Six Pick: Week Nine

BCO's College Football TV Viewing Guide

Welcome to the Six Pick Trick or Treat edition. While this isn't some World Wide Leader Superlative Saturday like "Monster" or "Show me", there are some intriguing matchups. This week due to some studying for certification I need for gainful employment, the column will run a bit short. I plan to make it up to myself by heavily drinking Thursday starting around lunch at the Bier Garden. This Six Pick will also be done A cappella, with only my limited knowledge and strong personal bias guiding me, to hell with cfbstats this week.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the greatest amateur weekend of the year, Halloween. So If you bail on the late games for parties to get your drink on and see some skimpily dressed ladies I understand and fully endorse this decision. If you're an old, married and tired father like I am then you will be on your living room sofa taking in the games. For those missing Herbie and Musburger I promise to watch for you, if you promise to post pics of all the lovely ladies of the evening for me.


Thursday, October 28th

16 f$u -3.5 at NC State 7:30 pm ESPN

First, a round of applause for ESPN scheduling a Thursday night game worthy of inclusion in the Six Pick. The last one was da U at Pitt in week 4, so it's about damn time. Part of me misses the good ole days when Chuck the Chest dressed in his red shoes and night shades tried to look cool staring across the field at a dazed and confused Dadgumit. Sure, those Wolfpack and Nole teams usually played sloppy, undisciplined football, but just watching the mannerisms of those two coaches always brought a smile to my face. Now each school has boring coaches, but the trade is each team has improved significantly. I don't want to say back, but it's pretty clear the Noles are heading in the right direction. NC State needs to take care of them now, because in a couple years the divide between the two programs is likely to be considerably larger. This game doesn't settle the ACC Atlantic, but the winner gets to beat its chest as the division's alpha male.

What to look for: The game looking a lot like the VT-NC State game from a few weeks back. A crazed Carter-Finley Stadium amping the home team up, helping them to an early lead. FSU eventually getting it done on the ground, which then sets up the pass. NC State QB Russell Wilson letting it hang out for big gains and big interceptions.

Pick: f$u to win and cover.

Saturday, October 30th

5 Michigan State at 18 Iowa -6.5 3:30 pm ABC / ESPN

I can't decide which is more delightfully absurd at Iowa's Kinnick Stadium, the water tower in the background or the visitor's pink locker room? Was there no site survey performed before building the water tower in the stadium's sight lines? Does changing into your uniform while in a pink locker room automatically make you a sissy boy? This screams middle America heartland machoism. If someone tells me you get an apple pie after saying the Pledge of Allegiance to gain entry into Kinnick Stadium, I'd wholeheartedly believe them. As it sits now, MSU is the only undefeated B1+10 school left and Iowa is the conference's 4th best team. Add Michigan and Northwestern and that's some pretty good football up north. The teams, the game, everything can be summed in one word: balance. Good offenses that can run and pass effectively. Ditto for their defenses, there are no real apparent weaknesses. This should be a very close game.

What to look for: The Spartans are good, but I am not convinced they are national title contender good. Michigan State's QB Kirk Cousins has been playing out of his gourd, he's due for a bad game ... right? Running back Adam Robinson to do some work, grinding out yards and hoping Coach Ferentz doesn't have another Madhatter clock management moment this week.

Pick: Iowa wins by a touchdown and extra point, covering by the narrowest of margins.


6 Mizzou +7.5 at 14 Nebraska 3:30 pm ABC

For all intents and purposes this game is for the Big 12 North Championship. The last two weeks certainly have changed the perception and complexion of this game. Let's consider how they got here. Nebraska was humming a long, handing out ass whoopings to every team they played until two weeks ago versus Texas, when they got flattened by the Longhorns. Texas did Nebraska no favors by losing badly to the Iowa State Cyclones the very next week. To confuse our perception more, Nebraska decides to win a shootout with Okie State proving they could both pass and be passed on when the previous seven games showed evidence to the contrary. For their part, Mizzou just snuck around beating nobodies before taking down Oklahoma. As far as I can tell, they are winning without a traditional running game often going five wide with underrated QB Blaine Gabbert showing complete command of the offense. Unlike year's past, it's more than just offense, the Tigers are also winning with good defense, well, good by Big 12 standards. After watching their defensive line last week versus OU, they are legit. It's another must see 3:30 ABC game.

