Ask TKP: ideal all time Hokie offensive/defensive lines

So Joe put in our heads the idea of an explosive offense. Mixed with the thread of king's potential being turned in to our great string of running backs in the early 2000's. What's everyone's Hokie ideal offensive/defensive lines made of any Hokie player from any time?

Tackle- blake dechristopher
Guard-Wyatt teller (with a mowhawk mullet)
Center-Zachariah Hoyt
Guard-Kory Gough
Tackle-Wade Hansen

D end-Corey Moore
Tackle-Tim settle
Nose guard-Ricky walker
D end-Darryl tapp

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Zach Hoyt? I mean we had Jim Pyne, Jake Grove and a few others that went on to have great careers at VT and NFL

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Oh I know there were way better selections based on play, 4 of my 5 picks were based on the fact, if you put them together it looks like a group of loggers coming off the mountain to kick your ass. The 5th is a personal friend. But I agree Jake grove was a baaad man

He said give to me Roscoe

OL Coach: Vance Vice

RT: Duane Brown. Imagine what he could have been for us with a competent OL coach
RG: Wyatt Teller
C: Will Montgomery. Wife's personal favorite Hokie All-Time
LG: Jim Pyne
LT: Eugene Chung. It's not often there's a first round Hokie OL

Add in my explosive players from the previous post:
Vick $5
No TE, Sub in Sam Rogers as Free H-Back
RB Suggs $4
WR1: Coale $1
WR2: Harper $2
WR3: Turner Free

God have mercy on opposing defenses

DE: Corey Moore
NT: Tim Settle
DT: Bruce Smith
DE: John Engelberger

While we're at it
LB: Xavier Adibi
LB: Vince Hall
Whip/Nickel: Cody Grimm/Kyle Fuller
CB: Brandon Flowers
FS: Kam Chancellor
ROV: Vinnie Fuller
CB: DeAngelo Hall

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Ben Taylor does not get enough respect on this board.

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Loved the Ben Taylor, Jake Houseright 1-2 punch. I will concede Adibi for Taylor

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Started following football in '03 so that window plus all-time greats is what i have to pull from.

LT: Duane Brown
LG: Will Montgomery
C: Jake Grove
RG: Wyatt Teller
RT: Blake DeChristopher

SDE: John Engelberger
DT: Bruce Smith
NT: Tim Settle
WDE: Corey Moore

Mike: Vince Hall
Backer: Tremaine Edmunds
Whip: James Anderson
Nickle: Kyle Fuller
Field CB: Brandon Flowers
Boundary CB: Deangelo Hall
FS: Jimmy Williams
Rover: Kam Chancellor

Every defender on the field would lay the lumber and nobody would dare throw over the middle. Wouldn't have much luck running or throwing outside either.

Wasn't Anderson a Backer? Adibi was the whip.

Also I like Hosley better at field CB.

Anderson was the whip. Adibi was backed.

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DE-Cornell Brown/Corey Moore
DT- JC Price/Derrick Hopkins
DT- Jonathan Lewis/Tim Settle
DE- Bruce Smith/Darryl Tapp

LT- Derek Smith
LG-Wyatt Teller
C-Jim Pyne
RG- Jake Grove
RT- Duane Brown

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

You think Grove would be good at guard? Did he ever play that position?

Can't really argue with that Defensive Line...i really want to find a way to put Engleberger in there though..


How does the Remington Trophy winner not make that list?

Is it basketball season yet?

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