Ask TKP: What team do you want to play in 2020 and 2021?

To take our minds off of.... him, here is a fun question that Whit is probably composing at this very moment.
If you haven't heard yet, Michigan chickened out of our 2020-21 matchup, leaving VT with 11 games at the moment. The new game will most likely be an out-of-conference away game in 2020 and a home game in 2021, so which team would you want to play in that spot after a home Penn State game on Sept 19 2020. The other two home Out-of-conference games are Liberty and ECU in 2020 and ND, Richmond and @WVU in 2021

I would love to see them play @ Maryland (to re-ignite the rivalry) or @ Florida because we have like, never played them ever

Another fun question would also be who do you want to play in the ACC to kick off the 22 season?

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Selfishly, @Cincinnati, @Ohio State, or @Kentucky. I would also be a fan of @Vanderbilt to have a tailgate and party in Nashville since we don't usually suck enough to fall to the Music City Bowl. @Purdue would ensure a win, but thier college town was lifeless and their stadium was soooo boring and dead. I forgot about @Indiana, we will need to go remind the Hoosiers of their lowly place after they inflate their ego by kicking the brie out of UVa.

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UK for a little payback from Basketball season.

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First choice an SEC team: Tennessee, South Carolina, or A&M (because of school similarity)
Second choice a B1G team: Maryland, anOSU again, Nebraska?
Third choice a mid major: UCF, Houston, Memphis (lol)

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Hawaii. That would be a great away game to go see.

If we played at Hawaii, we could still play another game too (there is an NCAA rule that allows teams to schedule a 13th regular season game if they play at Hawaii.) Starting last season, teams who had away games at Hawaii could also start their season a week early so that they don't lose their bye week due to the 13th game.

Would certainly be fun to go and see, but I'm not sure I think it's an overall value for the program, unless you think of it as a "perk" for the players.

Long flights out, play game while jet-lagged, long flights back.

It's baller if you get to stay out there a while. Bowl season, sure. The turn for a regular season game would be more brutal than perk.

We already have Maryland on our future schedule. So NOT Maryland.

How about teams we haven't played in a while, or ever?

Michigan is hard to replace, as it was really a perfect opponent. Excellent reputation, not impossible to beat.

Setting up MD at FedHex field does seem like the easy way to fill the void. I agree with you, but technically Maryland is a B1G team.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

The curse was broken last year, remember?

Yea, I was there, but I hate that damn stadium and everything about it. Getting to the stadium sucks, the parking sucks, the tailgating areas suck, the stadium sucks, Dan Snyder sucks, and Fuck Matt Ryan.

Back in 2014 we were scheduled to play Maryland at M&T Bank Stadium... maybe that could be another neutral option?

I believe the question was "Who do you WANT to play?", not "who might you settle for?"

A neutral site game in Orlando or Jacksonville.

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I really think a neutral site game is very possible in 2020, considering how we don't have a lot of options for one for the rest of the decade.

Then, we pick up an FCS game and move Liberty to 2021.

Are the chick fil a kick off games schedule that far out yet? I wouldn't mind another trip to Atlanta.

Scheduled through 2021, and double booked in both years.

I'm kind of surprised that Dan Snyder has never tried to start an annual kick-off game at FedEx. An annual ACC-BigTen(+ WVU) game would be fun and probably an easy sell. I'm actually surprised BTN hasn't tried to go after a "marquee" game like this to start the season and put it on their network.

Well, the Boise game was dubbed "Kickoff in the Capitol" or something like that. Definitely the biggest game of that opening weekend and was a grandslam as far as turnout, in game atmosphere, and honestly the game itself. Why they didn't try and capitalize on that kind of momentum is beyond me.

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haha selfish!

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Another one always suggested is Texas A&M. I'd like to see that.

Yeah, but I hear Bud Foster will be there by 2020, do you really want to have to play against a Bud Foster defense???

Double post, internet is sketchy atm

Can we play LOLUVA twice? No?

Then I'd like to go with a PAC or B12 team. We rarely play against them. Oklahoma would be fun. Utah maybe.
Florida, too.

I hear the playoff committee really frowns on playing more than one FCS school a year...

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

Michigan State

Recruit Prosim

I like it.

