I didn't think we'd win this game.

A lot of other Hokies didn't think we'd win this game, but, you know what?

Everybody in unison, "What Joe?"

We won the game.

Do you know what else? Something else magnificent that happened today?

Everybody in unison, "What Joe?"

BC didn't score a point against us.

So you know what? What we didn't hear today this afternoon?

Everybody in unison, "What Joe?"

Because Neil Diamond should never be put on the back burner. Just look at him, weaving, shaking and grooving his shoulders and buttocks in a fashion pleasing to the women in the audience. Throughout the video he's making an argument that every piece of fabric on my and your body should be covered in denim and studded in rhinestones.


Here are some thoughts on the game, leave yours below.

  • Tyrod was 16/21 for 237 yards, but it felt like he played much worse. He's doing an excellent job of buying more time in the pocket, but then he's squandering his earnings. There were a handful of plays when he had a lane to run, but he was indecisive and he dragged out the play too far, it then ended up in a loss of yards or an incomplete pass.
  • Foster's second half adjustments were the difference again.
  • There were too many penalties.
  • Wilson, Evans and the offensive line were out of sync all afternoon.
  • Slowly but surely GW is starting to come around, in Foster we trust.
  • They're young, but I trust this secondary more than any, ever.
  • Hazley was butter, but we need to convert a short field for six and stop settling for three.
  • Everyone knows the end around to Wilson is coming.
  • The read option out of the gun had been working. It's a shame we don't run it more.
  • That was a big effing win.
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TT is still not very accurate passing the ball

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