Retiring of the T-V, Fighting Gobbler logos

Per the Collegiate Times, Tech plans to retire the T-V and Fighting Gobbler logos later this year.
Since the current football uni's feature the T-V on the collar, does this mean we'll be getting new uniforms for next season???

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MAN!!!!!!!! The T inside the V is my all time favorite logo of any team, any sport. Sounds like I need to make a run to the bookstores and stock up!


By the looks of the picture they used in the story, the bookstore is having a firesale for all things with the vintage logo. I'm going to clean 'em out before I head home for Thanksgiving break

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What Irony

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all blacks ruled

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I only put the fighting gobbler on my cars

and I haven't been able to get one in the last few years.

I actually had my mom sew the fighting gobbler onto a VT flag for the house.


I appreciate and respect the historical significance, but I honestly never was a fan of the T-V logo, I feel like it reads TV not VT and the T just looks like Tennessee's T. I do like the fighting gobbler though.

Seems like it should still be produced though because people do like it, maybe unofficially?

My too fav logos are going away

I am a fan of the VT current logo so don't get me wrong but from a design standpoint it is pretty dated and basic, we definitely don't need to redesign the logo but I am a big fan of the "t-v" logo and fighting gobbler. I actually wish we would do a Hydrochrome helmet with the fighting gobbler on the side.

I will most definitely be looking into buying as much retro stuff i can.

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Home of the Fighting Gobblers

When I first went to games that is what we were known as. I will be disappointed when the merchandise is taken away, but I am sure it will be able to be found somewhere.

Anyone think that there is a chance that they bring them out of retirement in the future to make big money? My favorite logo is the TV and I'm not even old.


Really the only logical explanation. Bring them back in a couple years to make big $$

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So what are they going to change it to instead? Please go back to the all maroon everything With the orange stripe down the side of the pants.

Random thought/question concerning retro look

With the "retirement" of the retro logo, does anyone have a thought/guess/inside information as to whether or not we will be keeping the current uniform scheme of the shoulder stripes and one color numbers? The reason I ask is that the retro logo and essentially retro jersey went very well together and thought maybe it was a sign that Nike would be changing our uniforms again aside from the clear financial reasons expressed by Virginia Tech.

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Possible redesign/update of the current VT logo?

Perhaps they're considering further tinkering, making the current logo the "throwback" logo? Maybe getting an updated logo is part of a big marketing push. Don't know, pure speculation on my part.

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I don't mind that the t-in-v logo is getting retired. The retro look was cool and all as a throwback but once it started to dominate our look it lost its luster in my eyes. If there is a change in uniforms I hope it's something simple and clean but state of the art. Preferably #ALLMAROONEVERYTHING

These people are losing their minds!