Let them man up, since their sister institution didn't.

Right about now they could use the money

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Savage, but true...


Beat them, Miami, and FSU and be state champs.

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UCF would still claim it.

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That would require Florida being willing to leave the state for a non-conference game.

Would really like to see another series with Ohio State, especially now with Fuente's offense going up against Meyer's offensive prowess. Also thought that was a really fun series. Would also allow OSU to stick it to UM because they ain't skeered.

Also wouldn't mind UMD or West Virginia either honestly.

So ND tix are about $165/ea average. Over 65000 seats, that's over $10m in revenue. An ECU game is about $65 face, so about $6.5m in revenue difference. This isn't accounting for increases season tix sales driven by a marquee opponent. Or the economic development benefit to the town. Or the concessions and gear sales. Or the potential for a home game with Michigan to get national coverage.

Losing the Michigan game cost us $10m. You can ask for more HC memberships all you want when you lose a recruit, but those are contributions. We need cash from our cash sources. The revenue impact from neutral site games isn't clear, but it probably ties by touch a marquee home game.

So who can replace Michigan and makes sense?
UF, UGA, UT, Bama, Auburn, aTm, LSU
Texas, OU, TCU
Nebraska, Mich St, OSU (too recent?)
UCLA, USC, Oregon, Udub.

West coast trips are tough, so we should cut that. Teams with OOC rivals have less scheduling space, so UF and UGA are out.

There are some good options here. Some may move the needle more than others. I would personally go TCU, Texas, Auburn, Mich ST or UT.

Where are you getting these ticket prices from? In the 24 years I've been going to VT games, to the best of my knowledge we've charged the same price for single game tickets for teams like Notre Dame as we have for teams like Furman.

If you're looking on the secondary market, such as Stub Hub or Cheap Tickets, then don't because that isn't VT's price for the ticket.

It was that way in the past, but face value ticket prices for games have been more market value for a few years now.

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Texas A&M is a matchup that should've been a thing years ago. Also, a home-and-home (fuck Bristol) with UT is a no-brainer.

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It was. We won both.

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How did I forget that? Dammit, it should be a regular matchup though.

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I still have sunburn from College Station. I'll never forget.

Well, I was in basic training for one and Baghdad for the other. Easy slip-up.

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I hope we beat the living shit out of Penn State in 2020.

I wish I could give more than one leg to this..... I'm starting to hate them more than Miami and uva...

Nobody can unseat Clemson until we beat them

Recruit Prosim

If ain't nobody going to say I guess I will

With any luck, Nick Saban will be retired and/or senile by then!

Virginia Tech would walk right up to you and punch you in the neck. They're just tougher. Cowherd 3:16

That's funny, but evil doesn't die, retire, or age.

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SEC: South Carolina (it should be a thing) or aTm (we're the same school, they're just in Texas)

Big Ten: Iowa (could be fun football) or Michigan State (girlfriend is an MSU grad so that could be fun for the relationship)

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

Would love the South Carolina series because I could easily go to that game as I'm about 2 hours from Columbia.

Auburn, K St, LSU, Florida,

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Tennessee, Vandy, UF, USCe, Rutgers for an easy W that's still P5, Ole Miss or Miss State would be cool, or like everyone else Texas or A&M.

@Rutgers is on the schedule in 2023, not sure if it's a home and home

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I vote texas A&M so i can make the trip from houston

Danny is always open
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I wanna beat the shit outa Kansas. But not a home and away. Iowa would work. But my first pick would be USCw. Cousin teaches there, and daughter goes there. Different cousin-in-law big alumni fan. We owe them. Big name game. I think the 12 are soft. Bruins are another team we owe, but I'd break the Trojan first.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

but I'd break the Trojan first


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I'm getting the feeling people are going to be really unhappy with the team that fills these spaces in the schedule.

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So we're doing both home AND away with ECU each year?

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

The replacement will be an FCS or lowest tier FBS team, no question about it.

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I'd bet on UNLV if they weren't already locked up for 2020.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I agree because of our 2021 schedule. In 2020, it has to be a road game or a neutral-site game since we already have seven home games, but I don't see Tech agreeing to play anyone in a one-off road game and our 2021 schedule means a neutral site game unless it's against someone like Cincinnati is fairly ambitious.

