The Lady Hokies play at LOLUVA tonight at 7PM. The game is on ACCNE. Life has been hectic for me this week; so all you get is stats tables and pics today. Need a win today because the next 2 games are No. 1 Notre Dame at home and at no. 8 NC State.

LOLUVA season stats:


LOLUVA is 6-9 on the season and 0-2 in ACC play, which would lead you to believe this will be an easy game. Don't be deceived. They lost at Clemson(10-5, 1-1) 71-65; and at home to No. 22AP, 18Coaches FSU 63-61. Again the Hokies will face a taller team. Two starters are listed at 6'3". They don't seem to be much of a 3 pt team although they are averaging 21 attempts in ACC play; but only hitting 31%.

This would be a great game for Kendyl Brooks to fix her shot. Looks to me like she is thinking herself into misses. I can see the hesitation when she catches the ball with an open shot like she is deciding whether or not to shoot. Maybe it's a confidence thing. Also need Baptiste to contribute and stay out of foul trouble. And need Dara Mabrey to come back from wherever she went for the last game.

LOLUVA Starters:

No. 13 Jocelyn Willoughby, 6'0" Sophomore Forward

No. 1 Brianna Tinsley, 5'7" Sophomore Guard

No. 32 Mone Jones, 6'3" Senior Forward

No. 4 Dominique Toussaint, 5'9" Junior Guard

No 14 Lisa Jablonowski, 6'3" Junior Forward

Other Players:

No. 20 Erica Martinsen, 5'9" Freshman Guard

No. 5 Khyasia Caldwell, 5'5" Sophomore Guard

Shakyna Payne, 6'3" Junior Forward

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Go Lady Hokies!

Thanks for throwing this together. This being the first LOLUVa-VT meeting this winter reminds me that I still haven't put up a commonwealth clash post this year (to be fair, I've never done it before the football game because who can pay attention to any other sports in the fall, right?). I swear that I'll get to it some time. Spoiler: we just finished the fall with a 4-2 lead, but at this time last year we were up 4-1.

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Up 30-20 at halftime. Hope we can keep our foot on the gas!

EDIT: up 49-34 going into the 4th. Emery with 21 points!

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I was watching earlier and she had all 17 points for the Hokies and only one LOLUVA player had scored for them.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Women's officiating is such a joke.

At least you know the refs aren't doing it to be on TV.

Click here to destroy wall.

I am watching this and I don't see any of these fouls getting called.
The foul against VT looked like an offensive charge than a defensive foul, to tie it.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

54-54 minute and a half remaining

Dammit girls. If you are going to play not to lose at least use the shot clock each trip down the court. Throwing up prayer theees with 25 seconds left is how you blow this game

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Can you not review an OOB call in women's basketball? Seems like that was one to look at.

You can just FYI

Blew it


Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Just saw the score. WTFso Kenny Brooks needs to show something down the stretch of ACC play of his seat next season is hot. 0-5 against LOLUVA and only 10-24 in conference play.

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Agreed! Same thing happened last year. Excellent out of conference record and then BAM! Losing left and right during ACC play.

I hope he doesn't go beyond this year unless something crazy happens. Been a huge disappointment. I was really excited about the hire too.

I'm willing to give him til December 2019 season. He has two sophomores and a Freshmen in his top 5 starters right now.

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I'm also willing to be a little more patient; but I am concerned about some things. The other day, after one of the losses, Coach Brooks expressed some frustration because he called for a change in the press break scheme and the players failed to execute the new scheme. That worries me that he is not getting cooperation from the players. It also seemed in the LOLUVA game that they stopped running the offense or playing good defense in the fourth quarter. I don't know what the problem is. They have shown they have the talent to compete in the ACC; but they don't seem to have the discipline to play a complete game.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

I am not trying to run Kenny Brooks out of town because he has the roster moving in the right direction to be competitive in the ACC. I think my major concern is that if they cant make a semblance of a turnaround here this year, the likelihood is we are looking at a growing year next season with Magarity, Emery, Camp, Jean and Brooks graduating. That's 39.6 of your 74.5 points per game leaving the program after this season.

