2018 FBS Home wins..

Ummm zero. Nada.. that will heat the seat up a little

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Rightfully so...

To be fair: Bill & Mary is a D-1 victory.

But that seems like ages ago, and it's not a FBS school.

This is awful. Lane Stadium used to provide an advantage. Not anymore.

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Just wait til Friday.... That 0 gonna look a whole lot worse

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

I thought that maybe this would be a post showing how we compare to the rest of Division 1 with regards to home/away splits, or maybe even just a list of all the FBS teams without a home FBS victory. But no, I was apparently giving you credit, as instead it is a one-liner pointing out a fact that we already know, likely meant to incite controversy.

I'll help you out... without looking up made up stats.. I bet 90% of P5 teams have an fbs home win this year.. we don't . Not inciting anything - I'm stating a fact

By my count there is only one other school (Oregon State) among the Power 5 with 0 FBS home wins, so he isn't too far off.



  1. Clemson (5): GA Southern, Syracuse, NC State, Louisville, Duke
  2. Syracuse (5): FSU, UConn, UNC, NC State, Louisville
  3. Boston College (4): UMass, Temple, Louisville, Miami
  4. NC State (4): GA State, UVA, BC, FSU
  5. Pittsburgh (4): GT, Syracuse, Duke, VT
  6. UVA (4): Ohio, Louisville, Miami, UNC
  7. Florida State (3): NIU, Wake Forest, BC
  8. Georgia Tech (3): BGSU, Miami, UVA
  9. Miami (3): FIU, UNC, FSU
  10. Duke (2): Army, UNC
  11. Louisville (1): WKU
  12. UNC (1): Pitt
  13. Wake Forest (1): Rice
  14. Virginia Tech (0):


  1. Michigan (7): WMU, SMU, Nebraska, Maryland, Wisconsin, Penn State, Indiana
  2. Ohio State (6): Oregon State, Rutgers, Tulane, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska
  3. Minnesota (5): New Mexico St, Fresno St, Miami OH, Indiana, Purdue
  4. Wisconsin (5): WKU, UNM, Nebraska, Illinois, Rutgers
  5. Penn State (4): App State, Kent State, Iowa, Wisconsin
  6. Maryland (4): Texas, Minnesota, Rutgers, Illinois
  7. Indiana (3): UVA, Ball State, Maryland
  8. Iowa (3): NIU, Iowa State, Maryland
  9. Michigan State (3): Utah State, Central Michigan, Purdue
  10. Nebraska (3): Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan State
  11. Purdue (3): BC, Ohio State, Iowa
  12. Illinois (2): Kent St, Minnesota
  13. Northwestern (2): Nebraska, Wisconsin
  14. Rutgers (1): Texas State

BIG 12

  1. Oklahoma (7): FAU, UCLA, Army, Baylor, KSU, OK State, Kansas
  2. Texas (5): Tulsa, USC, TCU, Baylor, Iowa State
  3. Iowa State (4): Akron, WVU, Texas Tech, Baylor
  4. KSU (4): UTSA, OK State, Kansas, TTU
  5. WVU (4): KSU, Kansas, Baylor, TCU
  6. Baylor (3): Kansas, KSU, OK State
  7. OK State (3): South Alabama, Boise State, Texas, WVU
  8. Kansas (2): Rutgers, TCU
  9. TCU (2): Iowa State, KSU
  10. Texas Tech (2): Houston, Kansas


  1. Arizona State (5): UTSA, Michigan Sate, Oregon State, Utah, UCLA
  2. Oregon (5): Bowling Green, San Jose State, Washington, UCLA, Arizona State
  3. Washington (5): Arizona State, BYU, Colorado, Stanford, Oregon State
  4. WSU (5): San Jose State, Utah, Oregon, Cal, Arizona
  5. Arizona (3): Cal, Oregon, Colorado
  6. Colorado (3): Colorado State, UCLA, Arizona State
  7. Stanford (3): San Diego State, USC, Oregon State
  8. Utah (3): Arizona, USC, Oregon
  9. USC (3): UNLV, WSU, Colorado
  10. California (2): UNC, Washington
  11. UCLA (2): Arizona, USC
  12. Oregon State (0):


  1. Alabama (5): Arkansas St, Texas A&M, ULL, Mizzou, Mississippi State
  2. Georgia (5): MTSU, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Auburn, UMass
  3. Kentucky (5): Central Michigan, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, MTSU
  4. LSU (5): Louisiana Tech, Ole Miss, UGA, Mississippi State, Rice
  5. Mississippi State (5): ULL, Auburn, Texas A&M, Louisiana Tech, Arkansas
  6. Texas A&M (5): ULM, Arkansas, Kentucky, Ole Miss, UAB
  7. Auburn (4): Arkansas, Southern Miss, Texas A&M, Liberty
  8. Florida (3): Colorado State, LSU, South Carolina
  9. Mizzou (3): Wyoming, Memphis, Vanderbilt
  10. Vanderbilt (3): MTSU, Nevada, Ole Miss
  11. Ole Miss (2): Kent State, ULM
  12. South Carolina (2): Mizzou, Tennessee
  13. Tennessee (2): UTEP, Kentucky
  14. Arkansas (1): Tulsa


  1. Notre Dame (6): Ball State, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Pitt, Navy, FSU

*Edit to remove Army and BYU as Power 5 Independents. Only 2/65 Power 5 teams have 0 FBS home wins this year, meaning 96.9% of the Power 5 has more FBS home wins this year than Virginia Tech.

Yes, obviously the list is very short, which is why I thought it was a reasonable expectation for this post to be more than a single-line rant about a fact that we're all too familiar with.

In any case, thanks for doing the leg work on that. Sucks that we share the designation with Oregon State and nobody else.

What coach could do better? We've seen this train wreck coming since 2012!!! Sure we had two season (16,17) that gave the illusion we were back on track and who was the coach?

We don't want to be the school that fires coaches based off fan/donor reaction, hello Tennessee.

Losing sucks, but for God's sake learn from it and work to get better.

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

What coach could get an fbs win in lane stadium? Any win? 100s of coaches could. Please

Beamer would've done better.

This team is weak and soft. Even the shittiest Beamer team had fight until the very end. Half the players on this roster play as if they couldn't care less. That falls on the head coach.

I'm obviously not saying to fire Fuente but there are a ton of coaches who could've done better than him this season. Let's not pretend he's done everything perfectly and we're in this position just because of bad luck and injuries.

4th loss at home in a row

That's the first time that's been done in Lane since....

It's never been done before

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.