Mark Richt expects big turnaround for VT defense

Mark Richt expects big turnaround for VT defense

"When you lose great players, what we don't know is what is being developed behind them," Richt said. "It looks like they got into a cycle where they got behind and had to play a lot of young guys, inexperienced guys who weren't as strong physically. They were in a bad spot."

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Biggest problem I saw was guys in the secondary out of position. That's not to say he's wrong though. It seemed like Pitt's entire OL were 5-6 yds downfield before the DL engaged them

Biggest problem I saw was guys in the secondary out of position.

And I think the addition of JHam to the coaching staff will go a long way in solving this problem.

Is it basketball season yet?

Richt is onto something with personnel- looking across the line at Dylan Rivers, Watts and Jerrod Hewitt is much different than Edmunds, Settle, Alexander... they were just much better players. IIWII. We need to recruit more talent- not just numbers- on defense.

Rivers offers: PSU, LSU, Clemson, zona, UNC, NCSU, UMD, WVU UVA

Edmunds offers: Cincy, ECU, Hampton, Kentucky, Liberty, UMD, USc, WVU, UVA

Edmunds was obviously an underrated physical freak, but Rivers is a damn good player who just hasn't fully developed as of yet. I wonder how much of this is a breakdown in evals vs. system fit. When you lose Tremaine, you can't expect to just plug and play a guy who can physically do all the things he can with the same responsibilities. He was almost an equalizer for other deficiencies. Foster needs to retool how he implements his scheme in order to better utilize the talent he has. Dax is playing wickedly out of position because we have multiple good guys at Mike and don't want to tell somebody to sit on the bench. Tough decisions that sometimes need to be made.

Much better player in college : Tremaine Edmunds

Coach Chin Balls said the same thing last year after GT ran whichever play they wanted for 8 yards a pop against us. "They are a lot smaller" I think was the quote.

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Worse, it was mostly the same play over and over. It wasn't traditional Paul Johnson offense. He just said watch me squirt for 5 yards a carry on a qb power over and over because we couldn't match physically.

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I'm glad the automatic division loss to him is off the schedule now. I doubt the GT finesse spread from Temple gives us that much trouble.

So it takes Mike Niziolek 465 words to inform us that Mark Richt #TrustsInBud?

Disregarding the snark, this would be a way better article if Richt had actually visited some practice and said something like "Boy, I'll tell you, #5 and #8 were looking pretty good out there, when I looked at the tape from last year's games, I thought they had new players up there!" That would give me some (more) confidence that our defense will improve this year.

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I have to think we will see a solid improvement on defense. Rewatching Pitt or Georgia tech (painful as it was) there were plays where just one man was out of his gap or failed to contain that caused just detrimental long runs/passes. With another year in the film room and weight room I have to think Bud will have them back into at least the top 30 with that schedule. Offense should be good enough with all the weapons and Willis having a full offseason to keep us in and win a few games. 9-3 is what I feel and don't get me wrong I hope for more but that's just my thoughts watching from afar. If Willis has made the strides some are saying we may actually have a prolific offense but that's shooting for the stars until we see it...appreciate the discussion...go Hokies!!


In Mark we trust?

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."