I know they have a 6'4 Center Alex Obouh Fegue, on the roster but not playing this season so they will have some height to replace Magarity next season. She will have two years of availability left coming from JUCO.

Brooks also has four more freshman coming in this next class. From Hokiesports.com announcement of the 2019 signing class.

Taylor Geiman
Hanover, PA
South Western Senior HS
6-0, guard

Geiman garners an overall 90 rating (3-star recruit) by ESPN and is 18th at her position.

A well-rounded athlete, Geiman competes in basketball, soccer and track at South Western Senior High School. On the court, she is a team captain and has earned first team All-County and second team All-State honors. Geiman is also a first team All-County soccer player and was named a GameTimePA YAIAA First Team All-Star. She will graduate with 12 varsity letters.

She is also a National Honor Society member, president of the Varsity Club, a student council representative for all four years of high school, and has the second highest cumulative GPA in her class. Geiman was nominated for the Lewis Atwater Youth Award for outstanding contribution to human relations.

"Taylor is another big guard added to our roster," Brooks said. "Standing at 6 feet tall, her skill set passing, shooting and ability to defend, will allow her to play multiple positions."

Elizabeth Kitley
Summerfield, NC
Northwest Guilford HS
6-5, post

Kitley is an ESPN 5-star recruit with an overall 97 rating. She is 31st overall in her class and ranked sixth at her position, making Kitley the highest-ranked recruit the Hokies have signed under Coach Brooks.

The 6-5 standout, who has led Northwest Guilford to two state titles, was named a 4A State Tournament MVP in 2017 and 2018. She has also been recognized as an AP 4A All-State team member each of the past two seasons and was included in USA Today's North Carolina first team in 2018.

"Liz brings a presence to our interior," commented Brooks. "Standing at 6-foot-5, she will help guard the paint and be a force rebounding the basketball. Her skill set, along with her size, will benefit us immediately."

Cayla King
Greensboro, NC
Northwest Guilford High School
5-10, guard

King is a 90 overall grade by ESPN, a 3-star guard, and rated number 27 at her position. Prospect Nation has King ranked 61st in the country.

King guided her team to a State Championship in her sophomore and junior seasons, and was named the Most Outstanding Player of the title game both years.

"Cayla is a big guard with tremendous court vision and shooting ability," Brooks said. "Her versatility will give us the ability to move her around and play multiple positions. She's a competitor, and I think she will make an immediate impact for the Hokies."

Makayla Ennis
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
TRC Academy
5-11, guard

Ennis is another top-rated guard with an ESPN rating of 90 and 3 stars. She is 18th at her position. Ennis will add some international experience and flare to Blacksburg, having spent time on Canada's U-17 team.

In her prep career at the TRC Academy, Ennis has racked up an impressive list of accolades, which includes the following: TRC Academy MVP 2018, FIBA Americas U-16 silver medalist, Canada Games silver medalist, OSBA League MVP, OSBA 1st Team All-Star, BioSteel All-Canadian, ABGG RISE Canada Underclassmen Select-Champion, Grade 8 bronze medalist in 2016 national championship, First Team All-Star at the 2016 National Championships, ROPSSA Champion, Team Ontario Captain 2016, Team Ontario 2016, D1 OBA Championship 2015, D1 OBA bronze medalist 2016, ABS All-Star 2015, Caledon Cougars Most Improved Athlete 2014, Caledon Cougars Player of The Year 2015, ABS All-Star MVP, Cadet Assessment Camp March 2016, Basketball Without Borders, Sheridan Bruins Classic All-Star.

"Makayla instantly makes us more athletic," said Brooks. "Her time with the Canadian National Team has given her valuable international experience, and we look for her to contribute in many ways next year."

Alexandrine Obouh Fegue
Paris, France
Eastern Florida State College
6-4, post

Obouh Fegue will join the Hokies beginning in the spring semester of 2019, following her graduation from Eastern Florida State in December 2018.
She averaged 16.2 points and 9.8 rebounds during the 2017-18 season, leading the Titans to a 24-7 record and a runner-up finish in the FCSAA State Tournament Championship. Obouh Fegue was named a D1 All-America honorable mention from the National Junior College Athletic Association.

