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I'm curious if anyone's heard what we're going to do differently under Ham?

E.g:: Because Wiles is out and sounds like we're going after "bigger DL" for the future - does that mean we're not going for twitchy one-gap DL that usually doesn't matter how large you are or is that still the plan? Anyone think we're still going to do the inverted cover two / robber scheme on the back end?

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Hopefully we will have a scheme that stops running qbs...

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What defense completely shuts down running QBs? You can slow them down, but you can't stop them.

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The Nancy Kerrigan defense.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Don't you mean the "Tonya Harding" defense?

At the very least I'd want a defense that wouldn't give up first downs on 3rd and 14, 3rd and 10, and a 60+ yard TD run, all on separate plays by the same QB, to be followed up by another 70+ yard TD run by the same QB on the next series, only to give up another huge TD run for the game winning TD in the same game.

I dunno, seems that setting the bar at not getting our rectums dissected by the one player we needed to scheme to defend is, in reality, a fairly low bar to achieve.

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Do you want death by a million cuts or the high risk-high reward option? Can't have it both.

Do you want death by a million cuts or the high risk-high reward option? Can't have it both until we recruit better.


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That's incredibly not true.

When you get uber specific, then yes, we can probably find a defense that won't have that exact series of plays happen to them.

When you want to actually be realistic, things similar to what you described have happened to every great defensive coordinator in football. Also, scheme doesn't make tackles and it doesn't keep players from drifting out of position, taking false steps, or failing to get off blocks.

The first quarter issues with Perkins were enormously frustrating, and we stopped them after the first quarter. We were lucky to have a DC who was so good at in-game adjustments. However, as we saw the game play out, we never made up enough ground on offense while we stifled theirs before they found a hole in the defense, caused by our adjustments to stop the QB. Any scheme where you are allocating a ton of attention to QB scrambling is going to leave you exposed elsewhere, full stop.

we never made up enough ground on offense while we stifled theirs before they found a hole in the defense

I agree with you that the complaints about stopping mobile QBs are unreasonable because they present an issue that can give every DC fits (including the NFL), but I have to say it seems strange to proclaim that the offense never made up enough ground considering we were ahead 20-13, and then 27-20, and then 30-27.

Certainly neither side of the ball played a complete game but it's also true that the offense took the lead 3 times and the defense gave up points on 4 straight critical drives.

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Our offense scored touchdowns in one quarter of the game. You can spin it however you want. Both sides let us down.

Both sides did let us down but I'm not spinning anything. I don't see how anyone can say the offense never caught up when we took the lead 3 separate times though.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

You can't pretend that loss is only, or even mostly, on the Offensive Coordinator.

The teams that scored 30 points or more on UVa this year: ND, UNC, VT, Clemson. The teams that beat UVa figured out a way to contain Perkins. The teams that beat them managed to keep them to 21 points or lower.

I do think this loss was largely on the offense. I think defense was bad too at times.

Offense showed up for one quarter.

You must have skipped French's review of how awful Cornelsen was. Which backed up everything we had been saying about Corny's playcalling BEFORE the review.

I watched the game.

There was plenty of blame to go around on that one, and it was STILL anybody's game until the last half of the 4th quarter. The most significant difference wasn't in the offensive playcalling. Part of the problem was the inability to stop Perkins. The wheels came off on both sides of the ball in the end. And I've got to attribute at least a little of that to having less experience than the Virginia team.

Anybody who blames that game on one individual and give someone else a "pass" just plain wants to do that.

I'm blaming both sides, but I do think Cornelsen is a poor offensive coordinator. This is one of many games where he stubbornly did the wrong things against the wrong defenses. We got this reel on repeat at this point. Even 2016 had the Syracuse and GT games to show the glaring weaknesses in his ability to adjust in-game. The adjustments always came about a quarter and a half to two quarters late. Here we were in the last game of year four and he still needed two full quarters to make adjustments to attack what the defense was and wasn't giving him. As soon as they countered back we had no answers for the rest of the game. We essentially had one quarter to score all the points we needed to win the game and it wasn't enough.

As soon as they countered back we had no answers for the rest of the game.