Edit: It'll be a mid- or low-tier I-A team in both years. 2021 already has has an FCS opponent (Richmond), and the odds of a one-shot road game against a lower tier team in 2021 are almost 0 -- it makes more sense to get either a 2 for 1 deal or a home-and-home. That means we may not play an FCS opponent in 2020.

With that detail in mind, I'm now betting:
* made for TV game 2020 against a mid-tier (like Cincinnati) or top-tier team, road game in ECU 2021

It would be nice if we could defer the home game of the series until a later year.

Recruit Prosim

Like Purdue?

Yea exactly

Recruit Prosim

It's fun to dream, I mean maybe Whit is a fantastic recruiter and pulls in a Top 10 team.

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2021 already has Notre Dame at home and the Hokies traveling to Morgantown with a home opener against Richmond. The odds of it being ECU, ODU, Marshall, Western Michigan, Akron or the like are high.

If I were a betting man:
* probably a neutral site made for TV game or a road game against a mid-tier team since we already have seven home games.

* home game against mid-tier or low-tier team we played in 2020
* road game at ECU (we have a home games against them in 2020 and 2022, we don't play them through 2025, and they have an opening)
* road game at Marshall (they have an opening)
* Maryland (home or away, they have two openings)
* Rutgers (home or away, they have two openings)
* road game at ODU (unlikely but they need two games and already have two road games scheduled)

Edit: See the edit in my reply to Fireman above.

Florida, Colorado, Iowa, and TCU.

Another fun question would also be who do you want to play in the ACC to kick off the 22 season?

I would say that odds are good that we are the home team for that game, only based on the fact that we're the away team for the week 1 ACC game this year, and 2022 is our "good" ACC home schedule. It'd probably be GT or Miami. I'd go with Miami, just to change it up, since we would have hosted a Labor Day GT game a decade before. And we've only played Miami in September 3 times since we both joined the Big East. Our away schedule of Duke, UNC, NC State, and Pitt doesn't really move the needle much.

I'd totally be down for another ECU game even if they're already on the schedule.

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Is it possible for the Hokie Club to accept negative donations?

I hope you have established a safe word

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For me, it's all about payback & vengeance. So, JMfU, Boise St & MD. For 2 of those, we have overall records to settle.

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Anyone but ODU, JMU, Richmond, ECU, Liberty, loluva or William and Mary. We need to stop playing division II schools (or wtf they are called now)

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But, but what about muh revenge??

ECU, loluva

I see what ya did there.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows


But, but what about muh revenge??

How can you need revenge if we've never played?

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

Well, about 8 yrs ago, I had an extremely vivid nightmare. So even though we haven't played, I still hold them responsible for that bad dream. Therefore, they must pay. So yeah. Vengeance.

Waho's suck
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Selfishly, I'd like to see a home and home with Appalachian State. App has a great football tradition, travels well, and Boone reminds me of a smaller Blacksburg. That was the main reason why I chose to attend school there (well, that and the NC in-state tuition).

Go Hokies

That sounds hot, hot, hot.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

Not a proud moment for us.

Go Hokies

This would be good, I wouldn't like a home and home, but hosting them in BBurg would be a good time.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

I remember when we hosted them in 2011; we tailgated next to a lot of App State fans, and they were very confident that they would easily defeat us. We beat them 66-13.

After the game, their QB DeAndre Presley had this to say about the Hokies:

"Not taking anything away from them, but I wouldn't classify them as an elite team," he said after his least productive game as a starter. "We stopped ourselves so many times. ... We made them look better than what they were. I believe so."

Nobody beats themselves by 53 points.

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I wonder what the defensive player that Logan Thomas knocked 5 years into the future had to say.

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I believe he was quoted as saying, "Holy shit, you guys! You won't believe who's gonna win the presidency in 5 years!!"

