OT: Ike Whitaker was Reported Missing and Found Safe

Former QB at Virginia Tech, Ike Whitaker has been reported as missing in Gaithersburg, MD, last seen on Friday, which I am assuming was for the game in which he tweeted about.


I hope they find him safe.

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Damn. I know Ike really well, saved him from getting in trouble for being passed out drunk at a party one time. Stowed him away at a buddy of mine's house.

I just recently started following him on social media, and I was really impressed in how far he has come since doing AA and thought it was great he was coaching. It looks like he was enjoying it.

Man I am super bummed now.


I am really bummed as well. Given his history of alcohol use and rumors of depression type things my heart sank when I read this headline.

Honestly, I think something must have happened to him. From what I have seen on Social Media, it seems like he was in a really good spot.

Of course it only takes one slip up to go back to that level, but I really feel like there was some wrong doing involved.


You weren't the only one. I know from experience that he had several people do stuff like that for him quite a few times. I still think about him and some of those nights. I was happy to see that he was doing well recently so I'm really hoping this was some misunderstanding and not anything like the addiction/abuse he was going through back then. The main thing right now is they found him safe and regardless of whatever it was, there's still a bunch of people out there rooting for him.

Ike is an amazing guy and one of my favorite players even though he never saw much time on the field simply because of his personality, I pray he is ok and they find him safe and sound son. he went through a lot of VT and after AA devoted himself to god and really turned him life around, hes an inspiration to those around him day in and day out.

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I can't believe he is 31 already, man. And is he OK? did they find him yet?

Sergio Render just reported that Ike has been found and is safe!


Any details on what happened and where he was found?


While I'm as concerned for Ike as I'm sure you are, a part of me doesn't want to know because if he's battling personal demons and there's any chance his disappearance is related to that, I'd rather those be kept quiet and pray he continues to get the help and support he needs.

Great news!

Thanks for following up and reporting that he's been located.

Ike, if you read TKP, know that once a Hokie always a Hokie and we got your back and support you.

Except Marcus Vick?

Naw man. He made mistakes, and if he was in genuine need of help and willing to accept it, I would hope Hokies would jump to help him.

That willing to accept it is a bitch though.

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