What to look for: The Mizzou defensive line adjusting quite well from attacking a stationary, passing quarterback to chasing a fast, running one. Missouri finding the same holes in the Nebraska pass defense as Okie State, making Bo Pelini spit fire on the sideline.

Pick: I'll take Mizzou getting the 7.5.


2 Oregon -7 at SouthernCal 8:00 pm ABC

Yeah, I nerded out and bought one of these and I'm not even an Oregon fan. What of it?

Get ready for it, it's coming at you ad nauseam. The last three weeks, the then no. 1 team (in some poll or another) played a road game with ESPN's College Gameday broadcasting on site. All three weeks resulted in losses for no. 1 team in the land.

This game will go down one of two ways, a continuation of the no. 1 team losing on the road or finally closing the book on the SouthernCal Pac10 domination. If you remember these two teams played last Halloween night, and just as the shirt above states it was a "fright night" for the men of Troy. An eye opening 47-20 loss at Oregon exposed USC as now being very mortal, and severely wounded the program–the Trojans have been 8-5 since.

I would paint a dire USC picture, but let's not pretend they don't have talent, they do, but they are young and lack depth. As we all know the Trojans aren't going to play in a bowl, so it's games like this that can make these kid's season. The Fighting Kiffins would like nothing more than to knock off the Ducks and stay relevantl. If they get blode out, it may be a long damn time before they get another prime time game. Southern California high school kids are watching...

What to look for: Oregon to absolutely work the young defense of Troy on the ground and in the air. USC's improved QB Matt Barkley will be able to move the ball, control the clock and score, but just not enough to keep up.

Pick: Oregon by a couple of touchdowns.


Saturday, October 30th

22 da U -14.5 at uva noon ESPN

Remember trick or treating as a kid, loading up on candy and such? You rush home all excited to divvy up the payload only to find some jackass gave you a healthy snack alternative or as I like to call it the modern day trick. Well, I'm that jackass. A shit game, only good if you enjoy the Hoos getting a beat down. On second thought, maybe it's not a trick. Speaking of tricks, Scott Stadium's turf was vandalized last week.
I think I may know who the culprit may have been as this piece of photographic evidence is circulating around the C-Ville police, taken around the time of the incident.

What to look for: You know how VT just abused Wake Forest and doook, the Canes will treat the Hoos the same.

Pick: da U by A LOT


Florida vs. ugga -2.5 3:30 pm CBS

It's late October in the souf, which means "The World's Largest Cocktail Party" is on the docket. Gone are the days of Georgia dancing in the end zone after a touchdown or Meyer calling late timeouts while running up the score.

It's an ugly affair this season, as both teams have played horrible so far. While coach Urban Meyer is seeing how fast the Gators can go backwards before blowing an engine, it looks as if coach Mark Richt has finally got his Dawgs in first gear after a couple of wins. Looking ahead, whoever leaves Jacksonville with the W, isn't guaranteed positive traction on the rest of their trip to the season's end. There is a potential car wreck waiting to happen. For non Gator and Dawg fans, we are rubber necking to see the carnage left on the college football roadside.
What to look for: Bad football and a confused, pissy Urban Meyer.
Pick: Georgia by more than a touchdown.

As always, feel free to pick against me and others, based on the spread given.

The Beer of the Weekend:

Chimay Red

The classic Belgian Dubbel that all others are judged against. Meant to be enjoyed slowly and savored.

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in 6.