Obouh Fegue brings international experience, having competed with the French junior national teams, most recently with the U-20 squad.

"Alex is no stranger to our Hokie family as she made the commitment to our program last spring," Brooks commented. "She will join our roster mid-year and be able to play next fall. She brings size, athleticism, and experience to our team, and we look forward to her contributions early next year."

Great info. I agree the future looks bright talent-wise; and Coach Brooks has a resume that indicates he can get the players to produce. I'm just concerned that this year's team is not listening to him. I may be overreacting based on his one comment in the after game press conference and the fact that the team seems to lose focus at times.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Buzz says the same kind of things about his team at times too but with the men's team it hasn't had such a dramatic comeback allowed by an opponent. Ladies essentially played three quarters of lights out ball and then lost focus. The men like to lose focus for TV Timeout stretches or two.

I was excited about the Brooks hire as well. Although, in my opinion it does not take much recruiting genius to convince the best CAA level talent to come to play at JMU. They have facilities that far exceed that of the other members of their conference and should be able to consistently recruit better.

15 pt lead heading into the 4th and collapse. Was our OOC schedule softer than LOLuva football? Seems like a totally different team is playing right now.

Also, really surprised to see that UConn is not #1

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

UConn took a loss against Baylor right before the previous rankings came out, which dropped them two spots so with Louisville losing to Notre Dame yesterday, UConn will be at #2 by next rankings more than likely.

Man, defeat from the jaws of victory. Wasn't able to watch the game but was keeping up with the score. Going in to the fourth felt like it was well in hand only to painfully refresh over and over as it unfolded. Looking at the stats and again they got to the line waaaaaay less than their opponent. We went 6/6 from the line while they went 20/24. Cleaning up some of the fouls would go a long way to wrapping some of these up it seems like.

What a savings

I watched the game and in the second half, if there was any contact at all, it was a VT foul. Only 4 fouls (might have actually been 3) called on UVA in 2nd half.
Lots of shooting fouls and the refs just did not let them play. One of the VT girls fouled out. It got to the point that VT could not play defense or a foul would be called. The frustration was palpable.

VT started to get desperate and started throwing up very long range shots.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Poor officiating, the great equalizer.

What a savings

Brooks.. nice guy. Can't win ACC games. That's an issue when you play in said ACC. Whit needs to look elsewhere if we are not in the NCAA tourney this year.

This is a joke post, right?

'95 @UVA, '95 Sugar Bowl, '96 @Miami, '99 flip, '03 v Miami, '05 Bourbon St., '09 Coale, '14 @OSU

At this point, dcwilson40 may have just been replaced by a bot posting inflammatory comments:
"if [var_coachname] doesn't [var_postseasonaccomplishment], we need to look elsewhere"

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Kenny Brooks will get things turned around. He's a quality recruiter and a good coach. Maybe he is still getting his legs under him from an ACC standpoint, but the guys consistently won big games at JMU. He'll figure it out.

Is it basketball season yet?

Gotta remember that this team would have been loaded if things went the right way:

1) Alexis Jean is injured and not even close to 17-18 late season form. She would have been a big help down low and as an offensive threat - she shot the lights out in the NIT.

2) Michelle Berry is the type of athlete who can defend anyone on the court and do the small things. Would have been a huge help down the stretch last night. An undisclosed injury has her out for the year.

3) Chanette Hicks - who knows what happened there, but she was a tremendous defensive player who would have really helped against Cuse and UVA. She is redshirting this year at Norfolk State.

Those 3 would have really made this a potent lineup.

Edit: And - also have to mention they were without Rachel Camp for the UVA game - She plays a big role on both ends of the court for the Hokies.

All valid points but we weren't boat raced by LOLUVa. We built on our lead all game until the 4th quarter collapse. You can't even argue fatigue from a short handed roster. They just made crazy rushed bad decisions when they should have been burning 25 seconds off each shot clock before even thinking of shooting.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Don't disagree at all with any of that, and was extremely disappointed with our composure.

I do think Rachel would have helped last night to run the offense and stay composed.