OT: "Anthracite" Hokie Paint Scheme on a Kenworth Truck

My dad is a truck driver and loves to customize his rigs. He knew he wanted to go with orange on the grey truck to match the orange trailers he hauls. I told him he needed to add some maroon to the scheme so people wouldn't confuse him for a Volunteer fan. Turned out pretty sharp. I told him he is right up to date with the new branding and the anthracite rumors.

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This looks awesome! Maybe the athletic department will adopt it for the equipment trucks.

Thanks for sharing.

We put the K in Kwality

Cool paint job.
Also, now all the ads on here are for trucking companies

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You're welcome.

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Very sweet. I'll be looking for that truck on I-81.

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I can't see this on my browser from work :(

Lookin' good. For some reason I think trucking fits in really nicely with our school.

That's sweet man!