Power I Formation

I would love to see some more of this from the Hokies. As a longtime fan, I can't actually believe I'm saying that.

Is it so hard to make this type of tweak? Are the capabilities for creativity so limited out of the Power I? I can''t believe they are and with some of the more sizable backs coming in, I have to believe VT would only be helped by showing some different looks.


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I doubt you'll see this any time soon.

All I know is Clemson just got another 5 star linebacker..............

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

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When I read this at 128 this morning I chuckled and thought the same thing.

As I'm reading it again at 610 I'm still chuckling. Insomnia is a bitch.

I watch Little Giants late at night too.

Heh. I mean, it's not like I asked when Ovechkin was going to break out the knuckle puck.

"How you doin', Randy?"

Posted at 1:26 am, but not when I first wondered it. Running plays out of shotgun in short yardage situations or inside the 5 seems like it should be an option, just not the only option.

Do you have anything to contribute or?

"How you doin', Randy?"

While Fu is our coach, I doubt we ever see it. One of those back in the day formations across college football.

1-0 every week

I agree that we probably won't see it. There are still a lot of teams running plays out of the I though, and our offensive line could be dominant soon. After running a lot of the same wrinkles against UVa and getting smacked in the mouth, plus the addition of Kill, I just wonder if we won't see SOMETHING besides shotgun.

"How you doin', Randy?"

Agreed. It's kind of crazy we used be an "identity" program in the same vein as Wisconsin, BC, Stanford etc. with a commitment to the running game but things have changed.

Yep. Our identity was so strong that everybody knew exactly what we were going to run based on our formation, down, distance, etc.

I'm not knocking the power i, but I do see so many on here writing that they knew what we were going to run, too predictable, but they long for the good ol' days when we were the exact same in a different formation.

UVa sure seemed to have a grasp on what the Hokies were doing a few weeks ago. We run exclusively out of shotgun and teams who have time to gameplan know exactly what to look for now.

My point isn't that VT should become an I formation team, it's that they may want to have it in their bag of tricks. That's all. We have no power run game, and that's not good.

"How you doin', Randy?"

We played exclusively out of shotgun, that's almost certainly all the team ever practices. That's why Hook fumbled the snap that one time he was trying to spike it, he lined up under center which he's probably barely practiced.

The way Fuente runs his offense, you won't see a Power I formation, it's way too inflexible. You may think our offense is predictable now, but in theory it's supposed to be inherently flexible, running multiple different plays off the same formation and motion pattern. The problem is, it isn't being run that way consistently enough.

There's a lot of formations and plays you can run out of shotgun if that's your base offense. If you're adding a power I formation as a trick play you might have 3 or 4 "trick" plays that the other team will definitely key in on. This is what was happening with Loeffler. Defenses could key in on a play because we had so many formations and motions that pretty much dictated what we were going to do, especially with a non NFL qb that can't do much more than one read.

Wanting a power I just because won't solve anything. You can still run an effective power rushing offense if your players execute. A shotgun with 2 TEs, 1RB, 2 WR or 1 WR/1Hback can effective run the power run offense if they get Hat on Hat and win all individual battles.

I'm thinking more of having a repertoire than 3 or 4 'trick' plays. Play action out of the I can be incredibly effective, especially with a mobile QB. That might be asking a little much of a college football team - practice time, turnover, etc. I do think we have the personnel to be effective at it though.

"How you doin', Randy?"

I miss the pro style offense, but I agree it was time to get rid of it. But the way we run our offense now is still extremely frustrating

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The crossbuck handoff is a thing of beauty!

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You could ask this to all FBS teams and pretty much get the same answer out of all but a few of them

Power football will make a comeback at some point when every defender is no bigger than a safety to combat the spreads. I also think a formation under center could be very nice to have in the arsenal.

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Exactly! Defenses must adapt to stop offenses. One of the reasons Bud's defenses kept getting smaller over the years. Only makes sense that eventually someone will figure out to run through the little Ds . However, it may be a little short sighted to think that just because you have a fullback you can be a power team. Or just because you run out of a shotgun that you can't be a power team. OSU and Clemson definitely can run it up the middle all day out of a shotgun. More of a mentality than a formation thing. I do think that running at least a 15-20% of your plays under center would pay dividends though just because, as you stated, it is a superior formation in short yardage situations but it's hard to do if you never practice it.

It got smaller? It was always small, Corey Moore was 10 years to early for the NFL.

Cory Moore played alongside John Engelburger, who was a monster DEnd. Go back and watch video of that team. David Pugh, Chad Beasley, Ben Taylor etc...were not a small D. Buds Ds may have never been the biggest but they definitely got smaller. The whip was effectively replaced with a third corner.

They were taller on the line but that's not bigger. DBs are bigger now. Dax was 11 lbs bigger last year too.

Also in 2017 the line was Mihota (bigger than Engelberger), Hill/Gaines (same size as each other), Ricky Walker 300lbs, and Tim Settle (bigger than everyone).

As for the whip, Conner is not James Anderson(6'3" 232), but that guy has played forever in the NFL and is one of a kind. Vandyke was 208lbs, Grimm was 200lbs, Sturdivant was 225lbs as a Sr. Not sure what Conner can get too, but that's only 14 lbs and he has 2 years to gain that (he was 193lbs in high school).

1999 Player Height Weight 2019 Player Height Weight
Engelberger 6'4" 265 Belmar 6'2" 245
Beasley 6'5" 277 Hewitt 6'1" 288
Pugh 6'3" 269 Crawford 6'0" 290
Moore 6'0" 225 Garbutt 6'1" 238
Taylor 6'2" 217 Conner 6'0" 211
Smith 6'2" 237 Ashby 5'10" 237
Hawkes 6'0" 242 Hollifield 6'1" 232
Sorensen 6'3" 203 Deablo 6'3" 223
Bird 5'10" 215 Floyd 6'0" 222
Charlton 6'0" 203 Farley 6'2" 207
Midget 5'11" 187 Waller 6'1" 180

Agree 100%. The I or Power I is not needed to run power. However, I think any formation under center could be beneficial if for nothing else to have a qb sneak and short yardage package. Play action also seems to be more effective. But, I will admit it has to be much easier for qbs to run the passing game and the plethora of RPOs in the gun.

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I'd be fine if they ran that fullback trap play again from the late 90s early 00s

One of several of the misdirection plays (the other showing iso with the fullback lead, but diving the tailback away from the fullback iso) that were critical plays in the Ricky Bustle offense.

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That, and the much ridiculed, but often affective, 3rd and long shovel pass!

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I'd be cool with the regular I-formation, just for a different look from time to time.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I miss those Nebraska teams. I love power I option.

Always the best re-rack, just don't hit the middle cup!

...Oh wait, you weren't talking about pong? Maybe I should read more than just the title

Oh hell yes. That's the pros' re-rack.

I formation with all TEs

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