Galen Scott replacement

I am hearing it is Tyrone Nix out of Texas A&M. I don't think anything is confirmed. Has anyone heard anything to either support this or refute this? Again, this is a rumor I am hearing #NoSauces

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Hmmm so wait, Bud isn't going to Texas A&M?

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

He is, this is a trade


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Given his history that is interesting.

1995 Southern Miss (DT)
1996–1999 Southern Miss (OLB)
2000 Southern Miss (DB)
2001–2004 Southern Miss (DC/ILB)
2005 South Carolina (Co-DC/DL)
2006 South Carolina (Co-DC/LB)
2007 South Carolina (Co-DC/ILB)
2008–2009 Ole Miss (DC/LB)
2010-2011 Ole Miss (AHC/DC/LB)
2012–2014 Middle Tennessee (Co-DC/LB)
2015-2016 Middle Tennessee (DC/LB)
2017-present Texas A&M (Senior Analyst)

There is a lot of "Co" in his history and we just lost or "Co-DC".

Some good wins he has been a part of while just looking at his DC stints. For instance 2003 Southern Miss took down then #10 TCU 40-28. Helped Spurrier finally start get SCAR into respectable form. Gave the 08 Tebow/Urban UF team its one loss with Houston Nutt at Ole Miss and got a Broyles Award nomination. But was also there for the entire self destruction of that tenure at Ole Miss.

Wow, given his history this potential hire strikes me as surprisingly NOT underwhelming.

wait until you learn about his profile as a recruiter. You'll be dropping that 'NOT' like a hot potato.

Seems to be a generally competent defensive coach, especially DL. But barely a blip as a recruiter.

Future, potential, excitement crushed.

How did he go from 15 years of being a DC/Co-DC (at two different power 5 schools) to being a Senior Analyst?

There is a lot of "Co" in his history and we just lost or "Co-DC".

Bud did say that he liked how Galen 'thought' like a DC. Maybe that's something he looks for now. Maybe he's looking for a replacement. Maybe it's just a learning opportunity.

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His career has been on a downward plane since being DC at USC'e. His MTSU D was pretty bad, so he was relieved (not sure if they went through a coaching change, is Stockstill the HC at MTSU?)

They improved from 102 to 74 in his tenure so I think that's good. MTSU is not exactly a Def powerhouse.

Analyst roles are often used by coaches as a kind of gap year to stay employed and maybe study under an existing staff while they look for the right fit for their next job. Recent example would be Sonny Dykes, who was fired from Cal, took a year as an analyst with TCU, then got the SMU job. Nix probably just wanted to take some time to survey the market before taking another job.

Dykes was also fired at an awkward time during the season.

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Senior Analyst to Scott's old position is about the same as Intern to VP... why is a former SEC Co DC an analyst now? Huge red flag IMO.

Analyst is an extremely common position for someone in between regular gigs.

OK, let me re-phrase. Why is a former SEC Co-DC "between gigs"?

Do you not understand how coaching jobs work?

I understand that P5 teams don't typically hire a Charlie Reamon or Cody Grimm to be their Co DC under a hall of fame DC. Yes.

If he's hired, this is a reasonable question to ask. There could be plenty of positive reasons why a solid position coach is in an analyst role, but there assuredly could be negative ones as well. I haven't had time to dig into his background, but I'd want to understand the "why" too.

Why was Steve Sarkisian former Head coach and top-line OC in "between" gigs before hired as 'Bama's OC?

Shit happens, take an analyst job until the quality of job you desire opens up again.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Because he was a raging alcoholic that showed up to a practice drunk. Hurts the resume a bit.

Because he was a drunk who got fired.

I might be thinking of the wrong coach, but wasn't he a drunk?

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Pretty sure he had an alcohol problem

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In case you missed it the first 4 times...


Not sure if mentioned yet, but he had to step down from USC due to a drinking problem.

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According to #sauces, he liked to hit the sauce.

I read somewhere that he liked to drink...