But this isn't true either. After the scoring drive that put us up 30-27:
Drive was derailed by a drop and two penalties after we crossed the 50. The next drive was down to desperation time and the offensive line got worked over in short order. The final drive we moved the ball quickly but obviously it was too late at that point.

It wasn't that they countered back and we didn't have answers. We moved the ball before succumbing to self inflicted errors and then didn't block anyone in the 2 minute drill.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Foster's defense had just become incredibly break but don't bend in the last several years. His scheme was so heavily predicated on everyone being in perfect position and fitting their gap. If there was a bust, the potential for a back-breaking play was huge. Also our front four have really struggled getting consistent pressure in recent years. You can combat that with blitzing your linebackers and safeties, but that also creates the potential for a huge breakdown in coverage or an elusive QB that can break contain or elude the blitz and gash you.

Hopefully our DL can get bigger and more physical and get more consistent pressure on the QB. If we do that, I think our issues on D will be greatly reduced. Foster's scheme was unique and innovative but very unorthodox. Hopefully a more traditional look will help recruiting as well.

If you can figure out the scheme to stop running qb, you will make millions as a NFL coordinator. Ask everyone in the afc North how they scheme to stop lamar Jackson.

It can be done if you have a high tolerance for roughing the passer penalties (shrugs)

This was basically the NFLs answer to RGIII when he was good / didn't injure his knee.

At the same time Lamar Jackson is a once in a decade player. Most running QBs can't make it in the NFL because NFL DCs can scheme it so well.

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Most running QBs can't make a career out of it. The hits take a toll after a while.

Not to be contrary, but it's a lot easier to stop a running QB when the team doesn't also have good RBs and the QB can't pass. Perkins could pass, but the only other person who rushed for VA got 17 yards. When you're not worried about someone else coming out of the backfield with the ball, you should be able to focus on the QB.

It's going to be called "The Ham Defense," duh.

The "Ham-fense", if you will.

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It's gonna get tested really soon. Kentucky's QB holds the SEC record for rushing yards by a QB (282) in one game

He isn't a QB, this is akin to having a month to prepare for Paul Johnsons GT. Bud will have them ready imo, Kentucky guy is good, but he has been "QB" for 6 games and is 3rd in passing on their team, threw 2 passes vs Louisville. They run the ball almost exclusively.

I won't mention how many passes GT had in 2018, then.

I do feel a lot better about Bud & Co having extra time to make sure Bud's last bowl game is a victory.

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> this is akin to having a month to prepare for Paul Johnsons GT

Hearing a comparison to the coach who retired before Fuente could beat him isn't really inspiring confidence. :D

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Kentucky does really seem to be one dimensional. They don't do well against teams that actually play defense. Their wins are against: University of Toledo (3-5 MAC, 6-6 overall), Eastern Michigan University (3-5 MAC, 6-6 overall), University of Arkansas (0-8 SEC, 2-10 overall), University of Missouri (3-5 SEC, 6-6 overall), Vanderbuilt (1-7 SEC, 3-9 overall), University of Tennessee at Martin (FCS 7-5 overall), Louisville (5-3 ACC, 7-5 overall).

The best team they played, Georgia, beat them 21-0. The best team we played, ND, we lost to 21-20. They did beat Louisville 45-13, but Louisville doesn't play defense, and their offense went pro last year.

So if our defense shows up, I think our offense should do well against them and we can win. If our defense doesn't show, it'll be a long game!

Sounds like we're splitting up positional groups more that could be helpful especially if the DE/DT is the other group Fuente was hinting at

(add if applicable) /s

boom!! Championship!!

Especially with Bo Jackson

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You got to have discipline when playing against a mobile QB and you gotta play assignment football. There were a few years we were able to stoop the tecmo offense with our Linebackers following the Running backs and our Rover and Whip focusing on the QBs, plus having the boundry corner jump inside was huge for us for a few years. Seems like when we turned into the left and right cornerbacks, their run support stopped..

I want more tim settles

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prognostications...retain one gap front. In recruiting look for bigger linemen and better coverage skills for the safeties