Thamel: Mike Young is a "Leading Candidate"

It's been a rollercoaster of reporting covering the Hokies search to replace Buzz Williams. And now Yahoo's heavy-hitter reports Wofford head coach Mike Young is to the top of the list.

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I wonder who tomorrow's leading candidate will be

Rex Ryan

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And now that this report has emerged, he will notify VT that he is no longer a candidate

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After getting a significant pay raise

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If we're going this route I see Young as having the least upside when compared to Odom or Turner. Odom was instant winning at UMBC, and Turner has had a longer period of sustained success at UC Irvine whereas Young has fluctuated.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I don't disagree

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

And despite his name,is in fact, not Young.

Let's Go...

I agree, Young has a few losing season sprinkled in between some successful years while both Odom and Turner have had nothing but winning season (most being 20+ wins) after they "established" their programs (around year 3). I love that Young is from Radford but it worries me that he will still have a down year every now and then.

At this point it seems as if any hire will seem underwhelming at first glance. It may be like the football hire where we will need some years to see if it was actually a quality hire.

I'm prepared to be cautiously optimistic about the next guy.

Is coronavirus over yet?

My biggest question with Young is why he didn't land a job after the 2015 campaign. He guided Wofford to 4 NCAA Tournament appearances in 6 seasons. His stock was at its highest. Perhaps he was content at Wofford. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Very real concern on my end too, I think Mike Young would be a very uninspiring hire, however, I don't think he's our guy anyways

Go for it

He is.....but with the right opportunity......
He's loved in the Upstate.
His kids were younger; now a little easier to make a move (if he was waiting for that.)
Two years ago was difficult, but much better now......

My completely unsourced and unverifiable guess - Wofford's brand new arena was announced in 2014, and because he's been at Wofford since they were a D-II school and helped guide their transition as an assistant, perhaps he felt a sense of loyalty to the program to be there when the new building opened.

I've read where Wofford's facilities were pretty poor for a long time, which makes his level of success even more impressive in my opinion. He's done a lot with very little for the majority of his Wofford tenure. The guy can flat out coach.

"A" leading candidate. Not "The" leading candidate.

Not buying that he's gonna be the guy. Resume isn't very impressive. If he was worth having, it wouldn't have taken him 20+ years at Wofford to get picked up by a big school. I don't doubt he's on Whit's list, so i guess technically he's "a leading candidate", but I'm guessing he's about our 6th or 7th best option at this point.

If he was worth having, it wouldn't have taken him 20+ years at Wofford to get picked up by a big school.

Wait, so are we looking for a guy that cashed in on his success to move to better jobs, or a guy that sticks around at a school for the long haul? I'm pretty sure we just got done knocking Buzz for being the former.

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No one is knocking Buzz for leaving for a better job, because Texas A&M isn't a better job.

Buzz is being criticized for leaving a good situation for a lateral move, and for never having had any intention of staying at Virginia Tech.

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Quick, check the flight tracker. Let's see if we are sending the single prop, two seater Cessna to get him since we are on such a budget.

There was a flight from Blacksburg to the Philly today. OMG! We're getting Jay Wright! /s

As a coach, he has taken a team that NEVER went to the NCAA tournament before to the dance 5 times out of the last 10 years. He's won his conference multiple times , and won as many NCAA games as Buzz did over the past 5 years, with recruits who were nowhere near the level of ACC recruiting. He's a good basketball coach.

The real question mark is whether he can recruit well enough to compete in the ACC, and you'd think he just might be able to do that. Better give him a good budget for assistants.

But given the past few days, I won't believe he's the guy until it's announced.

Most depressing possible candidate proposed so far

Strongly disagree. He's a guy who knows how to build a program, which he's basically done from scratch at Wofford.

He's also adapted his style well to suit his personnel - from what I understand, his Wofford teams weren't as three happy before Fletcher Magee arrived, and he embraced it to take advantage of his players' skills.

Never really been impressed with Woffords defensive intensity or speed, which are critical to counter most ACC teams. Also, while has has had some sucess, he has also had quite a few down years as is evidenced by his .545 winning percentage as a head coach. I also greatly discount his being from the area since he has coached away from the area since 1989. South Carolina would have some overlap regionally in recruiting but there are several well more vetted candidates with active recruiting in the region. I dont need Tech to be someones golden ticket home.

He built a team from nothing, so I'm not sure his overall winning percentage is the most useful number. The fact that he's from the area I also don't see as a negative.

