ACC bowls 2019

Based on news that just came out today, this is the last year of the Tier system in the ACC bowl bids, so I figured I would put it up, so it would be here when it's time to discuss it during the season.

1.) CFP (if ACC teams are selected) - Peach or Fiesta Bowl
2.)New Year's Six - Orange Bowl - ACC champ if not in CFP, or next highest ranked ACC team
2b.)New Year's Six - Cotton Bowl - the only at-large spot available
3.) Citrus Bowl - if the Big Ten plays in the Orange Bowl
4.) Camping World Bowl
5.) Tier 1 (equal selection) - Belk, Sun, Pinstripe, and Music City Bowls
6.) Tier 2: Military Bowl
7.) Tier 2: Independence Bowl
8.) Tier 2: Quick Lane Bowl
9.) Conditional: Gasparilla (formerly St. Petersburg)
10.) Conditional: Birmingham Bowl

The graphic still lists Gator or Music City, but this is the last year of the deal, and the Gator Bowl has already picked the ACC 3 times. Therefore, Music City must take an ACC team, and the Gator Bowl will select a Big Ten team.

Since the CFP semis are in two at-large bowls, that leaves only one at-large berth in the NY6, which would be in the Cotton Bowl vs. the highest ranked G5 team.

The Orange Bowl opponent will be the highest ranked teams among the SEC, Big Ten, or Notre Dame not already in a NY6 bowl. If that selection creates a rematch, the Orange Bowl can opt to take the next highest ranked team. Notre Dame cannot take the ACC's spot in the Orange Bowl.

Gasparilla and Birmingham bids are only if the ACC still has teams left, and the bowls can fill from their primary conference partners.

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Lets aim for the Citrus bowl

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