Let's also not forget that he went from AHC and DC at Ole Miss to Middle Tennessee State. That's just as concerning to me. I know the changing of the guard is what outed him, but a dude who has hopped around the SEC for 15 years and was nominated for a Broyles award should never jump back down to a lesser position at a lesser school.

could it have anything to do with the "crooked letters"?

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Yeah I'm with you on that one.

He's an interesting candidate. Was once the youngest DC in the country but now seems like we're picking him up just after the point where his career bottomed out.

Soooo we're gonna get some good value in his contract salary which frees up room for more support staff, right?

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Supposedly. I don't really have much of an in with that kind of stuff though.

The thread is titled "Galen Scott Replacement" but I've been assuming this whole time that he would be replacing his spot on the coaching staff only, not his actual role as a coach. I don't think we're going to go out and hire another Co-DC right now.

I can confirm that Nix was in Blacksburg this weekend with the defensive coaches.

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This is the time of year where coaches go and study different schemes. Remember Stinespring went to Ohio State to study their offense and Bud went to Iowa to study how they attacked the option. I wouldn't look to far into this until something is actually a done deal.


Stiney must have fallen asleep during study hour

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I don't remember him going to Ohio State, but I do remember him traveling to UT-Austin one summer and the resulting "Stiney Went Down to Texas" offensive monstrosity we saw in 2012. Maybe a good thing if he fell asleep in Columbus.

It was when Jim Tressel was still coaching there.


and all stiney came back with was a sweater vest

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And a tattoo.

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No, he came back and Dick Graham and Caleb Farris were his two best OL.

I was told the hire was basically a done deal but my guy wouldn't give me the name. If Nix was indeed in town this weekend then I woulda bet he is the guy.

What's the "fidelity" situation on this guy (for all the Westworld fans out there), have we done the proper due diligence? His resume looks awfully good

It's interesting that Nix would leave A&M to come to Tech. I wonder if the staff if selling him on a DC in waiting role like Scott was expected to have had.

Using /s is for cowards.

Why not use that angle? Its not like Bud hasn't heard it before.

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He's an analyst at aTm, not an assistant. This is a bump.

If the resume above is correct, it doesn't seem to me that he is an official coach at TAMU. I'm guessing senior analyst is a support staff position that doesn't count toward the limit of 10 coaches.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Yea looking back at his resume it looks like he's working his way back up the ranks after Ole Miss.

Using /s is for cowards.

Looks like he has coached the DT and LB positions. Would he be the safety coach if he is in fact coming to Va Tech?


I'll be happy if Nix can bring either of his two 2019 DT commits.....or both

24/7 isn't too high on Nix but they basically expect Dabo to be our 10th coach so take that for what you will.

I think he would be a great hire

Recruit Prosim

Of course they're not. Probably going to start fighting with PSU fans about it pretty soon.

If it is indeed Nix then I'll be pretty lukewarm on the hire tbh. Good coach with pretty extensive SEC experience, but hasn't necessarily shown the recruiting chops in the past that I was hoping for. I know Fuente's MO is talent evaluation and development, which is a good way for VT to be successful, but I think we have enough of those types of coaches on staff.

So, given that I knew nothing about Nix until reading this thread:

  • What's his recruiting history like? Who has he landed and who has he missed on?
  • Do you have any (specific) coaches in mind that you would like to VT go after for a defensive assistant?

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Here is his list of all time commits. The thing that worries me is that his highest rated recruits all seem to be JUCO guys. This is something that would be good for a place like Ole Miss, but with the academic restrictions on JUCO's for both VT and the ACC, this success will be difficult to replicate at VT.

My #1 choice would be Aazar Abdul-Rahim from UMD. Known as a competent DB's coach, has a very healthy pipeline going to one of the best high schools in the country in Dematha, and would be making about $100k more at VT if we allocated all of Galen's salary to the new hire.

Yeah, Abdul-Rahim would be a great hire.