Your first sentence, on the other hand, would be the thing that I might be concerned about. The style of play and recruiting will have to be competitive in the ACC.

If the program was nothing before he became head coach, he had a lot to do with that then. Young was an assistant coach at Wofford from 1990 when they were still a D II program up to 2002 when he became head coach. He was an assistant when they went DI in 1995. He has had nine seasons at .500 or less including two of the last four seasons. Just not impressed.

Wofford is one of the hardest jobs in the country to win at. It's up there with the Ivy's and Patriot League schools that have such rigid admittance standards.

He would not be my choice, but he is a good coach. It is completely fair to question how he would do at a school with better resources as he knows nothing else.

Always choose joy.

Wofford is one of the hardest jobs in the country to win at. It's up there with the Ivy's and Patriot League schools that have such rigid admittance standards.

I don't follow. Wofford's acceptance rate is 69%.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

It has high acceptance rates, but also has high acceptance standards. Those two aren't mutually exclusive.

Always choose joy.

Fair point, but he's also won some championships, some first round NCAA games, and has had some outstanding seasons as well. The story isn't all bad.

I don't think it's Young for three reasons:

1. I think Whit understands the importance of consistency in building a customer base. Remember all that talk about Cronin? Young and Cronin are opposites. Good seasons followed by three awful seasons will alienate your fanbase quickly.

2. Nobody could have named Woffords coach 90 days ago. This is all recency bias and Whit is too smart to fall for that. He hired Buzz off an off year. You don't hire the guy coming off a career year. Ever.

3. I don't think Whit values locale. The reason Young is getting any play is that he's got local roots and he's moderately successful. But do you think Whit cares about roots? I don't. I think he knows wins us what matters and if you win and leave that's better than a mediocre local guy.

I'd add a fourth reason.

Whit has never underwhelmed us with a coaching choice. He's not the type of AD who says he's going to do a national search and then announce that he's hired an ex-VT assistant. So far with his big coaching hires he has surprised us with home runs (at least that's the universal first impression).

He's been consistently good, and he did tell us not to believe anything until the official announcement.

Edit: An hour and 20 minutes later, this didn't age as well as I expected if the Goodman report is correct. Still, I think Mike Young is better than some of the folks here are predicting.

^^ this

If we're at this point, either Whit has struck out on multiple candidates or VT's athletic department finances are in trouble.

Unfortunately looks like the most likely

Recruit Prosim

What's a remaining list of reasonable potential candidates that haven't been linked through reliable media sources to Tech yet? If we can come up with that list I think one of those names is our next coach

Go for it

Bobby Hurley and Gregg Marshall

Why bob Hurley? Been seeing this name but isn't he like coaching .500 in a terrible pac12 conference?

Probably because he can recruit, ASU's class last year was 11th in the nation and he pulled two top 40 recruits.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I'd take that as a done deal then. Goodman is a national reporter that usually waits to tweet stuff until he's extremely confident in it

He's annoyingly accurate, but we don't have to like him.

My guy Vt Key, if there's one thing you should learn always always take the opposite of Goodman

I'll believe it when I see it

Either Whit is assessing this differently than a lot of people are saying, or we struck out with the big name on the list and Whit reconsidered the strategy.

Who knows, with a better platform, maybe Mike Young can raise the bar. If he's the pick, it's all going to be about recruiting, as I do believe he's a good coach.

Another day another expected hire... This is like the boy who cried wolf. It may very well be true but I am not going to believe anything outside an official Virginia Tech press release.

This would be insane. Buzz was in top 20 in terms of salary, job is in the ACC, it's been proven we will support hoops and can win. Salary range is higher than coaches at Illinois, Maryland, Purdue, Oregon, Missouri, North Carolina State, Arizona, Syracuse, UCLA, Florida, Auburn... This would be the TOTAL buzz kill hire. I refuse to believe Babcock would do this.

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Who were you hoping for/expecting?

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A proven Big East (Willard), CUSA or Power 5 coach looking to move up to the ACC.

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

So Willard, Wojo, who else? It appears (from the outside looking in) that Whit was on his 5th choice (Wojo, Marshal, Cronin, Odom). Not sure who else we should've gone after. Not sure what whit can do if a coach doesn't want to come here for $2M

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Lies. All of it. Lies.

This the best we can do is this? Shit, we suck lolol

Well back to being checked out. Someone else probably needs to plan to do the opponent writeups as I am not sure I have the patience for this hire and what I expect to happen. First time I will feel really disappointed in Babcock.

