OT: What if your kid was a star at UVA?

So my wife and I were arguing the other day and wanted to see what yall think.

Your child is a star football player and decides to go to UVA over VT. Let's be hypothetical and say quarterback. Both teams are playing good and the annual game on black Friday is to go the ACCCG. Who are you pulling for?

My wife's view:
Cheer for UVA to back up our son.

My view:
I hope my son plays good but in the end the Hokies have to take the W. I hope it's a classic Big 12 type, 70-63 score with my son throwing for 8 touchdowns.

What do yall think? Would the meaning of the game change your mind? I told my wife even if it was for the national championship I would choose the Hokies over my son at UVA. Maybe I would change my mind if the situation actually came in real life.

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flawed premise 🤦‍♂️

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Sorry, son. Gotta play the cards you're dealt.

Leonard. Duh.

If your son goes to a school that you hate so much that you cheer against your son's team, I imagine that you fucked up the parenting at some point earlier in his life, and he is doing this just to spite you.

That said, I think I'd secretly be cheering for my son to have an incredible game and for VT to win, but I'd tell everyone else I'm rooting for my son.

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If your son goes to a school that you hate so much that you cheer against your son's team, you're still messing up this whole parenting thing. Just root for your son to do well and cheer for VT on offense.

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Your child is a star football player and decides to go to UVA over VT.

Did the results of the paternity test after he made this decision confirm he is, in fact, your son?


Son? I have no son.

It's almost as bad as marrying someone that went to UVA

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Nothing wrong with pillaging their women like a conquering warlord

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Yeah, but you don't have to marry them!

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oh NOW you tell me!

Have you seen most uva women?

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

Aren't they all?

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"Women at VMI!! What's next, men at UVa?"

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I have no idea because I don't have children, but I imagine it would be damn near impossible not to root for your son no matter where he played. You can stop rooting for that team after he graduates, but I think your priorities as a father would override your priorities as a fan. Though maybe you aren't so mad if VT wins some of the head to heads... ;)

I'd become a UVA fan solely to avoid the TKP meltdown caused by my kid signing elsewhere.

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blame the support staff instead

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Prevention is key. I have two daughters, one has already graduated from college, but I can assure you neither would consider enrolling at UVA.


He would of been disowned the day he decided to further his football career at UVA

I would not be able to root against my son... Unless my daughter played for VT!

Beat GT

Cheer for my son to go 38-41, 385 yards, 3 TDs in a loss to VT. I will never cheer for UVA as a team to beat VT in any sport under any circumstance.

I would always root for my sons team to win, no matter who he plays for, and no matter who he is playing against.

It's really not a hard decision.

Sooo I went to Tech to play baseball around the time my sister was graduating from Clemson*. She would tell me that she would pull for me to go 4/4 with 4 bombs and then for us to to lose by 20. My parents on the other hand (also Clemson grads)* would always pull for me even when we would play Clemson. It would drive my sister nuts, lol.

*Disclaimer: Don't judge my family too harshly. I promise they're decent people.

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This thought exercise reminds me of Chris Taylor, the pro baseball player who attended UVA and his dad wrestled for VT. His dad is active on a VT message board and I believe has touched on the perceived conflict of interest before. I can't recall if Chris was pursued by VT but my recollection is that father supported his son first and foremost.

Now obviously football is by far the biggest sport for most VT fans so that tends to make this situation a lot less palatable. At the end of the day though, I'm 800% committed to my sons and supporting them, which already includes missing VT football games as necessary. I'd still wear something VT and want to see them play well but my kids are the top priority.

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I didn't know that about Chris Taylor. I grew up playing against him. His high school team knocked mine out of the regional playoffs my junior year.

If my Dad had been a UVA fan while i was at Tech and i knew he was openly rooting for me to lose to my biggest rival, our relationship would not have been alright. Family before school. Couldn't imagine playing a game while the person you're expecting to be your biggest fan is rooting against you.

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This, from the son's perspective. Close thread.

My child would be dead to me one day a year. I would let them know going into it. And on that day I would reflect on how I failed as a parent.

Can't say what my actions would be but that would be tough.

Ah yes, the classic "Vader-Luke" scenario...


Pull for my kid to do well and make good plays, but a Tech win. Also question where I went wrong as a parent.

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While my kid started for UVA I would wear obnoxious amounts of tech gear while rooting like hell for him or her to win every single game of their careers. Then, as soon as they graduate, I'd go right back to rooting for UVA to lose each game for the rest of time

If my kid is playing for UVA, I'll wear his Hoo Jersey to every game, and go to sleep every night crying into the pile of money they would have had to pay us for him to go there.

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I'd be excited for not having to pay for his college tuition. I'd be a tiny bit conflicted if the higher education bubble collapses and starts behaving sanely.

My loyalty to my son would far supersede my loyalty to the Hokies. So I'd cheer for him and the hoos while he played for them. After he graduated I'd go back to cheering for the Hokies.

I would be thrilled. UVA is a top notch school in several arenas. I assume that since my child is a starting D1 quarterback he hit the genetic motherload and is majoring in pre-med. Wouldn't think twice about sending my kid there. Wouldn't be caught dead in their gear though.

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kids > sports

I am on record as saying that I care more about the win streak vs UVA than the bowl streak. I hate UVA athletics because it is fun to do so. I have two sons, both are die hard Hokies, neither are athletic. BUT if somehow I had a son wind up staring for UVA I'd be pulling for him 800% and I would wear his jersey. After his college career I would be 800% Hokie again and fully despise the Hoo's.