Yep. I know it's not exactly a new name for a lot of people that follow recruiting closely, but to me it's just one that makes way too much sense not to heavily pursue.

Plus that would probably help get us back in with Tank Land!

Great answer, thank you! Does he have any (known) ties to the current staff? He sounds like a great candidate; if we're not actively pursuing him, I'd hope there's a good reason why.

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Not that I'm aware of. I can't remember where but I think someone mentioned that we put out feelers to him in the past and he just wasn't interested. I believe he's from the DMV so coaching for the highest profile school in th area is probably of pretty large appeal to him.

could be his career leading Defenses and sitting in the "Co" position is more of a necessity than his ability to recruit. I'm not trying to start another Bud speculation rabbit hole, but that's what stood out to me. hell has he ever really coached safeties? doesn't seem so, or not much.

Don't underestimate "talent evaluation and development" coaches. This is the story of Virginia Tech.

The way ahead at VT is winning games. If you build it, they will come.

As fans we often think it's a sales job, when the way ahead at VT is a "having the goods" job.

To paraphrase Brad Pitt as Billy Beane in the movie Moneyball from the book Moneyball from Michael Lewis:

"If we try to beat the Yankees (Clemson) in here, we're going to lose to the Yankees (Clemson) out there."

As of right now, we can't recruit with the Big Dogs. We need to beat them with player scouting and development.

As of right now, we can't recruit with the Big Dogs. We need to beat them with player scouting and development.

I don't think the issue is scouting. We identified Devyn Ford as a talent before Clemson, OSU, PSU, etc, but we lost him. This staff can identify talent, but they need to improve in the acquisition of said talent.

I'm also not ready to say that development is the issue - Yes, jury is still out for QB development, but I think the general consensus is that our offensive coaches can/have developed/improved our receivers and our OL. RB development may be up for debate too, but I think most agree that that position relies heavily on talent; coaches can only teach so much. We've seen dramatic improvement on special teams, and on defense, well, I think Foster's results speak for themselves.

I don't want to say that we've hit our ceiling, but I think we're scouting and developing close to our full potential. Without improvements to recruiting, we're averaging 9ish wins/year. To take the next step, we need to recruit.

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At VT, scouting, developing, winning and recruiting are inextricably linked.

The one thing I can't explain is why VT doesn't recruit better in Virginia, but I've got to believe that can be improved.

Everybody identified Devyn Ford. We need to find 5* talent in the 3* bin. We need DeBose/Farley/Dsanzi type guys to be multi-year starters, All-ACC type players.

I agree about hitting our ceiling with the current model. I think I said "for now." The next step is Fuente turning "his" current recruits and development machine into an ACC championship or mutliple ACC-CG appearances. From there, recruiting will continue to improve. I believe it has improved, gradually, in the last three years. I don't believe there is any switch to be flipped by signing smooth recruiters. The guys we have doing our recruiting now are relatively green, as they grow as recruiters we need to concurrently win more games and then win more recruits.

I guess this is all about whether we should hire a recruit-first guy or a development-first guy. Preferably, both. And we don't have all the correct info. This may be as good of a recruiter we could get in an off-season hire. We may like the UMD guy better, but he might not like VT so much.

This. When I talk about hiring proven recruiters, I'm not expecting us to reel in multiples 5*'s per class. I want a couple guys that can land us an additional 2-3 mid-level 4*'s per class. Imagine how much better we would be feeling about our depth if we had landed Ameer Speed, Victor Dimukeje, Anthony Grant, and Alim McNeil. Just a couple good but not elite guys every class will make a huge difference. Combine that with our ability to find 4* level players before everyone else and we would be cooking with gas.

To take the next step, VT needs money.

Thanks for reminding us of that in every thread.

Because everyone seems to forget it...

Coaches make very little difference in recruiting, yet you don't comment when the same people roll out the same litany of pedantic actions VT needs to do to recruit better in every thread which remotely touches on the subject.

Regarding Tryone Nix, TKPers be trying to figure out...