If this really is the pick, it signals to me that the Buzz years and success were an anomaly. We lived above our means as a basketball program with a coach of his caliber, and we are unable or unwilling to dedicate resources to basketball to maintain a top 4/5 in the ACC, sweet 16 level of production. The hopeful silver lining of that would be more emphasis and resources placed on football, but really a shame since we showed that basketball can thrive in Blacksburg.

I really don't think an extra $2-3 million are gonna help the football program enough to justify how much worse the basketball program is going to be. This is incredibly disappointing if it's true. I think we're looking at a bottom 5 ACC program for the forseeable future if Ryan Odom and Mike Young are the type of coaches were looking at. And I don't think the financial savings are going to be enough to boost the football program back to an ACCCG regular either.

Can't really say much on Young potentially becoming the next coach, but will say this. The Young's are family friends and I used to go winter high school basketball tournaments with his father, Bob. Great people, and there's no doubt Mike would put everything he has into this program.

I completely get why so many people would be against this hire, but there is a part of me would be absolutely elated that Mike might actually getting a shot.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

It's not a Buzz hire, but we knew we weren't going to get that again. It's also not a James Johnson hire. Some would argue that it's better than the Greenberg hire. More is invested in our basketball program now than there ever has been. Let's give this guy a chance.

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(Looks like its Young. I was working on this post when Goodman tweeted the news but take it for its worth anyway)

With all the talk about candidates and what a school like VT should be able to lure in regards to the level of coaching, I decided to look at ACC coaching hires over the last 10 years. This should give you an idea about what kind of selling point "being in the ACC" means when looking for a potential coach. You can decide yourself if we're shooting too low or if its reasonable.

Virginia- Tony Bennett (Pac-12, Washington St)
Louisville- Chris Mack (A10, Xavier)
NC State- Mark Gottfried (SEC, Alabama), Kevin Keatts (CAA, UNC-Wilmington)
Clemson- Brad Brownwell (Horizon, Wright State)
GA Tech-Brian Gregory (A10, Dayton), Josh Pastner (AAC, Memphis)
BC-Steve Donahue (Ivy, Cornell), Jim Christian (MAC, Ohio)
Miami-Jim Larranaga (CAA, George Mason)
WF-Jeff Bzdelik (Big 12, Colorado), Danny Manning (CUSA, Tulsa)
Pitt- Kevin Stallings (SEC, Vandy), Jeff Capel (assistant at Duke, prior Big12 at Oklahoma)

I think Larranaga shows that an older coach from a lesser conference can have success in the ACC. Young couldnt recruit 3 or 4 star recruits because it was Wofford. Maybe once he gets to VT he can get those better recruits. If not, we will be looking for a new coach again in 3 years.

I don't remember where I said it, but I made the same comparison of VT potentially hiring Mike Young to Miami hiring Larranaga.

I think Young will be a really good hire for VT. People need to chill out.

Perhaps. But the CAA (Larranaga's previous conference) typically is a higher rated conference than the Southern (Young's) or if we include the Odom stuff from yesterday, the American East.

Wasn't Larranaga the coach of the Fab 5 at Mich?

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One of these guys is not like the others.

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So, I think I have the 7 steps of the "coach recruiting news/rumor cycle"!!!

1) It is reported that Young is a leading Candidate...

2) Only had informal talks but no interview....

3) Nothing expected today or Monday...

4) Goodman says it's practically done.....


5) Wofford puts out the statement saying that Young is not a candidate and it's fake news

6) People who reported story are beaten and torched and questioned repeatedly in posts...

7) we all wait (impatiently) for the next round of fun!!!

If Young rumors are true is this Whit saying I'm moving on but I have to hire someone to run the program and may as well do it as cheaply as possible? Let the next AD pick his guy for the long run?

If the reports are true, let's hope we have a lot of "snack times". Found this video to be pretty entertaining.
Snack Time

It was fun keeping up with basketball for a few years

I'm gonna assume/hope you're joking, but if we fall off as a program, it won't be because the next coach is a bad coach - that's fixable. It will be because half of Cassell are fake fans, who will give up on the team because they don't actually care about the sport or team, they only pretended to while we've been good.

Yes, in case it wasn't obvious, I was joking.

But I'm honestly expecting a major step back in MBB over the next 4-5 years.

This is such a cynical view of fandom. It's completely fine for someone to support the team through thick and thin and it's completely fine for someone to support a team only when they are actually fun to watch. Sports are just entertainment ultimately. If a team sucks and is a chore to follow, it's logical to not want to invest time and energy into it.