AL > nl


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

Rangers in 7

6.5 picks

0.5) #10 for USC
1) F$U
2) Michigan State
3) Mizzou
4) Oregon
5) Miami
6) Georgia

1) f$u - think it will be close until the 4th qtr
2) michigan state - somehow they'll get it done
3) nebraska - don't think mizzou can do it 2 weeks in a row
4) Oregon - USC 17, UVA 14 - nuff said
5) Miami - i don't even think Jacory will throw an INT, this makes me sad
6) Florida - Defense wins Cocktail parties

easy week

SERIOUSLY? (Swagger -100)



i missed last week.

Mishigen State

for the most part

everyone did poorly last week.

a good week to miss.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

FSU Michigan

Michigan State

...what he said.

and chimay is meant to be enjoyed in copious amounts in gorgeous glasses with a side of i-will-feel-no-shame-until-tomorrow. i showered fully clothed one night (i guess i thought i was supposed to undress AFTER getting in) in bburg after a night of chimay pitchers (which they don't normally do) and $3 double rum-n-cokes from the rivermill....might've been a car bomb or two in there....woke up naked and confused as to where my clothes were from the night before.


Now that is how one should enjoy a night with Chimay! Very delicious...

1 Seattle Hokie Pick

This morning I woke up in Denver with a hangover and then spent the rest of the day in a team meeting. I am a geeky consultant that supports various sales teams for my company. Right now I am in suburban Chicago for two days for the same type of meeting. It is Midnight or 11:00 or 10:00 pm. I actually have no idea what time it is but I am exhausted, the bar is closed and there is no mini bar in my room. Nightcap /FAIL. I have another two days of somewhat boring meetings so I am going to only pick the Thursday night game (sadly I will miss watching this for a go kart team event). Once I am home and reunited with my wife, pups and Stella Artois I will make the rest of my picks.

Woof Pack - I am looking for some Thursday night magic and F$U, who is totally back, slipping up against N.C. State. I am too tired to think of any reason but the fact all the other posts have picked F$U so I got to go opposite.

These picks were brought to you by a lack of sleep and the in room bottle of water that tastes so much like ass I spit it out.

Also I will take the Yankees in 4 for the world series.

let's try this again....

Last week sucked!

1. NC State. Big game on National stage for Wilson.
2. Iowa. The over under for fake kicks by Sparty is 3.5 in Vegas. Sadly, none of them work this week.
3. Mizzou. 7.5 points is too much for the Tigers to not cover...
4. USC, outright. The Ducks are awesome, but sputter out this week. This is USC's chance to be relevant this year.
5. Miami. They will cover by halftime, and Jacory will throw a pitty-pick in the third to make the Cavs feel better about themselves.
6. UGA. The Gators are terrible, and the Bulldogs are averaging over 40 ppg since UGA VI hit the sidelines!!!


To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

This beer is awesome and is the only Dogfish brew I cannot find in Colorado.

Sad panda.

that sucks, but the funny thing is that I live just south of there in Maryland, but find more stuff at the Vintage Cellar in Blacksburg from Dogfish. They ship out to cover a bigger market, screwing the local guys.
However, the Punkin will be flowing this weekend.
I'll drink one for ya!

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

I agree, it is delicious.

I am going to try to find a sixer of it for this weekend.


I have seen large displays of Punkin at the DC area Total Wine / Whole Foods. One of my favorite fall beers.

one day

i will be less lazy and register so i can comment on your picks. i read most every week.

i have no excuse really.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

week 9

eye owa.
the 'real' OU
da u (iz bak?)


heres to the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party

Michigan State
Southern Cal
DA U is still not back but will look that way against the UVAgs
Florida - I have lived here for 14 years now and I have seen this trend and it will continue

this weekends drinks are 'Skip and get naked' and Irish Carbombs . I believe the kegger they are getting is Budlight so that is what I will be drinking as well, although tomorrow I will be making a trip to Bold City Brewery for some Mad Manatee

"I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of them.' So I'm going with God. I'm going with Virginia Tech." Lee Corso Aug 23, 2000

Another tough week

FUS - Their D will make the difference
MSU keeps it closer
edit - Cornmen beat the spread
Ducks - but worried about the #1 jinx, may not beat the spread
UVA- cooler weather will keep canes below the spread by .5 pts.
edit - FL win

#Let's Go - Hokies

Can't be worse than last week

Free Shoes
Tha Dux


NC State: Similar game to when we played them, but Ponder isn't Tyrod
The Fighting Stanzi's (at least until he gets hurt again)
2nd best Defensive mind in country (Pellini)
Oregon b/c you don't get points for how hot the cheerleaders are
Miami as UVA hasn't proven anything this year
The Crocs will eat the dogs.

