UVa Hate Week Bulletin Board

I know none of us need any more reason to dislike the Boohoos, but I figured it might be nice to get a bulletin board of sorts started to fuel the rage just before downing the first bourbon drink Saturday. If you've got images, quotes or anything you think might help get fellow Hokies fired up, post it!

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This. Is. Virginia. Football.

Terrific fan support

A coach that believes in the team

You mean a coach that eats his team?

Once Again

The need for a "recommend button" in the comments rears its ugly head.

UVA is for...

You can always rely on me to keep it classy
Link for the blank image: http://i.imgur.com/ddZfE.jpg


A Tradition of Excellence

At this point I think they're just trolling us.

And we're falling flat on our face for it. Because they're just playing into every stereotype ever and putting them on YouTube. What's next, a Zima chugging contest?