Virginia Tech would walk right up to you and punch you in the neck. They're just tougher. Cowherd 3:16

That dude was pissed with theway he threw Thomas' shoe ti the ground. I never realized it, but App St was really convinced they were going to win that game. I mean you need to have that mentality for every game, but it seems to me their coaching staff had the team a little too riled up

Funny thing is the guy I knew on the App state team said most of em felt they were gonna get destroyed

Keep calm, Gobble on

App fans can be extremely overconfident from time to time. We (App) were still only a few years removed from 2007 and believed that we could beat any team at any stadium. I was expecting a Hokie victory but with a closer score that day.

App has since moved to FBS (Sunbelt) and won a share of their conference title the past 2 years. The 2 campuses are only 2.5 hours apart, and both schools offer a rich football history.

Just my 2 cents.

Go Hokies

You need to go to a football game in Boone sometime. Pretty scenery, great game-time atmosphere, and awesome places to hang before and after the game.

Go Hokies

I like the season openers against solid opponents.

Oklahoma State rematch would be cool, or a traditionally good program
like Iowa or Michigan State.

Right now, our season opener in 2020 is Liberty and in 2021 is Richmond. Given our 2021 schedule contains both WVU and Notre Dame I don't see anything better than a low- or mid-tier FBS opponent that year -- probably a road game at ECU since it's the one gap in our schedule with them through 2025 (we play them in Lane in both 2020 and 2022).

2020, if we don't do a road game against ECU in 202, it'll be a road game against whatever mid or low-tier team we play, otherwise it might be a made for TV game against a mid-tier team like Cincinnati or an upper tier team.

Edit: Somehow forgot in my replies that 2020 was the year with seven home games. Corrected.

Give me a home & home against a team we've never we haven't played recent so I have an excuse to travel to a new college town. Oregon, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Auburn, Wisconsin, Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, are all cool places I want to visit.


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Out of that list, never played would be:

Oregon, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado

The Hokies are:
0-2 vs Florida (last played 1985)
3-6 against Tennessee (last regular season game before Bristol was 1937)
1-0 against Texas
1-3-1 against Auburn (last regular season game 1978)
2-1 against Nebraska (last played 2009)

Tennessee will never do a home-and-home with us; Neyland seats over 102,000 and maxed out at 109,061. Their portion of our gate isn't worth it for them to do anything less than a one-of or a 2-for-1 in their favor. It's part of why we can't ever get them to schedule us.

That's a good idea, would be nice for each fanbase.

I live in Denver now so CU would be a convenient game to go to and they have an awsome stadium overlooking the Rockies.

My brother went to TAMU and my family lives in Conroe so that would be a fun game to see with the family.

LSU cause that's where my parents went so I grew up a huge fan.

My girlfriend went to SCAR so it would be fun for me to see us beat them.

Oddly enough all teams that we never play.

I'd support any of those matchups, for less personal reasons.

teams with spots available on those dates in 2020 (9/26) and 2021 (9/25, 10/02)-
Illinois, Navy, SMU, UConn, Maryland (maybe), Northwestern, Rutgers, LTU, Middle Tennessee, Toledo, Western Mich., Air Force, New Mexico, UCLA, Arkansas, Florida, Ark St, Idaho, Lafeyette,

I really like Northwestern and Florida out of that list, would love to see Quincy go up against a Chicago team

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Northwestern or Illinois might be the best most likely of those options.

Virginia Tech would walk right up to you and punch you in the neck. They're just tougher. Cowherd 3:16

I would say maybe Toledo too, although, I don't know if a home and home with Toledo would be the best thing

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I hope he's not going off of FBS Schedules, because the individual teams' websites are showing differently in some places. That said, it also depends on what those teams need as well. Looking at the schedule for each team, including VT:

I'm removing Florida already because of our 2021 schedule and I don't see us playing three high-tier P5 teams in the non-conference slate since Michigan backed out, especially with road games in Atlanta, Boston and Miami.

Illinois: Not happening.
* 2020: 9/26 is their Bye week before they enter a 9-game Big Ten slate. Also, their website says they're playing Florida Atlantic the weekend we're playing Liberty while FBS Schedules shows "TBD"
* 2021: no openings

Navy: Not happening. They already have four non-conference games each for 2020 and 2021 if you look at their website and not FBS Schedules.

