We should just schedule a game againist UCF this year

We're one of the best teams that got a game canceled. WVU won't do it because they would be out of the playoff race if they lost. Same with NC State. With two losses, we're out of the playoff race anyways.

The best we can do is play/win in the ACCCG and go to the Orange Bowl. It's not going to affect us from a conference standpoint.

It helps UCF as they would get a chance to bolster their playoff resume if they win. As presently constructed, they (probably) aren't going to get in if they go undefeated. It's a big feather in their cap if they can come to Lane and get a W.

We get another home game against a top 10 opponent and all the attention/revenue that comes with that. If we win, that's awesome. If we lose, it really doesn't matter.

EDIT: Just looked at the schedules, it would be almost impossible to do unless we're both out of our respective championship games.

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I actually like this idea a lot. UCF is going to want to play the best team possible to try and get themselves into that 4 spot, and it'll be viewed as an actual quality win if we pulled it off.

Edit: Conference championship games will get after ya.

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Could schedule it after the conference championship. Just saying.


Bowls and playoffs are announced the next day.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Well if UCF has already played and beaten the team they will face in the championship game, then it would do them a lot more good to play against us, then, wouldn't it?

bowl games are set literally two days after the conference championship game

Right so if UCF says f%ck the championship game we need a quality win, then cancel that muhf&cker and play us instead, no?

Lol that would be the biggest Eff You they could give to their conference, that would legit be hilarious.

Especially since they're in the American Power Six Conference lol

But they did self proclaim themselves national champs, wouldn't put it past them to do that.


Question for curiositys sake mostly, but the army navy game is a week after the conference championship games.. does anyone know how they would do their bowl invite(s) if one or both were at 5 wins and may or may not be bowl eligible?

Yes this actually has happened sort of. Navy was really good one year and a win in the conference championship the week before they played army but then if they lost to army would have really changed their bowl pick. So the bowls had a plan to wait if they win their conference championship if they made it.

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More often than not, it seems like Army and/or Navy are locked into one specific bowl if they are eligible. For instance, in 2011, the Military Bowl had a deal with Navy. So it didn't matter if Navy was 6-6 or 9-3, they were going to that bowl.

Currently, Army doesn't have a specific tie-in, so they're probably at the mercy of left over bowl slots and conditional arrangements. With Navy being in the American now, they usually tie teams in with the best geographic match regardless of record, which would likely put them in the Military Bowl anyway.

I imagine the easiest scenario for an Army-Navy game where both are 5-6 is that the winner would go to the Military Bowl.

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Looks like they would go on the road. I wasn't sure they would.

An old Metro Conference rematch. Could be fun to watch.


Looking at who they're playing and still worried about bowl eligibility, not sure traveling to Blacksburg would be in their best interests (yes I know we lost to ODU) with other options on the table.


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WVU should be available conference championship weekend.

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Even though WVU lost last night, there is still a chance they could make it to the Big 12 conference championship game.

I know there's a chance they make it, but I doubt it'll happen. Dana is really bad at regaining control of his team after a bad loss. They'll definitely lose to Oklahoma, and I expect them to lose to Texas as well. Then they'll probably drop a game to Oklahoma State or TCU.

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There is nothing in the world like Thursday night in Blacksburg!

The last time we played UCF dave meyer was our QB and we didn't attempt a pass in the second half. Times have certainly changed.

We played them in 2003 actually. We won 49-28. Bryan Randall's junior season.

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Since UCF is almost impossible, why not schedule Appy State who will likely be 10-1. They'd have to forego their conference championship but it would probably be against a sub .500 team that they already beat (ULL or Arkansas State). I'm sure they'd rather have a chance to play at Tech for win 11 than a crappy Sun Belt team. From our end their a good team (could even be ranked by seasons end) that would give us a competitive home game and hopefully a feel good win to end the year

They'd have to forego their conference championship

Answered in the second sentence of your own post. There's no way they'd forego a conference championship game for an OOC game.

I dont know why there are more comments on this, the other thread says we have the division title in the bag. We wont be free any other weekends.

If I'm UCF, and still top 10 by 12/1, why would I be open to traveling TO Blacksburg? On paper, a top 10 team traveling on the road to an unranked ACC team ?? Why travel to Blacksburg and play in 30 (+/-) deg. when they can say come to us and play in 60-70 (+/-) deg.

Nah. Ya'll come to Fla. It's a feather in the cap as a win over an ACC team either way.

Just playing devils advocate here because we're unranked and already think they should come to us, but if I'm UCF I'd say the hell with that. Just sayin'....

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I got an email from the ticket office about when the refunds for ECU tickets will be coming, so it doesn't sound like we're going to have a 12th game at home.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

I *think* that's because we're not rescheduling with ECU.

Doesn't necessarily mean that we won't play someone, but don't quote me on that.

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True. I assume that they'd have done it like most teams would, though, by reusing the season tickets for ECU as valid for the newly scheduled game. Cuts down on a lot of costs and logistics.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

Yes. That is exactly what Whit said he would do weeks ago when he announced he was looking for a replacement opponent. Which is why it's extremely likely that we won't have a 12th game.

Saw that the UCF AD made some comments on how he feels they deserve a shot and that the playoff is biased against them cause of the schedule and the playoff needs to be repaired to give them a chance. Maybe they should schedule bama in the opener and see how that goes since they feel they're so good.

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