Basically, I just hate gatekeeping. It's not a good look.

Espn now reporting the same.

We put the K in Kwality

9 of his 17 years as a head coach his teams were .500 or below.

He's been at Wofford for 30 years.

I'm not impressed at all.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

Five of his last ten teams made it to the NCAA tournament. This year's team went 30-5, and made it to the second round of the tournament. This was when he was recruiting for Wofford, in the Southern Conference.

So maybe it's not all bad. I'd expect his recruiting to improve if he comes to VT, and he's clearly a good coach.

And in 2 of his last 4 he was sub .500.

His teams are very inconsistent year to year.

I'm quite confident that none of us have watched much Wofford basketball and the person most connected to CBB on here (as far as I can tell) is ltrepeter2000 and he called this hire 'depressing'.

I'm gonna lean towards this not being a good hire.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

There's also some good data there, and that was at a place with a lot fewer resources at his disposal.

If this is the hire, as far as I'm concerned he gets the right to some time in post to prove he can do the job.

This is what worries me. How often do you see a coach stay at one place for so damn long and then move up to have success? You feel like he should have been poached at this point if he really had that potential.

Who the hell knows if this will actually happen, but people need to calm down if it does.

Mike Young would have had Wofford in at least the sweet 16 if the best shooter in college history didn't somehow go 0-12 from 3. Young beat UNC in Chapel Hill in 2017. The SoCon is actually a pretty solid conference. UNCG was the first team out of the tournament and Furman was on the bubble too. It is WAY better than the America East, where Odom coaches.

Would he have success at VT? I have no idea. Would he bring us back to the tournament in a couple years? I don't know. But there is no reason to hit the panic button. Sorry to the delusional people that thought we could get a national championship caliber coach

Sorry to the delusional people that thought we could get a national championship caliber coach

I think most of us thought we could get a national competent caliber coach.

He made it to the round of 32 of the NCAA tournament at Wofford. You don't think he can get to one more round with VT, in the ACC?

If the report is true, I think he could do OK at VT.

How many Wofford games have you watched during his coaching tenure?

Welp. Just completely cut the legs out from everything Buzz did the past 5 years if this is the hire. So underwhelming/disappointing. So much for being excited about basketball in Blacksburg.

Really really hoping Whit is just sitting back and laughing at all these reports.

We dont even know if its him yet.

Guarantee none of you complaining about the hire have actually watched Wofford basketball....maybe once in March Madness.

If you give up on basketball, thats your own prerogative. I won't be giving up. I will support the team regardless.


I have probably watched 30 or more Wofford games in the last eight years. I have friends working in the basketball programs of ETSU, Furman and Western Carolina so I do regularly watch SoCon games to keep up with how they are doing. Well versed in how Wofford plays and obviously spent some additional time looking at the rest of his background. He is well respected, works hard and is popular in the SoCon amongst the other staffs but even those folks have great reservations on how he could do at the ACC level. The biggest concern I have heard is style of play and a dislike of the recruiting process.

a dislike of the recruiting process

That is an enormous red flag, and would be disqualifying if I were Whit.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

Serious question.

Can he hire some "ace recruiters" to help with this. I've heard that the guy is a "Tony Bennett" kind of guy (a man of faith, a family man, a genuinely good dude). If those things are true of him, would a staff of really good recruiters help?

Is coronavirus over yet?

Current reactions at TKP.

It's a bit of an overreaction. If Mike Young is the guy, he may actually surprise some folks. He's got a decent track record of getting a program that's not as developed as VT to the NCAA tournament and winning games with lower-rated recruits than you'd expect at VT. The VT job will be tougher, but also has a LOT more resources.

If he can step up the recruiting, he might turn out to be a decent pick. So buck up, TKP. The future may be brighter than it appears.

"Maybe it won't be that bad" generally isn't the reaction you're hoping to get from the fanbase when you make a hire. I have a hard time believing Mike Young was Whit's first choice.


Additional report

TCB also basically just confirmed it in a thread over in 247. So this seems legit.

Remember in High school, that "popular", hot, high maintenence person that everyone wanted to "date"!!!!

Then there was the smart, kind, attractive, low key person that everyone knew was the "marrying type".

Years later at the reunion,, more times than not, the roles were now reversed!!!!

Maybe Whit is just ready to "settle down"?

I didn't go to HS with an 55-year old white guy who doesn't like to recruit.