I have to imagine any decent parent would agree. Your kid is worth way more than the joy you get out of sports fandom and the hated rivals that go along with it.

If your son is going to jump off a bridge do you support him? No, you slap some sense into him (not literally that's child abuse). But some times you have to let your kids make some mistakes so they can learn from them. Do you support their decisions? No, are you there when they need you 100% yes. Showing them love and being there when they need doesn't mean supporting them in their stupid decisions. Maroon all they way and if my son doesn't know that I will be there with him when ever he needs me no matter color I am wearing then I have failed.

There is no way my kid winds up at UVA without me doing everything I can within legal and moral bounds to prevent it. Once they wind up there, I'm all in. My kid has near infinite value to me, college athletics have a value much nearer to zero than my kids.

I've actually thought about this a good bit. My son plays ball and will be a freshman this year. If he were blessed to have a school...even the hoos or hell even the eers show enough interest in him to offer a scholly you're damn right I'd support him for the duration of his time at whichever school he attended. My kid would always come first over my respective school

If your son is good enough to be recruited by the Hoos, I doubt he doesn't have comparable offers....

True, this is all theoretical right now anyway. He's not a fan of either of those teams and has been going to Hokies games since he was 6 months old, but I've already talked to him about being respectful to whoever takes the time to talk to him...wherever they come from. When the time comes it's his decision and his life and I'll support him 100%

If your child goes to the school that you hate the most, you did something completely wrong for 18yrs.....my son was told from the beginning where he couldn't go if he were to become a great athlete. I'm a VT fan, not alum so UVA isn't on the list.....but there is a football and basketball list....and he knows....lol

Since UVA is not a contender in football.

Root for the son to put up good stats and stay healthy
Root for VT to inevitably win by 2 scores.

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I have 2 boys and both are many years away from high school. But lets say one ends up at UVA - I'm cheering for my son, but deep down I'm pulling for my Hokies. If my son happens to win then I have two comments - "You had a great game!" and "Congrats on breaking the losing streak - we'll start a new one for you next year!"

Insert GIF / Video of Mel Gibson screaming "Give me back my son!"

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Well..if he has a full scholarship I will support him until the final Saturday of the season at which time i'd hope he had a swell game but loses in the end. If he doesn't have a scholarship and chooses UVA I'd let him know the 60 plus thousand college fund his mother and I have been saving will be used to pay off the house and purchase a box seat at lane stadium...then wish him well in his endeavors


I will never root for UVA. Ever. If my kid chose UVA over Tech for football, it's cause they continue to let girls on the team, cause I only have girls, and I support a free education. At which point, I will be that dad, wearing my Virginia Tech gear on Senior Night.

Frankly, I expect the oldest to take Miami seriously cause of their marine studies programs. I don't really want to pay for it, and I'm secretly hoping she ends up at ODU or W&M in their marine programs. I just don't see us being eye to eye if she gets into Miami.

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I would definitely root for UVA (and VT) for 4 years but only for the sport they play. If they are good enough to make it to the NFL, I want to be on their good side so they can be my lottery ticket. If they arent able to make it to the NFL, this would be my last time watching them play organized football and wouldnt want to root against them because of an in state rivalry.

If you don't root for your own children, you need to reevaluate your priorities.

I think there are some people that, in theory, say they wouldn't root for UVA when in reality they would root and support their kid

I don't have kids. But I would show up wearing UVA gear, and also possibly some sort of disguise.

Cowardly? If it keeps my friends and family off my back, who cares.

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I would do like many have said and hope he had an amazing game, but lost to the good guys.

One thing I would do differently though, I would have a personalized loluva jersey with his number and GO HOKIES on the name plate that I would wear to all of his games.

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Is suicide an option?

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Root for my kid not to get treated like Greyson Lambert by our defense.

That's about as close as I can get to pulling for the Hoos.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I have and will always root for my son. When he played against the Hokies, I would proudly wear his name jersey on my back with a Hokie jersey sewn onto the front and cheer loudly for him. I would want him to have a perfect day on the field, making every right decision, completing every pass and handling every hand off smoothly ... at the same time, wanting the hoo receivers and running backs to fumble the ball directly into the hands of a Hokie defenders who would then run it into the end zone for a score. And then when he has completed his degree requirements, support his graduate transfer to the Hokies.

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There's only one team that I wouldn't root for my kid or wear their gear....and the team is professional, has a star on their helmet and rhymes with Hallas Sowboys.......any other team in any other sport and I'm good....lol

Never take sides against family, Fredo.

Did my son get a VT offer in this scenario? Picking hoos over hokies is the kind of thing that tears families apart. If Hokies didnt offer and Hoos is the best choice, I gotta pull for my kid.

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I would have to root for my son. If my son was playing in the ACCCG and had the opportunity to go farther, his dreams, hopes, and potential would far outweigh whatever joy I would have as a Hokie.

Lets say he wins the ACCCG, goes on to the playoffs and wins the Natty. I couldn't live with myself knowing I didn't want that for him, no matter what program he wanted to play for.

I do have two boys though, so if one played at VT and the other at UVA, I would have to pull a Manning.

My kids are 3, 6, and 8. The two oldest already know to always root against LOLUVa (on the off chance I'm watching a LOLUVa game like during March madness). The 3 year old is still learning.

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What he went for fencing or gymnastics not football?

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

I would root against my child. But my son at 13 hates UVA more than I do.

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What a savings

Since I don't have kids and won't, I know my take will be disregarded, but my feeling is that I would root for my son to have a good game and not get hurt and lose by a point. Rooting for UVA is just inconceivable.

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