Beer of the week: Ten FIDY

My Picks

NC State - It's tough to win on the road on Thursday night.
Iowa - Their defensive line will keep it close.
Nebraska - MARTINEZ
Oregon - I think it will be close early, the USC is going to get blurred.
Miami - If UVa somehow wins this game, does that mean they're back? Because damn, I saw a lot of praise for them on Twitter lately.
Florida - I think they'll pull it together.

UVa can UVA come back? I never knew they were a good team to begin with....

But... But...

George Welsh won nine games once!

I'm back w/shotty picks

the other school with a duck mascot

If these picks hold up, it gives Bama and the $EC more mo' to run their are there a bunch of pretentious bastards around here that think all non-$ec football is JV. I'm hopin ole-Miss can work a lil' mojo; or Ugga gets a little mo mojo so they can throw for 300 against Auburn in a few weeks.


sorry da thrill

the fsu pick was too late.



"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

Pick 5 - didn't get the picks in on time.

1) Iowa
2) Mizzou
3) Oregon
4) Miami (A shut out over the Hoos)
5) Georgia - Never thought this team would be in the SEC championship game with that bad start.

5 more Seattle Picks

Well I am back in Seattle but not well rested. I am so glad I don't have to get up for the BCO mandated 9:00 am VT game. Hopefully the dogs will let me sleep in. I am at 100% for this weeks picks so you can probably disregard everything I say from here on out.

Iowa - I am torn on this one. Some guy at the Chicago airport bar today was Iowa and was screaming that Sparty would win. I had a dinner with a couple Iowa grads who thought Iowa would win. One guy even told a joke - What do you call a 300 LBS Iowa girl? - An anorexic. Anyway, I am going to side with the drunks I work with not with the annoying drunk at the bar.

Missouri - Since I picked against them last week, I am going with them this week although I don't think they are going to win. I think Gabbert can outplay TMagic and Missouri will be playing with some new found confidence.

Ducks - There will be no sympathy for USC and no mercy given to them. Oh yeah, and Lane Kiffin is coaching. I am just hoping for many camera shots of the song girls and his wife.

da U - These guys are back and Virginia is saving their upset game of the year for their matchup with Va Tech.

Ugga - UF can still win the SEC east. That means they have a lot to play for and the return of Mr "Txt U 2 Die" Rainey is back. That has to blow up in coach/Pope Urban's face.

Beer this weekend will be Stella Artois since I am not heading to my Hokie bar. Once Nov 1st rolls around I will try to switch to some holiday beer but we are a few days away from that so its the old standard right now.

Congratulations to jmichons

He's the only one who picked UVa. We all bow to your greatness.

Also, if you haven't heard: Miami is back.

Thank you

I didn't think they would actually win though.

#Let's Go - Hokies

Dear GOD,

you made me an awful game picker.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

lol @ nd

I been here since day 0.

next season

we should just starting picking the ND games. a bottle of bourbon to anyone who correctly picks their entire season.


Ah, got to wear my Staubach Navy jersey with pride after 3 wins in 4 seasons against the Golden Domers.
This is the losing-est class in ND history, and with the way Army is running the ball, they may add 3 to that "record".

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

It's just embarrassing.

With all the talent they bring in and all their resources at their disposal they should never fall out of the top 25, let alone miss a bowl game. At 4-5 there's no chance in hell they go bowling with Utah, Army and @USC remaining on the schedule.

I love watching the carnage.