Central Michigan Open Thread

Let's Go!

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I've got to give props to the booth guys, normally I hate watching the 2nd tier channels, but I've actually enjoyed their insight and color. Here's some examples of note:

1) On Tyrod's 62% compeletion rate: He's throwing downfield a lot and this is somewhat misleading, this is not a a dink and doink offense
2) Tyrod's mobility: He's just really fast in small spaces
3) Dyrell's false start: Wide receivers and false starts don't mix, they're not blocking anybody, they're just standing there
4) Negative punt return by CMU: Should have called a fair catch- and my hindsight is awesome

For the most part you're right.

But they definitely thought Hazley handled kickoffs and not Meyer.

Boykin had a false start on him too, what's up with that?