I guess I'm not certain why all of us sitting on the Internet are such great judges of who's going to be a good coach. If I were one of these guys and see some of the comments on here and TSL and social media, I'd say I'm passing too. The only reason you would take VT in light of these attitudes is if it's your dream job. That is not likely to be the case for any given coach.

I am certain that message board and social media attitudes go into how a coach chooses a destination.

We have our own company and we are always interested in the perception and attitude a potential customer has about us before we accept work. If we have a choice we prefer to work with customers who view us positively. To some extent, you could say the university administration is his customer. To another extent, it really is the fans who provide financial support, show up at games and cheer the team on during hard times.

The best thing we can do in a coaching search is to let Whit do his job and pretty much stop sounding like we're Duke.

Can you imagine if we were Duke in 1980 and were told our AD was interviewing Mike Krzyzewski who had just gone 9-17 at Army? For reference, this is what Duke basketball looked like under Bill Foster (not that Bill Foster): NCCAT Runner-Up (1978), NCCAT Second Round (1979), NCCAT Regional Final (1980). Some may have said Krzyzewski was "underwhelming", history would say otherwise.

Let's save our criticism of bad performance AFTER we hire a coach and he or she fails to succeed.

I agree that people shouldn't rush to judgment, but any seasoned basketball coach is going to realize that they're going to have to win some people over.

Young has probably whether a fair share of criticism over time. But he's also succeeded with fairly limited resources.

I don't know if he's the pick, yet, but he may surprise some folks at VT.

These guys are most likely getting a 4 to 5x salary increase. I think most of us would put up with anonymous negative internet posts in a heartbeat in the same situation.

Not saying he will not turn out to be alright or that I will stop following and supporting VT basketball, but to pretend like this isn't an underwhelming hire is disingenuous.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Mid-50s guy who has coached at a mid-major for nearly 20 years and has a slightly better than a .500 record.

And also has a reputation of not enjoying the recruiting process. So disappointed in Whit if this is true.. We're taking a huge step back IMO

Everyone should just chill. We still don't know if its just a rumor. Wofford is a hard place to recruit. I have family who went there, and its nothing but preppy white kids, basically like Hampden Sydney demographics. One of the hardest things about recruiting to VT is the demographics that the University is trying to work on, yet Wofford's is much more extreme. Wofford is a hard place to recruit and build a program. His first 7 years all had poor records as he was building the program. In the last 10 years he has 7 winning records and 5 NCAA tourney appearances and 3 victories. Anyone acting like Young is a terrible choice but Odom would have been great needs to readjust their perspective IMO...

This is a good take. I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic. However the guy is 55 years old. He doesn't have a ton of time to rebuild the VT basketball program (which is what he will likely be doing when/if everyone transfers out).

Is coronavirus over yet?

Seriously, not a ton of time. Bad argument. These days any one coach is going to get 4-7 years and if things aren't going well fans and boosters will have him on the way out. Pretty sure at 55, he has 4-7 years. Have you noticed how old some of the ACC coaches are?

Larranaga was 61 when he took the Miami job. Being an older coach isn't a reason to avoid a hire.

Its a good thing that isn't what I said.

Is coronavirus over yet?

However the guy is 55 years old. He doesn't have a ton of time

Then what does this mean?

"It's a miracle in Blacksburg, TYROD DID IT MIKEY, TYROD DID IT!"

Did I suggest we "avoid" the hire?

Is coronavirus over yet?

Larranaga made the Final 4.

Let's Go...

And it's the outlier on his tournament resume prior to taking the Miami job.

People on this board bash Shaka Smart and he's made a Final Four. Outside of what Gregg Marshall has done at Wichita State and what Brad Stevens did at Butler, mid major teams making a Final Four is fluky.

Stevens and Marshall have a more consistent track record than Shaka. People bash Shaka because outside of his Final Four run, he vastly has underperformed given the talent on his roster. If he can't win at Texas where he has a deep recruiting base and boosters with even deeper pockets, what makes you think he can win at Virginia Tech?

Maybe I wasn't making my point clearly enough.

What I was trying to get at is that making a Final Four at a mid-major is mostly a fluke and not a great indicator of coaching ability most of the time - Larrañaga never made it past the second round any other year at GMU, and neither did Shaka at VCU. Jury's out on Porter Moser at Loyola-Chicago, but I don't think he's going to change that narrative either.

Marshall and Stevens are the only two that have shown they could consistently achieve high level tournament success at a mid-major level in recent years.