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Didn't we already promote from within? Where is the vacancy?


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Justin Hamilton was the "temporary" DB's coach.

As a D Coordinator his teams have always performed well. He was let go when Nutt was fired at Ole Miss. he was interviewed at Oklahoma so he was still at least respected enough after he left ole Miss.

As a recruiter he might not have lit the world on fire but he has ties to the south experience recruiting in the SEC and has had to really evaluate talent at MTSU. I bet he is hungry to prove himself after being the youngest Coordinator in D1 Football at 29years old. I think he will be a great coach and should be on par with Foster as a recruiter. Plus he has a history of doing more with less, which honestly is our MO.

I bet he is hungry to prove himself after being the youngest Coordinator in D1 Football at 29years old.

Are you sure about this? FernlyHokie's career history post says he started coaching at Southern Miss in '95.

EDIT: Misunderstood

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Coaching career
University of Southern Mississippi (2001-04)
In 2001, Nix became the defensive coordinator at Southern Miss at the age of 29, making him the youngest coordinator in Division I-A. By 2003 he was a finalist for the Broyles Award, which recognizes the nation's top assistant coaches.

His impact as a defensive coordinator was immediately felt as he led the 2001 Golden Eagle defense, which had lost 7 starters from the previous season, to rankings of 8th in the nation in scoring defense and 11th in the nation in total defense.

In his first three years as defensive coordinator at USM, Coach Nix's defenses stayed in the top 15 nationally in scoring defense.


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He was let go when Nutt was fired at Ole Miss

I giggled.

Ironic considering the Freeze and his hookers.

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He was a victim of Nutt's discharge, if you will

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You could also say his job was in jeopardy when Nutt was sacked by the AD.

Nutt's sacking put Nix in a sticky situation

Also, to follow up on recruiting, the average recruit rating improved every year he was with a team Ole Miss 08-11, MTSU 12-16, TAMU 17, and his top recruits are higher than Galen Scotts, and I would say Ole Miss from 08-11, is about on par with us 16-18

Galen Scott never really killed it with recruits so as long as hes not a wet dish towel personality it should be a massive improvement. The dude is young and driven and that outta help with recruit relations. Plus the SEC logo doesnt hurt

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What do you all expect to get at this point in the coaching 'season'?

Derek Jones was my favorite candidate...he was not interested apparently.

yikes... hopefully there's more to it than lack of interest in the program.

Derek Jones joined the Blue Devil coaching staff in January of 2008 and coaches the defensive backs. Jones was awarded additional responsibilities as Duke's Associate Head Coach following the 2017 campaign.

Link on recent promotion

Cutcliffe isn't getting any younger. My guess would be he hopes to take over the program.

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To be fair, he's likely next in line as the HC at Duke. None the less, VT could've paid more right now and we could've given him the title of co-DC to Bud. Wouldn't have been a bad gig for him, but I can understand his desire to stay at Duke where he's basically counting down the seasons until he's the HC.

I thought it was that Pitt coach.

that was for chuck cantor's job i think

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Seems Nix to VT is a done deal, fwiw. Hadn't seen it reported on here yet...

I like the hire. If we were trying to find a special teams coach or a DC (perish the thought), this would be a poor fit or an underwhelming choice, respectively. But I'll take a safeties coach with a resume like this. Seemed to have good success at So Miss and at Ole Miss (& got caught up in the Nutt mess (😳) that resulted in the career reset at MTSU). He's been a ladder climber at every stop he's made. Of particular note is his history of fielding statistically strong pass defenses. I like that in a safeties coach.

As mentioned on this thread and elsewhere, the off-field consultant gig at aTm is a typical move for a coach waiting for the right "next job". Here's hoping he found it.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

That's weird - I'm on here constantly and never once did I see that post.

It's probably someone else's fault.πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

the support staff most likely

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dear TKP: can we get a system that we can DM someone? lol.

hey gobble gobble gobble,
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Hey boss no worries! It got the message across, and like I said there, it was insightful.

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