Best VT Plays of 2018

With the offseason rolling into the rearview, the smell of cut grass, and negativity shifting from recruiting to on field product, I wanted to take a moment to focus on the good times.

What were your favorite plays of the 2018 season?

Was it a botched hand off?

Or an interception play?

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What a savings

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Punt block for a td vs fsu (before everyone realized how bad both teams were) has to be up there

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This is on the list, for sure!

And this isn't a play, but I think it should count.

But this is the right answer.

Heze's block there was brutal, my word.

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More of a fan of Hewitt Hoyt running through everyone at top speed and touching no one on this play

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Fuck the offseason has been to long all.

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FSU 99 just wanted to hit something knowing he couldn't catch up...

I would have to pick Keene's catch in the fourth quarter against UVA. What a way to set up the game-tying drive and force overtime

Crazy to think we would've been 3-8 if it wasn't for some miracle plays against UNC and UVA.

Or if the players had quit caring & trying & playing as hard as possible.


I needed this thread.

Why couldn't the entire season have looked like these plays?