SMU: Possible.
* Their website isn't showing anything beyond 2019 that I can find.
* According to FBS schedules, they need a home game in 2020, we need a road game. 2021, their only opening is Oct 2.
* They already have I-AA opponents scheduled in each year

UConn: Maybe but probably not
* Their website is crap to navigate at work (I think something in our filtering is blocking one of their scripts) so I have to rely on Wikipedia and FBS Schedules
* They already have an unscheduled home-and-home contract with Tennessee that could be 2020-2021
* They need a home game in 2021, we need a road game in 2020.
* They're already playing at Clemson in 2021

Northwestern: Possibly
* They need a home game in 2020, we need a road game.
* They have an opening in 2020 the same weekend we do (Sep 19) OR Oct 10, which means we could have an ACC game Sept 19
* Their only opening in 2021 is Oct 16, which is late for a non-conference game for VT but not unheard of. They could use either a road (6th) or home game (7th).
* They're already playing Duke in 2021.

Rutgers: Not likely
* We're playing them in 2023 and 2024 already
* They're already playing UCLA
* FBS Schedules looks to be inaccurate. Wikipedia says they're playing UCLA and Temple on the road in 2020, Wikipedia says they're getting Syracuse at home and Temple on the road.

Louisiana Tech: Possibly, but chances low
* Like UConn, I can't navigate their site at work so am relying on Wikipedia and FBS Schedules
* We both have 9/11 open in 2021
* They need multiple non-conference games in 2020 but are traveling to Raleigh in 2021 and are also playing Mississippi State at home.

More to come

Yeah, was going off of fbs sched, good catch

You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
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Specific dates on future schedules mean nothing. As long as a team can fill up its 12 game schedule, the dates will work themselves out later. Have you seen how many times we have dates for our non-conference games on our future schedule, and they get pushed around when the ACC decides to give us an early conference game? Or when we add a neutral site opener?

Thing is I only see that happening in a "Made for TV" game and the ACC has already told us we're getting Labor Day weekend matchup with another ACC team in 2022, so I'd rule that out as happening with another ACC team in 2020 or 2021.

I could see a "made for TV" neutral site game in 2020 that moves dates around, but given our schedule in 2021 -- even if you discount the dates the games are being played -- there's no way we're playing anyone short of a regional opponent who is around the same level as Marshall or ECU in 2021.

It doesn't always have to be a big splashy opening game. Sometimes, the ACC just wanted to get a conference game for the ACC Network during September, instead of just getting the all of the FCS matchups. And then, every once in a while, they need to put a conference game early to allow for the Notre Dame games later in the season.

I am good with a home and home with Northwestern. B1G school so a win would look good on the resume in addition to being a W

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

MTSU: Possibly
* Like others above, I can't find future opponents on their website though this one I can navigate
* They have Oct 3 open in 2020, so again we'd have to schedule an ACC opponent for Sept 19
* They need a home game in 2020, we need a road game
* They have one non-conference game scheduled at the moment for 2021 if FBS Schedules is accurate

Toledo: Likely not but a chance
* They need a home game for 2020, we need a road game
* Their only opening in common in 2020 with us is Oct 3
* They're already playing Michigan State in 2020 and Notre Dame in 2021, so will likely schedule an equal or lower-tier team or an FCS team

Western Michigan: Another not likely
* First open weekend in common in 2020 is Oct 3
* They need home games in 2020, we need a road game
* They need all four non-conference opponents in 2021
* They're already playing Notre Dame in 2020 so it depends on how ambitious they want to be.

Air Force: Chances: low but there
* They need non-conference opponents in both years, including a home game in 2020
* They don't have any "big" opponents those years
* Their first open weekend in common with VT in 2020 is Oct 10 -- they have open dates the weeks we play Liberty and Penn State

New Mexico: None
* Thier schedule is full in 2021 and I don't see us going to New Mexico for a 1-game series

UCLA: Nope
* If you consider them upper-tier I-A, then that already eliminates them because of 2021
* If you don't, based on their team's website their only open date is Sep 12, the week we play Penn State
* Why possibly: If they're willing to consider not playing nine consecutive Pac-12 games, they need a home game because 2020 is a year they only get four home Pac-12 games and currently have one non-conference game
* Our travel schedule is exceptionally light in 2020 (at Louisville, at Pitt are two furthest road games)
* We may still not play them because it's a third P5 team in 2021