The only reason I even brought it up is to point out that Larrañaga's tournament success isn't that different from Mike Young's other than the major outlier Final Four run. But that lack of consistent tournament success (hell, even consistent appearances) didn't stop Larrañaga from being a great hire for Miami.

I think your basic premise makes sense...What do you define as a "mid major"? Does Gonzaga or Villanova count?

Fair point on Gonzaga and Mark Few, though they are a special case - at this point, while they play in a mid-major league, I'd say they passed the point of being a true mid-major about 5 years ago.

Villanova, not a chance. The Big East has never been a mid-major league at any point during it's existence.

If so, we probably can't expect much in instant recruits or transfers coming in, and he'll need to seriously hit the recruiting trail, but like folks are saying, we need to give whoever is chosen time to prove Whit right or wrong. First step is to stop the bleeding, though. That won't happen until the coach is signed.

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Nathan Hoover would be a huge addition - shot 47% from 3 last year.

Keve Aluma has size (6'9") and averaged 7 & 7.

The cupboard isn't completely bare.

{starts research on new AD list}

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

If you're going on data alone you can't argue against this hire. Has had great success in winning his conference championships. By data alone he might have the best value as a coach. Now when it comes to intangibles, other arguments can be made and I'm not going there because I don't enough about Young or basketball recruiting in general.

Data alone shows that he's at or below .500 in over half of his seasons as head coach.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

Is that the only data available? I think there is data supporting him as well.

Sure there is, he's had some very good seasons.

But over half of them have been .500 or below.

But this is foolishness:

If you're going on data alone you can't argue against this hire.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

That's not exactly fair when 5 of his last 10 teams have gone to the NCAAT with 3 going to the second round at a place that is very hard to recruit to...

There is plenty of data that can argue against him. Doesnt seem to matter at this point if he is the hire. Its more it is what it is and what it might be.

But why is this a bad hire but Odom would have been a good hire?

Odom has a knack for recruiting and finding great staff members. His style of play has been almost exactly what Buzz used which has shown itself to be difficult to handle for alot of the ACC. He has current regional contacts, especially in terms of AAU, isnt hesitant to utilize transfers if he has a need, doesnt shy away from recruiting bigs, and brings an energy to the court I have rarely seen in coaches. He has a family coaching pedigree and just seems to have "it".

Have concerns on style of play under Young and recruiting to get talent that will compete in the ACC.

Get to know Mike Young (from March 5, 2019)

" target="_blank">

Is coronavirus over yet?

Mike coaches in the future? I'm all in on this guy /S

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Haha... Thanks for catching that my man!

Is coronavirus over yet?

Of course he coaches in the future. We just hired him.

The impressive bit, though, is that he's already done interviews in the future...

He's the coach now. I'll support him until given reason not to and hope all the negatory comments aren't indicative of the way things go for him at VT. Criticism of the choice is valid, and I respect the opinions about the hire, but opinions are just that, and moot at this point.
I'm looking forward to seeing what he can put together, who he can retain, and who he brings in, but the proof of this pudding will be a while in the tasting, regardless.

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Buzz really spoiled a lot of us. I think he was a great catch for Tech, but a complete anomaly. We have got to remember Virginia Tech is football first with basketball a distant second.

Occurs to me that Buzz was really more of a "charismatic leader" type. It was all Buzz all the time. Really never saw much of the folks around him in videos or in print.... to my knowledge were Buzz and Fuente ever even seen in public or photo ops together?

I'm anxious to see what kind of management talent our new coach can construct around himself and the program. What kind of an ambassador he'll be for the school. How much he can delegate to his coaches and will he spread the credit. A great leader isn't good at everything! This dude doesn't seem to suffer from too much "me-itus".

There are different ways to build a program and be a winner. He's certainly not gonna do it like Buzz...but maybe that will be just fine.

There were not a ton of photos of the two coaches together but there were plenty of times in broadcasts of football or basketball where they showed each at the opposites events. Buzz had many more photos with Beamer and to say that there weren't videos of those around him or even photos, you really must not have been tuned in to his twitter feed. He was constantly shining light on those around him doing great things or showing appreciation for Tech history or his own history in terms of traditions or honoring coaches he had worked for in the past. He would even spotlight small things, like alumni that provide odd support to the program, like helping with the pep band, etc making sure that they realized they were appreciated. Fault Buzz for leaving for home but while he was here, he bled orange and maroon in almost everything he did.