hokie_Wolf 36% 2-4

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I really surprised myself this week...and I'm no longer in the basement of the group either! I couldn't believe that the Oklahoma players touched the ball after it only went ~5 yards....so close to going 6-0, but yet so far away...Glad the officials got the call right on the game winning TD for Whiskey. Hoping that I can keep my winning ways!

What a horrible week for BCO and I. We need to step our game up, but yeah, Box and VTjawo you guys killed a really tough week.

I'm not going down without a fight. Good luck to the Rangers in the series.

I maintained my

horrible picking average this year. I am going almost perfect in NFL in my office pool (maybe because that is for money and I actually take time with my picks haha). Again, I will gladly go 2-4 all year if the Hokies keep winning.

"I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of them.' So I'm going with God. I'm going with Virginia Tech." Lee Corso Aug 23, 2000



0-6, but the Hokies win.
I think the worst part was I never got a chance to crack open the Brown Shugga........

I'll take a Hokies win any week though!!!!

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