Arkansas: ???
* Probably not because of 2021 already has two P5 teams
* They still need home games for 2020, though may not reciprocate a 2021 road game since they only schedule one non-conference road game a year (currently open)
* We have an in-common open date on Sep 19, but it's after we play Penn State and they play Notre Dame
* Sep 25 is an in-common open date in 2021

Arkansas State: Possible
* It's a team we're likely to schedule a one-game home series with for 2021
* If we do schedule a home-and-home, they have openings
* They're playing Michigan in 2020, so that's a possible no for home-and-home and would still leave us looking for a 2020 opponent

Idaho: ???
* Depends on if we schedule a home-and-home. Probably not due to the distance, which means they'd come here for 2021 and leave us looking for a road game in 2020
* the first opening we have in common in 2020 is Oct 3
* They do have a shared opening on Sep 25 in 2021

Louisana: ???
* Same issues as Arkansas state as far as home-and-home series goes
* We have the necessary open dates in 2020 and 2021 in common and they need a home opponent in 2020.

a lot of people said florida already which would be my first choice as well.... my second choice would be Washington.

after that id like it to be someone generally ranked in the 17-25 range but consistently ranked there. whomever the best AAC team is at the time? USF, UCF, Memphis, (not an aac team) but northwestern maybe.

I also think TCU would be a great match up and great story line with student meets professor.

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When Michigan cancelled, Northwestern was one of the few P5 schools that not only had the right home/away openings in their schedule those years but also had the same weekends available that were vacated by Michigan.

Let's play the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Maybe settle for UNLV home and home if they agree to donate their entire operating revenue to the Hokie Club.

Whatever gets me to Vegas is my answer.

UNLV's AD is our former associate AD for football. She also worked for Whit at Cincinnati. Also, our former HokieVision Director is now at UNLV as an Associate AD. The relationship is there.

It's a longshot because of the distance.

I think a game against them will happen at some point.

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You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Didn't we try this for like ten years in a row and they kept bailing on it?

It's been rescheduled a number of times but they're on the schedule for 2024/25. We will see if that holds.

It would be fun to get a home and home with Texas or Oklahoma. Those matchups would draw a lot of eyeballs.

It's Time to go to Work

John Ballein said many times before the PAC12 and MW would always be out of the picture due to travel.

Fuck that, I want Colorado, CSU, UNLV, Utah, and BY motherfucking U. Then swing a series with Oregon and Washington.

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Hopefully then someone is doing this if they want those kind of games.

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Selfishly I'd like to see a home and home vs Navy. My beloved hometown Hokies vs my adopted and loved (but less loved than VT) Midshipmen. Plus, Annapolis is a really awesome city to visit and game day there is a really cool experience for anyone who has not seen a game at Navy Marine Corps Stadium.


Nah man, I have too much angst over playing against 1 team that uses the triple option. I don't know if I could handle a second on the schedule.

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

But if we play them back to back then we can dedicate more practice time to it...and probably do pretty well!

I would just want a Navy then GT then BYEWEEK sequence

I would love to play Navy, FWIW

How cool would it be to play GT, Navy, and Georgia Southern all in the same year

Recruit Prosim

Now I think I know how Fireman feels when someone mentions RichRod.

If we're gonna go with the academies, get Army or Air Force, and schedule that for Corps Homecoming.

I don't know why but for some reason I want Tech to kick Tulanes ass

When in doubt. Nap it out

Well, that's random AF.

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Somebody that we lose good recruits to or a big time team where a win on the national stage would look good.

If we do a home and home make it a medium level team with recruiting interests like South Carolina.

Because the 2021 schedule is already so brutal I'd recommend a Marshall or another G5 mid level. In 2020 my top choice is neutral game with Georgia, recruiting and big stage right there. I'd also take Bama, Texas, Oklahoma, or Ohio State.

But seriously don't let this distract you from the fact we play AT ODU THIS YEAR. And 6 times over the next 15 years. If we lose that game just once it's not worth it

Recruiting and yes fan involvement means those games are worth it.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Not if we lose even one lol. That would look horrible. We want to be the big dogs that come in, are up 40 by halftime then put the B team in.


Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

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BYU. As an independent they must be scrapping for good teams to play.

Already on the schedule.

Always choose joy.

Just wanna play some B1G 🐶s

Tennessee, Wisconsin, Alabama in that order. UT-VT and WVU-VT should be bi-annual rivalry games. Alternate playing them each year. Wisconsin is the most overrated program in america IMO because they play in the worst division and never schedule tough OOC games(save LSU a few years ago). Bama speaks for itself.

Funny thing about Wisconsin, we still haven't played the games we scheduled with them back in the mid-2000s. So, if we try to schedule them for 2020-2021, we won't actually play them until 2036.

Whit in an interview with Andy Bitter-
AB: Shifting gears, I know I give you crap about scheduling teams 15 years down the line, but now after Michigan cancels a series in 2020 and '21, it's suddenly very difficult to find an opponent and you're scrambling.

WB: We are scrambling a bit.

AB: How difficult is it to fill those spots only a couple years out?

WB: It's tough. I feel like we're really close to it. I'm not being coy with you. We don't have everything buttoned up. But I feel like we've got somebody who can help there. It will not be — anyone can beat us — but it will not be at the Michigan level. We're pretty strongly scheduled that year [in 2021], but yeah, when you get down to two or three years, it's slim pickings and people can hold you hostage for money and other things. So it might cause us to play a home-and-home with a non-Power 5. It could do that. But John Ballein is really good at scheduling, he and Jim Weaver and coach [Frank] Beamer before. Scheduling out a decade or more is a little ridiculous at times, but it's easier than doing it two or three years out and less expensive as well.

AB: Was it disappointing losing the Michigan game? I know a lot of fans wonder what's the point of scheduling these things if they're going to get canceled five years down the line.

WB: Yes. That's true. But it also happens a lot more than most fans realize I think they just pay more attention to Virginia Tech. But games get shifted and moved. Texas and Alabama, one of them dropped UCF to make that happen. So even though you schedule 10 years in advance, there's still some shifting and things like that. We've picked up a Maryland series coming up, a four-year series that we like. And Jim already had Penn State and Wisconsin and West Virginia, I think we added a couple there. So anyways, we always want to have some marquee opponents, we always want to have strength of schedule, but under-scheduling and over-scheduling is a difficult position to be in.

AB: So you don't want to share who you're playing in 2020 and '21?

WB: I can't yet. Because I don't have anything signed, but John Ballein is really good at it and he helps me the most with scheduling. So was Desiree [Reed-Francois], just John has a more historical knowledge. But shoot, when schools are asking for a million or more on buy games and things like that, it's also a financial component. Like the Old Dominion series, we can take a game over there to our fans, we don't have to pay big guarantees, hopefully it's a team we should beat, but the recruiting component in the state of Virginia. Same with Liberty. So some of that is competitive. Some of it is financial. It's an inexact science. There's an art to it, I should say.

AB: I know I've asked you this before, but what does an ideal schedule look like in your mind?

WB: When you win them all. [Laughs] For us, and it's a requirement for the ACC and the new network, but we're always going to have one, preferably two, Power 5 teams. We might play a, quote, lower Division I team, and then maybe a mid-level Division I team. I think that shakes out well with ticket sales. Again, you don't want to over-schedule, but if you under-schedule, that would be a shame to left out of something because of a soft schedule. But I'm pretty pleased with what our schedule is. '19 will be a little bit tough. We don't have the marquee names as much as we usually do, but other than '19, for about the next decade, we feel really good about it.

You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
- Mike Burnup

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You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
- Mike Burnup

Would've been nice to get Florida during the McElwain era. I'd like to play Missouri, Arkansas, TAMU, Florida, LSU, and Ole Miss. Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah would be cool too. I don't see too many B1G teams that intrigue me.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Yes please LSU. Would love an excuse to visit Baton Rouge.

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Honestly, I'll be happy with whomever the CFP committee picks to round out the top four. As long as CJF keeps the team focused it shouldn't matter. The defending champs will always have that target on their backs.


-What we do is, if we need that extra push, you know what we do? -Put it up to fully dipped? -Fully dipped. Exactly. It's dork magic.